June 28, 2009


Hello people!
Currently in my mother's hometown, again.
They have this ... thing,
Where they linked 2 monitors to 1 CPU,
And I can like ... move stuff over to the other monitor,
Something for pro gamers or something,
So damn cool!

Last Wednesday,
Went to SEGi College in Subang,
For this camera workshop.

Overall was ... quite okay.
Just that ... at some parts ... it wasn't really nice.
Get to touch DSLRs,
Even though I still don't really get it,
Unlike She-Reen and Arif who already know a quite much about DSLRs.

The photographer assigned to us was not bad :D
Mr. Norman Hiu,
Nice guy,
Explaining about DSLRs and photography-related stuff.
Lady Jaja was a nice person as well xD
Blake was like ... related her name to Lady Gaga,
Funny moments!

Had prefect meeting and some newsletter workshop.
Prefect meeting was ... scary in some way.
Okay maybe not that scary.
Got assigned to be the leader of "arranging chairs for assembly",
4 Delta's class during assembly,
And the canteen during recess.

Newsletter workshop is really nothing,
Just turned on the computer,
Clicked on Microsoft Publisher,
Looked at some newsletter templates,
Looked at She-Reen and Breena present some PowerPoint slide,
Listen to Pn. Vino explain some stuff.

Hari Koperasi!
Was fun!!
Ate, drank, played, laughed, LOL.
Played bowling.
They arranged some bottles with water in it,
Gave us a choice to bowl either with a tennis ball or a coconut.
The catch was ... tennis balls will never hit down the 'pins'.
In the end they just told everyone to use the coconut.
1st try,
6 throws,
No points.
Noob =.=
2nd try,
1st throw,
And the next 3 were strikes :O
Counted as 1 spare and 2 strikes,
Damn it.

Everyone was cheering,
Felt so 'high', LOL.

Almost got the biggest prize,
For second prize,
I got some tiny highlighter D:

Stupid chance game,
Lost 3 times.

Some weird ping pong game,
Didn't even got near winning.

Ate cheese cakes,
Chocolate cakes,
'Mua zi',
'Mak zok',
Drank 2 ice blended drinks,
1 sarsi,
1 soya bean.

Went to help my friends sell key chains and badges,
Was fun xD
I even bought 1 for myself...

The haunted house that the PEERS organised was a big success,
The queue was so long they had to continue on Monday.
I didn't even had a chance to go in ...

It's was fun and crazy,
I guess Hari Koperasi was quite a success :O
Spent around RM20+.

What a random blog post.

June 24, 2009

Back from Leadership Camp!

... 3 days ago?

3 days of internet-less life,
Spending half a day with my computer,
And then another 2 days without my computer.

Camp .. camp .. camp ..

Where to start?

It was quite amazing overall,
Never regretted going :D
The place,
The facilitators,
Were not bad at all :D

In fact,
The facilitators were quite cool!

On the way to the camp site,
We were watching this Malay horror flick,
And out of a sudden Balqis started to go crazy and ran around opening curtains.

1st day,
Went there,
Some weird shoe game.
Some weird card game.

Some short meal,
First bad impression on the food.

Had some indoor game,
IQ quizzes or something,
Kinda ... competitive.

Night walk at night.
Scarily amazing experience!

It was basically jungle trekking at night, blindfolded.
Sounds amazing yeah?

Before we started,
Around 12am?
Had headcounts.
At some point,
They skipped someone and Navindran said he had to inform the commander,
Or else when they have the headcount again when everyone was back,
And suddenly the numbers increased,
They would think it's one of those 'dirty things' that followed us back.

That sorta freaked me out and ghost stories that I've read before started coming back to me.

All I could remember was when we pushed off,
I could actually see through the blindfold,
And everything was quite okay.

I kinda ... couldn't remember anything about the process of night walking.
Either I was half asleep or ... I don't know ...
Memories of it were just ... broken.

Next thing I knew,
I 'woke' up with my blindfold drenched in sweat,
So much sweat I couldn't even see anything and it sorta stung my eyes.
The whole thing was nice,
In a way,
Right beside the track we were walking was the pond.
And it was quite steep.
Took forever to reach back to camp.

Then out of a sudden,
They 'realise' some people were missing.
Kinda spoiled the fun when people start spreading that it was just a trick of some sort,
Trying to make us panic when they actually 'kidnapped' them.
I just hated that they made us wait so long,
I could have slept already.

Went back to camp,
There was this bathing place,
Where all guys could bathe together.
But thank goodness they had separate toilets.
Thank God.

Them boys had a campfire,
A smoky one,
While Tiong Hsien, Blake and I were sitting in the canteen blabbering,
Since Blake was ... a little angry ...

Ended up sleeping in the canteen,
In a sitting pose,
Head on the table.
For 1 hour.

1 hour of sleep after that treacherous day.

Second day,
Woke up half dead.
Spent the next 2 hours walking like a zombie.
Had weird morning exercises,
Played some games with Tengku Hussien school.

Had this ... weird group game.
We had to erect the Jalur Gemilang with 5 flimsy water pipes,
Had to make it stand without touching it,
And finish singing our national anthem, Negaraku.

Took forever.

In the end,
They allowed us to have 1 person holding the pipes.

Hasef (group leader) ended up holding Navindran on his shoulders,
While Tiong Hsien and I supported him ...

Crazy activity.

Had ...
Some rope activity later on.

We started off learning how to tie a special knot,
Which was easy,
But they somehow manage to make it hard.

They gave us a long, thick rope,
Those used in tug-of-wars,
And we had to hold on to that rope,
Without letting it go,
And tie that knot we learned earlier.

It took 1 hour+,
2 fails and the last try,
We did it!
I just followed blindly to the instructions,
Sweating like hell.

Later at night ...

Had some ceramah,
Conducted by Tuan Samsul b. Dolah,
Which was a friend of our one of our teachers.
That session was superb,
And I was damn sleepy already.

They showed a short clip about our whole camp,
Love the music and the editing skills,
Considering that it was done in such a short time.

Then came the infamous crying session,
I was the only one not crying D:

I think I somehow don't know how to cry anymore.

They started off with sad music,
Stuff about the Tsunami incident few years ago,
A few sad stories,
And participants started sharing their sad pasts,
And everyone was crying and crying.
The guys cried like ... they never cried before.
They probably hid it deep in them far too long.

I didn't cry.
In fact,
I didn't even felt like crying.


Another campfire,
I wanted to join them this time,
Since it's the last night there,
But everything was so ... tensed.
Lectures, scoldings, debates?
So we left :D

Went to the canteen again LOL.
Played UNO,
With Blake, Tiong Hsien, Larissa, Ke Xin, Arieff and so on.
Biri-biri (I don't know his name =x) slept walked.
Scary O.O

Arieff opened his eyes super big when Blake tried to remove his earphones from his ears when he was asleep.
Scary as well.

This night,
2 hours.

Third day ...
Already wasted,
With my aching backbone,
Lack of sleep and everything.

Had some aerobics exercise,
Danced a dance that each group had to choreograph,

Presented the 'futuristic' contraption that we had to make up from rubbish found around the camp site,
Our group leader kinda held the mic to himself.

Whatever =.=

Got the best group,
Our group leader got the best male participant,
And Puva (I'm not so sure what her name is =x) got the best female participant.

Navindran was very happy because he wanted the best group thing so bad,
Since it was his last year,
And he never had one for the past few years.

Everything ended.
Boo D:

Here's the site of the organisers,
Thanks to the facilitators,

Tuan Norlizan b. Othman (the dude who made other dudes cry like ... mad)
Tuan Mohd Mizam Awal Hilmi b. Norizan
Tuan Jamhari b. Saari (the funny dude who acted like a girl a lot of times LOL)
Tuan Mohd Faiz b Mohamad (the tall dude who loves to put his hands on people's heads)
Tuan Mohamad Al-Faiz b. Omar (that young, cool and funny cameraman)
Tuan Shameem b. Norzan (that dude who graduated from our school o.O)

The teachers,
Puan Faridah,
Puan Mariamah (she had sleeping problems ...)
Puan Rajeswari (she somehow made us attend the camp)
Encik Faiq (that cool teacher that I never saw in school before o.O)
And the headmistresses that appeared.

