December 31, 2007

Last Entry of Year '07

This year,
It isn't one of the best years,
But it is definitely different then others.

School life,
Not nice at all.
Teachers and not good,
Students aren't much good,
And the whole SMK Seksyen 1 environment is no good.

Friends in school,
New friends of course,
Get closer,
Relationship grows,
Know each other more,
Which means see the bad side of a friend more.
Goods and bads,
They accompany me throughout the whole year.
*Grandmother nagging beside me*

Same old same old,
My mother gets on my nerves sometimes,
My grandmother?
That is another story -.-
My father is good,
But some things he do make me sad and disappointed.

My church life,
Very good,
Not just only the people there,
But the whole experience,
I'm really liking the environment there,
And every thing I learn there,
Get to know God more.
And all those stuff,
One of the great things that happen this year.

Maple Story?
Losing interest in it.
Kinda boring,
Don't have much friends that I can chat with anymore.
Some people in Maple makes me wanna pull my hair off,
Especially the girls I met in Maple,

Losing it,
Need to buck up next year!

I don't really know what to write now,
But I'll try to add on later.
Going to bathe now and going to church later,
For some special service =)
You all should come to the church I attend 1 day,
It really helps =)

December 28, 2007

Youth Retreat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunway Lagoon,
Almost took every ride,
Got wet,
Loved it.

Adults ate A LOT o.o

I can't really explain what happened in words,
The whole thing was ...
You'll have to be there to know.
A lot of things happen,

Not bad too,
Had 3 hours of sleep only,

December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas =)

Today's candle light service was,

We, youths totally RAWK!
The whole sketch was NICE!
Even though I didn't get to see it.
After that,
We all sang,
And had a GREAT TIME!
We did the bongo thing,
Had FUN!
Most importantly,
We did this all for GOD~!
Well, it is Christmas today,
Which is the birth of Jesus Christ,
You all should have came for the party!

So I had carolings from 20th till 23rd,
A candle light service on the 24th,
A Christmas lunch on 25th,
A committee meeting on the 26th,
A youth retreat on 27th,
Going to Sunway Lagoon by the way,
Followed by a steamboat at night,
And a sleepover at the church till 28th.

Wooo~ I'm loving this Christmas season =)
Too bad school is coming.
Oh ya,
I got a webcam as a Christmas present,
I wanted a headphone more,
But thanks anyway =)
*I really don't know when am I gonna use the webcam*

December 22, 2007

Carolings =)

Started yesterday,
Went to Wesley Home yesterday,
And sang songs,
Mixed around,
Typical stuff.

We went to Assunta Hospital,
Impresif Care Home,
And 2 more houses of church members.
Tiring but worth it.
Seeing smiles on other people's face =)

When I was in the bus,
I had a thought,
And wanted to know what are your views.
What you all do to find calm and peace.
For me,
I use my earphones,
And put the songs to the max volume.
Don't think I'm crazy,
It is because that when I'm in total silence,
I will start to ponder upon what I did,
And sometimes stupid stuff that I did that I would never want to remember it ever again.
When there is some distraction,
I feel more calm.
Unless I've reached the stage that the things would overcome the volume.
I've got no idea why am I posting this,
Just for fun I guess.
Good night =)

December 19, 2007

Tagged, again. By Kentz

1.Name one person who made you laugh last night.
- Last night, not sure.

2.What were you doing at 0800?
- Snoring I guess.

3.What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
- Play Maple Story

4. What happened to you in 2006?
- Er, 2006, Form 1? Terrible year, forget about it.

5. What was the last thing you said out loud?
- No idea ._.

6. How many beverages did you have today?
- Water and Soya Bean

7. What color is your hairbrush?
- Don't have one.

8. What was the last thing you paid for?
- Paid for, some drink before youth ministry and after morning session.

9.Where were you last night?
- Tuition =) Success Score

10. What color is your front door?
- Greenish blue? Some say it is blue but I think it is green.

11. Where do you keep your change?
- I chuck them around my computer.

12. What's the weather like today?
- Going to rain but then again, not raining type.

13. What's the best ice-cream flavor?
- I forgotten those exotic flavours, but for basics, I like blueberry and chocolate I guess.

14. What excites you?
- Doing something for the 1st time I guess.

15. Do you want to cut your hair?
- Yes... ....

16. Are you over the age of 25?
- Nope.

17. Do you talk a lot?
- Depends.

18. Do you watch the O.C.?
- I don't know what is O.C... mind telling me?

19. Do you know anyone named Steven?
- Nope.

20. Do you make up your own words?
- Not really.

21. Are you a jealous person?
- Not really.

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A'.
- Angeline =)

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'K'.
- Kentz, but that ain't his name, then I'll say Kar Mern.

24. Who's the first person on your received call list?
- Checking ... checking ... my father.

25. What does the last text message you received say?
- Kritz, do you use Maxis? (Yes, it is lame)

26. Do you chew on your straw?
- Yes =X How did you know?

27. Do you have curly hair?
- Not at all.

28. Where's the next place you're going to?
- If going out, I'll be going caroling tomorrow.

29. Who's the rudest person in your life?
- Can't say, for some reason.

30. What was the last thing you ate?
- Some prune thing, Chinese type.

31. Will you get married in the future?
- No one knows the future =)

32. What's the best movie you've seen in the past 2 weeks?
- Enchanted, it is the only movie I saw for the past 2 weeks I guess. Wait, is it past 2 weeks? I lost track of time.

33. Is there anyone you like right now?
- My parents, haha.

34. When was the last time you did the dishes?
- Can't remember.

35. Are you currently depressed?
- I have no mood now. o.o

36. Did you cry today?
- Nope.

37. Why did you answer and post this?
- Because I'm tagged.

38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey?
- Kar Mern, Cherrie, and 3 other people. =.=

December 16, 2007

Santa Clause is coming to town.

I ... I ... have to right to be silent.
Loads of church activities,
Anyone wanna come to my church to celebrate Christmas?
Tell me please =)

December 15, 2007



1. Do this tag and answer all the questions in your own blog

2. Delete question no.20 and add one of your own question instead.

3. Tag 8 victims to do this tag.

4. No lies & no twist and turn. Just type the name out.

5. If any outsiders feel offended, go look at the mirror and get a life.


1. What is your dream when you are still a small kid?

I wanted to be a doctor,
Not anymore =)

2. What is the happiest thing in your whole life?

Being able to be with my parents for 14 years =)
Going 15 =D

3.What do you wish to have right now?

To grow up,
Be rich,
Have a sweet ride,
Look cool,
You should get the point o.o
Oh wait,
You mean now?
Er, I want money that I can spend without anyone telling me what to spend on.
And good grades.

4. When is the last time your horse laughed?

I don't get it,
Does horse have another meaning here?

5. What did you realize recently?

I realise I'm quite life-less and boring,
Oh wait,
I knew that long ago.

6.Which bad habit in you that is the most unacceptable?

In me,
Last minute,
Enough said.

7. When you are unhappy, what will you do?

Play Maple Story to hide from reality?
Blast songs into my ears.

8. What are you afraid of losing?

My parents,
I remember I used to dream about my parents leaving me.
And my pillow was wet the next morning.
And of course this lovely shelter with my computer in it.

9. Within 5 years, which target is the most realistic one?

Getting 8As for PMR is realistic I guess.

10.When you meet someone that you like, will you profess or hide your feeling?

No comment.

11. List out 3 kind of people you hate the most.

People who don't know how irritating they are?
And sticky people.

12. Define loneliness.

When you fell left out,
And no one out there cares.

13. Are you satisfied with your life now?

Not really.

14. When is the most recent time you feel touched?

No idea. o.o

15. Where is the most beautiful place that you've visited?

Don't know,
To be frank,
I don't really enjoy sightseeing.

16. A song that is playing in your mind recently.

A lot.
Not particular ones.

17. If you have a wish to come true, what is it?

Life is the way I want it =)

18. Do you have anything to be worried or scared recently?

Letting life waste away.

19.If the world is going to end, what will you do?

Eat. =X

20.What are you doing before this, now, and after this?

Something that is meaningless.

I tag Cherrie (because she seems to be the only 1 who will do this, excluding Kar Mern because she tagged me -.-)
And others.
(I broke a rule, =O)

Woo~ my 100th post =D

Congrats to my little bloggie =D
100th posts.
Time flies by so fast.
And it is back to school,
Eeeee, not THAT FAST!!

Blake came over to my house today,
Helped me with iTunes and some songs,
Showing me the ropes and strings of iTunes,
Thanks man =D

Play Maple Story a lot these days,
Well, not only these days,
Really need to get a life.
Nothing much to blog about,
Christmas is near,
I'm going caroling =D
=D =D

December 12, 2007

.... (speechless)

Welcome to the forums I surf daily

December 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy~

Went out for dinner today,
Kinda average.

After church,
Went to IOI Mall.
Saw Photoshop and C++ for dummies,
I've heard of C++,
But have the least idea of what it is.

Thanks to Cherrie,
Got a website about HTML,
But then,
Should I learn Photoshop 1st?
I know the basics but still it isn't enough,

December 8, 2007

Hate this feeling.

It seems like life is flowing away,
And I'm not doing anything to catch it back.
And I have this,
Unexplainable feeling inside me right now,
I really wish I know what is it,
And how to cure it.
This sucks big time.
I wish I have something to do so I won't think of it.
After my virus scan is done,
I will play Maple Story,
Hoping I would forget about it.
But then again,
It means I'm not facing it.

Found this picture,
Don't know why I feel like posting it.

Oh ya,
Don't forget to read the post below,
=X ._. ?

A Trip to The Curve ~

The SPCA thing didn't happen,
So I had to go for the second option,

My mom sent my grandmother to her friend's house while we went to The Curve,
And my mother's friend went too,
She is the only friend of my mom that I can get along with,
I mean,
The others have a little attitude problem.
For example, Crystal,
She talks like,
Scolding some one.
Her voice gets louder and louder as if she is going to chop me up.
And I still remember the way she accuse me for something I didn't do.
Anyway, enough of my mother's friends,
Let's talk about FOOD xD

(By the way, my mom talks with Justine on the phone for hours,
Kinda like the closest friend to my mom.)

Me, my mother and I went for breakfast,
Later on sent grandmother to her friend's house,
Picked up Justine.

Went to Petronas,
Justine bought me ice-cream.

Later on,
Went to the curve,
Bought Big Apple donuts.
(For your information, Big Apple means New York,
At least I think so o.o)
At 1st I thought,
Er, donuts?
And they bought 12 of them,

After taking a bite,
I was like,
I mean, for example Dunkin' Donuts,
Those are thick and 'solid' makes some one sick of it.
But this,
It may seem filling,
But it isn't.
The skin of the donut was...
How to say,
But not that...
It's just not soft like other donuts.
And the middle is like,
Which makes it special.
The toppings are nice too,
After eating this,
I won't go for Dunkin' Donuts anymore.

So we walked around the curve,
Justine bought drinks,

Went to Borders,
The big bookstore.
Wanted to buy 'HTML 4 for dummies",
But I can't understand anything in it,
I wanted to do something this holiday,
Guess I have a lack of ...
What is that word....
Gah, forget about it.

Then walked,
And went to Sakae Sushi for lunch.
Er, I still prefer Sushi King,
The seaweed wasn't 'crunchy',
But it was not bad,
All the food that Justine introduced are NICE!!

*Burp* Whoops, sorry =X

December 4, 2007

What the...

My grandmother . . . . . . . . .
She is SOOOO...

She literally tried to steal my food!
... Maybe not but,
Here was how it happened.

My mother brought back breakfast,
She bought carrot cakes for me (Chinese type)
And she bought tau fu fa for my grandmother.
There were also other food.
My grandmother gave me the tau fu fa and she took away my carrot cakes!
She opened it and started digging it.
Then I shouted at her (shout to get her attention, not vulgar -.-)
And asked her to eat her tau fu fa,
Then suddenly she took some other thing,

I wanna chase her anyway sooooo much -.-
But not that cruel yet,
She gets on my nerves,
Can't she see that this is her only place to stay?
She went back to her hometown and called my mother while crying saying that she wants to come back.
Instead she chose to be the same old wrong person.
Most of you don't know how I feel,
I mean, my friends thought she was the kind loving type,
Well some times she is,
But normally she is a PAIN IN THE ARSE.
RAWR.. I can keep going on with this topic!

December 1, 2007

My Grandmother is back!

Okay... I'm not happy here.
I mean,
When she wasn't here,
I had TOTAL freedom and nag-less days.
It was like, heaven.

I didn't have enough of those days,
It lasted less than a week.
It's not that I dislike my grandmother or what,
I just wanna have some time without her.

She hates going back to her hometown by herself,
I mean,
My uncle is there,
With his kind wife and 4 children,
And 2 of the children are married with 2 kids each.

My grandmother,

November 29, 2007

Ups and Downs.

-Up part-

Went to IOI Mall with Kentz today.
I was a backup plan ._.

We went there and met up with another 2 girls,
Natasha and Nicole,
Kentz's friends.
So we went to watch Enchanted,
*Sorry Blake >.<*
Later on,
We went for lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.
Actually only 3 of us went there,
Nicole went to Star Bucks.

So we went bowling,
I didn't expect this,
Apparently Kentz didn't gave me much details.
I sucked at bowling ._.
So Kentz's mom came and send me home,
Thanks aunt =)

-Down part-
Actually, it wasn't very bad,
Freaked me out!!

Went for tuition at Success Score,
That time was a raining,
Quite heavily.

While walking up the stairs,
I heard some stomping up there.
I looked up,
Not those friendly, cute, cuddly type,
It was wet, stray, drooling type!
I was only half way up the stairs,
And the dog was COMING DOWN THE STAIRS!!
I ran down the stairs,
Being careful not to trip and roll down.

The dog ran straight across the road,
Lucky it didn't follow me!
I went back up,
The whole place was covered in faeces and urine.


November 28, 2007

Red Box =)

Wee Sen invited a bunch of his friends,
Including me,
To celebrate his birthday.
His birthday is on the first of December,
Which is the opposite of mine.
Mine - 12/1, his 1/12.
See the connection?

There was around 10 people I guess,
We sang,
I meant, they sang,
I didn't really sing....

Fooled around,
Had a great time.
Ate birthday cake,
After that,
Some of us went into Sunway Pyramid to buy some food,
I bought Sister's Crispy Popiah,
While the others bought McDonalds.

Went home,
Type this entry,
And did what ever I need to do.

November 26, 2007

Back from Hong Kong trip~~

Hey all~
Lazy to post the details of my trip,
Don't really like posting something that passed quite some time ago.

This Hong Kong trip,
Spent 2 days in Shen Zhen instead.
Whole time,
Walking, waiting, walking, waiting.
Leg muscle pain.

Bought a wallet and sling bag for myself,
Ate expensive food at Hong Kong.
Well, the stuff there are expensive,
Even the small souvenirs.

Got over 200 pictures I guess,
Not gonna post it,
Very boring now,
The weather there was quite nice,
Nothing special about the food though.

Was okay I guess =)

November 21, 2007

Hong Kong =D

Going to Hong Kong tomorrow =D
5 days =D
Don't try to contact me =D

Didn't post anything for these few days,
I'll try to summarise everything.

2 days ago,
Went to Mines Wonderland for the book exhibition.
It was ... not to say boring,
But just not suitable for me,
Because all the books there are in Chinese,
And I don't like reading Chinese books.

The people there were kinda friendly,
A lot of them are from China.
I guess Chinese people are friendly =)

So, me and my father bought some stuff,
Subscribed Reader's Digest and National Geographic,
Hope I will read it =X

Science teacher suddenly mentioned about the Education Ministry discussing,
About whether should they change the Science and Mathematics back to Malay.
I seriously don't understand what are these "grown-ups" trying to do.
Changing the language was an improvement,
And now they want to change it back just because "we" can't adapt to it.
I think it is more of the teachers problem,
They are the ones who can't adapt to it,
And not the students.

I mean,
When you can't live in an environment,
We are suppose to adapt ourselves to it,
And not changing the environment instead.
This way,
We will never improve.
They are big,
We are small.
Can't do much.

Did I mentioned that my grandmother went back to her hometown?
Because me and my mom are going to Hong Kong,
Leaving my father alone at home,
So they decided to send her back.
Well, I'm not suppose to feel happy,
It is wrong.
It is just a period of freedom.
Ahhh~ *relief*

Bye readers,

November 18, 2007

Feeling Moody...

Yea, don't know why,
Call me an emo,

Just felt like blogging,
Life kinda gets boring.
Church today,
Well, morning service was boring,
Youth was okay but a little extinguished,

Maple Story,
Laggy, and sad.
Trading? Sucked in it.
Yea yea, got around 40m,
But somehow all went missing.
Must write down everything next time.

Shop closed down ._.
Don't know why I can't seem to find things around me interesting anymore.
Am I drifting away?
Drifting away in to the endless seas?
Alone, cold, and lost.
That best explains my feelings now.

Sipping some tea,
Letting life drift away.
I promised myself to do something meaningful...
I meant something that is good.
Well, nothing is happening till now.
I have a feeling that I will waste this year end holidays like the other 13 years.

If only... *sigh*, never mind.

November 17, 2007

Tagged by Kar Mern

1. Vaio Laptop~
2. Up to date computer components!
3. -
4. -
5. -
(Anything you think I would like =3)


1. Smart girl o.o (top in form 2!!)
2. outgoing?
3. hates to be bored.
4. likes scary movies -.-
5. kinda rich (family rich, not herself xD)

- ...? er... i seriously don't know.

- ...? er... don't know

- won't happen...

- er, because she killed my parents. -.-

(since Kar Mern used most of them -.-)

1. Blake
2. Cherrie
3. Darkgoju
4. Josh
5. Joshua
6. Kentz
7. Mel
8. Ryan
9. Yvonne
10. Zhen Bi

- don't know...

- don't think she has any

- unimaginable.

- gay? o.o

- no idea, he is in Singapore

- now. seriously

- not yet.

- no idea

- ewwww...

10. HOW ABOUT NO. 5?
- *barfs*

- i guess so... her nails, and something.. long story.

