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Bumped into an acquaintance after watching Get Out (great movie btw), but I don't think he could recognise me, unless he diligently follows my not-so-active Facebook. Didn't bother going up to say hi to him too, since we weren't that close anyway. Going through all the 'oh you look so different' gets old pretty quick too.

Back home, I looked him up on Facebook (we were already friends). To my surprise, he seems to have removed his religious belief from his profile. We used to attend church together and he was one of the more gung-ho ones. I don't think any fairly religious Christians that are active on Facebook will miss the opportunity to declare their faith. 

Interesting how much you can gather from social media profiles. Feels kinda invasive, but then again they decided to post everything and no one has to know how much I can dig ... 

A Year in Review

Well, not exactly a year, but since today was sort of a ... turning point, I guess there's no better time to do this.

So I've been working for almost a year now. Today, my bosses came over and announced our bonuses, among other stuff. It wasn't a huge amount or anything, but it was definitely on the positive side. People like me (read: low self-esteem) thrive on positive feedback.

Despite feeling inadequate, I guess it's reassuring to know that I've performed well in the eyes of my bosses. I have to keep reminding myself that no one's out there telling me lies to boost my self-esteem, especially since money is involved. It's probably good too since I know that there's a tonne of room to improve.

Did I also mention I leveraged on something to increase my current ... circumstance? That's good news too. Then again, more pressure to prove that I'm worth my compensation.

Well, all in all, not too bad. Let's hope things are better in the next review.

Pros and cons

Pros of staying:
  • Potential good leadership
  • Rather relaxed work environment (to a certain extent?)
  • Less change, less adapting
  • Great exposure, working on something that was previously done by a lead consultant
Cons of staying:
  • Misery
  • Not enjoying what I'm doing
  • Not exactly where I see myself growing towards in the future
  • Lack the perspective 

Pros of leaving:
  • Exciting new opportunity
  • Testing out the waters of something I would potentially enjoy doing
  • Experiencing a different work environment
Cons of leaving:
  • Might be too much for me
  • Could also be a step down from what I'm doing
  • Rather 'on-my-own' at the end of the day
  • Growth uncertainty
... work in progress 

Feeling like a kid again

Remember how when you were 7, you'd look up to the 12-year-old kids in school, wishing you'd be as cool as them? They seem to know so much more, exuding confidence from having spent years at school. Then you'd get to be them for a short time, and the cycle repeats itself when you arrive at secondary school. 

At least that cycle was 5-6 years. The new one lasts for decades. 

Talking about work with peers and talking about work with older colleagues have been vastly different experiences for me. Can't shake the feeling that I'm extremely infantile when compared to people that have been working for several years. I just need to accept the fact that it's really not a fair comparison and try to steer things for myself towards the right direction.

Time to regain control again.


I'm not gonna lie, it feels kinda nice to have people you care about, care about you.

It's a nice excuse for friends that have drifted away to pop by and say hi;
It's a nice opportunity to score some free meals off your friends;
It's a nice reminder that I've lived through 2 cycles of my Chinese zodiac;

Still fairly young, I'd say. Everything's not too bad, although I may whine and complain a lot. Let's hope exciting times are ahead, waiting for me.

Rest In Peace, George Michael

I don't exactly listen to a lot of George Michael, but I really, really, really, really like his version of Elton John's Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me.

Literally just a few days ago I was playing this on repeat. My housemates and I back in the university used to play "Careless Whisper" when we were just mucking about, crowning it as our house anthem. Interesting how powerful music can be. 

Excuse me while I go and play this a few more times to distract myself.

* * *

It's depressing to know that there are some musical performances that I will never be able to experience. Off the top of my head ...

  • Phantom of the Opera, 50th anniversary with Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom
  • Snow.Wolf.Lake (雪狼湖), a musical by Jacky Cheung that isn't even caught on tape ...
  • OneRepublic's concert back in the Dreaming Out Loud era
  • Elton John in the 90's
  • The performance above ...

Lessons from my first bake sale

So my office had a charity food sale recently. Every department had to contribute something because this was an initiative from the regional office.

I know, not exactly in the spirit of charity.

Unsurprisingly, I represented my department, knowing that the two other guys in my department (yes, our department consisted of only 3 guys) wouldn't participate in such a thing.

I decided to bake.

Over the weekend, I baked 24 red velvet cupcakes and 18 blueberry muffins. The equally tough part was transporting 40 of them from home to the office via public transport. The cost in itself amounted to about RM80.

So I handed my babies over to the other members of my office to be sold since I had work to do, a little worried that my RM20 box of 4 will not sell well since it was placed alongside donuts and biscuits priced from RM2-5. Heck, even I wouldn't buy them.

The initial plan was to sell them at RM6 each, but since the box I had could fit four and it didn't seem like a good idea to unpack all of them and display it on a platter, I decided to just wing it and sell them for RM20.

To my surprised and delight, they sold out! Just this morning, someone told me that my baked goods sold out before they started selling the other stuff at half-price. Another person told me people were asking if they were made with butter and other random questions. I really wish I was there to tell them that I did not skimp in ingredients. Heck, the blueberry muffins were chock-full of blueberries, and not one of those pathetic ones with a swirl of blueberry jam on its surface.

Note to self:

  1. Add a note on the box with words like 'homemade', 'quality ingredients', 'full of blueberries' etc. Could do with more description.
  2. Add contact method so people can come back and tell me if they were good! 

I'm still a little sceptical that people paid RM20 for a box. Better not think too much about it.