December 30, 2010

6H Gathering @ Old Town, Kinrara

Wanted to post something related to my trip to Genting, but I guess I'll save that for another time.

Teh Ee Chern (TEC) organised this year's gathering for us classmates of 6H, year 2005's batch of SJK (C) Yak Chee.
When I arrived there, after some dim sum with some of my secondary school friends, it seems like Old Town was not open for business.
Apparently, some fire accident happened in the kitchen.

Nevertheless, we still had our gathering there, albeit the service was terrible.

Then again, the main point of the gathering was about us getting together and meeting each other, talking, gossiping and what-not, right?

'Clicking' wasn't a problem, which was a relieve. Although it was just some usual talk we would have with other friends, it was awesome. For me at least.

And like always, Wu Lao Shi would drop by, despite her busy schedule, to say hi and tell us to behave well, like we always did since primary school :D

Reminds me of how I used to miss my friends. Not that I don't miss them anymore, but time really makes certain memories or feelings fade into the background. Today, they emerged into the spotlight. (That sounded tacky -.-)

Looking forward to the next gathering, and to more awesome gatherings in the future.

December 21, 2010


So watching Social Network, Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum got me into the mood of watching movies again!

Watch movies from a specific actor,
Watch movies from a specific director,
Watch critically acclaimed movies (IMDb top 250!!),
Watch movies that I've been wanting to watch ...

Just hope this mood doesn't die out too soon :(

December 13, 2010

Failing to prioritise

Whoa, it's been a long time.
I guess I should start blogging again, at least once or twice a week.
I remember blogging about how blogging has been the only hobby I hung on to for the longest period of time.
Apparently, that didn't last as well.

Tomorrow's the last day of the SPM examinations, the most dreadful subject, Chinese Language (or Mandarin, whatever).
Not sure how I did for my other subjects, dare not have any sort of expectations ... although I will subconsciously have them in my mind, determining the reaction I would have prior to the release of my results. (I'm not sure whether is that sentence phrased correctly -.-)

Hope I will stick to my words.

November 15, 2010


Hah, scared you there.
Not even a bit?
Awww, dammit.

It's been SO LONG since I've posted something on this cyber-dust-collecting blog,
Even the log in page looks different.

So ... where do I start?

Tomorrow's my graduation day.
I guess this could be considered the first, since kindergarten doesn't count and I missed primary because of stupid chicken pox.
Yes, I can't stop telling the whole world about my tragic past.

5 years, 5 friggin' years.
Well, some time in the future, I'll think of these 5 years as a minor part of my life. Very minor.
But right now, this very moment, the climax of the 17 (almost 18) of my life is written in these 5 years ...
Probably the coming week,
My major exams.

Then again, SPM doesn't overshadow these 5 years.
I believe it's the friends and people I interact with that makes these 5 years what it really is.
Did that make sense?
Gosh, this seems to be getting a little corny.
Sounds like a year-end post, heh.

But the story doesn't end here.
It's another beginning.
Yes, ANOTHER beginning.
My freedom will only last slightly more than half-a-month,
Because my college life starts on the 3rd of January.

I'm officially a SASA-rian,
A scholarship offered by HELP.
I'm not thrilled at all.
In fact, I'm intimidated.

When I was in HELP,
Getting ready for my interview,
I went through the brochure and saw that one of their mottoes is 'To Be Significant'.
I could TOTALLY relate with that.
I DO want to be significant.
Not rich, famous, powerful,
But significant.

Yet, during the award ceremony,
I see people from higher class areas,
With that significant look on their faces ...

The whole vibe is entirely different from those that I've grew up in.
I wonder how in the world could I get use to that.
I'm not a fan of venturing into the unknown ...
Guess I won't be going far?

I don't feel like being significant.
Maybe I'm just not meant to be some intellectual individual,
Just some common person that blends into the ever-changing society.

Maybe I'm not destined for awesomeness like Barney (NO, not the purple dinosaur).
Oh wait, his awesomeness has another definition.

So everyone tells me to concentrate on SPM and put aside other stuff.
But I can't.
I just can't.

I just lost the mood to continue this.

Shall disappear for another ... month or so.

September 20, 2010

Post 555

I'm getting this close to totally abandon this blog ...

Let me see what I can ... write ...

Bubba Gump is nice, but expensive. Totally miss the greyish mash potatoes.
Tried both The Ship and Victoria Station. Expensive food woo~
Watched The Expendables. Cannot imagine have Ryan Seacrest on it, LOL.
2 weeks of holidays well spent ... playing Maple Story.
Aran level 81 woo~
iPod + bed = amazing combination.
Portable YouTube FTW.
Sejarah = barbiturate without physical side effect ... a little mental though.
Gonna regret this some day.
Want to see Daughtry performing live, so bad.
Won some notebook from AuditionSEA o.o
Won premiere passes from nuffnang the second time (meaning 100% streak) BUT THEY CHANGED THE DATE FROM the school holidays TO THE DAY BEFORE MY TRIALS.

End of post LOL.

August 14, 2010

I try ... so hard ...

And that one thing screws everything up.
Sucks when people judge you on one certain unintentional mistake, eh?

I'm, for what it's worth, absolutely sorry for what I've done wrong,
But believe it or not, I wasn't being a selfish jerk,
Somehow, it just slipped out of my mind.

I'm not the kind that will say,
Heck, screw him, I shall verbally screw him up every time I have the chance to do so.

No, in fact, I do try to make things better, whether you notice it or not.

Even with people that aren't friends of my friends,
i.e. a friend that my other friend dislikes.
I'll try my best NOT to dislike him just because another friend does,
Despite having good reasons to do so.
I guess that's just me.

Sometimes, I don't even know why am I even trying.
Maybe it's because I don't want things to be so awkward all the time,
Maybe it's because it's never okay to make enemies.

And I've mentioned before in previous posts,
That I really take what people say about me to heart,
It makes me very ... frustrated at times.
I guess I can't be a celebrity because celebrities have a lot of haters. HAH.
Unless it's some stranger ... never mind.

Even though sometimes I seem like I genuinely dislike a person,
But that doesn't stop me from trying not to hate.
I'm human too, and I have emotions.

I guess it's just human to say FML when they knock their toes against the foot of the bed before sleeping when they had the greatest day of their lives;
I guess it's just human to label a person based on one single incident despite him being decent most of the time.

Oh well. I guess I'll have to let it be.

August 12, 2010

Epiphany ... ? Destiny ... ?

So I was looking for a book to read,
(Yeah, I know, I should be concentrating on my studies ... whatever)
Going through my cupboard of books,
I saw Dracula ... Hunger Games ...
Didn't feel like reading those,
So I continued staring ...