- forum | school

- somewhere near my house

- forum

- he may think so, but not me =X

Primary Gathering~

Okay, before I start that,
I'll share with my beloved readers about the problem that I had with my computer.
Yesterday night,
I finally got back my computer!
Couldn't start Maple Story and my mother's friend (the guy who repaired my computer),
Told me to uninstall Maple Story and reinstall it.
I didn't have the latest game client so I had to download it all again.
Got rid of Flash Get and started using BitComet,
It was slow, but way faster than Flash Get.

The estimated time was 8 hours,
So I had to leave my computer on for the whole night.

Today, woke up,
And started to do the uninstalling and reinstalling.
Guess what,
As I had predicted,
I still couldn't play it.
I was devastated (please tell me is the way of usage for this word compatible or correct)
My mom called up the M-Link technician and also 2 of her friends.
All of them couldn't help me.
So I had to find my own ways,
All my mom said was to quit Maple Story and start a new game.
I didn't gave up.

So after asking around in the forums and googling for solutions,
I tried them all.
Downloaded DirectX 9c,
This that.
In the end,
I deleted the Graphic Card Driver and reinstalled another one that I found on the Internet.

Okay, my gathering.
Went to this steamboat restaurant at Jalan Kenari (opposite of IOI mall)
Around, 5.20 p.m.
We were kinda awkward at first,
But later on,
We became like a big family.
(Getting emotional here -.-)

Ate, A LOT.
I'll try to list down the people that were present for that day.
(Forgive me if I missed you out of misspelt your name)
1. Ee Chern (Organiser)
2. Kai Feng
3. Wee Sen (for like 30 minutes only)
4. Ee Jay (just came to say hi and went off)
5. Jun Keat
6. Kritz (=X)

7. Fennie
8. Ning Jin
9. Wei Jin
10. Pui Yee
11. Jing Wen
12. Zhen Bi
13. Alicia
14. Ying Ying
15. Man Yee
16. Yoke Hua
17. Hui Ming

And of course,
Our beloved class teacher, Miss Wu (direct translation from Chinese)

Ate, talked, played.
Even though we were separated for such a long time,
We still could get in touch with each other like we just left school yesterday.
And Ee Chern was so scared that the whole thing would be a failure.
But actually,
It was very good,
Considering it is the 2nd year that we've graduated from Yak Chee.

Didn't cared much about in pain in my gum,
My mom say it is an ulcer.
The whole table was really messy.
In the end,
My mom couldn't fetch me,
So I had to ask Pui Yee's mom to send me back.
Thanks Pui Yee =)

Really looking forward to the next gathering.
Thinking of ... something like a resort or chalet?

November 16, 2007

Found my True Love once again.

Who is it?
That will be my beloved computer =D
So sad, it went to the hospital for the last two days.
1st day without my beloved one was like HELL.
Had to find some stuff to kill time,
Finished some 3D puzzle thing,
About constellations on the 1st day.
And the boredom started to kick in.

These two days,
Well, all I had was free time.
Made me thought of a lot of stuff,
Really hate those things going into my mind,
And also had a stupid nightmare,
About changing to a new school with a totally different environment.
Whole thing was scary.

These two days gave me a conclusion,
Which is..

My like is meaningless and pointless.
Don't get me wrong here,
I'm not trying to be emo,
But without the computer,
I had literally nothing else to do!
Well, it is back now.
Not gonna sleep tonight~~

November 14, 2007

New Monitor.... D=

It is sad.
This new monitor will 'black out' once in awhile,
Okay maybe not,
It is often!!

What I meant by 'black out',
Is like this :
When you switch on the monitor before switching on the CPU,
You will see a blinking light on the monitor,
Like 'standby mode'.
My problem is,
When I'm using the computer,
The monitor will appear as 'standby mode' in a sudden.
I've found a way to overcome this,
That is leaving Maple Story on.
If it blacks out,
I will click ALT + Tab and it wil change to Maple Story,
Because both have different resolutions,
So I will need to change a adapt to the other one.
Very troublesome!

Well, tomorrow my mom will be taking the 'new' monitor back,
Need send to some service thing,
And I will have to put up with the old one.

I had to do the ALT + Tab thing for over 10 times to finish typing this entry.

November 13, 2007

New Monitor!!

1st is about Maple Story =X
Started trading yesterday,
Have around 20m mesos and a lot of scrolls that I haven't sell out.
Didn't know trading was so nice!

My mom bought a new Monitor for me!!
It is a Samsung don't-know-what model monitor,
19 inch, wow.
It is so,
Compared to my old monitor.
And it is flat :D

November 11, 2007

Back from Sekincan [o.o]

Chatted with a bunch of my MSN friends with my cousin sister's Dell laptop.
Thanks guys,
For partly taking away my boredom.

At night,
Went to my cousin brother's house.
It was, so nice!
It looked like a resort or something.

Went for breakfast,
Some noodle.
Boring huh?
Yup, I agree with you.

November 9, 2007

Extremely Fun and Exciting Day!

Few days of planning and calling friends to inform them about this trip totally paid off.

The people who went there were me, Josh, Kar Mern and Angeline.
In the morning,
Around 9 a.m.,
My mom sent me, Kar Mern and Angeline to the bus stop on the way to work.
She had to go straight to Angeline's house because she was going to be late.
When they came out of the house,
My mom said something that made me laughed out loud!

*Ah hem*
Back to the trip.
We went to the bus stop,
And informed Josh that we arrived.
We went across the overhead bridge to the other side.
So Josh came,
And we waited for the bus to come.
Other people just went up the 1st bus they see,
While we stand like idiots waiting for specific buses.

Our bus stop was a fruit stall,
Yea, a fruit stall.
We kinda got scolded for standing there, blocking the way.
We got up a bus,
Rapid KL.
After reaching Mid Valley,
We went to buy tickets,
After some long conversation,
We ended up watching Star Dust instead of the Bee Movie that Josh wanted to watch.
So we, I mean I ate breakfast at McDonald's.
The others drank Coke,
Courtesy of me!

Later on,
We walked separately.
Josh and I we to find presents for his beloved sister,
And also hunt down a sling bag for himself,
I didn't have anything in mind,
Except A-Cash!!
The girls,
Er... don't know where they went.

So after Josh went to many shops,
He finally bought a Baby-T for RM30.
We went back to the cinemas around 12 p.m.,
Bought popcorn and drinks,
And went in.

The movie was nice!
Well, it was just quite OK to be honest,
Kinda like, nice, but not THAT nice.
Want to know how was the show?
Go watch it yourself =)

After that,
Went walking separately again.
Josh continued his bag hunt.
We went across to the new mall,
Which is a part of Mid Valley,
Called "The Garden".
The place was nice,
Maybe it's because it is still new.
The directory had a big touch-screen,
Which was hard to maneuver.
A pair of sandles at Mid Valley was RM 70,
But a pair at The Garden was RM 170,

Went back for lunch around 4 p.m.,
This was the 'climax' of the whole trip.
Pizza Hut was jam packed,
Long John Silver's was... normal.
But wait, look over the the left of that.
Sushi King!
Kids like us dinning at Sushi King?
It is expensive!
In the end we still went in though.
I can't remember the names of the food that we ate,
But mine was so small!!
So I had to order some side dishes.
This is the 1st time I ate at the famous Sushi King.
Some aunt came in with a few children of hers.
At 1st we didn't notice her,
Until she started to talk,
Or should I say,
She started complaining out loud about the poor service,
That no one served her for 15 minutes,
Saying this kind of service is out.

We listened closely at what was she complaining about,
She is damn fierce,
She started complaining in English,
Then in Malay.
We acted like we was her and made a joke out of it.
Before going out,
She said this in Chinese, "Got money scared nothing to eat?"
She asked another son to pay,
Well, at least I think it is another son.
Suddenly she stomped in and spew some vulgar,
We laughed and was kinda freaked out,
Want to know what she said?
Asked me personally =P

So we continued eating,
Keep discussing about that 'show'.
It was interesting,

Later on,
Josh bought presents for Vivian and Hui Teng,
And we all walked to the bus stop.
The people there were desperate,
Going up a bus where there was clearly no more space.
We didn't care that much,
We just took a cab to a coffee shop nearby my house.

While waiting,
My mom appeared,
Turned out that she was on the way back that time,
What a coincidence!

Oh ya,
I forgot to say that I bought 30k A-Cash,
Shhh, this is a secret =P

November 8, 2007

Happy Deepavali =)

Went to my father's friend's house at Sentul,
His name was Arul.

At first when I stepped in the house,
There was this very strong Indian smell,
But after awhile,
I got used to it.

Ate Indian food,
There was this Indian candy,
Which my father forced me to ate it.
I almost puked,
No offense but I'm not used to it.
Still, I had to swallow it.

Ate Indian food,
Mostly rendang and curry,
With ketupat and puthu mayam.
Received a purple ang pao,
Nice experience I guess.


Yup, boring.
Looking forward to go Mid Valley tomorrow.
Today, I'm going to my father's friend's house,
To celebrate Deepavali.

I started to have a habit of read books before I go to sleep.
Not school books,
But novels or story books.
I'm currently reading "Island".
It is a trilogy,
First part was on the ship, Shipwreck,
Second part was stranded on an island, Survival.
Third part was leaving the island, Escape.

So far I'm at the second part.
This is the 1st time I read a book that fast,
Normally a books takes me few weeks to finish it,
I don't like to read a whole day like other people.

For the trip tomorrow,
Mid Valley, confirmed.
Taxi, since there is only me, Josh, Kar Mern and Fiona. Any Objections?
Or maybe bus, since there is a bus straight to Mid Valley.
Movie, Josh wants to watch Beemovie, I have no objections, Kar Mern and Fiona agree?
10 a.m. at the old bus stop?
Any other suggestions?

November 6, 2007

Holidays :D | Tuition D:

Today's tuition was in such a rush,
One was because I didn't know the time,
Second thing was because the stupid anego didn't die!

Science, as usual,
Patricia Lo,
And Joshua Tay for Malay.
There was this new teacher for Maths,
She was so .. slow motioned.
My friends kept banging himself to release frustration.
Lucky today I wasn't sleepy,
Or else I would have slept throughout the whole class.

November 5, 2007

Bad results. (Part 2)

Got lectured by my father,
It wasn't as bad as I thought.
He said that I must concentrate on my History subject.
Oh, and by the way,
These are my results.

Malay - 75% (Well, out teacher is the strictest among other Malay teachers.)
English - 81% (Somehow, teacher was kinda stingy on the marks this time.)
Mathematics - 95%
Science - 92%
History - 65% (Blame myself for it.)
Geography - 83% (No idea.)
Living Skills - 69% (Haven't seen my paper yet.)
Moral - 58% (2 parts, exam and folio. For the exam, I didn't memorise the moral values. For the folio part, students who did 'family' topic got low marks (around 10), wheres others topics can get higher marks (20+).)
Chinese - 60% (Essay went out of topic.)
Sivik - 72% (3 more marks!.)
Arts - 81% (Unexpected.)
Physical Education (theory) - 53% (Seriously, who cares about it?)

Total of 884 marks,
Average 73.67%

How sad is that.
I wanted to add what my father said to me,
But on second thought,
I shall not post it.
Well, it is all my fault,
No one else I can blame.
My fault for not studying and making stupid excuses for myself.

There is one more scarier thing,
My mother haven't see the results.

Bad results.

Yea, very bad.
My average was 73%,
Very bad.
I still managed to get to get the 5th in class.
Should I be happy or sad?
I'm going to inform my father later,
I'm going to die.
I'll post more details later.

On Thursday,
We're planning to go Mid Valley,
Hopefully it turns out well.

November 3, 2007

Rainy Day~

Yesterday I napped from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.,

This afternoon,
Around 12 p.m.,
Went to my father's company for lunch.
It was something like a open house for Hari Raya.
Ate Murtabak, Daging Rendang, Rojak, Satay and a lot more.
So full.
Before going back,
We took some 1901 hot dogs home.
A lot of Malays were there,
The food was not bad,
Went to see my father's working place too.

Going to play Maple Story now.

November 2, 2007

*Lights Flashing*

Went to school,
Met up with Kar Mern, Hui Teng and Josh going to Blake's house,
Don't ask me why.

Before recess,
Everyone was taking pictures,
Except me,
Me and some other people try to avoid being snapped.
Suddenly we had to go to the so called school hall,
No idea why.

Once we were there,
The whole place was jam-packed.
2 police or whatever gave some talk about typical student stuff,
About not doing to wrong thing and to do the right thing.
We all know about these stuff,
It only depends on whether we care about it or not.
Wasted out time.

After recess,
Took more pictures.
A bunch of girls kept trying to snap my face,
I gave up avoiding them.
After that was lunch,
We laughed like crazy maniacs,
People were staring at us.

After I reached home,
Took a bath,
And tried to self take pictures,
It was so stupid, =X.

November 1, 2007

Class Party~!

Went to school as usual,
Waited for the party to start,
Kar Mern seemed like she was in a rush,
Because she couldn't contact Pizza Hut,
Afraid that they couldn't make it in time.
Yet in the end,
Everything turned out well.

A lot of students brought cameras,
Flashes here and there.
Ate, drank, chit-chatted, enjoyed ourselves.
1st was Jelly Cake,
Then Mee Hoon,
Then Pizza,
Then McD Chicken Burger.
Excuse me.
Wai Lun wanted to eat more Jelly Cakes,
But the girls didn't let him,

Some teachers came in to eat,
Nothing much,
Typical class party.

After that,
Around 12.30 p.m.,
I had the Cooperation Party.
This one was kinda boring,
We just ate there.
My tummy is filled.
Kentz came by to say good bye,
And I still don't know when is the last day of school,
Either tomorrow,
Monday, or Tuesday,
Still wondering how am I going to collect the Scholastic books.

Add- on :
Oh ya,
I must make use of this holiday,
I'm currently thinking of learn more about computer stuff,
Like HTML-ing or graphic .. whatever stuff.
Any other suggestions?

October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween~!

I don't celebrate Halloween,
Well, doesn't get much attention in Malaysia.

Played more UNO at school to day,
Played 2 types,
Which is the 'Alfa' type and the 'Beta' type.
Well, both represents 2 different classes,
Only minor differences.

I can't seem to recall what happened today,
I still remember playing around with Wei Yong's chess set,
I mean throwing around =X.
PSS-es (librarians) went for some party at Giant.
Tomorrow is the cooperations turn,
Which is my turn~!
Coincidentally, it turns out to be my class party too.

Note to myself,
Remember to collect the books for Kentz next week.
Nothing much,
Leveled up to 112 in Maple Story today,

October 30, 2007


Well, UNO-ed again.
Also got my English results,
Which is around 81%,
Same as Kar Mern.
Wai Lun got some where around 71% I guess,
*Evil grins*

Josh and Hui Teng came to my house to do some Geography Project,
We talked,
Or should I say gossip about some of our friends.
I'm very... lost right now,
They are my friends,
But yet the more I hear and say,
The more it seems like an enemy to me.
But somehow,
Whatever I said were facts,
None of them are made up.
Just wished I could just spit it all here.

If only I have the password system like Cherrie's wordpress,
Then again,
If I don't give them the password,
They will know I'm talking about him/her.
No point.
Let those bad stuff just fade away,
Yea, its better off that way.

October 29, 2007

School day, with no studying

It .. is boring,
But still, fun~

We played UNO,
And UNO,
And UNO,
For the whole day.
Blake brought his MP3 and Handphone,
Still so daring after some particular incident.

Helping friends,
Stacking +2s to kill a one person,
I won quite a few matches,
Getting bored of it.

Didn't study, AT ALL.
Lucky that I didn't bring any books to school.
After school,
When I went for lunch,
Jia Yu said that she saw Tou Yang in a wheel chair,
What happened?
Don't ask me.

October 28, 2007

Is there anything wrong with me?

It's been awhile since I wrote a "Thoughts and Feelings" post.
Here goes.

I don't know why,
But I have a feeling that some people don't like me.
It makes me wonder,
Is it my way of talking?
Is it my attitude?
Is it just my appearance?
I know we are suppose to be ourselves and don't care about what other's think,
But I need to know!
Am I annoying?
Am I shallow?
Am I not philosophical enough?
These questions keep spinning around in my mind.

In church,
It is not that people don't like me,
But I can't find some one that I'm close with.
Same as in school and church,
No close friends.
Maybe I didn't try,
Or maybe,
I just haven't find the right person.

Some times,
I feel like no one notices me.
As if I'm invisible,
Or maybe I'm just not worthy of their attention.

All I could think of is to turn to God,
No one else is there for me.
Friends who are reading this,
Do tell me what is wrong with me.
I'm.. lost.

I have a whole lot more to type,
But I can't remember it all.
Next time, maybe.


Morning service was...
Morning service,
As usual.
We had Chicken Rendang for today.

Then we went to Cherrie's house,
We as in me, Cherrie and Doreen.
Me and Doreen played Maple Story,
While Cherrie was..
Can't say.

Youth was...
We sang the songs with so much power,
And Pastopher gave us a "History" lesson,
About Abraham and all his son and son's son and so on,
You would get what I mean.
A lot for me to know,
Really blur.

October 26, 2007

Exam Aftermath

When you think after exams,
All pain and sufferings are gone,
Getting the results is worse,
Especially when your results aren't good.

Science 92%,
Math 95%.
Wow, that ain't too bad.
Chinese 60%,
History 65%.
*Slits wrist*

My Chinese essay went out of topic,
While my History was just plain bad.
Very very very sad now.
I don't know how to tell my parents.

Just now during lunch time,
It was kinda fun.
Blake said Kar Mern look stupid,
I've got no comment.
Talk talk, chit chat.
Nothing more.

October 24, 2007

New Label : Tags

Being tagged by Cherrie,

This is it.

Bold the statements that are true to you.
Italise the statements that you WISH are true.
Leave the fibs alone. Then, stab 3 people to do the same test: I miss somebody right now.

