September 30, 2007

Cottage Meeting~!

Went to church as usual.
After church, there was a Worship Enabler's Meeting,
So it was kind of, none-of-my-business.
I wasted my time walking around,
Kept SMS-ing with Blake,
And listening to songs on my phone.

So Cottage Meeting is the youth activity for today.
Went to Mel's house,
Watched 'The Wedding Singer',
Well, half of it.
Our pastor regretted showing us the movie because there were vulgars and some bad stuff.
The main actor is Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.
It was nice but kind of boring.

So we played around and chit-chatted at Mel's house.
Then we all left,
Nothing much,
Thinking whether should I go to school tomorrow or not.

September 28, 2007

1st day of examinations

I'm not really in the mood of typing this,
But hey,
I'll just write.

English was okay,
Since blogging is in English,
Forums are in English,
MSN is in English,
Maple is English,
Actually Singlish,
But whatever.

I feel that I am useless.
So many years of Chinese,
All gone!
Actually not all,

These few days I feel so emo.

September 27, 2007

Examination Fever!!

Today, there was a sudden spot check after Chinese class.
Kar Mern went and ask the teacher why they let those useless people into our class.
Like I said before,
The teacher said that the useless people can change.
Naive little teacher.

Tomorrow is the 1st day of the year end examinations.
PSP ha ha.
(Seriouosly that came into my mind in a second)
English Paper 2 and Chinese Paper 2.
Let me see,
I'll need foolscap paper for the English and revise the literature part.
For Chinese, read some stuff and prepare Chinese calligraphy tools.
Oh ya,
I went to check the brushes,
Seemed that the last time I used them was the mid year examinations.
And I haven't wash them since then.
Washing now,
All stiff, seem likely to break like glass.
Hopefully they won't betray me tomorrow...
The above part was what I thought while I was washing,
Right after that the whole head broke.
Luckily I've got spare brushes.

Prays that every thing will be good tomorrow,
For me and my friends.


September 25, 2007

I'm Sick

Ya, I'm having flu and soar throat now.

There is another new student in my class,
He came yesterday,
More likely known as Akmal.
I thought he was a typical student,
Turned out to be another problem student.

He showed me his cigarette,
The second idiot now.
Do I look like a gangster to you?
And he is a Malay,
But he drank MY water!
What is wrong?!!?!

The canteen was quiet today,
More quiet than the normal fasting period.
Time goes by in this petty pace.

Lunch time,
Ate with Blake,
Walked home and saw Aaron at my neighbour's house,

September 24, 2007


Hi all~!
I got my cooperation tag thing,
This means I am officially the seller of the cooperation,
Actually I was,
But today was like a formal thing where we get the tag.

Life went on,
Till the last class, Geography.
Suddenly some students came to our class and gave us pieces of paper.
It was the examination timetable.
Stupid school,
Typical actually,
Last minute inform us,
I already saw this coming,
1st they say 11th October,
Then 8th,
Then 4th,
Then 11th again.
Suddenly 28th September.
Weird thing is,
1 day examination,
1 week no examination (PMR I think),
1 week full 5 days examination,
1 week holiday (Hari Raya),
And lastly 2 more days examination.
Well, good luck to everyone taking examinations,
And to Seksyen 1,
Good job on planning stuff.

September 23, 2007


Today is Sunday!
Means church day,
Ha ha.

Youth for today was Praise and Worship,
Well, I prefer Bible Study.
But it was a movie!
So I felt happier!

The movie we watched was Left Behind.
It was meaningful,
The main point of the whole story is to believe in Him before it is too late.
For those non-Christians,
Today you and you're parents quarrel,
But what if the next day they pass away?
You won't have anymore time to spend with them,
And it is forever.
Don't think that,
You still have a lot more time,
Because we humans can predict the future.

Came back from church around 5 p.m.
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
My father steamed some eggs,
It was delicious.
I didn't eat any rice because I didn't have much appetite.
I ate some eggs,
I wanted to finish it,
But other people still need to eat.

After my parents ate,
My mother said there were still some eggs left.
I wanted to eat,
I said "Later" because I was doing something.
But guess what?
My mother finish the eggs,
She is always like that,
Never keeps her promise.
Plus, that time my Maple character died,
I wasn't in a good mood so I kind of shouted at my mother.
I guess she felt guilty too,
My father made another steamed egg for me.
Thanks dad,
My father is still the best~!

September 22, 2007

Mooncake Festival

Just now,
Around 7 p.m.
Me and Blake walked to our primary school,
Yak Chee.

