September 30, 2009

sleeping sucks.

If only sleeping was just one of the things people enjoy to do,
And not something necessary to sustain life.
Then I'll have more time.

Finished that Mooncake Festival Poster with Kar Mern,
Still had no idea how I got myself involved in this.

Wrote a 4 page essay for English Lit class, lol.

Didn't do my Moral Kerja Amal,
Gonna be lectured tomorrow,
Hope not.

Now there's this SMS notification from school,
No comment about that.

This Friday,
:O :O :O :O

Next Thursday,
Going to Muzium Seni Asia!

I want my PMR holidays D:

September 27, 2009

Out for lunch!

*look at my shining 5x5 ~_~*

So after morning service today,
I decided to follow my parents out for lunch instead of staying for youth.
I was already struggling to stay awake during the Sermon,
So it was better that I went home for a nap.

So we went to this ...
Seapark ... sister's ... curry ... noodles ... can't remember.
Ah, yes,
Sisters Curry Laksa (Seapark),
At Bandar Puteri.

This is what I ordered:

咖喱 鸡二度 米粉 河粉

Chicken curry laksa, that ... thigh area chicken.
RM8.30 (If I remember correctly)

Honey Lemon drink.

Er ... everything's ... not bad.
Quoting from my dad, 'above average',
We went there because it was recommended by newspapers and stuff,
So yeah.

Went back,
Woke up,
Decided not to do homework,
Sleep :)

ps. Finished Dissidia!

September 25, 2009

Regret? NAH.

*say HELLO!*

I don't feel regretful for not studying/doing homework/reading books during the holidays!

Watching Friends was absolute fun!
3 Seasons down in less than a week :D

At least I didn't waste time slacking around,

Got all tuition exam results back!
Scored 92 for Biology,
Markings were kinda lenient.
Friends got around my score too,
So it's average I guess.

Scored 80 for Chemistry,
I was worried about my electrolysis part,
And it was BAD!
Got half the question wrong,
But had other parts to cover for it.

Scored 84 for Physics,

It's Friday.
Never hated Friday so much

It's so close to Monday D:

September 22, 2009

Mosquito food.

Ate at the same restaurant for 3 days straight while I was in my mother's hometown.
The food was nice!
Get to eat loads of yummy seafood,
Especially those fish eyeballs!

It's not extraordinarily delicious,
But I kinda like it, somehow.

What's 虾姑 in English anyway?

Oh heck,
The food there was nice for sure,
And I bet the mosquitoes enjoyed my blood too.

It's so disgusting to scratch my feet and eat at the same time,
-- OKAY, I didn't exactly do that,
I actually tried using one leg to scratch the other leg,
Equally disgusting,
But heck, who cares?

Watched the whole 1st season of Friends,
That very old and long sitcom,
Since I had nothing better to do.

I also spent a lot of time searching stuff about Rubik's cubes,
Watching videos related to Rubik's cubes,
Drooling over pictures of Rubik's cubes

So basically,
What I've concluded is:
For DIYs - Type D is currently one of the best. A is not too bad as well. Joy cubes and Edison cubes seem interesting but only available in Korean/Japan.

For 4x4x4, 5x5x5 and so on,
Rubik's brand sucks the most,
Eastsheen is better, but colour scheme is always wrong,
Mefferts are better, but mostly tiled,
QJ once used to be know as Clefferts, a Mefferts clone, but definitely not bad at all.

Those 4 brands are for 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 only.

There's also a V-cube,
Manufactured in Greece,
Mainly 5x5x5, 6x6x6 and 7x7x7.
If I were to ship in a set of those,
It would cost me around RM420.

Done with my Rubik's thing.
I would definitely appreciate it if you were to give the set of V-cubes to me as a present,

Did I mention that my mom bought me a new phone?
Thanks mom!


September 18, 2009

Answered prayer

I'm currently in my mom's hometown (again),
Lying on a bed,
Blogging on my cousin brother's laptop.

Near the end of school,
Kian Siong gave me a civic text book.
I was like,
Whose is this?
*flips open to look find for the owner's name*

Thank God for this answered prayer.

I was actually worried of having to be slaughtered by those SPBT teachers.

Thank God.

Went Midvalley this morning,
With Tiong Hsien, Kian Siong, Hang Yang, Kar Mern and Angeline.
Ate Carls' Jr,
Watched Tsunami at Haeundae,
Ate Sushi King.

Movie was NICE!
Well, I never expected it to be THAT nice,
I just wasn't hyped over a Korean Movie.

The movie started off with a story and everything,
Not just jumping into tsunamis,
The show was touching,
I even teared D:

But if you are the type that wants every single detail to be accurate,
There might be some places where you'd spot mistakes,
But I don't really care about that.

Went back kampung straight from Midvalley.
Nothing much else I guess.

September 14, 2009

My deepest condolences.

My closest non-Chinese friend (lol?),
Just lost his father recently.

He was absent for quite some time,
So today when he suddenly came back,
He was definitely bombarded by questions and concerns.

He kept telling us to wait till BM class.
We had no idea why,
But he seemed moody.

While I was chatting with some of my friends,
2 prefects came in,
With a metal tin wrapped with paper,
With words written on it.

Words like 'Mohamat Eirban Ali',
'bapa' and 'meninggal dunia' immediately struck my mind,
And the whole class as well.

There was an awkward moment of silence.

My deepest condolences.

* * *

KWY called 4 times today.
Save me.

September 11, 2009


Yay! Friday!
I guess I shall take the day off and do absolutely no homework at all :D

Remember that I blogged about teaching Kiew Wei Yong add maths through the phone?
The next day,
He went around his class boasting to others that he knew how to answer those questions.
So much for my patience and effort.

Had more prefect meetings.
I absolutely dislike those meetings.
It's always on Thursdays,
And it's the day where I have torturous 2-and-a-half-hour-long tuition classes.

One of the reasons I can't help but to 'fish' in Chemistry class.

Oh well,
I hope our plannings turn out well.

I can't remember what to blog again.

I should really blog daily no matter it's long or short so that my memory stays fresh =/

September 8, 2009

Short Term Memory Sucks

I do remember of wanting to blog about something when I was chatting with Blake ...
But now I kinda lost it.

How am I going to say this,
Fasting season right?
There's actually people smuggling food for those who are fasting.

Wei Yong called me a gazillion times today,
Asked me about add maths.
Texted him workings,
This that,
Answer a million of his calls.

When I was eating dinner,
I decided to ignore his call till I'm done.

I totally forgotten that he's the type that would never give up calling.
So without second thought,
I immediately went and SMSed him that I was eating.

Just when I finished,
He calls.

And that happened for like .... hours.
I was so ... annoyed,
But I tried to keep my cool and helped him as much as I could.

I couldn't even concentrate on what I was doing >.>

I hate texting add maths workings.

September 7, 2009

Can't ... stand it

(Gosh, I almost never felt like blogging like I used to)

There's this ... old Volvo car 2 houses away from my house,
My neighbour.

It's kinda ... old,
So it has to be 'warmed up' before driving.

Then all hell breaks lose ...
... from the exhaust pipe.

The pollutants literally stings my nasal cavity and my lungs.

I know,
They might not be able to afford to change a car or anything,
But it really, really smells bad.

And no,
Closing the doors and windows doesn't work.


* * *

Went out for lunch today,
Wanted to ate some noodles advertised on some flyer,
But in the end mom and I decided to eat something else.

Drove in circles in Jalan Kenari (opposite of IOI Mall),
Went to Bandar Puteri for a few more circles and finally decided to eat at some simple restaurant.

I was expecting something nicer since we don't eat out often,
But mom was getting super pissed so I thought better to just shut up and eat.

Guess what,
When I was happily Sudoku-ing on my iPod Touch,
Some random person runs over to my place and pokes me in the arm.

Never expected to see Kar Mern there @_@

I saw Wai Kit too,
My primary school classmate.
Small world eh?

Took away (not literally) a packet of chicken rice for my dad,
And went to Puteri's Giant for awhile.

Have not been there for quite some time since Kinrara already had a Giant.

Went back and dad exploded because the chicken rice included a disgusting chicken ass (lol).
It was ... not cleanly removed of it's fur and it was just ... revolting.


Hopefully someday soon,
I'd get to eat something other that the usual >.>

* * *

When was the last time I blogged about daily events like that,
Feels ... quite ... nostalgic,

Lost of words.

Finished my add maths homeowork on Friday,
And spent the next two days slacking like there's no tomorrow :D

What else ...


September 2, 2009


School today was ... nothing much.
Very much like ... yesterday.

Not much studying.
Busy playing Rubik's cubes all day.

Cashed out from Nuffnang.
After like ... a year?
More maybe?

So pissed off over little things.

My books are circulating the class,
Weird ._.

Scored 98% for my additional mathematics,
Stupid careless mistake,
I actually could've scored full.
(I seriously won't give a damn if you think I'm boasting,
I'm just saying the truth)

I'm in such a bad mood right now.

Scored 67% for my English Literature.
Quite good for a first timer?
I was hungry and sleeping during the exam,
Excuses, excuses, heh.

Blake came over to watch Hannah Montana the Movie,
I can't believe I watched it!
It wasn't that bad anyway.
Probably better than High School Musical 3.
(Haven't watch)

Stupid mood.