December 31, 2008

December 31st.

I left the 'create post' page on for the whole day,
Till now I am finally willing to write something.


Fact is,
I can't really differentiate what happened this year and the previous one,
I can't really keep track of time =x

Just like any other years,
A lot of stuff happened.

Oh crap what am I suppose to blog about.


Let me look through my the titles of my archives for this year.


I'm so messed up right now.

Once again,

Year of a major exam,
Passed with flying colours,
Hard work not gone to waste.

Went through with it anyway,
As much as I really dislike it,
(Like everyone else),
I still find times where actually had a great time.
So I guess it's not all bad.

In school,
Good and bad,
Of course,
Thanks to those who really are my friends,
Thanks to those who helped,
Thanks to those who shared,
Thanks to those who listened.

Thanks to those who treated me as a friend.

Grew closer,
No doubt I have my struggles and all,
But in the end,
I am still very happy with my decision at the end of the day.
To be a Christian,
A Methodist.

Learned about each other more,
Really want to thank them,
For everything.
Just so you know,
I always feel teary at the thought of losing them,
I can't really imagine how it would be like.

I don't know why I feel so ignorant when they are so good.
I guess there's just something wrong with me.

I guess,
I understand myself even more,
Taking notes of small details,
Like what I like and all.
Trying to look into myself,
Asking myself what do I really like,
What do I really feel.
For example,
Knowing that I like clothes with a collar,
Because round neck collars make my neck feel uncomfortable,
Stuff like that,
But about myself,
About what I like.

Day by day,
Learning more about everything,
Learning about human beings,
Their actions and all,
Trying to understand others.

Things normal people do.

So much, so much.

Both mentally and physically.
Being more observant.

And also,
Learning to stick on something I do,
Like blogging.

Making friends,

I guess that is my 2008.

And I'm not even gonna talk about 2009,
Because from my past experience,
Whatever I said will never be done.

So why care? ;)

As long as,
I do my job as a student,
As a friend,
As a son,
As a follower of Him,
I guess everything will be okay.

Happy New Year,
The end of 2008,
And the starting of 2009.

My advice is to leave whatever that happened in 2008,
And be ready to make a better 2009.


December 30, 2008

When the rain's over ...

... you'll see the beautiful rainbow.

Oh my gosh the cheesiness =.=

8A's man!


Since yesterday,
The youth retreat,
I've already started getting nervous.

For the whole retreat,
The only message was to stop worrying,
And have faith.


But I still can't wait for the results!!!!

So this morning,
I came back from church,
And went straight to school.

(in stinking clothes)

At first the results weren't out yet,
So my father and I went to the restaurant opposite of the school for lunch.

I was busy spamming SMS-es everywhere.

By the time my father finished,
(I didn't eat, couldn't eat)

Went to take my results,

Then this situation came up :

Someone's parent wanted to tell me that I can get straight A's,
And she thought I only took 7A's,
So she said I could get 7A's,
But I misunderstood and thought that she was telling me that I got 7A's,

Alvin and Justin were there,
For some reason.

Teacher handed me my slip,
Everything was passing by too fast.

I looked closely when the teacher was flipping through the stack of result slips,
And when she stopped,
I looked at the whole line of results :


No B's,
Nothing different,
Excitement reaches the highest level.

Takes slip from teacher,
Double checks,





Meet up with friends,
Share the joy :D

Went back,
Continued SMS-ing like mad,
A total of 80+ SMS-es received,
And 70+ sent.

* * *

I would like the thank God,
For protecting me, guiding me, blessing me, loving me,
For everything he had given me.

I would like to thank my parents,
For whatever they had done to make my life easier,
And also for the love and care.

Thank my relatives,
For so much support that you have given.

I would like to thank my friends,
Those who stuck by and were there when I felt down.

I would like to thank my teachers,
Both school teachers and tuition teachers.

* * *

I would also like to congratulate those who scored well in their PMR,
And for those who didn't do well,
Don't not fret,
PMR is not everything.

I guess PMR is just one of the small milestones in our lives.

And lastly ...

8A's WOO! :D

December 29, 2008

It's coming ...

I should have combined this post with the previous one,
But I think this matter is way too important.

Very important.


Is the day.


(Thunder crackling sound)

Basically there are 2 situations running through my head,
Very good results and not so good results.
I didn't even run through the one where I get very bad results.

I feel like ... I'm going to explode soon.
Results :(

I don't wish to disappoint my parents, teachers, friends, relatives.

I feel quite messed up now,
I can't even blog properly.
(As if it was any proper anyway)

I guess,
All I can do now,
Is to have faith,
In God and in myself,
Whatever my results are,
I can't really do anything anyway.

Should I have faith that I will get good results?



Shopping trips

Went Sunway Pyramid on Saturday,
Spent most of my time walking alone since my mom and her friend were busy shopping.

I bought a CD album and some book from Popular.

Then went to meet up with them to buy some of my stuff.

Walked the whole day.

So tired.

On Sunday,
Went MidValley.