He met Aaron,
So they trio walked together all the time.
I saw ...
Ee Jay, Yin Suan, Yi Ling, Alden, Bryan, Xiao Ping and a lot more.
The whole thing was kind of boring.

We saw some weird people there,
There was this guy with golden long hair.
Well, Blake didn't manage to see Faith.

We went back around 10 p.m.
Nothing much,
Wasn't as grand as I expected.

September 21, 2007

Freaked Out~!

In school,
Jia Yu's house key went missing and all suspected it was Ismat.

Afternoon, lunch time.
I was going to sit down.
Then suddenly this uncle came from no where and just sat there.
Oh my gosh,
Nice manners there.
Jia Yu and Ming Huey never came,
Broke their promise.

Kar Mern came to my house again.
Later on his father called me and I totally freaked out.
I didn't know who was that,
Kar Mern, if you are reading this,
Tell him I freaked out,
Ha ha ha.
Scared me,
He was like,
'Did you call me just now?'
'Where is this?'
What the heck?
Then he said his name was Lee something something,
Then I thought maybe it was Kar Mern's father.
The whole conversation was weird.

September 20, 2007

I Forgot what to write.

Kind of lost here.
All I remember is the "war" in class,
Ha ha ha.

During Science,
There was no teachers and the whole class was chaotic.
Still curious about Kar Mern's secret though.

Eating toast now,
The only thing I can find in my house.
Hate doing homework,
I am suppose to finish up my History notes,
And pass up tomorrow.
But the weather is like,
Inferno or something.
It is hotter than Blake!!
And I don't have air-conditioners in my living room,
I ain't rich.
Plus, doing homework in my room just leads to a sweet nap,
Because I tend to lie on the bed,
Next thing I know,
It is 6 p.m.
I am still sitting here,
Enjoying my toast.
Ha ha ha.


September 19, 2007

Am I Emo?

Okay, the title was random.

Just woke up from a nap.
Feeling sleepy these days,
Not enough sleep.

Something weird came to my mind.
Seems like every book I have,
Chan Wai Lun has it too.
Like Supernaturalist, True Singapore Ghost Stories, Darren Shan and so on.
Maybe I'm thinking too much,
Maybe not.

Want to sleep.
Hopefully Hari Raya comes fast so I can rest,
Rest in peace.
Ha ha ha.

September 17, 2007

Christianity? Buddhism? Islamic?

Sometimes I have doubts about my religion.
In Friendster groups,
Every religious group is discussing about OTHER religions instead.
More like insulting than discussing.

Why can't the whole world have 1 united belief,
Isn't so much better?
Religions are causing war,
Stupid misconception then start war.
And adults are the ones that are matured,
Yea right.

Please people,
Stop condemning other religions,
Just focus on yours,
And continue with life.

Hi Fellow Readers!

Ya, I know,
Lame title.

Nothing much to write,
Seems that all I write is about my life,
Which isn't anything interesting.

Maybe that's why I am lazy to write.
And readers aren't finding any entertainment anymore.
Life is boring too,
I'm boring myself.

Chatting with MSN friend,
Getting boring some times.
Nowadays talking to Blake is boring too.
Seems like we talked about everything,
But Blake still like to talk about his new friends,
But it is boring to me, (no offense)
Because I can't relate to it.

Maybe I should find new friends instead,
It doesn't mean I will dump those I have now!
I appreciate you all,
Thanks everyone.
(now I seems like I'm going to die)

Need finish up so many notes,
Especially Geography and History notes,
Argh, wasting time.

Maple Story also seems pointless,
Training gets harder,
Not much friends to chat with.
Now I seem desperate for new friends.

This entry is weird,
I also don't know what is happening to me.
-Kritz, confused.

September 13, 2007

New Label! Religious Side of Me.

Well, this is more about God answering my prayers.
As you all know,
I am a Christian,
If you don't,
Well, now you know.
(2nd entry for today)

Few days ago,
My mother told me that this Saturday she will be going to Penang to do some charity work.
She wasn't doing it for the poor or something,
But for some person known as Amma.
She I some what holy or something,
And my mother keep saying it isn't religious but a person who spreads love.
People say that she got holy powers or something.
I didn't really like the thought of that,
Because my mother has a friend who is TOTALLY crazy over that holy person.
So I prayed that something will happen so that she doesn't need to go.
And suddenly,
My mother tells me that the whole thing is canceled.
Wow, Incredible.

God bless you all.

Happy Birthday Angeline~!

I guess I should skip whatever that happened in school,
Nothing much.