All my friends.


Enjoyed it!

I think I missed out a lot,
That 3 days felt like a week,
In the evening,
Activities that we had done earlier in the afternoon felt like it happened yesterday.
My goodness.

Now ... I'm wondering ... did this camp leave a mark in me?

June 19, 2009

My death wish?

Oh my.
I'm so not ready for this.
I still have so much to do!



Camp shit.
Can't believe I got myself into this shit.
But that isn't why I'm feeling like this ...

So basically I have unfinished homework,
But I'm not going to do now ...

Civic was an utter mess.
Can't care much about it anyway.

The Ministry of Education is an utter mess as well.
Words couldn't express how ... I couldn't even express what I'm trying to express about them in words.
I just hate this.

And my computer.
Why must my computer have problems every now and then?
Maybe I should get a macbook or something =.=

Was lethargic, in a sense.
Dad brought me to Mid Valley to buy some camp stuff,
They just had to tell me the important stuff the day before the camp,
(Thanks Dad)

I basically 'fished' through the whole Chemistry tuition class.
I was just so ... tired.
I even scribbled indecipherable notes when I was half-conscious.
Amazing, isn't it?

And ... what else.
I hope everything turns out well.
3 DAYS!!
Good by friends,
Rubik's cubes,
Decent food,
Complacent life,
And everything else.

June 16, 2009

Hello blog :D

I hope I'm on the road of blogging more often even though no one would read ...
If no one would listen ...

* * *

Kinda disappointing that I didn't get my Moral paper back.
Oh well.

Kinda regretted that I didn't bring a book or some homework to school since there was so many empty periods.

At least I had 2 out of 3 papers back for Physics.

I bet we would get our Sejarah papers next month. Maybe never.

Had Cooperation (I'm still not sure whether is this the correct translation for the word 'koperasi') meeting this afternoon.
Took quite some time ...
Had to be in charge of preparing certificates and souvenirs for the events held by the Koperasi,
And some traditional game event.
Both working with Hau Nung.

Ended around 4pm,
Quite late,
Ate 'early dinner' with Hau Nung, lol.

* * *

What else ...
I want to blog about some person worth admiring but I think I would leave that aside for some other day.

And it's really sad to have friends misunderstand you.
It's like a wall, if you get what I mean.

I should really start doing something ...

June 15, 2009


Haven't been blogging for quite some time.
Probably not interested any more or something.
Or maybe I just wanted to treasure every single day of my limited mid-year holidays.

Oh wait,
Did I say mid-year holidays?



Oh crap.

* * *

I need to resist my temptation to blog about my results first,
Should probably blog a little about my holidays. Not that anyone would read anyway.

Genting Highlands trip.

Went there with dad and Kentze.
Long story why did I ended up with him. =x

Went on Space Shot immediately when we went in the theme park.
(FYI, it's that ride that goes all the way up and 'free falls' down)
Line was long.
Ride was nice.

Went to that ... swing thing, whatever they called it.
It was ... fun I guess.

Corkscrew was closed,
Cyclone was temporary closed as well.
(Both roller coasters)

Gatecrashed Rachel's family vacation.
Well, it was Kentze not me =x

Came back out at night for Cyclone and Space Shot and the swing thing again.
We took the last ride for Space Shot.

Went back,
Kentze bowled with Rachel's family,
I didn't ... felt like doing anything that time.
Kinda felt ... sick or something.

Went to Starbucks around 12am,
Had their Signature Hot Chocolate,
Went online with my iPod,
Read books (well, at least I did something, unlike someone ...),
Looked at hooligans in Starbucks spoiling the whole mood, acting as if they were high, as if Starbucks served alcohol or something.

Oh well.
Went back to sleep around 1am.

Trip was not bad overall,
But it would definitely be much more fun if more people could join us.

p.s. I had minor sunburn in Genting Highlands. No joke.

* * *


Was busy playing Dragonica.
Even had my Bible Knowledge exam,
Which was kinda ... bad.
It's just too similar to the format of History.

But I'll try to put more effort in it,
Same goes to History.

I'll try.

Can't remember what else I did. =x

* * *

School reopened.

Now they had this ... new ... built ... divider ... thing ... at the place where I cross over to school.
So darn high.
Hate it.

Results, results.

Let's start from the lowest I've got so far.

#1 Bahasa Malaysia

Scored 67% for that.
My essay was kinda out of topic,
So yeah I guess a B3 is quite good already.
(I keep telling myself that so I wouldn't feel bad about it ...)

#2 Biology

Scored 73%, A2?
I'm actually quite ... okay with this.
Since Biology was quite hard for me,
and there was only 2 others higher than mine
Will work harder!

#2 Chemistry

Same as my Biology, A2.
I didn't really like the answers because it was somewhat redundant and weird.
Since when a 1 mark question could be split into half-half marks?
Can't the teacher just give 1 mark D:
Oh well,
No complaining,
Should have studied more anyway.
Paper 1 kinda saved me.

#3 English

Okay I guess, A1.
My thousand-word essay proved to be useless anyway,
Next time I should just spend more time thinking and writing better essays,
Quality over quantity yeah?

#4 Additional Mathematics

Scored 97%, A1.
Had one of those calculation errors in Paper 1,
Felt better than having those stupid mistakes in Paper 2.
Actually teacher only gave back Paper 1,
But I already saw my Paper 2 quite some time ago.

#5 Mathematics

Scored 98%, A1.
Stupid mistakes.
Oh well.
Not that I'm complaining,
I'm just saying.

That's all for now,
More results coming up x_x

Did I mention we had to mark our own History Paper 1 and some other class' paper too?

June 7, 2009

The real movie marathon!

... yesterday
So much for thinking watching 2 movies was a movie marathon!

Along with Tiong Hsien, Blake, Kian Siong, Yi Shen and Kar Mern,
We went to Mid Valley for an actual movie marathon!

Thanks to Tiong Hsien's dad for the transport :D
Went around 10am.

Turned out well I guess,
Planning was the most terrible part though.

Watched 4 movies!
Total of RM51 just for tickets ...

1st movie : 17 Again!
It was ... unexpectedly good o.o
Comparing this Zac Efron to the Zac Efron in High School Musical,

It was funny and I enjoyed it!
Worth watching definitely.

Bought Snickers before the movie.
Was telling myself not to buy popcorn or else I'll hate it after the 1st movie.

Ate some weird sandwich at Yoyo Snack.

Next movie : Monsters vs. Alien 3D!

I kinda thought that this was the worst among these 4 movies,
But I'm not saying it's bad or anything.

Took some time for them to realise there was an error,
And I thought 3D was that bad ...
I was already convinced that this would be my last 3D movie if it was that bad.

Thank goodness some person actually went to tell the people in charge.
How exactly would be know how 3D would actually be like?
The last time I saw Journey to the Centre of the Earth,
Didn't like it at all.
Then again,
It might be because 3D works for cartoons only.

This movie is probably more suitable for kids?
I don't know.

Ate a double cheese burger at McDonald's.
Note to self : always eat burgers with beef and beef only,
Chicken burgers just isn't my thing.

3rd movie : Night at the Museum : Battle of the Smithsonian
.. a.k.a. Night at the Museum 2

I liked it.
I guess.

It was ... nice.
Didn't really affect anything considering I didn't watch part 1.
Erm ...

Worth watching, lah :D
Go watch!

Ate dinner at Yoshinoya.
Not nice D:
It's fast food anyway.

Blake went back,
And we continued with the last movie : Terminator : Salvation!
Was nice!
I love the fact that little conversations in the movie kinda makes everything link together.
A movie that requires you to ... concentrate I guess.

It was nice!
Action-packed and all,
Worth watching :D

Thanks Tiong Hsien's dad once again for sending us back.
Reached home around 11pm.

