July 31, 2010

Random update ...

So about that review about Inception ...
... maybe some other time ...

Getting emo in 4, 3, 2 ...


Yeah, it's this uncertainty and lack of direction that has been bugging me these days.
He has his music thing, he has his basketball thing, he has his piano/guitar/music thing, then she has her translating thing, then she has her photography thing, then she has her blogging thing, then she has her thing with pets, then she has this thing for writing, then she has her secret life thing, then he has his photography thing too, then he has this ...

Seems like everyone has a thing, except for me. Boo hoo :(

When will I finally find something that I'm actually ... good at ... interested, at least.

Maybe there's just nothing o_o

Maybe I'm not looking hard enough >.>

Maybe ...

Meh. Who cares. Right ... ?

If only I was exceptionally brilliant or something.
But that ain't the case too.
This urge to want to stand out in the crowd ... it's there.
And no body-size related jokes please.
Doesn't mean when I don't get offended by those,
You could go overboard with it.

And the media and worldly-views of a lot of stuff is getting to me ...
And that day there was this morbid curiosity that struck me ...
Hmmmm ....

July 26, 2010


The twitter bird holding the 'Follow Me' sign is officially functional!

Since I sort of lost interest in blogging,
I shall end now.

p.s. INCEPTION WAS MIND-BLOWING AWESOME. Will write the review of it ... hopefully ... someday ...
p.p.s. Sorcerer's Apprentice was meh, but on the plus side, they played OneRepublic's Secrets 3 times!!
p.p.p.s. Toy Fair was lame -.-
p.p.p.p.s. I bought a yoyo! But ... >.>


July 17, 2010

Stuff *points at blog URL*

Don't really care about blogging anymore ... but anyway ...

Went to KDU ... can't remember when,
For Maths and Science quiz thing,
Managed to get a medal for being in the top 50,
Quite happy about it I guess.

What else happened?

Got 4th place in class,
Can't expect to get higher since I didn't put in the effort the others had ...
But that doesn't mean I'm satisfied with my results, lol.

And I'm finally done with my Additional Mathematics Folio.
Mine was sent to PPD, lol,
Teacher specially thanked us (KM, CY and me),
Because the higher authority (lol) wanted to check a group that did Question 1 (there were 4 questions),
Only 2 groups did Question 1 while everyone else did Question 4.
And apparently mine had a tinge more of originality compared to KM and CY's,
So mine was picked.
So yeah :D
Not that mine was exceptionally good,
Just a lil bit ... original?
Yeah ... uplifted my mood a little.

Gah, that's all I remember.

And it's official, I'm one of the chosen ones.
Talk about the 27% probability.
More like bad luck.
Screw this -.-