September 7, 2014

Drugs and Maple Story

Been reminiscing the days where I used to play Maple Story recently. Everything was so exciting and stimulating back then; the thrill of upgrading your weapons, doing party quests with friends, waiting for patches to be done, picking up something worth a fortune ...

Watched 2 critically acclaimed movies recently, Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream. The guy in Trainspotting was pretty much not getting any thrill from life, hence taking drugs have a momentary extreme pleasure. It's kinda worrying that I can somewhat relate to that.

Maple Story was my drug. Only reason I got off it was because it got boring and people started interacting less. I would imagine quitting cold turkey at the peak of my addiction would be hard as well.

I wonder if anything could ever excite me as much as how Maple Story did back then.

September 4, 2014

What makes me tick?

I was looking at the programme for the annual International Conference of Undergraduate Research 2014 and went through several profiles of the participants. It's admirable to see people in the same position as I am having strong sense of direction. I can't possibly imagine being interested enough in something to actually dedicate months to do research on it. It's admirable, but not something I aspire to at this point of time. I wonder what is it that could make me tick? Being not excited for anything is kinda annoying.

Also, contact me personally if you're interested to look at a journal of my trip to Morocco :D (possibly only talking to an audience of 2)