Tiring D:

June 2, 2009

Just my 2 cents.


The government has decided to limit the subjects for SPM to 10 subjects only.
They took years discussing about the language used to teach Maths and Science,
Yet this decision was made in what?
Less than a week?

... this would put an end to the controversy surrounding Public Services Department (PSD) scholarships and the number of As that students obtained in the SPM examination.

How, exactly?
Instead of finding the cause of the so called 'controversial' scholarship thing,
They decide to alter the whole SPM so that problems will not arise?

How is that logical anyway.

So instead of giving students more room to improve,
To express themselves,
To show their potential,
We limit them so they wouldn't be of a threat to other weaker students?

Since the problem now is,
Scholarships are given to students who score lesser As,
And top scorers are being ignored,
So ... how does this help again?

He said the decision was not drastic as the percentage of those affected was relatively small.

This is wrong in ... so many levels.
So one thing is considered 'not drastic' when the affected people are only of a small percentage.
So if a small amount of people are illiterate,
We could just implement something that makes their lives worse since those affected are only of a small percentage.
And with races that have less population ...

Since it's not drastic,
Why bother making such decisions anyway.
It's not drastic when we look at the overall picture of SPM takers,
But it does affects a lot of scholarship appliers.
Why didn't they think of that?

We feel that this move will also help teachers focus better and specialise in core subjects.

They feel,
That's why it's not true.
Makes no sense anyway, no offense.
Since it's not drastic,
Affecting only a small portion of SPM takers,
How would that make teachers focus better in core subjects?

Teachers who teach Malay Language, will teach Malay Language;
Teachers who teach English, will teach English;
Teachers who teach Science, will teach Science;
Teachers who teach Maths, will teach Maths;
Teachers who teach History, will teach History;
Teachers who teach Moral/Islam, will teach Moral/Islam.

So ... how does it help teachers to focus?

Apart from that, it will also be less burdensome to parents who will not have to fork out large sums in tuition fees.

Parents fork out large sums of tuition fees doesn't necessarily mean they pay for extra subjects,
The main part of the tuition fees are for those subjects already taught in school,
And paying for that 1 or 2 extra subject wouldn't be THAT big of a burden anyway.

Exactly how many students pay for 3-4 extra classes?
An even smaller percentage of the small percentage that is already disregarded.
So why acknowledge this tiny group then?

They should ask why students prefer tuition teachers over school teachers,
Why they need tuition even though they spend half their time in school.

Once determined, this new grading system will help us clearly determine and define those eligible for PSD scholarships.

How hard is it to determine students that are eligible for PSD scholarships?
It's just grades,
A+, A- and As wouldn't be any different to A1s and A2s,

I'm probably too shallow to comprehend what they are trying to do.


Since they now announce that we could drop 2 core subjects,
Let's see how.

Definitely impossible.
It's our country's official language.

Make students drop that and see how wise that decision could be.
Immediately those intellectual and highly educated would stand out and protest.
It's our international language.

Not too sure about this,
Since Science stream students already have 3 separate Science subjects,
And we do not take up the core Science subject ...
I have no comment about this.

I could foresee MANY people dropping maths if it was allowed to.

Since teachers and politicians always say that the reason for studying history,
Is to let us know more about Malaysia,
Being more patriotic and stuff like that,
I don't see how does that apply for my current History syllabus.
Learning about civilisation and religion ...
Not to say I dislike learning about that particular religion,
But since when religion is a part of factual history?
History just ... isn't history ...
I'd say make it optional!

Moral ... I don't mind studying that,
But it still seems useless to me.
How can memorising definitions for moral values be of any use in our future?
It's so ... impractical and redundant,
I wonder who came up with such a subject.
Islam ... it's the religion of ALL Malay students,
I guess it's important to be compulsory.

Did they forgot Civic?
They teach it in school yet not available in SPM,
That's even more ... impractical.
A waste of time.

Oh well,
I hope politicians make wiser decisions,
For the sake of our country's future,
Please D: