April 25, 2009

Hari Anugerah

First off,
I would like to thank my father for taking pictures.

Turned out everything was not bad :D
Didn't regret missing my Biology class.

Our new headmistress giving out a speech.

Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang 2009.

Random picture of random crowd.
*if you try real hard, you probably can spot me =x*

Traditional dance?

Some singing thing. Didn't really pay attention =x
*spot anything weird?*

Choir. Can't really hear them from the back, but I knew they sang Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas.

Nashyid performance. Hope I spelled that right.

After waiting for 2 hours,
My Biology class was probably done by then,
Finally it was our turn!

Au Hau Nung!

Arif Danial!

Eirban Ali! *Choco bun!*

Kar Mern!

Chai Yin!


Tiong Hsien!

She-Reen! *Shreeny girl!*

Sorry if I left out a few,
These were the pictures my father took.

It was fun,
I guess.

Got RM80!
Quite good :D
A little beyond expectation :D

And finally something that will last for a long, long time

:D :D :D

Walked around,
Went to visit those exhibitions,
Library, co-operation, Science lab, Maths, counseling room, etc etc.
Only saw library and science ones.

I'd say they really put effort into doing those exhibitions,
Really not bad at all :D
For once!

Even our headmistress wrote Chinese calligraphy,
And it was not bad at all!

They had a living dissected frog in the science lab,
Especially when the teacher was flipping its innards.
Yes, flipping.
I pity the frog.
The teacher even poked its heart.

On the bright side,
I could see my hard work there too xD

Tired tired tired.
Homework homework homework D:

April 24, 2009


There's this feeling,
You know,
When you finish something,
You feel like,
A burden has been dropped,
And this heavy feel in your chest is released.


But have you felt,
That thing bothering you in the chest,
Being half-released,
Leaving another half?

That's exactly what I'm feeling right now.

Chinese folio done.
Tuition exams over.
Bible knowledge quiz over.

Speaking about bible knowledge quiz,
There was this very funny incident that happened.

Kentze had that phone that looked like a sanitary pad,
And Rachel felt disgusted because she used it,
And she was like,
Everyone burst into laughter,
Double meaning xD

Thanks to Sherwin for letting us trash his house anyway.

Hopefully I don't get embarrassing marks for the quiz =/

I have to :
Finish add maths,
Magazine front cover,


April 19, 2009

*inserts foul word here*

Guess what?
I woke up not because I felt like waking up,
I woke up because it was so damn hot and stuffy.

How can my room be so damn hot and stuffy?

My mom HAD to turn off the air-conditioner in my room.

And no,
That isn't the worst part yet.

She didn't even bother to switch on the fan.

She probably felt it was too comfortable for me to sleep that long,
So she thought making me suffer would make me feel better or something.

I woke up feeling hot and uneasy.

Why can't people just leave me alone,
To have my beauty sleep,
While during the weekdays,
I don't even get enough of it.

Even the windows were closely shut.

Maybe I should go turn off my dad's air-conditioner,
And when he wakes up full of rage,
I'll explain to him why.

UPDATE : This isn't the first time.

April 17, 2009


*flails hands in the air and runs around*

*breathes in*

*breathes out*

Today is one of the most eventful school day in this year.

Started off with PJ (Pendidikan Jasmani - Physical Education)
Got to throw softballs and fake javelins.

I was sick,
But I just played anyway.

Quite fun.
Catching softballs was painful.

Had Chinese after that,
Went in class late because ...
Wait, I can't remember why ._.
Busy with something, lah.
Then Kentze called me out,
Wanted me to join some quiz thing,
In the end kicked me aside because he had enough contestants.

Typical thing that Kentze would do.

Went back to class, tired.

Fire drill.

RunsWalks to the field.

Burns under scorching sun.

Those people (by 'people', you should know who I'm referring too) are evil I tell you,

Spent Godwho-knows-how-long standing there,
Covering my neck with a straightened collar,
My face with a handkerchief,
While many others squatted in a shade that I created.

Those people,
They probably wished that someone would faint,
Deep down inside,
Inside that empty hollow dark area,
A sorry excuse for a heart.

PJ was full of sweat,
Running around for that Quiz thing was sweaty too,
And standing back out in the vast desolated field was even worse.

After finding their conscience,
They decided to let us go back to our respective classes.

Was maths time,
Nothing much,
Except that teacher was in a bad mood.

Received a letter for the Hari Anugerah (Awards Day? lol) thing during recess.

Biology after recess,
Spent quite some time in class doing nothing before going to the lab,
Had to help Tiong Hsien to go up to the 2nd floor,
Poor guy =/

I pity him,
He's like constantly bombarded with pointing fingers every now and then.
Get well soon man!

It was experiment day.

It was sorta fun,
But I cracked a test tube =/
Luckily teacher didn't made me pay or anything.

Waited for 2 boys to finish up their PEKA,
Rushed to the teacher's office to pass up a whole stack of PEKA,
Rushed back to Chinese class.

Guess what,
They decide to change the format for SPM,
And both Form 4 and Form 5 were in the same class.


Here's the list of crisis-es I have to put up with,

#1 Broken test tube - happened already. Crisis resolved.

#2 Biology presentation - PowerPoint, comparison of Meiosis I and Meiosis II, due Monday.

#3 Moral PowerPoint presentation - Don't even know what do I have to do, due Monday.

#4 Chinese scrap book - Argh. Due Thursday.

#5 & #6 Tuition examination for Physics and Chemistry on Thursday.

#7 Sidang Redaksi (school magazine club thing) cover, due end of this month.

#8 Bible Knowledge Competition - date? I don't even know ...

So dead. Dead dead dead.

April 14, 2009

Hard work?

Note book on the left,
Pen holder on the right,
Bag to put all those stuff on the table,
A 2B pencil,
A piece of paper saying that I got 2nd place for the Maths / Add Maths Teaching Aid on ICT competition. (poorly translated, lol)

Kinda ... happy I guess.

But ... not very happy.
Just ... satisfied.

I don't know why =.=

Welcome Tiong Hsien back to school :D

Our whole class shifted ground floor,
Has its own pros and cons,
But I'm okay with it :)

Nothing much.
Tomorrow school trip!
Heh :)

April 13, 2009

I hate this part right here ...


I hate this feeling -.-

When will it go away ._.

How I wish life would be like something from a novel,
A predictable one,
Knowing how would everything end,
Knowing how things would just get better.

How I wish life would be simpler,
Even though I admit mine isn't complicated as compared to others,
Just complicated for me.
I just don't like it.

This is not a suicide note.

I hate it when things change,
Why is it so hard for me to adapt.

Why do I have to bother so much.

How I wish things were just ... better.


I feel .. so uneasy ...
So .. longing for something ...
Something that .. I'm not even sure of ...

To think that idiots actually read my blog,
Makes it seem stupid to be writing stuff like this.

If it weren't that hard to adapt,
I might have changed to a new environment,
Starting all over again.

And decisions somehow is always related with money,
And I really hate it when I make the wrong decision,
But how would I know what lies behind each decision?
Where's the guidebook to making all sorts of decisions?

Wait till SPM's over,
And I'll have to make bigger decisions,
Decisions that will directly affect my whole life.

I sorta,
Can't wait,
To leave school,
To enter another new environment,
But I know it would be hard.

Everything's hard.

April 11, 2009

Keywords =/

The epic-est keyword :

how should i act if my child comes in on me takeing a shower

For your information,
Nuffnang has this thing called keywords,
Where you get to see what people searched to reach your blog.

(hoorah for cheap editing :D)

This is just awkward.

April 8, 2009

Yeah :D

Finally dropped a few burdens,
Mainly the Malay Literature presentation and my Add. Maths presentation.

I feel so much better now,
I could shout,
I think.

But then again ...
I'm not totally free yet.

Stuffs always find a way to cling on to me,
Like everyone else.

I'm feeling on the verge of getting sick everyday,
But I'm still not sick.
When am I going to get sick ...
Why do I want to fall sick ...

Totally jumbled up my tuition schedules,
Being contented and everything,
I'm glad that I made that big decision.
I think.

Monday Malay,
Tuesday nothing,
Wednesday Biology,
Thursday Physics and Chemistry,
Friday English Literature.

Not exactly the perfect timetable,
But what to do,

Things are NEVER the way you want them to be.

Did I mention I wasted around 5 CDs for the Add. Maths presentation thing?

Oh well,
I can't remember what to post.

Oh ya,
My forgetfulness ...
Help :(

And I'm missing like loads of church activities,
Went back to mom's hometown last week,
Missed youth last last week,
Can't remember what happened last last last week.



UPDATE : I actually wrote 'Biography' for Biology. What the heck is wrong with me ... Biology + geography?

April 7, 2009

Chinese tag..

Traditional Chinese Characters hurt my eyes =.=

Rules : 幸福點點名遊戲規則回答下列問題,並貼到自己的網誌or報台寫完後,自己多加一個問題然後傳給十個人,可以點被點過的人,被你點到的人你要去跟他說,我點到你了。寫完後去跟點到你的人說「我寫完了」不可以不寫喔,不然幸福就會跑掉喔

