January 31, 2008

An Unsatisfied Customer

In school,
Nothing much.
Pn. Chong asked me to be the second Quarter Master,
My duty is to be in charge of the first aid kit of the school.
Hope I don't do anything wrong.

Got lectured by Navindran.
I guess I should be more alert the next time,
Need to be better at emergency rescues.

Left study group early,
Kinda guilty,
Went Giant with Hui Teng and Josh instead.
Sorry ._.

Walked to Giant,
Wanted to eat Pizza Hut.
So we went in Pizza Hut,
And started chatting.
Mushroom soup and cheese sticks came first,
Which wasn't included in my set.
Later on,
Josh's spaghetti came,
And next was my rice set.
We almost finished our food,
And Hui Teng couldn't wait,
So she asked me to remind the waiter again.
Finished our food,
Reminded another waitress this time.
Still nothing.
Hui Teng couldn't wait,
So we decided to stop waiting,
And pay for those we ate.
I told the cashier :
"My friend ordered pizza but it didn't come. We reminded the waiters 2 times and waited for almost an hour. We decided to cancel the pizza because we couldn't wait."
So the cashier couldn't do anything and canceled it.
In the end,
We paid for Josh and my food.
They even excluded Hui Teng's soup,
And the cashier only said sorry once.
Reminds me of the Sushi King incident,
Where that aunt shouted vulgar at the people there.
Epic =D

They bought what they needed,
And I called my father to fetch us.
Thanks dad =D

Tomorrow got to do checkpoint for the road run again, (or field run -.-)
Hope I don't mess up x_x

January 30, 2008


I'm really bored,
Nothing to do.
Forums are getting boring,
Friendster group has no new posts,
Blog has no comments to reply.
No blogs with new posts to read.

*suddenly rains*

Cool, out of a sudden,
I like rain,
Smells nice to,
All the heat, dryness and dullness washed out.
If only I can go stand in the middle of the rain and act like I'm some person finally breaking away from this terrible life.
What the heck,
I'm crapping now.

*was chewing Toblerones earlier*
Want some?

I need some nice topic to blog about,
Let me talk about boredom as a start.
I still remember when I didn't have a computer,
I keep saying 'boring' the whole day,
Aiya, so boring lah...
Then after getting a computer and internet and all,
Life is less boring,
Or should I say that the computer burns away my time.
I just don't have anything better to do,
Oh yea,
I can always read books, newspapers, study previous topics,
But no, I don't do those stuff.
How can some bored person possibly do something that will bore him or her more?
Unless they think of it as something fun to do,
Yea, not me.

Maybe I should go revive my PSP,
Get an interest in something,
Or continue to be the bored person I am now.
I feel like going to sleep ._.
Hey, I should watch some TV too,
Since I didn't sit down and watch with full concentration for a long time.
Or maybe I should go watch a movie,
Yea, I'll have to drive my father's car there.

If only I know what my interests are,
But I'm so boring and dull,
Nothing much I can do at home,
Do homework?
I hate doing homework,
But I still have to do.
*imagine some teachers going to class and starts to say about this 'I hate homework' statement*
A lot of teachers start to mention about blogs in classes these days,
For example :
"I really wanna hit you, but later some one will take picture and put it in the blog"
Please, enough with the blogs,
We get it.

Reading is boring,
Doing homework is boring,
No friends to chat with,
Online and offline.
I really need to gain interest in something.
Start learning about HTMLs?
No, no, not LITERALLY flashing,
I meant Adobe Flash type of Flash-ing.
Oh my, I even boring myself now.

I need some thing to do ._.
I need to improve my English, Chinese and Malay,
Damn, face it,
I need improvement in everything.
I can't possibly go study in this mood,
Even if I did,
I probably start snoring.

What kind of post is this,
Sorry if I'm boring you.
You can leave if you want.

January 29, 2008

Tuition was CRAZY!