I do not watch tv these days.
I wear glasses or contact lenses.
I love to play video games.
I have tried marijuana.
I have been in a threesome.
I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
I have changed mentally over the last year.
I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
I curse.
I’m totally smart.
I’ve broken someone’s bones.
I’m paranoid sometimes.
I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free.
I need money right now.
I love sushi.
I talk really, really fast.
I have long hair.
I have lost money in Las Vegas.
I have at least one sibling.
I have worn fake hair/fingernails/eyelashes in the past.
I couldn’t survive without Caller ID.
I like the way I look.
I am usually pessimistic.
I have a lot of mood swings.
I have a hidden talent.
I’m always hyper no matter how much sugar I have.
I have a lot of friends.
I am currently single.
I have pecked someone of the same sex.
I enjoy talking on the phone.
I practically live in sweatpants or PJ pants.
I love to shop.
Enjoy window shopping.
I would rather shop than eat.
I don’t hate anyone.
I’m a pretty good dancer.
I’m completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother.
I have a cell phone.
I believe in God.
I watch MTV on a daily basis.
I have passed out drunk in the past 6 months.
I’ve rejected someone before.
I want to have children in the future.
I have changed a diaper before.
I’ve called the cops on a friend before.
I’m not allergic to anything.
I have a lot to learn.
I’m shy around members of the opposite sex.
I have made a move on a friend’s significant other or crush.
I have tried alcohol before.
I own the South Park movie.
I would die for my best friend.
I think that Pizza Hut has the best pizza.
I have used my sexuality to advance my career.
I love Michael Jackson, scandals and all.
Halloween is awesome because you get free candy.
I watch Spongebob Squarepants and I like it.
I am happy at this moment!
I’m obsessed with girls.
I tie my shoelaces differently from anyone I’ve ever met.
I study for tests most of the time.
I am comfortable with who I am right now.
I have more than just my ears pierced.
I walk barefoot wherever I can.
I have jumped off a bridge.
I love sea turtles.
I spend ridiculous money on makeup.
Plan on achieving a major goal/dream.
I’m proficient in an musical instrument.
I worked at McDonald’s restaurant.
I hate office jobs.
I love sci-fi movie.
I think water rules.
I went college out of state.
I like sausages.
I love kisses.
I fall for the worst people.
I adore bright colours.
I can’t live without black eyeliner.
I don’t know why the hell I just did this stupid thing.
I usually like covers better than originals.
I can pick up things with my toes.
I can whistle.
I can move my tongue in waves, much like a snake’s slither.
I have ridden/owned a horse.
I still have every journal I’ve written in.
I can’t stick to a diet.
I talk in my sleep.
I try to forget things by drowning them out with loads of distractions.
I have jazz in my blood.
Climbing trees is a brilliant past-time.
I wear a toe ring.
I can’t stand at LEAST one person that I work with.
I am a caffeine junkie.
I cosplay or know what cosplaying is.
I have been to over 15 conventions.
I will collect anything, and the more nonsensical the better.
I’m an artist.
I only clean my room when necessary.
I like a person of the same sex.
I love being happy.
I am an adrenaline junkie.

I'm stabbing
1. Kar Mern
2. -
3. -
Just do it if you want to.
Made me kinda blur @.@

Exams are over.

Kind of sad and happy mixed together.
Sad because I didn't do well for my History exam,
Happy because exams are over~

No really in a good mood now,
Need finish up a folio and pass it up tomorrow,
I mean start a folio,
If you get what I mean.

Nothing much,
Except that Kar Mern literally stole my History paper,
She is so mean *sobs*.
And I met Cherrie (another Cherrie, not the wordpress-using-Cherrie).
Nothing much,

October 23, 2007

Hard to Sign In.

Some thing is wrong with Blogger these two days,
Wonder does it have anything to do with the news about Bloggers defaming Malaysian Governmental stuff.

Today, killed 4 subjects,
And tomorrow is the last day of my exams.

Nothing much,
As usual,
Typical teenager life,
Not that typical,
Kinda abnormal,
Ah, whatever, crapping here.

There was this lizard on a table before taking our Chinese exam.
The tail came off,
And it was moving by itself,
Not the lizard,
It was freaky,
I know about the tails that move themselves but this is the 1st time I actually saw 1.
Later on,
Wei Yong took a rubber dust thing that looked like a tail,
And threw it at the girls.
The girls,
I'm not sure which,
Took the actual tail at threw at Wei Yong,
Ha ha ha ha.
After chatting awhile with Eirban,
Eirban kept saying that he has a feeling that the tail is still around,
Maybe Wei Yong is sitting on it.

Wei Yong suddenly couldn't resist and stood up to show that Eirban is wrong.
Turned out the tail was there!
He sat on the tail all along,
The tail 'died' anyways.

So after exams,
Went for lunch and went home.
Chinese wasn't that hard,
I never said it was easy.

2 more exams to go,
And freedom!!!!

October 22, 2007

Little Sad, Little Angry.

Today I went to the so called survey thingy.
It was really a waste of time,
Well, at least for me.

At first,
I went to Hou Yin's house around 4.30 p.m.,
After awhile,
Me, Hou Yin and Kentz took a cab to Damansara Intan,
Some shop lot with lots of office.

So this Lucas guy waved at us and we went to the 8th floor or some block.
We waited,
And waited,
And waited.
He served some food,
But I wasn't interested.

So later on we were requested to sit outside of the room so that we won't accidentally hear the conversation in the other room.
He asked a lot of questions,
Some how I didn't really like it.
1st he talked about my shirt,
Then my gaming,
Then 'linking' my thoughts,
I think I'm thinking too much,
Since that some thing happened later on.

After waiting for a long time,
We finally went in,
Well, some of us.
Me and another guy was excluded.
At first he said first batch go then later only second batch.
Ended up we were left outside,

Some gal gave us RM50 each,
But I didn't really cared about it,
I listened to the songs in my handphone,
I was really sad at that moment,
Thinking of why was I the one excluded.
Am I not philosophical enough or what?
I really wanted to kill some one that time.
Around 7.20 p.m.,
Lucas said that they will be coming out soon,
Since this well be a shorter session,
Then he left.
I waited,
And waited,
And waited,
Till 8.00 p.m.
At last,
They came out,
I felt like going home,

Later on,
We had to wait for our cab,
But the uncle said he needed some time to reach there.
So we walked around,
Me, Kentz and Hou Yin had some light food at a food stall nearby.
Kentz started to take pictures,
So we joked around while waiting for the cab.
Around 9 p.m.,
We finally took the cab.
So Hou Yin tested me some Science stuff,
Since tomorrow is my Science test,
While Kentz start sending his photos into his phone.

So we all went to our own homes.
Thanks Dangni for visiting,
Do visit more often.
And sorry to Cherrie for not doing to tag yet,
I'm tired,
But I must blog because I'm afraid that I might forget all those stuff.

October 21, 2007

Have you eat chocolates before?

Today I missed church to join some survey thing.
Hou Yin invited me and Kentz.
At first he said 10 p.m.,
So I thought that I could miss morning service and join the youth session around 2 p.m.
Ended up the guy change the time to 12 p.m.
So I thought I can make it for youth.
Then again he changed the time to 2 p.m.
Great, no church for me today.
I feel so wrong.

When we were there,
We waited awhile for the guy to come. (seriously I don't know what is the guy's name)
The 1st thing I saw was his packet of cigarettes,
I wanted to tell Kentz about it but think again,
It isn't very polite.

The guy was quite friendly,
He joked around like friends,
Even though he is categorized as an adult.
He kept saying my name was hip-hop-ish,
And so was my e-mail address,
The Seth part.

I had to say my father works as a Operating Manager,
Because they didn't want anyone who works for the press for surveys.
The he asked a bunch of stuff about snacks,
He had to manipulate some stuff,
I don't know why.

He sent us home after smoking,
And also paid for our drinks.
I didn't thought an adult did stuff like us, teenagers.
Tomorrow I need to go to some place and reach before 5.30 p.m.,
I still got exams!

October 19, 2007

New Label : Something to Share

Something to Share means something that I've found on other websites.
It is either interesting or humourous,
Or else it won't be here.

This is taken from
"Observations on Humour

Mediacorp, which produces a string of "singlish" low end humour programmes, makes me cringe, each time I hear the spoken word.

As a further illustration of this point. This is what you are up against. Read…or should I say "leed lah" ...and enjoy!

"Oxford Dictionary: Singaporean Edition?"

Some low end humour:

1) LILY - adverb. extremely, really.
'Wah, you lily can sing well ah!'

2) VALLEY - adverb. extremely (same with lily).
'Look! My Versachee belt, valley nice hor?'

3) GORGES - adj. stunningly beautiful, normally found with valley.
'Wah! Ah Beng's girlflan is valley gorges leh!'

4) CORAL - verb. to bicker.
'Why, you not happy, ah? Want to coral, is it?'

5) REEF - (normally followed with coral) to argue with.
'You lily wantto coral reef me ah?'

6) ALTITUDE - adjective. a disagreeable demeanour. '
'Ah Lian lily got a bad altitude ploblem'.

7) CIRRUS - adj. certain.
'You cirrus or not? Dun bruff!'

8) CANOPY - phrase. impossible.
'He bought new handphone? Canopy lah! Where got money?'

9) OLDLADY - adj. completed.
' finish oldlady ah.'

10) SUIT - verb. to project forward.
'Suit! Suit! See goalkeeper come out oldlady.'

11) SOW - verb. to reveal.
'Sow me, sow me your new ting.'

12) LOAD - noun. a path normally made up of gravel & tar.
'We go Orchard Load leh.'

13) BLINK - verb. deliver, send.
'What you blink for me? Sow me, sow me.'

Reg Joseph (a former Singaporean)


New Label : My Maple Story

If you all think this is stupid,
You're better off not reading this.

Yesterday I went for the Zakum quest 1, 2 and 3.
Thanks to Smack and Cheryl,
They showed me to ropes.
1st stage I didn't have to do anything much.
Just hit rocks and collect Paper Documents.
2nd stage was the jumping part,
It was fun!
3rd stage I had to collect 30 Gold Tooth from Minor Zombie.
Then I took the stuff to refine a Eye of Fire used to summon Zakum in the Altar.

Later on was boring,
Then suddenly they organized a Platapus fight.
At first I accidentally went in,
I didn't want to come out because I can only go in twice a day.
So I waited for a long time inside.
Suddenly my friend Dangny went online.
He whispered me,
Telling me that he was going to leave MapleSEA and move to Global.
I was suddenly stunned.
I didn't want him to change,
I will be boring without another friend.
I told him that I reached level 110,
He immediately said be right back,
I guess he went to Cash Shop to buy a Megaphone.
He came back and used it.
Less than 1 minute,
GMCDonPao came to visit me.
I was like, WOW.
We took some screen shots and he had to leave to continue his daily job.

After awhile the Platapus fight started.
2 parties were there,
And most of then died,
Left 1 party.
I was the only mage left,
Because all died due to the dispel.
Around 30% of the 1st form,
I was so sad,
So close,
And I could have obtained my Ludibrium cape.

It was 12 a.m.,
Most of them left,
But suddenly Botak said there was a second round!
So this time,
I tried my best,
And we made it!
I was so happy.

This is my happiest Maple experience.

October 13, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya to all~

This morning,
Woke up around 7.30 a.m. to send my mother to her friend's house.
My mom will be staying at Penang for the next 5 days,
Left me, my dad and my grandmother at home.

My father sent my mom to some apartment,
Later on he fetch my mom and her friends to some house,
Then fetch them back to the apartment,
Pity my dad.

Later on,
After leaving my mom and her friends,
Me and my dad went for breakfast around Sri Petaling area,
He ate some noodle and I ate chicken chop.

We came back and do our own stuff,
I played Maple Story,
While my dad sleeps.
My Maple Character leveled up today!
Level 109, yea!

Around 12.45 p.m.,
We went out again,
This time we went to Giant at BK 5 to do some grocery shopping.
Yesterday night market,
Today Giant,
Have I changed or what?
Because normally I well refuse to go,
Maybe I'm in a good mood.
So after shopping,
We wanted to find some lunch.
The food court had only 1 stall open,
Which is packed,
Secret Recipe, too expensive,
Kluang Station, not interested,

In the end,
Went to out house area to eat some noodle,
Sad, was looking forward to some thing special.
I'm back at home,
And I'm happy that my Internet is working,
Because Blake can't go online due to some phone line problem,

October 12, 2007

Hari Raya Eve

I went to the pasar malam today,
Translated to English is night market.

My mother bought a lot of apples,
So heavy.
Then I saw these bunch of people selling this so called "Magic Wallet".
-Korean made and this that this that.
I have 3 of them in my house which I bought from Thailand,
Oh please,
It is just a cheap wallet with some strings,
Made in Korea,
Lame. (Whoever want to see the wallet can request from me)

Then bought grapes and some vegetables.
Nothing much.

October 11, 2007

The Whole World Came Falling Down.

I went to school when a lot of other students didn't go.
Before recess was boring.
All I could do was to read story books,
But I finished my English book.
Later then,
I saw a Chinese book at the girls.
I borrowed it and started reading.
Then LCT started to say the way I read is VERY SLOW,
Like insulting me,
And the others also followed her,
Except Kar Mern though,
I wonder what was she thinking that time.

While reading,
I couldn't concentrate,
On the left was Eirban and Wai Lun with their geek talk,
On my right was the girls with their oh-so-loud voice.
And the book was in Chinese,
What is wrong with me reading slow anyways,
Pissed me off,
Lucky I didn't kill someone.

After recess,
We got our Chinese and Mathematics paper 2 results,
Chinese was when my whole world came down.
29/60, because my essay was out of topic.
I'm thinking of the consequences now,
Imagine how my father would slaughter me up.

57/60, still, not good enough,
Because Kar Mern and Wai Lun got the same marks.
Hopefully I can get full marks for my paper 1.

I'm so lost now.

October 10, 2007

Holiday starts.... NOW!

Geography was unexpectedly easier than what I thought.
Note, I never said it was easy.
English was okay,
And Malay was,
A little bit harder.
My friends went crazy after I started pointing out their mistakes,
Mainly Kar Mern and Eirban,
I feel so sorry,
Nah, I was joking.

Once I reached home,
I turned on my computer,
Hundreds of pop-ups popped up,
Keep saying that my computer is infected with trojan.w32.lootsky.
So there was only 1 solution,
I googled for ways to kill the virus,
Then this website forum thing called Geek To Go,
Had all the steps and instructions.
I was so happy.
So I did what they say,
Installing stuff,
Rebooting in Safe Mode,
Scanning and all,
The virus was gone!

After that I played Maple Story,
Nothing much.

Congrats to Malaysia for launching their space ship,
Or whatever it is.
Tuition was weird,
Since it was the last day,
We played charades,

October 9, 2007

I... must blog

Today was scary.
Science exam was okay,
But Moral was hard.

And suddenly Kar Mern broke the news about my Chinese paper results,
Oh my gosh.
I'm still thinking should I, or should not.
Don't ask.

They on the way back,
Some unidentified thing dropped on my head.
I think it is bird poop.
Argh, don't worry,
I washed my hair a lot of times.
Well, going off.
At least there was 1 good news,
Pn Liew is back and Thursday's exams are canceled.
My wish is granted ... in a different way.
My co-curriculum points aren't very amusing as well,
All Bs.

ADD ON - After tuition.
My tuition teacher Joshua Tay played his guitar and sang some old songs.
It was nice and funny,
Since it is the last day of tuition for this year.
And Wei Shern played some too.

For English,
Wei Shern sang that national anthem,
I've got no comments about this.

ANOTHER ADD ON - In school,
About LCT,
She is freaky,
Although she writes good essays,
But all her essays have a common thing,
People die.

October 8, 2007

I switched on the computer!

That means the end of my life.
Today's exam was Bahasa Melayu (2), Mathematics (2) and PJK (a.k.a. PE).
Not much problem,
But I think my Malay essay wasn't very good,
I'm not good at essays anyways.

Tomorrow is Science (2) and Moral,
On Wednesday and Thursday is Geography and History respectively.
I was hoping for a holiday on Thursday,

It is all Pn. Noreyah's fault,
She wanted me to print another copy of the Chinese essay for the school magazine.
Yea, you're eyes aren't fooling you.
Maybe that is my only presentable essay.

Just now during lunch,
In the restaurant opposite of my school,
I saw Chan Wai Lun and his sister and mother.
And his face was just in front of me.
The way he ate,
Oh my gosh,

Need to study!
Tuition later!
Wish me luck!

October 7, 2007

Exams, exams, exams.

Came back from church.
Never regret going to church.

Exam starts again tomorrow,
And I haven't study for anything.
How stupid can I be,
What the heck,
I've been like that since primary.

Nothing much to type,
Hopefully I won't be only the next few days.

Oh ya,
I noticed a short passage from MTV Asia,
It was about JJ.

"The short film for "The Killa" is rated R-21. Some of your fans are too young to be able to see that."

Most of my fans cannot see the full version. I think some of them might have secretly gone online to see it. (Laughs) This movie is more for adults, I guess. It's more mature. I'm trying to reach out to a more mature audience and I'm trying to do it for the sake of art with an experimental movie. Of course, it's also a way for me to break through with my music." -Source

Read the underlined part,
I think he is talking about me.
Ha ha ha.


October 5, 2007


This is the 1st time I got tagged.

1. Seven things to be done.
- Play less Maple Story.
- Exercise x(
- Be prepared for exams.
- Make more friends.
- Find out who are those people in my MSN list.
- Learn more about Christianity.
- Get 8As in PMR next year!

2. Seven things I will NOT do even if it kills me.
- Smoke.
- Steal.
- Drugs.
- Kill.
- Back stab my friends.
- Rape someone.
- Suicide.

3. Seven things I do when I'm away from the public.
- Dig my nose (who doesn't?).
- Sing =X
- Go online.
- Complain to my parents about stuff.
- Talk on the phone.
- SMS.
- Sleep.

4. Seven favorite sentences/quotes.
- Obstacles are frightening things you see when you fail to focus on your goal.
- Stop wishing for thing you don't have, and start working with what you do have.
- Yea right. (sarcasm)
- Really?
- swt -.- =.= ...
- Whatever (almost everyone uses this...)
- Nothing.

5. Seven favourite songs
- Shayne Ward - No promises | Stand by Me | If it's OK with you.
- Daughtry - Over You | Home | It's not over
- Fall Out Boys - The Takes Over, The Breaks Over | I'm Like A Lawyer With all the Ways I'm trying to get you off
- JJ - westside | The Killa
- Planet Shakers - A lot of songs that I don't even know what is the title.
- Hillsongs - Same as Planet Shakers
- It is more than 10 songs already =.=

6. Seven things I'll make you wish you didn't do if you did.
- Talk bad about me with out pointing out what I did wrong in front of me.
- Steal my stuff.
- Be arrogant like the you-know-who in my class.
- Hit me.
- Blaming me for something I didn't do.
- Take credit for something I did. (serious stuff not small stuff)
- Insult me.

7. Last but not least... TAGS!
- Blake (I don't think he cares =.=)
- Kar Mern
- Fiona
- Angeline
- Josh
- Darkgoju
- Kentz (since PMR is over)

October 4, 2007

Jubilee Post

For your information,
A golden jubilee means the 50th year.
In this case,
Mine is the 50th post!

This holiday,
Played a lot of Maple Story when I was supposed to study.
I slept around 3 to 4 a.m. everyday.
Crazy right?

I forgot what I wanted to type,
Ha ha ha.
Trying to make my own blog skin,
But it will take some time.
Examinations Kritz!!!
Don't care.
I need some one to force me to study.

October 1, 2007

Truant, woo~

Never went to school this morning.
Wasn't feeling well.
*Evil grins*

Chatted with Kar Mern and Blake for quite some time.
It was fun.
And I just found out that Kar Mern was really good at piano,
Makes me think of O2jam.

Nothing much,
Till just now,

Last week I had Science examination.
This year,
I found it hard to concentrate during classes.
I was so scared that the results will turn out bad,
And the teacher will start making stories that I have a girlfriend.

Thank God!
I got 93%, which is the highest among all.
I'm so freaking happy now!!
Hope during the real exam next week,
I can score highest too!

My aim : Mathematics and Science highest!!

September 30, 2007

Cottage Meeting~!

Went to church as usual.
After church, there was a Worship Enabler's Meeting,
So it was kind of, none-of-my-business.
I wasted my time walking around,
Kept SMS-ing with Blake,
And listening to songs on my phone.

So Cottage Meeting is the youth activity for today.
Went to Mel's house,
Watched 'The Wedding Singer',
Well, half of it.
Our pastor regretted showing us the movie because there were vulgars and some bad stuff.
The main actor is Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.
It was nice but kind of boring.

So we played around and chit-chatted at Mel's house.
Then we all left,
Nothing much,
Thinking whether should I go to school tomorrow or not.

September 28, 2007

1st day of examinations

I'm not really in the mood of typing this,
But hey,
I'll just write.

English was okay,
Since blogging is in English,
Forums are in English,
MSN is in English,
Maple is English,
Actually Singlish,
But whatever.

I feel that I am useless.
So many years of Chinese,
All gone!
Actually not all,

These few days I feel so emo.

September 27, 2007

Examination Fever!!

Today, there was a sudden spot check after Chinese class.
Kar Mern went and ask the teacher why they let those useless people into our class.
Like I said before,
The teacher said that the useless people can change.
Naive little teacher.

Tomorrow is the 1st day of the year end examinations.
PSP ha ha.
(Seriouosly that came into my mind in a second)
English Paper 2 and Chinese Paper 2.
Let me see,
I'll need foolscap paper for the English and revise the literature part.
For Chinese, read some stuff and prepare Chinese calligraphy tools.
Oh ya,
I went to check the brushes,
Seemed that the last time I used them was the mid year examinations.
And I haven't wash them since then.
Washing now,
All stiff, seem likely to break like glass.
Hopefully they won't betray me tomorrow...
The above part was what I thought while I was washing,
Right after that the whole head broke.
Luckily I've got spare brushes.

Prays that every thing will be good tomorrow,
For me and my friends.


September 25, 2007

I'm Sick

Ya, I'm having flu and soar throat now.

There is another new student in my class,
He came yesterday,
More likely known as Akmal.
I thought he was a typical student,
Turned out to be another problem student.

He showed me his cigarette,
The second idiot now.
Do I look like a gangster to you?
And he is a Malay,
But he drank MY water!
What is wrong?!!?!

The canteen was quiet today,
More quiet than the normal fasting period.
Time goes by in this petty pace.

Lunch time,
Ate with Blake,
Walked home and saw Aaron at my neighbour's house,

September 24, 2007


Hi all~!
I got my cooperation tag thing,
This means I am officially the seller of the cooperation,
Actually I was,
But today was like a formal thing where we get the tag.

Life went on,
Till the last class, Geography.
Suddenly some students came to our class and gave us pieces of paper.
It was the examination timetable.
Stupid school,
Typical actually,
Last minute inform us,
I already saw this coming,
1st they say 11th October,
Then 8th,
Then 4th,
Then 11th again.
Suddenly 28th September.
Weird thing is,
1 day examination,
1 week no examination (PMR I think),
1 week full 5 days examination,
1 week holiday (Hari Raya),
And lastly 2 more days examination.
Well, good luck to everyone taking examinations,
And to Seksyen 1,
Good job on planning stuff.

September 23, 2007


Today is Sunday!
Means church day,
Ha ha.

Youth for today was Praise and Worship,
Well, I prefer Bible Study.
But it was a movie!
So I felt happier!

The movie we watched was Left Behind.
It was meaningful,
The main point of the whole story is to believe in Him before it is too late.
For those non-Christians,
Today you and you're parents quarrel,
But what if the next day they pass away?
You won't have anymore time to spend with them,
And it is forever.
Don't think that,
You still have a lot more time,
Because we humans can predict the future.

Came back from church around 5 p.m.
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
My father steamed some eggs,
It was delicious.
I didn't eat any rice because I didn't have much appetite.
I ate some eggs,
I wanted to finish it,
But other people still need to eat.

After my parents ate,
My mother said there were still some eggs left.
I wanted to eat,
I said "Later" because I was doing something.
But guess what?
My mother finish the eggs,
She is always like that,
Never keeps her promise.
Plus, that time my Maple character died,
I wasn't in a good mood so I kind of shouted at my mother.
I guess she felt guilty too,
My father made another steamed egg for me.
Thanks dad,
My father is still the best~!

September 22, 2007

Mooncake Festival

Just now,
Around 7 p.m.
Me and Blake walked to our primary school,
Yak Chee.

He met Aaron,
So they trio walked together all the time.
I saw ...
Ee Jay, Yin Suan, Yi Ling, Alden, Bryan, Xiao Ping and a lot more.
The whole thing was kind of boring.

We saw some weird people there,
There was this guy with golden long hair.
Well, Blake didn't manage to see Faith.

We went back around 10 p.m.
Nothing much,
Wasn't as grand as I expected.

September 21, 2007

Freaked Out~!

In school,
Jia Yu's house key went missing and all suspected it was Ismat.

Afternoon, lunch time.
I was going to sit down.
Then suddenly this uncle came from no where and just sat there.
Oh my gosh,
Nice manners there.
Jia Yu and Ming Huey never came,
Broke their promise.

Kar Mern came to my house again.
Later on his father called me and I totally freaked out.
I didn't know who was that,
Kar Mern, if you are reading this,
Tell him I freaked out,
Ha ha ha.
Scared me,
He was like,
'Did you call me just now?'
'Where is this?'
What the heck?
Then he said his name was Lee something something,
Then I thought maybe it was Kar Mern's father.
The whole conversation was weird.

September 20, 2007

I Forgot what to write.

Kind of lost here.
All I remember is the "war" in class,
Ha ha ha.

During Science,
There was no teachers and the whole class was chaotic.
Still curious about Kar Mern's secret though.

Eating toast now,
The only thing I can find in my house.
Hate doing homework,
I am suppose to finish up my History notes,
And pass up tomorrow.
But the weather is like,
Inferno or something.
It is hotter than Blake!!
And I don't have air-conditioners in my living room,
I ain't rich.
Plus, doing homework in my room just leads to a sweet nap,
Because I tend to lie on the bed,
Next thing I know,
It is 6 p.m.
I am still sitting here,
Enjoying my toast.
Ha ha ha.


September 19, 2007

Am I Emo?

Okay, the title was random.

Just woke up from a nap.
Feeling sleepy these days,
Not enough sleep.

Something weird came to my mind.
Seems like every book I have,
Chan Wai Lun has it too.
Like Supernaturalist, True Singapore Ghost Stories, Darren Shan and so on.
Maybe I'm thinking too much,
Maybe not.

Want to sleep.
Hopefully Hari Raya comes fast so I can rest,
Rest in peace.
Ha ha ha.

September 17, 2007

Christianity? Buddhism? Islamic?

Sometimes I have doubts about my religion.
In Friendster groups,
Every religious group is discussing about OTHER religions instead.
More like insulting than discussing.

Why can't the whole world have 1 united belief,
Isn't so much better?
Religions are causing war,
Stupid misconception then start war.
And adults are the ones that are matured,
Yea right.

Please people,
Stop condemning other religions,
Just focus on yours,
And continue with life.