Then I saw this book,
103 Mathematical Theorems, Axioms, Paradoxes and Stuff.
Yeah, I know, crazy.
But the crazier thing is I actually bought a book about DNA Fingerprinting and Letters from a Nut last year,
All three of them together from Scholastic.
What a waste of money =.=

So I grabbed that book about math,
Flipped open and saw this:

Shayan Sen (the author) studied at Trinity College, Dublin before completing his PhD in mathematics at Cornell University. He currently lives in Toronto and works as an actuary.

My reaction was like,

Okay, I guess this is a sign.
Actuary is what I will be studying! I guess ...

August 1, 2010

Tagged ...

... by Michele.

When was the last time I was tagged?
(It's friggin' rhetorical, duh)

Ten different things I wish I could say to 10 different people
  1. What's your problem?
  2. Dude, get a life.
  3. Wtf. Get off my nerves. (Get it? Instead of saying stop getting on my nerves ... never mind)
  4. What the hell is your problem?
  5. Stop thinking you're so (inserts adjective). Pfft.
  6. ... ...
Okay to sum that all up, it's all harsh stuff with colourful vocabulary. What ... one could wish right? Heh.
There's probably some mushy stuff there, but I rather not mention those ...

Nine things about myself:
  1. Don't really know what I like. That's ... something, right?
  2. I have a PSP? Is that considered?
  3. Oh and I have an iPod Touch too.
  4. I like Rubik's cubes, but I'm kinda lazy to put effort into improving it.
  5. I like watching movies? Good movies.
  6. I like reading books with some depth to it.
  7. I spend way too much time in front of the computer.
  8. Love thrill rides. Sort of.
  9. Generally a dull and boring person. I guess. o_o

Eight ways to win my heart in a relationship.
Okay this seems a little ... weird. So I'll just skip this part.

Seven thoughts that crossed my mind a lot:
  1. Swear words. hehehe
  2. The fact that I might be very successful one day ...
  3. ... or maybe just a very common office worker that has a dull life. *nightmare*
  4. The vast possibilities when I step into tertiary education. Certain changes I would like to make ...
  5. About my lack of interest that hinders my selection of courses to take up. Pondering about something non-existent ... lol.
  6. To think of something no one else had thought before.
  7. The possibility of ... 'that' happening. Okay I don't exactly know what's 'that'.

Six things I do before I sleep:
  1. Switch on the air-conditioner.
  2. Brush my teeth.
  3. Wash my face.
  4. Set my handphone's alarm clock.
  5. Set my alarm clock. (Yes I set both).
  6. Occasionally, snuggle in my bed with my iPod, surfing the net if I don't feel like sleeping yet. (But forced to)

Five people who means a lot:
  1. Dad.
  2. Mom.
  3. Certain friends.
  4. Certain teachers.
  5. Certain relatives? LOL

Four things I'm wearing right now:
  1. Pants.
  2. Shirt.
  3. Briefs. (Don't look at me like that. It's not like I'm not wearing them -.-)
  4. Nail polish That's all.

3 songs I listen to often:
Songs? How about singers/bands instead?
  1. OneRepublic
  2. David Cook
  3. Daughtry
Actually those are my favourite 3 bands, but not necessarily bands I listen often. LOL

Two things you want to do before you die:
  1. Have my life flash before my eyes 8D. Oh wait, that's something that happens, not something I want to do ... bummer. Do something ... significant?
  2. Do those stuff that I'd love to do but not have the courage to. Don't even bother asking what.

One confession
  1. I spend a lot of money? lol.

July 31, 2010

Random update ...

So about that review about Inception ...
... maybe some other time ...

Getting emo in 4, 3, 2 ...


Yeah, it's this uncertainty and lack of direction that has been bugging me these days.
He has his music thing, he has his basketball thing, he has his piano/guitar/music thing, then she has her translating thing, then she has her photography thing, then she has her blogging thing, then she has her thing with pets, then she has this thing for writing, then she has her secret life thing, then he has his photography thing too, then he has this ...

Seems like everyone has a thing, except for me. Boo hoo :(

When will I finally find something that I'm actually ... good at ... interested, at least.

Maybe there's just nothing o_o

Maybe I'm not looking hard enough >.>

Maybe ...

Meh. Who cares. Right ... ?

If only I was exceptionally brilliant or something.
But that ain't the case too.
This urge to want to stand out in the crowd ... it's there.
And no body-size related jokes please.
Doesn't mean when I don't get offended by those,
You could go overboard with it.

And the media and worldly-views of a lot of stuff is getting to me ...
And that day there was this morbid curiosity that struck me ...
Hmmmm ....

July 26, 2010


The twitter bird holding the 'Follow Me' sign is officially functional!

Since I sort of lost interest in blogging,
I shall end now.

p.s. INCEPTION WAS MIND-BLOWING AWESOME. Will write the review of it ... hopefully ... someday ...
p.p.s. Sorcerer's Apprentice was meh, but on the plus side, they played OneRepublic's Secrets 3 times!!
p.p.p.s. Toy Fair was lame -.-
p.p.p.p.s. I bought a yoyo! But ... >.>


July 17, 2010

Stuff *points at blog URL*

Don't really care about blogging anymore ... but anyway ...

Went to KDU ... can't remember when,
For Maths and Science quiz thing,
Managed to get a medal for being in the top 50,
Quite happy about it I guess.

What else happened?

Got 4th place in class,
Can't expect to get higher since I didn't put in the effort the others had ...
But that doesn't mean I'm satisfied with my results, lol.

And I'm finally done with my Additional Mathematics Folio.
Mine was sent to PPD, lol,
Teacher specially thanked us (KM, CY and me),
Because the higher authority (lol) wanted to check a group that did Question 1 (there were 4 questions),
Only 2 groups did Question 1 while everyone else did Question 4.
And apparently mine had a tinge more of originality compared to KM and CY's,
So mine was picked.
So yeah :D
Not that mine was exceptionally good,
Just a lil bit ... original?
Yeah ... uplifted my mood a little.

Gah, that's all I remember.

And it's official, I'm one of the chosen ones.
Talk about the 27% probability.
More like bad luck.
Screw this -.-

June 25, 2010

Of sucky results and an inevitable farewell.


Let me see ...
A+ for Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and English.
A for Moral, History and Physics.
A- for Mandarin and Malay.
B+ for Chemistry and Biology.

Was REALLY happy to score 97 for Additional Mathematics,
Like seriously,
Happier than winning 2 rounds of zone-level debates!
Especially when paper 2 was set by Pn. Tan herself.

REALLY happy to score 72 for Mandarin too!
My very first A- for Mandarin for SPM level!
The teacher even thought I had the essay question before the exam,
Because it seemed too good to be true.
Kinda insulting but, nevertheless, :D
Then again, my traditional Chinese part sucked.

Chemistry and Biology sucked,
Especially the essay parts.
Guess I'll have to ... ... you know ...
Lost quite a lot of marks for the Novel and writing section for BM, :(

Doesn't seem that bad,
But kinda bad when compared to other classmates.
Not that I'm being competitive,
But their results are used as a reference.
Especially when people are getting 10~20 marks more than yours for a single paper >.<

Oh well,
What's done is done.

* * *

Pn. Tan left our school,
Our (5 Alfa) Mathematics and Additional Mathematics teacher.
One of the best teacher I've ever had in my schooling life,
Not just her effective teaching method,
Her way of explaining things,
But also the personal advice she gives,
The times where she joked with us students.

It was such an emotional scene when the girls started crying,
And all the hugging,
Even I was sniffing,
On the brink of tearing.

I believe it's as hard for her as it is for us,
Probably even worse.
We've only been under her teaching for ... a year and a half?
Whereas she's been in this school for over 10 years ...

But one's capability shouldn't be limited,
For a person that could teach so much more ...

If there was an article written about what a teacher should be,
Or an essay about their most respected teacher,
Or an inspiration to be a teacher to educate the future generations,
I believe she'd be one used as reference,
Pn. Tan Kim Leng,
Our beloved teacher :D

All the best in her endeavours,
As a matriculation lecturer :)

June 22, 2010

The thing I loathe.

I really, really hate debating.
The mere flashback of it makes me sick.
I mean REALLY sick.
I feel so mentally and psychologically tortured, lol.

I'm currently trying to find out why do I loathe thee so excessively,
Is it the immense amount of tension?
Is it the fact that I'm not good at public speaking?
Is it the fact that I'm not prepared for it?
Is it the fact that I don't have much experience?
Would having more competitions in school help?

This is the very first time I joined an actual debate competition,
No, an actual debate in fact.
I previously had 2,
One was without preparation,
While the second one was ... sort of debating with myself.

I think I'm sick, lol.

Went to SMK Seksyen 4 today for a zone level debate competition,
Up against SMK Puchong (had no idea that existed, sorry, but then again, what are the odds of a student from that school reading my blog? lol) for the first round,
Public shame is an appropriate means of punishing criminals as the motion of the debate.
We were the opposition team for this motion.

I was the first speaker, and the person to give the reply speech.


Somehow, we won.

The best part of the day was meeting a bunch of my old friends,
Those from 6H and those from Success Score,
Ah, miss them, sort of.

Had no appetite.
Did not feel well.

2nd round,
Up against Seksyen 3.
They went straight to Round 2,
Because their opponent in Round 1 withdrew.

So basically, they had the whole morning to prepare,
While we had like ... 1 hour?
The motion was young people should be subjected to night-time curfews as a way to reduce crime.
We were the governing team this time.

They were so bitchy mean,
Greeting us as the 'wise yet confused governing team',
Boasting about their impenetrable 'skyscraper',
Saying our points were 'feeble'.

I have to say,
That strategy had a great role in relinquishing our morale,
But somehow we won.
Both teams were equally shocked.

Can't believe we're in the finals.
I loathe thee, debate.

June 20, 2010

Maybe I should just ... stop

Bye holidays,
Had ... fun?
Probably not called fun ...
Just a few stress-free days.

Watched Toy Story 3, yay~
Thanks to nuffnang.

Did nothing, at all, almost.
I wonder what would happen to me tomorrow?

Time to ... get myself back together?

June 12, 2010

Holidays are ...

... kinda boring. But I'm not complaining. Heh.

So far, watched 2 movies,
Robin Hood in the cinemas

And To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) at home.

Yay, big pictures.

Went out with a bunch of friends on Friday,
They watched other movies while I watched Robin Hood alone.
Finally get to watch movies separately, was so fun, LOL.

Robin Hood was not bad, I guess.
I don't know what to say about it.
Enjoyed it? But the ratings weren't so good ... so whatever.

To Kill a Mockingbird, wanted to watch that for quite some time,
Finally had the time, and mood, of course.
Very first black and white movie for me :D

Went to my driving instructor's funeral.
So sudden.
But we arrived late /=

Became a outing instead.
Went bowling and snookering.

Went out on Friday again,
Ping pong and bowling this time.
Then night market ... well, at night.

Time's a wastin'~

June 5, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

No, seriously. I really want to watch Toy Story 3!

It's been 11 years since Toy Story 2,
Who would've thought the 3rd installment would eventually be created?

Yeah, you guys know the drill,
I grew up watching Toy Story,
Part of my childhood,
Yadda, yadda, yadda.

But it's somewhat true, I guess.
I won't be exaggerating about how Woody or Buzz made me who I am today,
But damn, that duo left a big impression in my head.

Truth be told,
The storyline is kinda vague for me right now,
It's sort of the same for every other Disney cartoon I've watched when I was young,
Despite having watched them over and over and over again ...

What better way to relive a part of my childhood than by watching Toy Story 3?
The magic of Disney is that when you watch it from different perspectives, i.e. at different stages of life, you'll gain different things.
When you're a child, you'll probably get hours and hours fun and enjoyment; but for me, I'd enjoy not only the comedic scenes, but also the values behind it that I failed to take notice when I was younger.

Back to the topic,
Toy Story 3 :D

New toys,
A favourite toy... hmmm.
I guess my favourite toy would be Peas-in-a-Pod!

I wish I had these when I was young,
Even now in fact,
They are SO CUTE.

Judging from their expressions,
The middle one would be outspoken, the one on the right would be soft spoken, whereas the left one would be a little mischievous.

Warmth, security, tightly-knit (not ... fabric wise), blushing, awww...

Then there's this teddy bear,
Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear :D

Looks like some reliable person toy one would seek comfort from,
Full of wisdom? Maybe it's the walking stick?

Would be very much huggable if it was life-size, whoa.

But then again,
Looks might be deceiving.

Despite the new toys,
We should also learn from Andy:
He never threw his old toys away when he had new ones,
He treasured all of them as if they were his family.

So here's a small tribute to the gang that made Toy Story the legendary animation that it currently is.

You've got a friend in me~

The thought of watching Toy Story 3 exhilarating,
Since the anticipation and hype has been building up since last year!
Besides, I've somehow or rather became a fan of Tom Hanks,
Amazing actor :x
Adds to the desire to watch Toy Story 3 :D

So there's my "I wanna watch Toy Story 3" post,
Organised by Nuffnang.
Check it out!

*credits to Nuffnang for all the pictures*

June 3, 2010


woot yay, end of exams.
*note the lack of exclamation marks and capital letters*

Gosh, it's finally over.
3 weeks of ... not being able to study properly has finally over.
I think I'd be missing the days where there's no homework,
No duties,
No pointless extra co-curricular activities,
No staying back ...

I wish there would somehow be a balance between the normal study days and the exam period.

I feel so ... not-as-happy-as-I-should-be right now.

Before that,
Internet's been down since last Friday or Saturday,
Can't really remember,
Finally got it back yesterday.
Lovin' the download speed,
Love being able to plurk before I fall asleep,
Guess I'm very much grateful right now.

I have no idea why I take what people say so seriously.
Even though it's not entirely accurate,
But it shows what people think of you,
What impressions they have,
And it sucks /=

On the bright side,
Spending time with friends act as an anesthetic for that pointless thought that drags my mood down.
But other than that, it bugs me a lot.
I probably shouldn't give a damn,
But it's harder to not give a damn about giving a damn than to just not give a damn.


Shouldn't let that spoil my holidays.
But it has already done some damage ...

Gah, why do I even care?

May 29, 2010

Last American Idol post ...

I present thee, the winner of American Idol Season 9

Lee DeWyze!

So happy that he won :D
43 episodes later, the American Idol has finally been crowned.

He deserved it :)

And goodbye to Simon as well.
Can't imagine what Idol would be like next year without him.
But I guess we'll see.

Oh and congratulations to Crystal Bowersox as well.
She'd probably have a successful career as well, despite not winning Idol.
Not that she's bad, I'm just not a fan.

* * *

Back to school.
2 weeks of examinations down, 1 more week to go.
Gosh, I don't know what to say about the mid-terms.
I really didn't put the effort exams required in terms of studying and revision.

Can't wait for the holidays.
lol, heh :D

May 21, 2010

Like ... who cares?

So yeah. Hello :D

Had my driving exam on Monday~
Gosh, I was so worried that it would screw my midterms up.
While the whole world was studying over the weekends,
I had to balik kampung and after coming back,
Attend my last driving lesson.

Other than that,
I was freaking out, lol.
So that was my excuse for not having the mood to study >.>

While everyone attended school,
I had to wake up 5 in the morning and go to the exam place.

Thank goodness I had a friend there to accompany me.
Or else it would be worse @_@

My greatest fear was the slope.
Oh the agony when you're accelerating for your life,
Lifting the clutch with extreme caution,
Waiting for the sign to release the handbrake,
And therein lies your fate,
Will the car go forward? Stall? Roll down the slope?

I was lucky number 11,
While my friend was number 4.
1-10 all went over the slope,
None of them failed!

Then it was MY TURN.

So I stumbled into the car,
And everything was so surreal.

Next thing I new.


Passed ._.

Everything else didn't matter,
Parking and 3 point turns were not a problem.

ALL DOWN IN 6 MINUTES. (well, according to the slip)


Then it was the on-the-road test.
Everything went well,

And 2 days later,
Obtained my P license.

Now that's a part of history.
I milestone in my life has been conquered.

* * *

In the school hall,
Heat, tension and excessive carbon dioxide all in one room.

Didn't really study for Bahasa Melayu, English, Sivik and Maths.
Studied seriously for Sejarah.
Had to.

Whatever with the exams.

Oh yeah,
Had a stand fan woot.
Thanks to Pn Lau :D

* * *

Gosh, I wish Lee DeWyze wins :(

May 14, 2010

It's not that I'm complainin' but ...

Badminton craze 8D
Sorry, not really a part of it because my parents aren't.
But I would watch if no one else was hogging the TV ...


Busy with creating this school's teachers' day bookmark.
Turned out not that nice but my creativity and skills are very limited,
So yeah.

Took pictures in school,
Gonna miss one on Monday :(

Exams sodifnisdfsdfosdfsdfsdfsfdsdsdfsffaswrsyeyryurthgnsdasfsgvafrdfdsfnos
No point complaining about how I wanted to study earlier but end up studying last minute ANYWAY.
Oh well,
Should probably make the best out of this last-minuteness.

Last lesson,

May 9, 2010

Lazy :(

Lee DeWyze for American Idol of 2010!
All his AI performances are amazing!
LOVE that song so much right now.
No, he's not seemingly good just because this is one of the worst season of AI history.
He IS good.

Recently stumbled upon this tumblr about Friends the TV show,
Makes me so wanna watch it all over again.
How I wish I could own the DVD boxset of all 10 seasons.
Expensive x_x
Amazing series :(

Hari Anugerah is over!
Had to take so many pictures, gah @_@
So not my thing.

Exams woot!
So dead.

Driving exam.

Okay I don't feel like blogging out of a sudden =.=

May 3, 2010

Screwed up, hehe

Homework, studies, time management and student related stuff,
Screwed up, heh :D

Oh well.

On the other hand ... Lee DeWyze should totally win American Idol. LOL.
Gahh, his singing is so nice.
And this time I'm not biased about anything,
Since I watched every episode,
Unlike previous seasons.

May 17th!
Driving exam.

Screwedddd up~

April 23, 2010














April 19, 2010

Pokemon and American Idol!

Aww, Andrew's out.
Wish he would stay longer, but I guess his time is up. :(
Oh well, Lee better win this. LOL


Took it slower for Pokemon Yellow,
Trained my Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Dragonite and Mew equally.

Next up, Emerald?

April 16, 2010


  1. Surat pelantikan. [DONE!]
  2. Tag pengawas percubaan. [DONE!]
  3. Set of 1119 objective questions. [DONE!]
  4. Physics exercise. [DONE!]
  5. Moral Powerpoint - Keamanan dan keharmonian.
  6. Touch up powerpoint for Bahasa Cina. (been saying that since forever)
  7. Something about Kelab Memanah? Oh yes, passing the carta organisasi to some kid ...
  8. Prepare for Sejarah tuition exam. (doubt I'll actually do that ...) [OVER!]
  9. Prepare for Chemistry tuition exam. [OVER!]
  10. Prepare for Physics tuition exam. [OVER!]
  11. English Literature homework, 'crimes' of Sheila and Gerald. [DONE!]
  12. BC - completely lost. Loads of essays to copy and workbook exercises to finish up.
  13. Some PBSM demo thing next week.
  14. Calligraphy competition next week? Have to inform people ... [OVER!]
  15. Sivik folio. Not that I need to do much :P
  16. NIE. But that can wait :O
  17. Prepare for BM oral test. D:
  18. Sejarah BBM conpetition D:
  19. 5 Komsas questions!
  20. More Chemistry practicals to copy.
  21. Complete Chemistry exercise book. (one of the things that never seems to be done)
  22. Complete Sejarah exercise book. (same case with Chemistry)
  23. Complete Physics practical book. (same case with Chemistry and Sejarah)

Last (actually I think I might have left out some) but not least,





April 9, 2010

Life, lives.

*click, scroll, click, scroll ... *

Reading these entries -- well, not exactly reading, just glancing through, allowing words to grab attention of my vision, processing paragraphs of words like a robot, except that I don't actually analyze it like a robot. *coughrubbishcough*

It's hard to comprehend how our lives were once revolving around each other, like the earth and the moon, like a magician with his ring trick. And exactly like the magician's ring trick, they cease to exist as one entity with a sleight of hand, entirely separate beings, like distant parallel lines, without the fate of meeting each other, never intersecting.

Watched Kelly Clarkson's music video this afternoon, 'Behind These Hazel Eyes'. Immediately, my memories in primary school with my best primary school friend came back to me. It's been a long time since primary school memories were so vivid.

To think that soon, my life's bond with my secondary schoolmates will soon be miraculously disconnected from each other, it makes me emo scares me. Sure, we'll meet up, chat online, stuff like that, but it would never, ever, be the same again.

Suddenly, it doesn't feel safe to be complacent.

The engravings that they left on my life seem to gradually fade away, as life moves on, coarsened by time and reality. Not noticeable, but if I look closely, it's there, it will always be there.

Friendship reminds me of the effective collisions of particles. If they knock head-on, overcoming activation energy and whatnot, a reaction occurs. Chemistry. Not that sort of chemistry. =.=
While other encounters, will only result in disoriented collisions, not evoking a reaction, probably resulting as mere acquaintances.

Oh, the wonders of life. Simple, yet complicated.

What lies beyond?

April 5, 2010

short update ...

Got myself involved in the school's debate team.

Debate on Friday was kinda fun,
But too bad it was really counted as one.

Totally inexperienced in debating,
But have to join a competition near the end of the month.

Went back to school on Saturday to have some crash course with 2 experienced ... speakers.
Members of the Toastmasters' Club,
Mr. Christie and Mr. Stevens.
They are planning to start up some interact club in my school,
I think.
Not like it would be a big impact on me,
Since it's my last year :(

Oh wait, :)

Then immediately after that I had driving lessons.
Gosh, somehow I know I'm not exactly a born-talent at driving,
And somehow that's hindering me ...
I don't know,
It's encouraging me to take things slower.
Learned parking and 3-point-turn.
Right arm sunburned D:

Then there was Sports Day on Sunday,
On Easter Sunday.

Been absent from church for God-knows-how-long (pun? not exactly using God's name in vain so ...)
When I go back,
I'll be bombarded with "long-time-no-see's".
Save me :(

Sports Day!
Sunburned, AGAIN.
Didn't do as much as other PBSM-ers did,
But not exactly did nothing.
Congrats to everyone who took part,
Congrats to Kian Siong who was crowned the athlete of the year :D
Congrats to Eirban who was the president of the winning house, Red (a.k.a. Cougar, LOL) :D
Congrats to the PBSM-ers for not screwing up :D

Holidays on Monday!
Which is today!
Suffering from sunburn D:
Played ping pong :D

And that bitch did her thang once again, GET A LIFE DAMMIT.

March 28, 2010

Random stuff + Driving + Starbucks

Random Stuff
Should I submit this to FAIL Blog?
Or Engrish Funny?

A picture of the tree in front of my house,
More flowers than leaves @_@

Will take a better picture of it ... hopefully ... before everything is gone.
Dad said there was more flowers earlier.

This random plant I saw while I was in the cemetery,

* * *

The whole experience was surreal, dream-like.
And now it's as if I've never attended that lesson before.

Basic stuff, really.

Better than I expected, in fact.
I sort of predicted spend the first half hour stalling,
(I actually looked up for the accurate phrase for the Cantonese phrase 'sei for', ‘死火’, it's when your engine stalls, i.e. when you release your clutch pedal too fast)
But in the end ... good? I guess.

Looking forward to my next lesson :O

* * *

Went to Starbucks in IOI yesterday,
In conjunction of Earth Hour.

Drank 2 cups of dark mocha,
One venti (large) and one grande (medium).

Mom bought this special tumbler :D

Now I can get RM2 off for every purchase if I use the bottle ....


March 26, 2010


The freshly coated walls reeks of paint,
But people with peculiar senses,
Like me for instance,
Have this equally peculiar acquired affection for the smell of paint <3


Okay, that was random.

Read ANOTHER 2 books :D :D :D :D

The Giver, a novel that gradually revealed it's dysfunctional dystopian society, disguised as a perfect and ideal one, a utopia.

Grabbed it from Kinokuniya because it was a Newberry winner. Other Newberry winners on my shelf include The Westing Game, which I thought was quite epic, and Holes, required in my English Literature subject.

Other dystopian fiction I own include Fahrenheit 451, Supernaturalist, a short story - Harrison Bergeron, Hunger Games - which I haven't read.

Not that I'm a big fan of them ... but I thought it was quite interesting to have quite a few stuff all somewhat related @_@

Nice book, well duh, Newberry winner. About Jonas (damn, Disney killed that name), a perfectly ordinary boy in a seemingly perfect society. While he turned 12, like everyone else, he would be assigned an Assignment, based on observations by the Elders, I think. But apparently, he wasn't ordinary. Being assigned to be the Giver, he is slowly exposed to the truths that have been hidden from the citizens of the Community ...

Next book, classic, To Kill A Mockingbird.
Literary fiction, hmmm, my favourite. I think.
I don't know whether does the fact that it's a critically and generally acclaimed book affects my judgement (judgment? screw spellings) on it, and due to my lack of intelligence and experience and distinct taste for books, all I could say is I LOVE THIS BOOK, and I don't even know whether does it come from me.

I wish I had the time to reread the book, albeit the storyline of it wouldn't be of a surprise anymore, I would really like to read it in detail this time round. There's so much I've missed out, the little details such as the historical events happening in that era, phrases that are of a different generation compared to mine (not that I'm an expert on phrases in my time...). So much more to look into. Wonder how does people around my age relate to historical events that happen half a decade ago. Or maybe they don't.

The characters in this book sort of stuck with me. Atticus, Scout, Jem - especially Atticus. He's ... well ... cool. His speaks with wisdom, does not conceal truth, does not allow his children to live in lies, has a flare for the finer things in life, a man that lives up to himself, able to see that discrimination is bad even though it was part and parcel of life at that point of time, understanding, doesn't just stand aside with crossed arms, has something up his sleeves that could impress anyone but prefers not to be boastful ...

Even downloaded the movie, 1962, black and white, can't wait to see how the actor portrays Atticus Finch!!

* * *

American Idol ... sucked.
Bye Paige and why-the-hell-is-Tim-still-around.
And no one seemed to notice Aaron sang "I can see the weak" instead of "I can stay awake"?
Okay maybe the 't' sound in 'stay' wasn't emphasised enough, which made it sound like "I can say awake".
Not that it's important anyway.
Don't know what to expect next week.

* * *

Have to go back to school on Saturday? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!


March 23, 2010

Update :D

Short post before I start with my homework >.>

* * *

Top 12's, woo hoo!

Been listening to the studio versions,
Have to say, I really like Andrew Garcia's Gimme Shelter,
Although for the moment,
Chances of him winning Idols are really slim,
But I like his song the best.

Others were great as well,
My other favourite, Lee Dewyze's Beast of Burden was nice too.
It was ... generally 'nice', yeah. Nothing epic.

Then David Cook performed during the results show!
One of the best Idols so far :D

Jumpin' Jack Flash,
Not a big fan of the song,
But his performance rocked.