After school,
I took my bath,
Then Blake, Josh, Yi Shen, Angeline, Samantha and I were walking to Giant.
We saw Kasper there,
Blake's brother.
We ate delicious pizzas at Pizza Hut.
Me and Yi Shen shared another Lasagna,
It looks way smaller than the one showed in the menu.
Typical, isn't it?

We chatted a lot,
Took pictures and videos!
The videos were all hilarious!
But my video was accidentally gone.
Sad, very sad.

Later on, Xiang Min joined us.
Then Kar Mern and Hui Teng came back from IOI Mall.
They bought the Secret Recipe cake that we bought.
Well, we gather money,
Each of us paid RM 7 to buy that cake.
But things turned bad.
Some other people came,
And some of us were furious,
Mainly Blake and Samantha,
And vulgarities flew around.

After we ate the Pizza Hut food,
We asked the waitress to clean up the table,
Because we wanted to eat the cake.
The waitress looked as if she killed some one or something,
Her face was black.

Well, it turned out okay I guess.
Later on,
We walked back.
Kar Mern, Hui Teng, Xiang Min and Samantha went home earlier.
She left Blake, Josh, Yi Shen, Angeline and me.
When we reached Blake's house,
So Angeline went back 1st,
Yi Shen went to my house,
Grabbed his bag and went home.
Left me, Blake and Josh.

We were checking out the videos we took,
It appears that out videos came back!
It wasn't gone.

Later on,
Blake and Josh went back.
Josh went home I think,
And Blake went to his usual basketball thing.
So, left me alone in this house typing what you are reading now.
Thank for reading though!

September 12, 2007


This morning,
Mathematics class,
The teacher was absent.
But she gave us a freaking monthly test!
Around 64 questions for 1 hour or so.
Didn't manage to finish all,
Just needed few more minutes to finish 3 more questions.
Then the teacher of the Living Skills for the girls came in.
Chased us boys out of the class.
So I grabbed my books and went out without looking at her face.

Living Skills, continued my wood project.
A little bit late for my cooperation work,
And also didn't ate my prepared food.

So, went back to class later,
It was Chinese class,
And no teacher,
So we chatted and I ate my food.
I prepared 3 hot dogs,
1 for me,
1 for Blake,
Half for Angeline,
And half for Kar Mern.

Malay later on.
This was went things became bad.
Suddenly news broke out,
That Lee Kar Mern lost her purse!
She was in class,
And we went to the library,
Suddenly she remembered that she left her purse in the class.
So she went back and the PURSE WAS GONE!
I don't want to go into details,
Later she scold me.

And lunch time,
She asked me to take her big stack of books about piano.
She said she need to go IOI Mall to buy something.
I kind of pitied her so I just took her books.
Later on Kok Siong told me more details,
And he says its that new boy in out class,
Now there are 4 problem boys,
Syamim, Ismat, Haniff and Megat.
I don't get what the teachers are thinking,
They think that they will change to be better,
Nope, they are just disrupting out learning process.

Well, hope Kar Mern gets over the whole thing,
I'm still not sure about the facts though.

September 10, 2007

Laziness Takes Over

Saturday, can't remember what happened.
Sunday, went to church,
And there was this examination blessing thing,
Didn't manage to invite anyone,
What a failure.
And on Sunday night,
Blake came to my house to watch High School Musical 2!
We ate lots of chocolates.
He enjoyed the show,
While I was watching and playing Maple Story,
Level 106 now,

Morning was raining.
My mother sent me to school by car.
So no Physical Education class.
Finished up a little bit homework,
And of course,
Me, Blake and Josh chatted the whole time.

Ate fried rice and sausages prepared by my mother.
Fell from the chair thanks to some Indians pigs.
And the little mental boy wanted to eat my food!
That was freaky.
Then Kentz came by, as usual.

No teacher.
Moral, monthly examination.
The funny thing was there is answers at the back of the book!
But being good and honest students,
We never checked the answers.

Malay class,
Nothing interesting.
Kar Mern seems weird these few days,
Everything bad about her and she will blame me,
Because I am her "father".

Monthly test results!
Eirban almost suicide,
He got 29/40, which is 72.5%.
I got 85%, unexpected!
And Chan Wai Lun was like so happy when he found out that he got 32/40!
He kept "showing off".
Then suddenly I told him I got 34/40.
His smile became smaller.
Ha ha ha.

Well, something is wrong with my ears now,
Freaking itchy,
And something weird that might FREAK you all out,
So I better don't say.

Bye~ Thanks for reading.

September 6, 2007

Tomorrow is Friday!!

This morning,
Almost woke up late,
Thanks to myself for that habit of sleeping after alarm ring,
I guess I need more sleep.

1st class was English,
Something weird happened.
When I wanted to pass my manila card about a Literature homework,
The teacher said : "I thought you said you wanted to pass up tomorrow?"
I was like : " When did I say that??"
Eirban which was sitting next to me said : " Ya, you did say that!"
What happened?
I've now got short term memory lost?!

Science later,
I love it,
Because its about making a presentation in power point.
I was the 1st group to finish,
Me and Alif.
I did most of the work,
But I loved it!
Then teacher said my presentation didn't have any pictures.
So she transfered my file to her laptop.
Wow, she really has A LOT of those pictures.
Those pictures mean those that are suitable.
No other meanings.

I went to 2 Alfa for awhile,
The whole class smelt like soap,
Because they were carving soap in the class as an art project.
And we kind of fooled around with Wan Hou Yin,
Trying to lock him inside the class,
Ha ha ha.

Met Kentz at the usual recess spot,
Which is a bench.
He gave sweets,
Thanks Kentz!

Living Skills class,
The stupid teacher wanted us to passed up a sketch.
But when I explained that I left it in the plastic bag with the other stuff (long story),
He doesn't buy it,
Or he doesn't understand?

So after a long time,
I'm guessing he snapped or something,
He finally understands what am I saying and went to open the garage thing.
So I took my paper and passed it up,
If he didn't let us take the paper,
I was going to kill him.

Pn. Liew isn't back yet,
And Pn. Lau was the substitute teacher.
She gave some exercise and the bunch of jokers were making the class laugh,
As usual,
Typical Chinese class,
With a warm feeling when all are Chinese.

Nothing much.

After school,
Went to the restaurant opposite of the school for lunch.
Josh bought another magazine,
I guess he loves them.
He borrowed me his CD of JJ Lin.

I can't remember much now,
Just had dinner after a rejuvenating nap,
Not really rejuvenating actually,
Just wanted to use that word.
Reminder : Geography examination tomorrow.

-Kritz, memory lost.

September 5, 2007

Adults Always Right? I Don't Think So.

Well, in school,
Only fun thing was the module for Living Skills.
Mathematics and Chinese classes don't have teacher,
I rather spend it at home rotting.

In house,
Blake came to my house.
Nothing much also,

Then I showed my mother the picture that I took in the school,
2 class pictures, 1 red crescent society and 1 cooperation.
After that she just left the pictures there.

5 minuted later,
My grandmother was looking at my pictures,
And she was eating durian!
I was so worried that she would leave stuff on my pictures.
Then I told my mother and she started scolding me for not keeping it properly.
I was so angry that time I wanted to kill someone.
It was her fault that she just left the pictures there after seeing,
And now she scolds me?!?!?!?!

Tuition, and back now.
Need to revise for Living Skills and Geography,
Because there is monthly examinations on Thursday and Friday respectively.

September 4, 2007

Something Utterly Strange

Nothing much in school,
Only when that Haniff was "playing" with Tan Wai Leong,
Like gays.

Went home,
Turned on Gimme More - Britney Spears.
Then my MSN friend suddenly chat with me and said something weird,
I found her Friendster and it was weirder,
I don't want to elaborate any further.

And my phone rang,
The number there stated : Private Number.
Then this Malay guy on the line was like,
"Did you call me?"
And some stuff,
Heck, I just closed the phone.

By the way,
Yesterday night Blake and I discovered the way off listening songs in a new way,
Ha ha ha.
-Kritz, freaked out.

September 3, 2007

Typical Day

Nothing much happened,
Blake seemed fine when he reached school today,
But suddenly he went home because he was sick.

Well, no Blake,
A little bit boring,
And during Moral class,
Teacher ask a question.
So I asked Samantha to shout the answer,
Because she loves to shout.

She said :
Then the teacher was like :
What was it again?
Then a gang of us went :
Teacher : YES! That is correct.

That was funny!

September 2, 2007

Missed Church, AGAIN!

On Saturday I had to go back to my mother's hometown to celebrate my grandmother's birthday.
In the car,
I listened to the songs in my hand phone.

So I had my hair cut and went on Friendster the whole day.
It was so boring.
At night,
We went to the restaurant for dinner.

I was listening to my hand phone radio the whole time,
I think I wouldn't have survived without my hand phone.

The next day morning,
Which is today,
Rained heavily.
So we went back,
And I was listening to the songs in my phone and slept halfway.
When I woke up,
We were at the McDonald's,
What a surprise!

Nothing much today,
Missed church again,