Didn't have a chance to walk alone,
didn't bought anything too.


Going Sunway,


December 26, 2008


This isn't qualified as a book review,
Since it will be a stupid move if I were to review about a book when the words I use isn't gonna convince anyone that I've been reading books.

So instead,
I'll share about a book that I've read.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and PS I Love You are both books that I bought in the MPH warehouse sale.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

(The cover of the version I have)

(The cover of the one I spot currently selling in MPH)

This book is one of the most gigantic books I've ever finish reading.

Heavy to hold,
Quite troublesome.
But that's not important.

The use of language is much deeper than those that I have read before,
But it isn't impossible to understand.

(Although some parts I had to read again to understand, probably because I didn't concentrate fully)

Story line :
(Not spoiler, just taken from the back of the book)

On a farm in remote northern Wisconsin the mute and brilliant Edgar Sawtelle leads an idyllic life with his parents. For generations, the Sawtelles have raised and trained a breed of dog whose thoughtful companionship is epitomised by Almodine, Edgar's lifelong companion.

But when his beloved father mysteriously dies, Edgar blames himself, if only because his muteness left him unable to summon help. Grief-stricken and bewildered by his mother's desperate affair with her dead husband's brother, Edgar's world unravels one spring night when, in the falling rain, he sees his father's ghost ...
The author explains everything in detail.
Every. Single. Thing.
You have to understand what it is and try to imagine everything,
Which I'm not so good at.

The book is very good,
More like serious reading to me,
Not a light book.
The whole book is very ... consuming?
Er ... emotional?
I don't know how to describe it,
(Yeah, my lack of vocabulary)
But it will make you feel like you've already experienced barn life.

Next book,
I bet everyone has heard of this before.

Light book,
Very light.
Easy read,
Not to say it's bad,
But it doesn't require that much brain power to understand everything.

It's like one of those TV series put into a book.
Manage to finish it in like 3 days,
Considering I'm not so much of a continuous or fast reader,
That's considered very fast.

Sad thing was,
I didn't cry at all while reading that book,
Since I have like 3 to 4 female friends telling me that they cried like babies reading this book.

I laughed a lot though,
At their conversations,
Not the touching moments of course.

Did I mention this is the very first chick lit I've ever read?
I didn't know it was ... like this.
Very ... light.

That's all,
Worth grabbing if you're wondering what to read.

Though I'm still not sure what genre I'm interested in.

December 24, 2008


Before I start,
To Ken Tze :

I wore a Santa hat and walked around in the main entrance of the Assunta hospital,
The children's ward,
The old people's ward,
And even the ICU.

Beat that xD

-Went out 5.30pm-

-Came back 12.45am-

So tired.

Christmas celebration!

Everything's finally over :D

Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2008

Updates about stuff you should know.

I have a new computer.


I'm serious.

My relatives bought a new comp for me when they heard that my motherboard died.
I hereby express my gratitude for it.

Thank you.

Everything was new,
Now the my old comp's files are back,
I have like a total of 190GB space,
And my 160GB external hard drive.

* * *

Ken Tze came over my house yesterday,
He needed to use my CD ROM.

I'm sorry I didn't entertain you much,
I was busy doing meaningless and time consuming stuff.

I was putting in album artwork for every song in my iTunes.

And now every song has album artwork!

* * *

Went Caroling today,
1st stop was Shalom home, orphanage I think,
2nd was Assunta hospital,
3rd was Impressive Nursing Home.

Me, Dante and Addison sat in Kym's (or Kim?) car,
Her air conditioner busted,
But it was okay.

Assunta's caroling was quite nice,
But my back ached.

Impressive Nursing Home was sad,
I mean,
All sick old people,
In one place,
Without their children around them.
You'd get that picture.

Around 7 or 8,
Went back to church,
Ate the dinner prepared (can't remember who did, sorry)
Then suppose to stay back for props thing because the stage arrived.

Before going back,
Most of us sat in a circle,
Listening to Esther talking about her 'adventures',
Had a great time overall,
Despite there were conflicts.

* * *

No time to blog lengthily,
Even though it is kinda long,
Didn't quite elaborate much.

I hope I didn't leave out anything important.

December 21, 2008

I hate this.

I feel like shit right now.
Maybe it's because of the lack of sleep or something,
I just literally collapsed on the couch,
And woke up later to find out that hours had already passed by.

I forgot to mention,
That on Thursday morning,
My father brought me down KL for breakfast.

We went hunting for famous KL food,
Those often shown in food documentaries.

* * *

Besides that,
Did a lot of practice for the coming Christmas celebration.
At first I wasn't involved in the drama,
But ended up handling props.

* * *

Tuition for the holidays finally ended,
But it's kinda like a one week thing,
Which doesn't make much difference.

I remember my friend saying that I'm kiasu for taking tuition so early,
Never really thought of that,
But I guess that was a statement that seemed quite true ...
Sometimes =x

* * *

Currently using wide flat screen monitor + wireless keyboard + wireless mouse,

I can't believe the download speed here in the kampung is like 170+kbps,
While it peaks at 60-70kbps in my house.