Managed to get the song,
From iTunes,
Through DCO iTunes JJF Gifting Project :D
His fans are just so good D:
My very first song from iTunes store :D

* * *

Holidays are over and it's back to school.
Managed to do quite a lot of homework during the holidays,
Although not everything,
But probably the most since ... forever o.o

And till now,
I have no idea when am I going to start my driving lessons =.=

March 6, 2010


Gosh. I'm just so confused.

*takes a deep breath*

It's not that I think it's stupid or anything,
But I just hate the fact that every question against it could be answered in 3 simple answers.
And everything seems so contradicting.

Every visit is just so painful for me.
It starts with mixed feelings;
Progresses with delight;
But end feeling empty.

The consequences of both paths are not pleasant as well.
One would result in myself being socially (well, partially) rejected,
Or maybe frowned upon and constantly being called back.
Or maybe worse, not cared for at all.
The other path would result in ... well ... the state of confusion I'm currently in.

BUT then again,
I can't personally make a decision,
Because I'm probably already biased against one of it,
And asking for advice would be ... pointless.
Well, probably because I'm just looking for one who would agree with me,
But that's just as equally screwed up as being biased.

If only something would make me change my mind.

* * *

It's so nerve-wrecking to wait for the first term exam results!
Okay I exaggerated a little.

But I was quite nervous while waiting for my maths results.

I hate it whenever I say that I'm worried for my results,
And people will say stuff like,
"Aiya, you worry for what, lah."
That's actually better than some that keep it to themselves, even with a sense of hatred.

I don't go around saying that I failed my exams,
For subjects that I have no confidence or didn't study well,
It's NATURAL to feel a little worried.

For subjects that I'm quite confident about,
I'll just not make any comments.


If you don't want to congratulate me for getting good results,
I don't mind.
It's not necessary, at all.
But don't bother trying to share your good results with me,
Cause then I'll be wondering why should I care when you put on that face when I share my joy?

This post is so full of negativity /=

* * *

Caught American Idol on TV today,
Re-watched a little.
Lee Dewyze is good, lol.


March 4, 2010

AI stuff again. [updated with top 10 girls]

I never understood why the girls were better than the guys,
But after the top 20 performances,
I could see why.

The girls are REALLY good.
Well, singing wise.
Probably not the performance,
Due to the song choice.

Unlike the guys,
It was hard to pick just one or two girls to root for.

Crystal was good. Liked Katie. Siobhan was a good end to the show. Kinda liked Katelyn. Still clinging on to Didi's Terrified. Lilly had her swagger.

The remaining would be Haeley, Paige, Lacey and Michelle.
I liked Paige's Walk Away, though, because everything else seemed just a little too dull.

Well, the only one I truly dislike would be Haeley.

RESULTS are out!
Better than last weeks.

* * *

Yeah, bear with me. Heh.

Top 10 guys first~
I must say ... it's so ... not ... amazing ...
The whole episode is just so ... meh.

First up, Michale Lynch.
Soulful, bluesy kinda thing.
Well, preferred him without his guitar,
But still not a fan of him.

Next, John Park.
I don't even remember what he sang.
Ah, never mind.

Casey ...
What's his full name?
What's wrong with my memory these days,
Oh yes, Casey James.
With his electric guitar.
It was amazing, how he made a great pop-rockish song so dull even with an electric guitar.

Alex Lambert's voice is quite nice :O
Kinda liked his performance.

Todrick Hall.
It's funny how the judges contradict themselves.
Maybe it's because he's just bad and anything doesn't suit him after all.
And when the music was becoming more intense,
You know, like the climaxing part,
His tone of voice remains the same ... oh well.

Jermaine Sellers,
Dislike him the most among the top 10 guys.
His introduction video included a small part about him bitching about the judges,
But finishing the sentence by contradicting his point.
Facing the same dilemma as Todrick,
The judges gave contradicting comments as well,
And he was on the verge of killing the judges.
And he was playing the 'I'm a Christian' card,
Which kinda contradicts the whole point of Christianity.
And people like him for his personality?
I dislike him because of his personality.

Ahh, Andrew Garcia.
Another weak performance,
Says everyone.
I actually enjoyed last week's,
This week's, not so much.
I really hope he's not one of them that starts off amazing and ends up getting no where near the top of the competition.
That would be sad :(
I really like his singing ...
Oh and he could break dance as well?
Well, there's still hope.

Aaron Kelly, hmmm?
I don't know what to say about him.
It's not like he can't sing ...

Tim Urban, Mr. VFTW's pick.
Better than last week,
Well, it would suck REAL bad if he actually sucked even worse.
But still, meh.

Another favourite of mine, Lee Dewyze.
His singing wasn't epic,
Or amazing,
But I liked his performance,
Probably because of the genre of music he picks?
Hope his singing improves.

Since I'm not a producer or anything,
I guess I'm allowed to be biased :P

Downloading top 10 girls' performance~

March 2, 2010

Deprived of human rights.

I slept 3 and a half hours last night?
Was it worth it?
Unfortunately, no.

Emphasised on something that DIDN'T EVEN CAME OUT.
They have great reputations for messing with our heads.
I bet their are laughing like a crazy maniac in their underground lairs.

First 2 papers were killers,
Moral and Mandarin,
Spent a full hour on each of them,
Writing non-stop.

Next 2 papers were killers as well,
Chemistry and History,
Although requiring less time,
But unfortunately ... requires more skills.

The given scope was form 4 chapters 1 and 2,
Form 5 chapters 1 and 2 ...
And the study momentum sorta went DOWNHILL,
Lack of time anyway.

Didn't even study much Chemistry.
Dead :D

The excessive last minute studies shouldn't bring me so much false hope,
Gotta tell myself that last minute studying will not guarantee good grades,
But only helping me prevent getting ugly results.


Oh, and to those people who think that I'm a hypocrite for saying such stuff,
Go away.
Just because I worry about different grades DOESN'T mean I'm trying to boast or show of.
It's a matter of being content with different grades.

Last day tomorrow,
End of nightmares.
So much to study ...

March 1, 2010

The pleasure of studying.

As the bead of sweat rolls down,
Gathering others that lie idly,
Halfway from it's pore,
Lacking of substance to break the tension,
To break free,
But conveniently being invited to join the stream.

Like a stone that gather the moss?

Like the raindrops that race across the window;

Leaving a trail that gathers itself,
And disappears;
As it rolls itself into the green fabric,
Rolling itself into oblivion;
Tickling the senses along the way,
And crashes head-on,
Into the countless strands of adeptly woven cotton;
And it's no where to be seen.
No where to be found;
No way to be retrieved;
Spreads out,
Exam week~
More like, 3-out-of-5-days exam week!
Yeah, it's a small exam,
Nothing major,
But it doesn't mean I can just waltz through it.