1.我的大名 : 杨添贤
2 我的生日 : 1月12日
3.誰傳給你的 : 李信民
4.說出五個好朋友 : 五個好朋友 xD
5.生日想要得到什麼禮物 : 嗯。。。魔方?
6.近期開心的是 : 不晓得。。。
7.近期壓力大的是 :多得数不清
8.未來想做什麼啊 : 有钱的人?
9.有沒有喜歡的人 : 无
10.同學會要回去找老師嗎 : 可能。。。
11.跟誰出去最幸福 : 家人。
12.如果你的兩個好友吵架了 : 走开。。。
13.跟情人出去最想去哪 : 嗯。。。
14.聖誕節要做啥 :庆祝!
15.最想跟誰過聖誕節 : 家人?
16.有沒有起床气 : 起床没力气。
17.有幾個兄弟姐妹 : 无
18.最喜歡的一首歌(女生的) : 最?没有吧。。
19.最喜歡的一首歌(男生的) : 英文歌手 :x
20.喜歡什麼顏色 : 黑蓝红青百。。。等
21.上廁所會不會先沖水 : 会。
22.愛不愛我 : 谁 o.o
23.喜歡男生還是女生 : 两个都喜欢!难道喜欢就一定是那种‘喜欢’吗。。。
24.最想大聲說什麼 : 脏话!!
25.半夜敢不敢自己上廁所 : 敢。。。
26.上廁所會不會脫褲褲 : 。。。白痴
27.誰很欠打 : 某某。
28.現在很迷什麼 : 没什么。
29.睡相很差 : 不知道。。。谁了怎么知道自己的睡相。的确很差。。。
30.現在的時間 : 0427时
31.是否痛恨傳給你點卷的人 : 嗯。。。开始有点。。。哈哈哈!
32.體重多少 : 让你猜
33.今天天氣 : 晴?
34.你懷孕了吗∶ 不可能
35.你若中樂透最想做什么 : 花钱
36.大學生一定要玩的活動 : 不知道。。

1 信民
2 添贤
3 杏杰
4 嘉敏
5 卉雯
6 美燕
7 嘉慧
8 俊明

02-【8號的興趣是】: 音乐?
07-【6號喜歡的顏色是】 :不知道。。
15-【你愛5號嗎】:朋友嘛~ 反正他已是别人的。。。

1.是誰傳給你這份問卷的 : 李信民
2.你們認識多久呢 : 不久吧
3.你覺得他(她)對你來說很重要嗎 : 嗯。。
4.你與他(她)的關係是 : 朋友
5.請問他(她)的興趣是 : 不知道。。。
6.你覺得他(她)的個性如何 : 嗯。。。
7.他(她)在你心目中是幾分 : 为何要打分数。。。

*睡覺前第一件事 : 刷牙洗脸
*起床前第一件事 : 关闹钟
*你的偶像是 : 英文的。。。
*你喜歡的季節 : 不知道。。
*你打工過嗎 : 没有。
*打工次數 : 0
*你想去的國家 : 西方国家
*你討厭什麼樣的個性 : 自以为是。
*你常哭嗎 : 曾经。。
*你常笑嗎 : 常
*去玩時喜歡一個人去嗎 : 一个人玩什么?
*是假日時你都睡到幾點 : 10~11?
*今天的天氣是(晴 雨 陰): 晴
*朋友和情人你會選擇 : 两个
*機會和命運你會選擇 : 两个
*你很自戀嗎 : 不会。。
*這問卷多不多 : 多到屁酱
*要怎樣才能讓自己過的好一點 : 赚多点钱。。。
*喜欢吃什么 : 食物
*喜歡吃冰嗎 : 还好
*現在幸福嗎 : 是吧
*最在乎哪幾個朋友 : 那几个朋友
*房間裡最重要的東西是什麼 : 床
*最常夢到什麼 :不知道。
*男人精神出軌要不要原諒他 : 不可能原谅吧
*你认为人生的意义是什么 : 快乐?
*你知道吗?(看你们怎么回答!): 知道
*什么时候最讨厌我 : 你?
*你喜欢吃什么蛋糕? : 好吃的蛋糕
*请问这个游戏可以停止了吗? : 可以。
*喜欢沙丁鱼吗? : 简直讨厌
*谁是你的知己? : 我的知己
*IQ/EQ哪一个比较高? : EQ
*電腦还是手機? : 一样重要
*比较喜欢睡觉还是玩? : 睡。。。最近都不够
*Friendster 还是 Facebook ? : Facebook

April 6, 2009

Earned RM100 because I don't subscribe to Astro's Sports Package

There was this group discussion thing conducted by IdeaLog,
Some surveying company?

Been calling me so many times for the past 2 or 3 days,
Sent me questionnaires,
A DVD to watch.

Went there immediately after school,
Was the last one to reach,
Can't blame me because my school finishes at 2.30pm,
And other guys were like older than me,
Mostly already left school.

Thanks Dad for sending me there.

Didn't join the group discussion,
Dude said they needed only 8 or 9,
And they called 12 just in case.

Blah blah blah...

So me and another Malay dude took the RM100 and went out.

Dad and I went Tropicana Mall.
I grabbed a cup of Blended Mocha from Starbucks :D

Saw Borders,
Went to see my uncle,
Went home.