I hope I don't crash and die on the couch again.

* * *

PMR results,
Stupid thing,
No one knows for sure when they are going to be announced.

Should be 30th,
Since my friend got his news from a teacher.

* * *

I guess ... that's it!
I gotta stop posting randomly like this...
Wait till my computer recovers and everything moves back to its rightful place.

Another short post. Maybe not.

Before I start.

I ****ing hate my ****ing computer for having so many ****ing problems.

It's a been a week since I lost my computer,
Apparently my motherboard crashed and burned,
And I'm right now in kampung.

Besides ranting everyday,
Sighing loudly in front of my parents,
It wasn't that hard to bare with.

Watched TV,
Read books.

Finished two books,
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and PS I Love You.
Both books were nice,
And I'll probably do an amateur-ish review later on.
(Since I have nothing to post)

Results are coming out soon,
Very soon.

Went caroling yesterday,
Suppose to go today but I went back kampung.
Caroling was fun!
Ate and ate and ate and sang and talked and this and that ...

*mosquitoes are sucking my blood while I'm typing this*

End of not-so-short-yet-not-a-long-post-either post.

December 10, 2008

A short post.

Me and my messy computer table.

Guess what?
Just now I was like looking for the mouse.

There are stuff like Rubik's cubes, bottles, cellphone, pens,
And I was grabbing everyone of them,
Realising they are not my mouse -.-

AH! My mouse!

Should I really end my post ..
This short ..

I guess so.

December 9, 2008

Hmm.. haven't been blogging often.

Mainly because nothing much happened,
And there are so much sensitive issues that I can't blog about.

What's blogging when you can't blog what you want to blog about?


The lack of interesting activities happening.

Happy birthday to my father!

And ... er ...

Been reading The Story of Edgar Sawtelle,
Probably do a review about it when I'm done reading that.


December 7, 2008


It doesn't mean pathetic.


I went back to my mother's hometown on Saturday to visit my bedridden grandmother.
She shifted from Sunway Medical Center to her home.

Nothing much happened.

Imma go play with my Rubik's cube or read some books since I have nothing to do.


December 3, 2008

The absence of electricity.

I can't really bother too much.
I'll just put all recent events together in this blog post.

* * *

About the Sunway Pyramid trip,
I truly experience the fun of walking alone in the shopping mall.

I was like a nerd when I was in Popular,
Flipping through multiple reference books,
Comparing to see which has the most detailed notes.

Moving to places to find stuff that I'm interested in,
But too bad time was running short,
And I had to go back.

The amazing part of walking alone is that I don't have to worry about the needs of others,
I can stop by any time I want,
Or walk like a lizard zig-zaging through the crowd without worrying that my friend couldn't catch up.

* * *

My father showed me an article,
About some politician proposing to abolish vernacular schools.

I became furious for no reason.
For a person who doesn't care about politics,
I must say for stuff that are related to me,
Especially education,
I have this weird feeling to know more about it.

I don't want to talk about it anyway.

Later that night,
For English tuition class,
Teacher decided to make it a public speaking session.

And I just blabbered about that topic,
Adding a few points that I thought was relevant.

She didn't give any negative comments,
I guess it's because she doesn't see the need to be strict at that moment,
But I'm clear that I have loads to improve on.

* * *

Suppose to go to MidValley today,
But yesterday night,
Josh and Fiona told Blake and I that they couldn't make it.

Went through loads of stuff,
In the end I stayed at home.

* * *

There was a notice that a few of my friends that stayed nearby received,
Except me.

Supposedly the electric supply would be off from 8am to 5pm today,
But instead it was just 11am to 2pm.

Thank goodness.

Since my father left for work,
I was left all alone to handle boredom.

Without the fan,
Without contraptions making mechanical noise,
It was pure silence.

If only the weather in Malaysia would be less painful,
The whole environment would be the utmost state of peacefulness.
Friends gave me all sorts of ways to spend my time in this situation,
Most of them told me to go out and spend quality time with nature.

Are you serious?

You people must be watching too much shows,
I don't see how fun can frolicking under the scorching sun be.
It's Malaysia people,
There ain't no cooling shades or pavements for you to walk on.

Sit under a shady tree reading books?

No way.

I started reading books.
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.

Till 2pm,
The fan started moving!
And life was restored!
Woo hoo!

* * *

A little thing I have to end with before I end, (huh? what?)
I just realised that my flow of speech isn't that fluent,
I guess I could improve on that.

My arrangement of points suck too,
I often feel that way when blogging.

December 2, 2008

Yesterday's Outing

(I'm blogging once again as if it's yesterday, to make it easier)

Went to Maybank in the morning,
To buy ASM thing.

Ate at Kluang station later.

Went to Sunway later on,
With Fiona,
Met TJ,
Didn't really talk to him.

Watched Twilight,
Vampire Romance.
Not bad I guess.

Didn't eat anything,
Walked around,
Looked at stuff.

I'm so friggin' not in the mood to blog.