February 26, 2010

American Idol Season 9 rant ...

Sorta rewatched and wanted to add some stuff. Added stuff will be in bold.
Woots, top 24~

Top 12 girls episode sucked.
Top 12 guys were better IMO.

Don't really remember the girls,
All I know is the judges seem to think everyone is trying to be someone,
And they all lack of originality.
I'm rooting for Katie Stevens for now.

Top 12 guys ...
I sorta spammed my plurk while watching,
So I could remember each contestant better.

Guys seem to do the exact opposite of the girls,
They had TOO MUCH originality,
That it wasn't nice.

Didn't like Todrick Hall's "Since U Been Gone",
Because I love the original song too much? Perhaps?

Aaron Kelly was okay voice was not bad...

Did not like Jermaine Sellers,
Kinda painful to listen.
Indeed, when he's trying to hit those notes. Painful.

Tim Urban sang Apologize,
Previously, runner-up David Archuleta and winner Kris Allen sang Apologize before ...
Tough luck.
But he was technically the 'worst' contestant,
Being the replacement for another contestant that was disqualified.
That ... Thaddeus dude should be the replacement.
I thought it was a huge mistake when Randy (I think) said he did NOTHING WRONG.
Yeah, leave him in a state of confusion while he walks off. Great.

Joe Munoz was okay ...

Tyler Grady ... erm ...
I don't really like him.
Okay he didn't suck, but he got eliminated. So yeah.

Lee Dewyze was NICE.
Sorta shocked when Kara and Randy didn't like it,
But amazingly Simon agreed with me o_o
I'll be rooting for him.

John Park's wasn't really nice.

Never liked Michael Lynch,
a.k.a. Big Mike,
Seems like he's singing the exact same thing for first solo performance on Hollywood Week,
2nd solo on Hollywood Week,
And top 12.

The introduction for Alex Lambert was funny xD
Reference to Mary Powers!
Didn't liked him performance?
Hmm. Sorta liked his voice.

Casey James' performance was good,
But I don't really like him, lol.
Kara likes him though.
That cougar =x
Yeah his performance was really good /=

Last but not least,
Andrew Garcia~
Was okay,
I guess o_o
His voice is amazing, haha~

Seems like the last singer for both guys and girls were spotlights,
Since it was kinda obvious that AI likes Katie and Andrew,
But too bad this time they didn't blow the judges away.

Ellen basically likes EVERYONE.
And hopes that people would vote for EVERYONE.
She's repeating the same thing over and over again for every single contestant ...
She did gave some advice,
But she ends with "I like you, and I want people to vote for you" or something like that.

Results coming out soon~
Results came out.
Janell shouldn't have been eliminated,
Her American Boy during Hollywood Week should have been enough to keep her for a few more weeks ...
Even though I don't see Joe being the winner,
I don't think he should be eliminated so fast.
Ashley ... well, she was on the verge of swearing,
And ironically she had to sing Happy again.
Bye Tyler.

February 23, 2010


Read William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
And Anita Desai's Fasting, Feasting.

First off,
Julius Caesar.
It was a play about the famous assassination of Julius Caesar.
It was in some olden form of English,
So there was some difficulty reading it.

Here's an tongue-in-cheek 'abridged' version of it. source
*forgive me for a little cuss words, I want to keep it original*

BRUTUS: I love Caesar!
CASSIUS: He's a power-hungry bastard. I think we should kill him.
BRUTUS: Dude, we totally should.
DECIUS: Happy Ides of March, Caesar. Ready to go to the Senate?
CAESAR: I dunno. My wife just had a dream about you and the rest of the senators washing their hands in my blood, so I think I'm going to call in sick today.
DECIUS: Okay, I'll just tell the guys that you're a pussy who lets his wife tell him what to do. They'll understand.
CAESAR: I'll get my coat.
*Caesar skips off to the Senate, confident in the knowledge that he's in a Shakespeare play, where dreams don't predict anything and main characters never get offed*
CAESAR: Hey, why didn't anyone tell me it was Bring A Dagger To Work Day?
CASSIUS: Good, he's dead. Now to hold a huge funeral and let his best friend deliver the eulogy to the large, violence-prone mob.
BRUTUS: Cool. Take it away, Antony!
ANTONY: So the guys who killed Caesar aren't bad guys, really...
ANTONY: ...but Caesar was generous and humble and basically god on earth, and they totally killed him in cold blood.
CROWD: RAAAAAAA! KILL THEM ALL!!! *grabs torches and pitchforks and kills fucking everyone, including a random poet who has the same name as one of the conspirators. I'm not even joking.*
BRUTUS: Man, ruling Rome was a lot more fun when we weren't being invaded by Octavius.
BRUTUS: Oh, hey Caesar.
CAESAR'S GHOST: Uh...that's it? Not even an "eek?" Fine, whatever. I'm going to see you a second time, by the way. BOOGEDY!
BRUTUS: Huh. That was weird.
CASSIUS: GOD DAMMIT WE'RE LOSING THE WAR! I AM OVER THIS SHIT. Hey you, hold my sword while I impale myself.
SERVANT: Sure thing.
CASSIUS: *dies*
BRUTUS: Let's see: Rome is being destroyed, all my friends have either been killed or committed suicide, my wife just poisoned herself, and I'm about to be captured by enemy soldiers. *turns to audience* HEY, DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?


* * *

Next up: Fasting, Feasting.

Book about India,
Woman discrimination,
Treading foreign lands,
Traditional marriage,
The dysfunctional society we live in,
Conservative upbringing,
The longing to break free,
Superficially skin-deep views of the norm,
... etc. etc.

Doesn't have any EPIC events that leads to drastic character changes,
Probably a more ... subtle ... gradual ... change ... for one of the characters.
Stereotypical views on traditional Indian families.

... etc. etc.

Started on Friday; finished Tuesday. (my reading, not the story)

Hmm. Okay book I guess. Nothing too serious or deep, but definitely has a lot of literature elements in it.

p.s. both books are in the SPM English Literature syllabus.
Not that I'm studying them or anything,
Just for casual reading.

February 21, 2010

Happy Chinese New YEAR~!

Started off with reunion dinner...
Before that,
Happy super belated birthday from my blog to Tiong Hsien~
Went to his birthday party,
Didn't blog about it...

So yeah :D

Back to where I started.

* * *

Started off with reunion dinner,
Saturday, I think.
Yes Saturday.

Aunt ... Anny?
Used to calling her the Teochew way,
But I call my uncles by English.

Anyway, she came earlier that day.

Went to Uncle Edward's house at night,
Ate food that he bought,
Not too bad,
Beyond my expectations.

But then again,
I didn't have high expectations :D
Just in case :D

Listened to adults talk,
Interesting stuff.
Took random pictures of his house deco.

BIG ... fruits.HUGE plant.

Moved on to Uncle Allan's house.
Drank some wine,
Sat around.

Did I mention receiving angpaus?
Yeah, what's CNY without angpaus? :D

Angpau? Angpao?
Oh, I don't know.
I somehow prefer angpau.

Or I could further extents of referring to it as a red packet.
But that doesn't sound as catchy as angpau.

Okay enough with stupid rants.

* * *

On the first day of new year my true love gave to me
First day,
Balik kampung!

Lightened the load by stopping at Sekinchan,
Which is where the relatives of my mother's side are,
And moved on to Teluk Intan.

Me no likey.

Took loads of random pictures of the sky,
Was kinda bored anyway.

Argh, reflection.
Nothing better to do, really.

Collected a few angpaus,
Sent my aunt back home,
Saw some random uncle holding a big DSLR in the village area.

Not that I'm obsessed with DSLRs,
But they ARE kinda fun to play with.

Went back to Sekinchan.
Collected angpaus~
Mingled around,
Played with my cousin sister's DSLR.
The bag holding it was VERY, VERY, very dusty.

Here's a random picture of my cousin sister's (another one, not the one with the DSLR) daughter.

Went home on the second day of CNY.

* * *

Pretty much did nothing for the next few days,
Till Friday,
When I went to Blake's house.

Prepared food ... a little.
Watched Paranormal Activity,
Door broke,
Parents came back.

It was as if the police raided a house with drug addicts hiding in it.
But everything turned out okay :D

A lot of people were there,
Sorta enjoyed ... most of the time.

* * *

Went to She-Reen's house.
Ate homemade nasi lemak,
Played AuditionSEA,
Watched a little of Marley and Me,
But had to go to Kai Wen's house.

Went to Kai Wen's house,
Had a tour,
Sat around,

Everything was ... just fine. :D

* * *

Last day.
Went to church in the morning.
Came back.

CNY this year wasn't epic or anything,
But I guess I have no complaints.
Angpau money reached 4 digits anyway,
Woo hoo~!

February 10, 2010

3 trips - 1 post

Trip #1 : Chinese Calligraphy Competition at Summit USJ

Practiced a little on the day before ...

Sucks. I know.

Believe or not,
I sucked even worse on the actual day, lol.

That morning,
Was Road Run day.

While we were waiting for our transport ...
Syn Jie with my iPod :O

Little kids preparing to RUNNN~!

Reached Summit ...
Went into this ... place we never thought existed.
It was basically an empty ground in the Summit building,
Like a construction site,
Dusty and everything.

Girls in skirt and floors just don't match.

Snacks that Hui Teng's uncle prepare

Kinda accidentally tore my first paper,
So I just practiced on that,
And screwed up my second paper because I wrote the wrong words,
And they ran out of paper,
And the Malay girl beside us has an extra paper,
Which was a little torn,
So I asked for it,
But what I wrote was WORSE than my very first one ...

Oh well /=
Never meant to be.

Went Sushi King!
I bought Subway ... so I ate less at Sushi King.
Just ... had ... to ... buy ... Subway.
But a seafood sandwich is just ... shouldn't exist.

Karmern's Scallops

Syn Jie's ... chicken?

Hui Teng's ... ?

And presenting ...

The main dish of the day ...

Yee Sang!

Woots :D
After much lou-ing,
And me snapping pictures with Karmern's DSLR,

This was the end product :

The Yee Sang's not bad,
But I don't really know ... cause I haven't really ate an actual Yee Sang before.

OH, and Hui Teng was obsessed with saying the word 'LOL' out loud,
So we made this :D

We finished it anyway,
So it wasn't considered wasting food ;D

Walked around,
Watched performances,
Walked more,

Well, congratulations to Karmern!
Finally winning after so many years.
Wasn't jealous or anything,
Just a little sad,
A lil bit.
Didn't blame the torn paper,
Or the floor or anything like that.
Just ... well ... kinda sad that I couldn't write nice calligraphy :(
But then again ... I've never really practiced ...

Oh well :D

* * *

Trip 2 : Subang Parade

Went with mom,
To buy Chinese New Year clothes.
Bought 3 of them ...

Ate at Dave's Deli.

They should consider renaming it to Dave's GRAVY.

Since ...

My lasagna had gravy.

Even the sausage had gravy.

Nothing ... amazing.
Decent ... I guess.

* * *

Trip 3 : IOI Mall.

Went with Kian Siong, Karmern and Hui Teng.

I saw 6 people I knew!
Probably the highest record?

Oh, for your information,
99% of my visits to IOI,
I'll definitely meet someone I know.

Oh, and this was my first time taking the Metro Bus.

The 6 lucky ones are :
  1. Daniel Siow (on the bus, made me O.O)
  2. Jeyshaan (he was walking out)
  3. Michelle Low
  4. Justin Low (I don't know, somehow it was VERY awkward when I saw these 2)
  5. Darren Wee (was working in Seoul Garden)
  6. Jeremiah (senior ... graduated ... 3 years ago?)

Bought a mechanical pencil for RM10.
Crazy, I know.
The crazier thing was Kiang Siong and Hui Teng each bought one as well. xD
The craziest thing was Hui Teng offered an extra RM5 to me because she wanted the white/transparent one ...
I current own that, and she has a yellow one :D

Bought stuff,
Went home,
Thanks to Karmern's mom :D

February 1, 2010


Not really in an FML mood ... but ... never mind.

Attended the 10 hour long seminar yesterday.
Before that, 2 random pictures.


In a stripper :O
*okay, ignore my immaturity*


Random sandwich.
Consists of tuna, cucumbers and onions.

Officially sick of tuna once again.

Didn't finish that stack in one go =.=
Thought I could but ... was already full when I finished the first set.

* * *

Back to the seminar.

I shall conclude before starting,
That it definitely wasn't worth 10 hours and RM108.

Not saying it was bad ... but it really wasn't worth,
For me at least.

The hall was kinda warm,
Shouldn't have brought the sweater,
Made my bag swollen.
Only till the end,
It got a little chiller,
But not till the point where I needed a sweater.

Pictures. Blurry pictures.

During teatime ... Dexter was doing something suspicious...

Angeline was trying to grab my iPod Touch from the clutches of Yi Shen.

Random speaker (not one of the main speakers),
Climbed on the table and gave us a fired-up motivation ...

... that didn't last long.

What annoyed me the most was probably the lack of brightness in the hall.

For goodness' sake,
It's UM,
The most prestigious university in Malaysia,
Yet you can't make sure that half the lights are working?

The ceiling is lined with fluorescent lamps,
10 for each lining,
Yet the most that were lit was 5 out of 10,
And in the picture,
There's one line with only 1 lamp lit.

I was actually waiting for an evaluation form at the end ...
But I guess when it comes to seminars with professional speakers,
You don't get to evaluate them and rant. D:

I preferred the male speaker over the female one,
Can't remember their names =x

Oh well,
No more seminars for me :D
Hopefully ...