October 19, 2014

600th post :O

Been keeping myself occupied lately, staying on campus and studying instead of chilling at home. Half way through today (Saturday), I was all "I guess I won't be getting any work done today ..." and went on a full blast chill-out mood. Feels so good, except for the fact that the lingering guilt is somewhere at the back of my head.

I should stay at home less. But I guess taking one day off isn't too bad?

Made a pretty complete meal last Saturday. Here's how it went:

Went out to Tesco to collect the groceries that I ordered online at 8 in the morning. Convenient, eh?

Made individual no-bake cheesecakes in the morning, then went out with one of my housemates on a walk in the wilderness. Didn't expect it to last for 3 hours.

It was pretty cool.

Went back, started cooking around 3 in the afternoon as I wanted everything to be done by 7. Invited 2 guests over to help finish off the food.

Pork shoulder :D

Look how cute it is. The crackling was conveniently scored, which was great. In hindsight, probably shouldn't have removed the butcher strings because the top part wasn't even connected to the bottom, but how would I have known that anyway?

End product.

Just simple roast potatoes, parboiled beforehand. Didn't turn out as crispy as I wanted it to, maybe too much oil.

Surprisingly managed to keep everything warm! Everything was pretty much done by 7, which I was pretty pleased about. Guests were late, though.

The big reveal! Roasted Brussels sprouts and made Yorkshire puddings from scratch (yes, batter and all). Never tried Brussels sprouts before, but I fell in love that night.

This makes the chef happy :D

And for dessert:

If only I had a sprig of mint. Made the blueberry compote from scratch too (not that it was hard or anything, just sounds more impressive).

Made 8 of these, fed neighbours too. They seemed to love it a lot. Added too much butter in the biscuit base :/

That was fun. Think the meal came up to about less than £24.