In between Malay and Math class,
There was a short break time,
Like 5 minutes?
Some one,
Went to turn the clock,
Which was suppose to be 8.55 p.m.
But it became 9.05 p.m.
At 1st I thought,
It wouldn't work,
Because the teacher will most probably check her own watch of something.
But guess what?
She really bought it!
And we went back earlier,
Wow, there are really daring eh?
They had to go out without being caught be Mr. Joshua Tay,
He will probably chop their heads off.

Nothing much,
Tonsils subsided,
But coughing more frequent than before,
Itchy throat ._.

January 28, 2008

Me and My Blog.

After everything that has happen,
I still want to blog.
I want to blog.

A lot of things happen these days,
Made me frustrated and confused,
But never mind,
I still have Him with me.

I kept listening to Christian songs these days,
I found it really soothing and it calms me down,
Especially when all this happens.
Who Am I - Casting Crowns,
My favourite song for now.

Things start to come into my mind,
A lot of questions without an answer.
Suddenly I feel like making an appointment with the counselling teacher,
But I'm still not sure about it.

January 27, 2008

The Shower Theory

It has something to do with Christianity,
Some how related with the conversation I had with Kentz yesterday night.

The Shower Theory

You know,
After taking a shower,
We will all feel refreshed and comfortable,
When we shower,
We just hope that the coolness will stay forever.

Christians, like me,
When we praise and worship God,
We have this, 'high' feeling,
As though the Lord's presence is here,
And of course,
We want it to stay forever.
As Kentz say,
It is kind of impossible to stay that way in this evil world.

So during the dry days,
I'll listen to some Christian songs to like,
Sprinkle water on us.

Then again,
If we shower forever,
Or be in that worshipping mood forever,
The Fish in Bowl Theory comes in.

If we constantly live in water,
We will think that the whole world is water,
And once the fish jumps out of the bowl,
No water,

Fishes don't appreciate water too.

So like us humans,
If we are constantly in this so called 'safe zone',
We will be very vulnerable to the outside world.

Imagine you have participated a cross country race,
After sweating the whole day,
You just want a bath.

Ahh~ extra refreshing eh?
Same like the praise and worship.
If we have it everyday,
It will become a routine,
Which is boring.

So spend a time to praise and worship,
Like weekly or something,
And have sprinkles during the other days.


Didn't go to church today ._.
Soar throat,
Actually it's my tonsils,
Hate them ._.
My back hurts,
My arm hurts,
I'm getting old ._.

January 26, 2008

CCC - Chinese Calligraphy Competition.

Reached school around 7.00 a.m.
Josh burned a Jay Chou CD for me,
Thanks =)
Pushed off around 7.30 a.m.

A lot of people were there,
Around 200 according to the MC.
Waited, and waited,
Started quite some time later.

Had to write it on the floor,
Oh no.
It was so uncomfortable,
And so troublesome,
I need a table ._.

Spent some time practising even though the competition started,
Used up 40 minutes and didn't notice it,
So I just scribbled it.

I spent 40 minutes writing this word,
Nothing much eh?

After that I wrote the second word, which was terrible,
And did it all over again.

Left 20 minutes!!


End product :

Put it together....


And ta-dah~!

I seem to have found some weak points of mine.
1. Need to write bolder.
2. Need to practice more.
3. Need to write in traditional Chinese characters.

I know that I can write some nice words,
But it happens maybe 1 in 10 times,
So to make all 10 words nice,
It will be 1 in 100 times.


Before they told us the results,
They prepared many performances,
It includes traditional dancing,
Modern dance,
Diabolo (扯铃 chě líng),
And even a whole orchestra thing O.O
All the students are from SMK Seri Kembangan,

There was 1 more amazing act,
The diabolo,
But I didn't manage to record that,
No point also,
The thing looks so small in my phone.
I need a handy cam now ._.
Or a 10GB digital camera =D

A video of various Chinese martial arts,
The only presentable video I guess,
And the 1st video in this blog =O

ps. sorry for the shaking and all


January 25, 2008

Random Post.

Not in the mood at the moment,
I guess Kar Mern kinda spread her mood-less mood to me.

So boring, I guess I should start with school.
Today we had meetings for all the uniform societies.
Mine was PBSM,
Don't think that I joined PBSM just that I wanted to slack and all,
Well, okay, I admit, I joined during Form 1 hoping that I'll have a easier life than other groups.
Turned out I joined in drilling, emergency rescue and all other PBSM stuff.

Drilling is really drilling,
Tiring and all,
And I thought PBSM didn't have to drill,
Dumb me.
And I still don't really know how to handle injured people,
How useless could I be ._.

Okay, back to the meeting.
So all the big posts have been hogged mostly by those Form 4 students,
Left AJKs for each respective form.
For form 3,
Blake and Eirban was like shouting my name,
But Navindran didn't hear it,
And Yi Shen got the post,
I didn't really mind,
But he seldom appears for PBSM meetings last year.

Later on, Pn. Chong came in,
And she called out all the AJKs,
Yi Shen didn't turn up and she wiped off his name instantly.
She asked for a new person and those basketball gang said CKS,
While Blake and Eirban tried to shout my name again.
I can say I helped Pn. Chong enough that she could remember me,
And she just put my name there.

After everything,
I still had to push the chairs back to the other class,
Those students take chairs and never put it back,
Make more work for others,
Arif also got pulled in for passing by the class.

There was suppose to be some deep post after this,
But nothing is coming to my mind.
I shall post something shallow then.

I really cannot come up with something,
Still got quite a stack of homework waiting me to devour them and spit the remains out.
And I have the Chinese calligraphy competition tomorrow!!
Wish me luck,
Well, even though it is impossible for me to win -.-

January 24, 2008


blog readability test
You need to be at this standard to read my blog, hahaha.

This is sad, I was hoping for something like NC-17.

Study Group o.o

Today was kinda freaky,
All the teachers seem to mention about blogs.
This morning, Pn Salmawati asked me what I wrote in my blog,
I was stunned o.o
But I didn't write anything wrong,
So I don't have to worry =)

PBSM work vs. Chinese calligraphy competition.
I chose the competition.
Both had to happen on the same day,
Sad ._.

Study group,
For the 1st time in my life,
With Arif, Alif and Eirban.
We did maths today,
It was more like finishing up our home work.
Nothing much.
Need to brush up on my calligraphy.

January 23, 2008


Okay, after some thinking,
I've decided to open my blog again.

For those who don't know,
My fellow classmate,
Got into trouble for posting some wrong things.
I was afraid that I might have posted something wrong,
Which might also land me into some troubles.

If there is a teacher reading this,
Hi =D

Maybe I might have posted some thing that is inappropriate,
Do warn me before you take any action,
'Cause I don't know what I did.

So, can some one out there tell me the DOs and DON'Ts of the whole internet?
I heard that the internet isn't as safe as people think anymore.

Oh ya, I have my father's full support on this,
He encouraged me to open this blog all again.
I'm not sure what kind of trouble could I get into.
Please tell me.

January 21, 2008

The News is Getting Bigger!

I got this from a school mate of mine,
Posted my school group in Friendster.

It's from MalaysiaKini also
It's in English =D
Fatal fall: Teachers blamed of inaction

"Why did you bring him here?"

This was one of the questions allegedly posed by a teacher to a student who rushed to the aid of 15-year-old K Yashovan after his fatal fall in school last Tuesday.

The fourth former at the school in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, claimed that the teachers failed to react quickly to help his schoolmate.

"One of the teachers even asked why I brought him to their room, so I told the teacher, 'Where else do you want me to take him, to your house is it'?" he said. The boy's identity is withheld since he is still a minor.

The student related the incident to Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) commissioner N Siva Subramaniam at Yashovan's house, which is located next to the school, today.

"I was walking around when I heard a loud noise. I rushed out to see Yashovan's body sticking out of a sewerage manhole," said the 16-year-old student.

"I grabbed hold of his legs and pulled him out. He was struggling to breath. I then called out to several other boys and they helped me carry him to a room," he added.

The student claimed that there were several teachers in the room and one of them was allegedly more concerned about why his shirt was not tucked in.

"I got angry and told the teacher that this boy is hurt and you are asking me about my shirt. They then told me to put him on the floor. They were more interested in taking down a report on the incident than helping him. For a long time, they did nothing," he alleged.

Following this, the teachers allegedly summoned the school's Red Crescent Society members to 'massage' Yashovan.

"I asked why they are not calling an ambulance, and one of them told me that a doctor from a nearby clinic is coming to check him.

"Only when the doctor could not help him, was the ambulance called and it took a long time, nearly more than an hour, before the ambulance arrived," said the student.

The student also claimed that repair works to upgrade the safety of the school were carried out after Yashovan's fall.

"The repair works were done by a teacher and the school workers," he said.

'What is there to hide?'

Earlier, Siva held an emotionally charged discussion with Yashovan's parents and family members.

The deceased's father B Kesavan, 55, stressed that this was not a racial issue. "We just want to know the truth as we have been given different versions of the incident."

"I want to know what happened to my only child, and why the school did not act fast enough to help him," added his wife G Shobana, 52, amidst tears. "I don't want this to happen to other parents, I don't want them to go through what we are going through."

Kesavan also claimed that the ambulance driver had told him that the school authorities did not give him proper directions, resulting in the late arrival.

Yashovan was first taken to the Serdang Hospital before being transferred to Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Yashovan's uncle A Presnath, 36, asked why the school did not furnish the family with a proper explanation.

"When I went to the school, they locked the gate and insisted that only the parents can come, they refused to see me," he said, to which Siva replied: "It's rubbish that they would only want to see the parents, what is there to hide?"


January 20, 2008

Honesty isn't the Best Policy Anymore?

Today I went to church as usual,
Morning service,
Baptism class,
Youth service.

Most of them seemed like a living corpse,
And not to mention a lot of them aren't well,
All sneezing and coughing here and there.

About my blog title today,
I want to say that,
I want my friends to be honest with me,
If you don't like a particular thing,
Just tell it straight.
Well, try not to be so fierce and offending.
Look at it this way,
If you don't say it out earlier,
Hatred will grow and expand,
Which I don't want that to happen.
So please, just tell me if I did something wrong.

Besides that,
A lot of my friends are hating each other,
This makes me stuck in the middle ._.
Don't hate,
Love each other =)

Oh ya,
To Kar Mern,
I seldom blog eh?
I'll try to think of stuff like this to blog about,

January 18, 2008

Paying a Respect to the Deceased

I'll start off with an article which was found by Kar Mern.
It is the most detailed and long article I've seen so far.
(It is in Malay, I apologise for any inconveniences caused)

Bapa kesal anak lambat dibawa ke hospital

KUALA LUMPUR 17 Jan. – Ahli keluarga K. Yashovan, 15, yang meninggal dunia awal pagi ini setelah koma selama tiga hari, kesal kerana pelajar itu lewat dihantar ke hospital.

B. Kesavan, 55, mendakwa pihak Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 1, Bandar Kinrara Puchong membiarkan anaknya hampir satu jam tanpa sebarang rawatan kecemasan sebelum memanggil seorang doktor dari klinik berdekatan.

‘‘Yashovan tidak mendapat rawatan kecemasan dan hanya dibawa ke bilik guru selama satu jam,’’ katanya semasa ditemui di Unit Forensik Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) hari ini.

Pelajar itu mengalami kecederaan serius di kepalanya setelah terjatuh dari bangunan sekolahnya Isnin lalu dan dia disahkan meninggal dunia di Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) pada pukul 6.30 pagi ini.

Menurut Kesavan, hanya selepas satu jam anaknya, pelajar Sekolah Menengah Seksyen 1, Kinrara, Puchong dibawa ke Hospital Serdang sebelum dipindahkan ke HKL.

‘‘Semasa kejadian, saya menerima panggilan kira-kira pukul pukul 11 pagi memberitahu anak saya jatuh dari bangunan sekolah.

‘‘Saya terkejut apabila mendapati anak saya cedera teruk di kepala sehingga otaknya tidak dapat berfungsi lagi,’’ katanya.


Tambah mengelirukan, Kesavan tidak mendapat maklumat yang tepat mengenai punca anaknya jatuh dari bangunan sekolah tersebut.

‘‘Saya sendiri tidak tahu anak saya sebenarnya jatuh dari tingkat berapa kerana ada yang memberitahu Yashovan jatuh dari tingkat dua dan maklumat lain pula dari tingkat tiga,” katanya.

Lebih menyedihkan, menurut bapa pelajar itu, pihak sekolah terutama pengetua tidak memberi kerjasama dan menerangkan dengan baik punca sebenar kematian anaknya itu.

‘‘Apabila ditanya kepada pengetua, dia hanya menjawab saya tidak tahu dan jangan tanya saya apa-apa,’’ kata pekerja Port Klang itu.

Guru-guru yang melawat anaknya semasa koma turut memberikan maklumat yang bercanggah tentang punca kematian sebenar.

‘‘Ada cikgu kata dia dan tiga rakannya cuba meniti ke bangunan sebelah untuk ke kelas komputer kerana tidak mahu berjalan jauh.

‘‘Tetapi yang peliknya mustahil kawan-kawannya tidak nampak dia jatuh dari situ,’’ katanya.

Kesavan turut memberitahu yang ada pula guru mengatakan ketika kejadian pelajar itu hanya berseorangan.

Sementara itu, pihak polis sedang menjalankan siasatan berhubung kes tersebut.

Ketua Polis Subang Jaya, Asisten Komisioner Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar yang mengesahkan kejadian tersebut memberitahu siasatan dari pelbagai sudut sedang dijalankan.

‘‘Siasatan kami merangkumi pelbagai sudut dan beberapa pihak yang difikirkan dapat melancarkan siasatan,’’ katanya semasa dihubungi Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.


For those who can't read Malay,
There are some other less detailed news.

indianknight402's blogspot
*copied from MalaysiaKini*

The Star
*an article from The Star*

I went to see the funeral just now,
I couldn't see much but a lot of people were there,
Teachers, students, relatives and friends.
The whole surrounding was sad,
And the drizzling rain seem to compliment with the whole environment.

After 2 hours of prayers and blessings,
(I'm not really sure what they did)
The lifted the coffin into the car.

Hopefully justice will prevail,
The culprit, if there is one,
Will be exposed,
So that the deceased can rest in peace.

January 17, 2008

My Condolences to my Indian friend.

(I'm not so sure about the spellings of his name)

News broke out,
He died this morning.
A very, very sad thing,
Considering that he was only Form 3,
And he is the only child in his family,
Very sad indeed.

This is the story I heard from Visvani,
A relative of the deceased.
She said that on the day he fell from the school building,
The doctors say that his brain isn't working anymore,
He had to depend on a machine of some sort to breathe.
According to Visvani,
The parents of the deceased had an agreement with the doctor to stop using the machine,
Which means to let him pass away.

Some Indians in my class cried,
Mainly Visvani because she is a relative to him.
The news about his death spread out like wildfire,
And Visvani also said that the cousin brother of the deceased is going to sue the school for not having proper safety precautions.

Yesterday, when I was walking back home,
I saw his dog howling,
As if it was crying.
And I just had the feeling that something bad is going to happen.

Life is really fragile,
So we must all appreciate the like that God gave us.
Love ourselves =)
And also everyone else.

January 16, 2008

PMD is over

It's over,
So is the thing between me and Kentz.
Forget about it.

Today's PMD was ... okay I guess,
The only thing I hate is,
The 2 things,
Useless Indians and sitting on the floor.

I found Imeem!!
And found so many Christian songs!

January 15, 2008

To "My Beloved Friend"

You got angry,
I was kinda worried that I will lose a good friend,
So I decided to go to the PMD.

I reached school,
You still look angry and all,
I don't know why.

You said you got bullied for 3 days just to be with us,
I don't really believe it,
I don't know why,
Maybe 'cause I don't really see the 'be with us' part.

You talked as if you are the boss of me,
Even when I was present for something that I really didn't like.
And I don't know who you are anymore,
I just hate the way you order me to come for the next day.
And my friend,
You threaten me that if I'm not present,
You will not talk to me forever.
So called friend,
I don't know who you are anymore.

I told myself,
If I regret going to PMD,
I will not talk to you anymore,
But still,
I try to convince myself that I never regret it.
I don't know where is thing going to.

January 14, 2008

Caught in the Middle.

I don't know whether should I go for PMD or not ._.
(Program Maju Diri)
I have a feeling that Kentz will be offended if I write too much,
But never mind.

Why should I go?
  1. Because it would be the right thing.
  2. Because quite some people are going.
  3. Because Kentz is one of the PEERS member in charge.
  4. Because skipping a day of school seems wrong.
  5. Because I don't know why.
Why shouldn't I go? (This is the part that I hope Kentz won't read)
  1. Because PMD is horrible, I attended PMD for the past two years and regretted for the past two years. All are the same, group, cheer, shouting, games, group work, public humiliation.
  2. Because I don't benefit from PMD, while others won't lose anything with the absents of me.
  3. Because I think staying at home will be a better choice, although I might not do my homework, I still think it is better for me to stay at home, because ANYTHING is better than PMD.
  4. Because most of my friends aren't going.
  5. Because I most probably be sent into a group where I need to do everything.
  6. Because I might get tortured by Kentz.
  7. Because I'm not those sporting type.
  8. Because I have permission from my parents.
  9. Because I will have to sit on the floor for the whole day. (Back ache. Ouch.)
  10. Because if I don't do whatever those I-am-the-boss-of-you I'll probably be dead.
  11. Because I can go on with this forever.
So what now?
I still don't know.
Can some one out there show me the way?

Back to life.
Something happened in school today,
(Anything below are of what I've heard of)
An Indian guy, from 3 Gamma (my neighbour),
Dropped from the 2nd or 3rd floor (do remember the existence of ground floor),
Just imagine,
Schools set up metal grills in between each block to prevent students from going here and there.
So if we want to cross to the other block,
We'll have to go to the 1st floor and cross,
Then only we can go back up.
The victim wanted to take the short cut across,
So he climbed out of the corridor,
And tried to go to the other side.
He slipped,
And fall.

Points that contribute to this.
  1. We all were called down for a meeting of some sort. The teachers wanted to find eye witnesses. The vice-headmistress told us not to climb, and not to take short cuts. I guess that is clear enough.
  2. The man-hole and the bottom was cracked into 2 pieces.
  3. Our Malay teacher told us not to spread rumours of that person being pushed down, he fell by himself.
That is enough I guess.
Some people just don't understand 'safety first'.

Still thinking...

January 13, 2008


I need help my friends,
Help me to kick of the last minute thing!
I haven't start doing my homework,
I need to LEARN,

Summary of yesterday and today,
Yesterday went to church at night 'cause the JS students came to visit.
(JS stands for Jeremiah School, which is a course for post-SPM or post-STPM students to take while waiting for the results, it is more of a Christian thing)
We ate dinner there,
Played ice-breakers,
Get to know each other more.
At the end of the whole thing,
They celebrated my birthday :3
I was so happy =)

My parents also bought a cake for me,
And I got a headset as my birthday present,
That was something that I really needed,
To cancel off the quarreling noise =x

Went to church as usual,
Morning service with the JS students,
1st baptism class,
Unexpected Sunday with aunt Pearlie,
Which was really not for me ._.

I'm tired now,
But I still need to finish my homework,
I'm officially 15,
I should make a change,
No more 'all talk and no action' for me.
But I still need help from you guys ._.

January 10, 2008

I'll never change.

Went IOI today,
Had to do some stationary shopping.
My dad didn't give me money T_T
He made me bring my own money T_T

I saw a lot of people there,
Those I-know-them-but-not-that-familiar type.
I was selecting which correction tape,
Which glue tape,
Checking the length and prices,
Checking which is cheaper,
Mathematics in life =)

I went to the komsas shelf,
(Malay literature)
I couldn't find any books suitable for me,
All were Form 1 and Form 2 books,
None of them were Form 3!
I kept checking and checking,
And still, I couldn't find any.

Kinda sad,
So I walked around looking for other stuff,
Pens, scissors and erasers.
I saw a book on a shelf of other stuff,
I just took a look,
At that time I was thinking,
"Yea right, as if that would be THE book I'm looking for"
It is like God helping me!
For you, it might be just a mere coincidence,
But it was unbelievable!

So I queued up,
It was a long queue.
A total of RM50.97,
My pocket ._.
Met up with my father,
Bought Meltz and the Triple XL Burger at KFC.
I still think KFC is better than McDonald's.

Oh ya,
About the title,
This year,
I thought that,
I would change,
As in finishing my homework earlier,
Instead of the last minute work for the whole last year.
It didn't happen,
I guess I need more determination ._.

January 6, 2008

School, Ugh.

2 days of rest isn't enough,
Even though I only had 2 days of school.
Walking to school,
Sitting in class,
Listening to teacher's babbling,
I seriously find it hard to find joy in school.
I mean, the friends are not enough,
Can't really cover the pain from the teachers.

To think that I still have many years more to study,
Then I'll go out to work which is also horrible,
Live seems pointless at this point of view.
But still, there is 1 reason to live, which is for God.
Going to church these days are the best form of pleasure I can find nowadays.

Continue with my school,
I'll have to read up the Malay novel titled Panas Salju,
Don't ask me what is it about,
I'm not really sure either,
It's in Malay,
And Malay isn't one of my strong points.
Reading a novel in Malay...
Not liking it.

January 2, 2008

A whole near year, again.

Yup, new year,
15th year in came to planet Earth.
Haha, I'm not an alien if that is what you're thinking.

Some people say that,
'In this new year, I will do this and that'
But I experienced it before,
Never works,
So I'll just let God show me the plans he have for my live.
Tomorrow is the 1st day of school,
I haven't bought a single exercise book.
I'm so dead.

2 months of holidays just ended,
And I'm taking PMR.

I should get used to the 'sleep early, wake up early' thing,
Since I've been sleeping around 1 to 2 am during the holidays,
I should have a hard time coping to this ._.
Every one complains about the holidays being too short,
But no one complains about the schools ending.
Unless there are some *ahem* crazy people.

Maybe some just want to meet their friends,
Or maybe their schools are good compared to mine.
I'm really gonna miss the holidays,
And all my church friends,
Although I'm gonna catch up with all my school friends,
But I just don't like that environment there,
All the fighting and quarrellings,
Annoying, problematic teacher,
The pressure from every place,
The pointless homework,
The tiring or maybe time-burning co-curricular activities.

To think that our parents always say that we should enjoy school times,
'Cause working is worse,
Maybe it is because their schooling times are different.

Big year.
Time to get serious.
Maybe not =P