Hi Fellow Readers!

Ya, I know,
Lame title.

Nothing much to write,
Seems that all I write is about my life,
Which isn't anything interesting.

Maybe that's why I am lazy to write.
And readers aren't finding any entertainment anymore.
Life is boring too,
I'm boring myself.

Chatting with MSN friend,
Getting boring some times.
Nowadays talking to Blake is boring too.
Seems like we talked about everything,
But Blake still like to talk about his new friends,
But it is boring to me, (no offense)
Because I can't relate to it.

Maybe I should find new friends instead,
It doesn't mean I will dump those I have now!
I appreciate you all,
Thanks everyone.
(now I seems like I'm going to die)

Need finish up so many notes,
Especially Geography and History notes,
Argh, wasting time.

Maple Story also seems pointless,
Training gets harder,
Not much friends to chat with.
Now I seem desperate for new friends.

This entry is weird,
I also don't know what is happening to me.
-Kritz, confused.

September 13, 2007

New Label! Religious Side of Me.

Well, this is more about God answering my prayers.
As you all know,
I am a Christian,
If you don't,
Well, now you know.
(2nd entry for today)

Few days ago,
My mother told me that this Saturday she will be going to Penang to do some charity work.
She wasn't doing it for the poor or something,
But for some person known as Amma.
She I some what holy or something,
And my mother keep saying it isn't religious but a person who spreads love.
People say that she got holy powers or something.
I didn't really like the thought of that,
Because my mother has a friend who is TOTALLY crazy over that holy person.
So I prayed that something will happen so that she doesn't need to go.
And suddenly,
My mother tells me that the whole thing is canceled.
Wow, Incredible.

God bless you all.

Happy Birthday Angeline~!

I guess I should skip whatever that happened in school,
Nothing much.

After school,
I took my bath,
Then Blake, Josh, Yi Shen, Angeline, Samantha and I were walking to Giant.
We saw Kasper there,
Blake's brother.
We ate delicious pizzas at Pizza Hut.
Me and Yi Shen shared another Lasagna,
It looks way smaller than the one showed in the menu.
Typical, isn't it?

We chatted a lot,
Took pictures and videos!
The videos were all hilarious!
But my video was accidentally gone.
Sad, very sad.

Later on, Xiang Min joined us.
Then Kar Mern and Hui Teng came back from IOI Mall.
They bought the Secret Recipe cake that we bought.
Well, we gather money,
Each of us paid RM 7 to buy that cake.
But things turned bad.
Some other people came,
And some of us were furious,
Mainly Blake and Samantha,
And vulgarities flew around.

After we ate the Pizza Hut food,
We asked the waitress to clean up the table,
Because we wanted to eat the cake.
The waitress looked as if she killed some one or something,
Her face was black.

Well, it turned out okay I guess.
Later on,
We walked back.
Kar Mern, Hui Teng, Xiang Min and Samantha went home earlier.
She left Blake, Josh, Yi Shen, Angeline and me.
When we reached Blake's house,
So Angeline went back 1st,
Yi Shen went to my house,
Grabbed his bag and went home.
Left me, Blake and Josh.

We were checking out the videos we took,
It appears that out videos came back!
It wasn't gone.

Later on,
Blake and Josh went back.
Josh went home I think,
And Blake went to his usual basketball thing.
So, left me alone in this house typing what you are reading now.
Thank for reading though!

September 12, 2007


This morning,
Mathematics class,
The teacher was absent.
But she gave us a freaking monthly test!
Around 64 questions for 1 hour or so.
Didn't manage to finish all,
Just needed few more minutes to finish 3 more questions.
Then the teacher of the Living Skills for the girls came in.
Chased us boys out of the class.
So I grabbed my books and went out without looking at her face.

Living Skills, continued my wood project.
A little bit late for my cooperation work,
And also didn't ate my prepared food.

So, went back to class later,
It was Chinese class,
And no teacher,
So we chatted and I ate my food.
I prepared 3 hot dogs,
1 for me,
1 for Blake,
Half for Angeline,
And half for Kar Mern.

Malay later on.
This was went things became bad.
Suddenly news broke out,
That Lee Kar Mern lost her purse!
She was in class,
And we went to the library,
Suddenly she remembered that she left her purse in the class.
So she went back and the PURSE WAS GONE!
I don't want to go into details,
Later she scold me.

And lunch time,
She asked me to take her big stack of books about piano.
She said she need to go IOI Mall to buy something.
I kind of pitied her so I just took her books.
Later on Kok Siong told me more details,
And he says its that new boy in out class,
Now there are 4 problem boys,
Syamim, Ismat, Haniff and Megat.
I don't get what the teachers are thinking,
They think that they will change to be better,
Nope, they are just disrupting out learning process.

Well, hope Kar Mern gets over the whole thing,
I'm still not sure about the facts though.

September 10, 2007

Laziness Takes Over

Saturday, can't remember what happened.
Sunday, went to church,
And there was this examination blessing thing,
Didn't manage to invite anyone,
What a failure.
And on Sunday night,
Blake came to my house to watch High School Musical 2!
We ate lots of chocolates.
He enjoyed the show,
While I was watching and playing Maple Story,
Level 106 now,

Morning was raining.
My mother sent me to school by car.
So no Physical Education class.
Finished up a little bit homework,
And of course,
Me, Blake and Josh chatted the whole time.

Ate fried rice and sausages prepared by my mother.
Fell from the chair thanks to some Indians pigs.
And the little mental boy wanted to eat my food!
That was freaky.
Then Kentz came by, as usual.

No teacher.
Moral, monthly examination.
The funny thing was there is answers at the back of the book!
But being good and honest students,
We never checked the answers.

Malay class,
Nothing interesting.
Kar Mern seems weird these few days,
Everything bad about her and she will blame me,
Because I am her "father".

Monthly test results!
Eirban almost suicide,
He got 29/40, which is 72.5%.
I got 85%, unexpected!
And Chan Wai Lun was like so happy when he found out that he got 32/40!
He kept "showing off".
Then suddenly I told him I got 34/40.
His smile became smaller.
Ha ha ha.

Well, something is wrong with my ears now,
Freaking itchy,
And something weird that might FREAK you all out,
So I better don't say.

Bye~ Thanks for reading.

September 6, 2007

Tomorrow is Friday!!

This morning,
Almost woke up late,
Thanks to myself for that habit of sleeping after alarm ring,
I guess I need more sleep.

1st class was English,
Something weird happened.
When I wanted to pass my manila card about a Literature homework,
The teacher said : "I thought you said you wanted to pass up tomorrow?"
I was like : " When did I say that??"
Eirban which was sitting next to me said : " Ya, you did say that!"
What happened?
I've now got short term memory lost?!

Science later,
I love it,
Because its about making a presentation in power point.
I was the 1st group to finish,
Me and Alif.
I did most of the work,
But I loved it!
Then teacher said my presentation didn't have any pictures.
So she transfered my file to her laptop.
Wow, she really has A LOT of those pictures.
Those pictures mean those that are suitable.
No other meanings.

I went to 2 Alfa for awhile,
The whole class smelt like soap,
Because they were carving soap in the class as an art project.
And we kind of fooled around with Wan Hou Yin,
Trying to lock him inside the class,
Ha ha ha.

Met Kentz at the usual recess spot,
Which is a bench.
He gave sweets,
Thanks Kentz!

Living Skills class,
The stupid teacher wanted us to passed up a sketch.
But when I explained that I left it in the plastic bag with the other stuff (long story),
He doesn't buy it,
Or he doesn't understand?

So after a long time,
I'm guessing he snapped or something,
He finally understands what am I saying and went to open the garage thing.
So I took my paper and passed it up,
If he didn't let us take the paper,
I was going to kill him.

Pn. Liew isn't back yet,
And Pn. Lau was the substitute teacher.
She gave some exercise and the bunch of jokers were making the class laugh,
As usual,
Typical Chinese class,
With a warm feeling when all are Chinese.

Nothing much.

After school,
Went to the restaurant opposite of the school for lunch.
Josh bought another magazine,
I guess he loves them.
He borrowed me his CD of JJ Lin.

I can't remember much now,
Just had dinner after a rejuvenating nap,
Not really rejuvenating actually,
Just wanted to use that word.
Reminder : Geography examination tomorrow.

-Kritz, memory lost.

September 5, 2007

Adults Always Right? I Don't Think So.

Well, in school,
Only fun thing was the module for Living Skills.
Mathematics and Chinese classes don't have teacher,
I rather spend it at home rotting.

In house,
Blake came to my house.
Nothing much also,

Then I showed my mother the picture that I took in the school,
2 class pictures, 1 red crescent society and 1 cooperation.
After that she just left the pictures there.

5 minuted later,
My grandmother was looking at my pictures,
And she was eating durian!
I was so worried that she would leave stuff on my pictures.
Then I told my mother and she started scolding me for not keeping it properly.
I was so angry that time I wanted to kill someone.
It was her fault that she just left the pictures there after seeing,
And now she scolds me?!?!?!?!

Tuition, and back now.
Need to revise for Living Skills and Geography,
Because there is monthly examinations on Thursday and Friday respectively.