January 12, 2011

Hours spent in college


Thank God that my MQA/LAN subjects weren't on Monday ... or else I'd have 4 hours of nothing-to-do-time.

Anyways, happy birthday to me :(
*my blog is like my emo outlet =.=*

January 4, 2011


I don't even know why am I posting this.

January 3, 2011

Thinking too much?

As of now, I have several thoughts running through my head, entirely different yet parallel flow of thoughts ...

One of it is about my new college life, of course. Today was orientation. It was okay I guess. The director of the A-levels department made obtaining scholarship for tertiary studies abroad sound easy. He said, if I (or someone else) were to anyhow put a finger on one of the names in his list of A-levels students, and bet that they didn't get any sort of scholarship, I would lose. Sounds exaggerated, not that I'm complaining or anything, of course I would want to be one of the recipients of prestigious scholarships.

One of it is about my new college life too, but not of the same context. HELP. Far. Everyone tells me that. Furthermore, it appears to be a huge burden for my parents. So I start questioning, though keeping the questions to myself, why not just drop the scholarship and go for something nearer? Then, on the way to HELP this morning, I see parents bringing their children, way before daybreak, probably to a school that isn't nearby, for the sake of education. I guess sacrifices must be made ... since I've been having it easy for me since primary school and throughout secondary school. Time for some minor hardship? I guess the best way is to get behind the wheels as soon as possible or start using public transport.

Another one of it is again, regarding college life, and again, not related to those stated above. I have to keep reminding myself, that college life is comparatively just a small part of my life. If I were to make a big fuss about this, how could I possibly face larger challenges? A-levels is only 1 and a half years, whereas a degree would easily be 2 more, and if I were to be a certified actuary, there will be a minimum 5 years of hardship, sitting for professional papers, alongside work and probably with a family?!

I should've blogged about 2010. I felt like I didn't give myself an appropriate closure for the epic year. The celebration at She-Reen's house was awesome, albeit there wasn't booze or drugs that made us high, nor was there a lot of shouting or screaming, but I personally think it was the best new year celebration I'd ever had. If only more of us were there. Sitting in the park, just talking and chilling, one of the best things friends could do together. How I wish the night didn't end ...

So what more bullcrap could I come up with?

I realise I like to blurt a lot when I'm feeling a little moody.

I guess it meant that life was good since I had stop blogging for awhile.

Maybe it's time to be active again?

January 2, 2011



So I was on MapleStory,
Asking Aaron some questions regarding HELP College,
And another buddy of mine asked which college I was attending.

Turns out, he, too, is a SASA-rian and he's gonna be there at the orientation tomorrow, too!
Small world?


side note: anxiety is kicking in. D: