February 28, 2009

Learned Something Again~

Learned how to burn a playable DVD.


In this post,
I recommended CDBurnerXP for CD burning,
You don't need Nero :D

Wanted to burn Australia for my mom,
Didn't know there were so many procedures for it.

You need something to do something to the movie.
I used DVD Flick!

I love free legal programs :D
Guides are all in respective sites.

February 27, 2009


One problem I face right now is the overloaded tuition.

Currently planning to drop English and Add. Maths,
Basically because my English Literature class already serves as a place for me to improve on my English,
And I think I'm quite okay in Add. Maths.

Especially with a good school teacher,
Should be no problem coping,
Since I spend most of my times in tuition listening to explanations about questions that I've already solved,
Just need more exercise for Add. Maths.

Want to drop Malay,
Because I hate 3 essays for the 1st week,
4 Malay Literature questions the next,
And more Malay grammar exercises.
But I really need to Literature part because I suck at that ...

Feel like dropping Physics and Chemistry,
But ... nah ... later I guess.

I hate making decisions @_@
If only I had all the time I needed.

That's all for now,
Off to rush 3 Malay Essays >.>

February 23, 2009

Change of high authority.

The new headmistress came today.

*note : Ever noticed that vice headmasters/headmistress never get to replace the headmaster/headmistress? There will always be a new headmaster/headmistress.*

She's okay I guess.

Pn. Chua put me in charge of signing up parents for the Parents and Teachers Association (PIBG) meeting.
I need to know which toilet to direct them to. :(

Had English Oral Test,
Kinda happy about the results :D

Ate rojak for lunch,
First time finished even the mangoes and pineapples,
Normally leave those for my parents =x

So much to say,
But couldn't.
How typical.

February 21, 2009

Movie Marathon!

Turned out to be not much of a marathon after all.
At first, was 4 movies,
Then I changed to 3,
Then yesterday changed to 2.
I underestimated how long a movie could be.

Went to Mid Valley,
5 of us,
Kentze, Yi Shen, Angeline, Fiona and I.
A big thank you to Fiona's mom for sending us there and fetching us back!

Reached there around 2:30pm,
Went to the special counter to collect our reserved tickets.
Phone reservation rocks!
But that voice annoys me a lot.

10 tickets for 5 people :D
Burn After Reading was RM8 each, + RM1 for reservation,
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was RM11 each, + RM1 for reservation.
RM97 for all!

Watched Burn After Reading 1st,

*dude in the left corner reminds me of Voldemort*

I can't say it was a terrible movie,
But it was indeed weird.
Very weird.
So weird that it seemed like a bad movie.

Yi Shen was busy covering Fiona's eyes on and off,
Mainly because of kiss scenes / sex scenes / obscene scenes.
So funny!

Suppose to have 60 4-letter-word-that-starts-with-f,
Or the-4-letter-word-that-starts-with-f-that-must-not-be-said.
Thanks our lovely country,
The word has been censored/cut/slaughter/butcher/distorted.

It made the whole movie retarded.
For Pete's sake,
If you MUST censor it,
Censor it properly.



What a stupid thing to do.

When Burn After Reading finished,
Toilet break!

At something light at the nearby food court,
Yi Shen and Angeline shared Tom Yum Noodles,
While Kentze and I share Pineapple Fried Rice.

Below is the remains of it.

And I shall post how shameless Kentze was in the toilet,

Joking, lah!
I know loads of people do such unexplainable acts.

Watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button next,
Kinda went in late because of the food.

*the words are ... supposed to be like that*

This one was AMAZING.
LOVED this movie.
2 hours 46 minutes (if not mistaken) of goodness!

I loved the whole setting,
The whole feel to it,
Erm ... 1900~1950 American thing.

MUST watch!
Only good movies give you that 'overwhelmed' feel after leaving the cinema,
That strong emotion thing going on.

Yi Shen was once again covering Fiona's eyes!

And there was this touching part,
Where Fiona started to laugh,
And she said "I want to cry liao",
Then she took out her handkerchief,
And start crying.

Talk about being weird.

Went to hunt dinner after the movie,
Was probably 8:15pm when it ended.

Ate at Pasta Zanmai,
Sushi Zanmai's cousin!

We sat at the VIP seats because we looked rich, fabulous and the staff just felt that they had to treat us better there were no seats for 5 at that moment.

Kentze : What is wrong with you?! You ... you ... woman!
Angeline : Excuse me? Look who's talking. *pfft*
Kentze : Fine then! Don't bother talking to me. *reads menu*
Angeline : Whatever *rolls eyes* *flings hair*

or, or, or ...

Angeline : We're at the VIP seat!! *jumps up and down*
Kentze : HOI, BE CIVILISED OKAY. We are VIPs remember?
Angeline : OH YA, act normal! Oh look! Lengzai! *calms down and twirls hair*

I ordered some chicken with rice and some beef roll.
Didn't really like it.

And the woman above took forever to decide what to eat.

Kentze and Angeline's Beef something.

Tea party!

Yi Shen's Unagi Rice.

Look at the egg in the middle.

Look at the egg again.
Yes, that disgusting blob.

Flavoured Sodas.
Mine is Blueberry,
The yellow one.
Why call it blueberry when it's yellow?
Yi Shen's was Passion Fruit.

Someone's tortilla roll.
Not really interested in tortilla,
Mine was seaweed.

Fiona's dish of .. salmon and stuff and mocha.

VIP view.

The kid in the adult's shirt.

2 form of Kentze-s

Proof that we did sat at the VIP seat.

Went home,
Reached home around 11pm?
Not too sure.

Kinda tired right now.
It was a nice outing :D

February 19, 2009

Ups and Downs

Just when I felt that I'll be able to cope with the endless tuitions and extra subjects,
After struggling with them,
I now feel like what I felt before.

I'm like a woman with mood swings,

Since my current dream is to study overseas,
And looking at my current state,
The only way is through scholarships.

Easy to say, hard to get.

Looking back in a smaller scale,
My current school life.

Seems like a big mess to me.

I can't seem to finish all my homework,
Except for maths and add maths.
I feel so lazy to do others like those 3 science subjects.
So much to study,
So little time,
And even lesser mood.

Setting a goal,
Thinking of what I would be 10 years later,
Thinking of where I would be 10 years later,
Thinking of how successful I might be 10 years later,
Doesn't seem to motivate me at all.

I probably need something big,
Like failing my 1st subject,
Or maybe when it's too late to start studying,
To actually feel motivated.

How sad.

Did I mention I hate tuitions?
Absolutely hate them right now.

Is it suppose to be that pressurising?
Am I pressuring myself too much?

How in the world am I suppose to motivate myself to study Science subjects at home,
So I don't need to go for tuition and everything.


What's more confusing is the teachings of my religion.
Shall not go into that.

Let time tell.

Exam's around the corner,
I don't think I'll get good grades for it.
I really doubt it.


If I do end up in a local university,
What's the point of studying so hard anyway?
Might as well just get a few As, Bs and Cs.
Makes no difference.

I'm just a big lazy bum that prefers to sit in front of the comp for the whole day,
So what if I turn off my computer,
I'll still find a way to burn time,
Since it's not distracting me from doing homework,
I just don't feel like doing it.


*bangs head against keyboard miserably*
*continues to bang*

February 18, 2009

The Moment of Truth

Since my father reads this blog,
I guess I should come clean.

I ordered a Rubik's cube before you told me I couldn't buy any more because I thought mine was already spoiled and useless and that person who sold the Rubik's cube said it was the last batch so I didn't want to regret so I ordered one anyway but I didn't know you wouldn't let me buy any more but I really want it and I'm really sorry but I ordered already :(

(it was meant to be in that jumbled up manner)


I hope you read this before the cube arrives,
And I will pay for it myself.

Don't kill me ><

February 16, 2009


Didn't wish for it to happen this way.
But I guess there's no turning back.

Sorry, though.


I hate perhimpunan (assembly).
Freaking hate it.
Never hated it so much.

I hate sitting on tar ground,
I hate sitting on the parking lot,
I hate the scorching morning sun,
I hate the limited space,
I hate the uncomfortable position,
I hate the random noise coming from other students around me,
I hate the endless speeches,
I hate the endless ceremonies,
I hate the scary glances coming from the teachers,
I hate the fact that my leg goes numb,
I hate that unexplainable pain on my leg,
I hate perhimpunan~

School was,

Nothing much.

English teacher finally mentioned the Scholastic writing competition.
Although it's really impossible to win,
I still want to join!
I love writing ... in some way ... I guess.


Looking for a program to help you burn CDs?
DVDs especially?
Since windows can only burn CDs.

I hereby recommend CDBurnerXP!
Legally free (I think),
Works really well.

Few weeks ago,
Wanted to burn Heroes 9TV series) for Fiona,
But windows couldn't burn DVDs.

CDBurnerXP came to the rescue!

You don't need Nero xD

February 14, 2009

I Feel Like Cursing.

As in,

I don't know why.

I just feel like shouting it out.

Had the official Road Run today,
Nothing much happened.
Everything was okay,
I guess.

Went back home but didn't do homework.
Feel so ... not in the mood.

I know, I know,
I know I have to force myself into doing them,
I know if I keep giving excuses like this I'll get no where,
I know if I don't learn to force myself I'll probably fail in life,
I know procrastinating cannot guarantee a better future,
I know life's like this,
I know I'm such a lazy bum.

I know.

But why are you still not doing your homework?


I wish I knew why.

How I wish I had a stack of amazing novels,
A comfy chair or contraption that helps me to read without feeling uncomfortable,
Then I could spend my whole day reading without worrying about homework.
I wish I could just play online games with a carefree spirit.

Funny, though,
I can procrastinate so much yet worry at the same time.
I thought those who push stuff till the last minute normally worries when time is running out?

*bangs head miserably against keyboard*


(Don't have to read this part if you're not a Christian, you most probably wouldn't understand what I'm going through)

Feeling very, very, very, very reluctant to go to church.
I have no idea why.
Maybe because I'm not so much of a Christian anymore,
Probably wasn't much of a Christian before.

I just hate having to have commitments,
I don't know why.

I just feel that I might as well spend my Sunday at home like other non-Christians.
I don't know why.

I always hated having to have 'something' to do with all the events and plannings,
I don't know why.

But I want to be a Christian,
Not just a Christian,
Not a nominal Christian,
But a true Christian.

Another part where I have to force myself to do something I don't like.
Till someday,
Be able to learn to make it part and parcel of my life.

I don't know how my friends be so Christian-like :
Talks about God,
Blogs about God,
Has an email address with the word God in it,
Has instant messengers with personal messages that says 'I love God' or anything similar to it,
Consistently reads the bible,
Randomly remembering bible versus that somehow managed to help them go through difficulties in life,
Quiet time especially,
Having that distinct aura that tells the people around them that he/she is a Christian.

People probably go "What? You're a Christian? I didn't know that!!"
Instead of "I guessed so, you had that distinct Christian scent",
When I tell others that I am a Christian.

I want to be a true Christian without having to have anything to do with all the above,
That sounded like a sin to me.
What I meant was being a true Christian,
But not having my whole life about God.
Wait, that's wrong too.
I'm supposed to put God first in everything,
Surrender my life to God (not now, but at some point).

Getting really confusing right now.

And every so often,
I feel so out of place when I'm in church,
And I don't know why.

Once again,
I feel like a hypocrite.

And another place that I feel out of place.
I'm actually quite happy because I finally feel 'correct' in class,
In school.
Probably because it has became a routine to me.

I don't feel as reluctant to going to school as to going to church.

Something's wrong.
I know it.

But I don't know what.

Please do not advise me to stop being a Christian.
Doesn't work that way.
Don't want it to work that way.

Advices such as,
'It's the working of the devil,
Pray for God's help'
Probably wouldn't help much either.
No point advising me about something I already know.

And there's this youth committee meeting tomorrow,
Suppose to have a proposal of the events throughout this year.


February 10, 2009

A Human Trait

Not going to mention where, who, what,
About attention seeking.

No, not you Blake.

Someone else.

I noticed him in class,
Constantly answering English questions,
In a so called 'dramatic' way,
Kinda like telling the teacher straight in the face,
"Look! My English totally rocks!"

Kinda ... irritates me in some way.

There are ways of getting teacher's attention without being so OBVIOUS.

If I like,
Show off or something,
Please remind me =.=


Tomorrow is the day for the Road Run trial.
They even have a trial for Road Running.

Nice . . .

Joining PBSM,
Became a tradition.

Hope it wouldn't be a terrible day.

Speaking about terrible days,
Today was special!
I managed to finish a lot of homework in the afternoon!

That's like,
Once in a blue moon!

Add maths made me felt like doing more homework,
Finished add maths, then Malay, then some History.

:D :D

Still have a lot though.

February 9, 2009

The Kite Runner

Just finished this book yesterday.
Loved this book.
Amazing book.

I thought it would be hard,
Picturing the settings,
Since I'm not that familiar with Afghanistan.

But turns out,
I was wrong.

The book's about a boy named Amir,
Growing up with his servant/friend, Hassan.
How he went through life,
How he dealt with all sorts of trials and tribulations,
How he witnessed an incident that became a scar in his life,
How that incident tormented him,
How he faced his nightmare,
How he found a way to be good again.

No summaries,
Go grab it,
Probably one of the best books I've read so far,
Strongly recommended,

Started reading a chapter or two in the start,
Finished the remaining in ... 2 or 3 days.

Even has a study guide at the back of the book,
Probably a study material for other countries,
How I wish we get to study books like that and not Bukit Kepong =.=

Will be reading A Thousand Splendid Suns next,
Second book by the same author,
Khaled Hosseini.

Can't wait!

February 6, 2009

Age crisis.

I just realised that I'm already 16.


I don't feel 16.

I feel like I'm 15.

Do you know the difference between 15 and 16?

It's one friggin' year,
One big leap.

But no.

I don't feel it.

Is there suppose to be a change,
A superior feel to it or something?

If yes, where is it?

If no, what's the point?

2 more years and I'll turn legal but I'll probably feel the same.

I feel stuck at the PMR era,
And it seems weird that I'm already studying subjects like additional mathematics.

Everyone seems the same to me,
Or probably not.

I don't know.

I'm officially lost.

How I wish someone would offer guidance,
Telling me what to study for,
What to look out for,
What to be aware off.

Praying someday everything would be clear.

Wishing that I wouldn't waste a whole year like I did in Form 1.
I actually realised my Living Skills (Kemahiran Hidup) was Technical Skills (Kemahiran Teknikal) when I was Form 2.

The only thing I enjoy right now is the endless laughter in class,
Thanks to the people around me,
Especially JoshTan.

I really enjoy laughing like a mad man,
Oblivious to the surroundings.

Other than that,
I find it hard to enjoy school.

Being such a procrastinator,
Homework piles up faster than I can possibly imagine.

What's worse is being so absent-minded,
But that isn't too big of a problem since there are friends to help me out.

I'll be a life-less person.

Imagine having tuition for 6 days in a week.

Not only that,
Exams will come soon,
And I do not wish to follow the footsteps of most Form 4s,
Failing for their first exam.

Decisions, decisions.

February 4, 2009

Happy 400 posts of random crap~

400 posts.
Cannot think of anything special to blog about,
I guess I should just blog the normal way.

Blake and I walked with Hui Teng to her house.
It was quite far,
Taman Bukit Kinrara if I'm not mistaken.

Kinda tired like always.
Will be taking up English Literature.

What was I suppose to blog about again >.>
Wait till I have much more free time in my hands,
And a better mood,
I'll blog about something I want to blog.

So stay tuned, lol.

Should do homework >.>

PS. I remembered already.
Something about PBSM.
No wait, BSMM.
Most probably join marching competition this year,
And the current commander has selected a few seniors to pass on the baton.
Since all the decent BSMM-ers are all Form 5,
And the rest are totally lost,
I can forsee the downfall of BSMM in the future.


Good luck.

February 1, 2009

End of CNY holidays :(

Tomorrow will be the day I go back to school :(
And I don't think I finished all my homework :( :(

But the great thing is a lot others haven't finish too xD

Wanted to blog about my drunk friend,
But I'll wait till I get more evidence.

My mom's friends came over yesterday and they were a noisy bunch,
I ended up starting to do my homework around 10pm+
Finished add maths by 2 something,
Went to bed a few minutes before 3am.

Woke up 8 something for church,
I already planned to skip church because it was almost time and my mother wasn't home yet.
But in the end she still managed to reach back home on time.
No youth,
Because it was Chinese New Year,
Got 2 angpaos and went back soon after.

Procrastinated even more at home.
Till now.

Watched Die Hard 4.0 : Live Free or Die Hard,
Very nice movie in my opinion,
Bruce Willis was quite old though.

Read up more stuff about English Literature on the internet.
Downloaded High School Musical 3.
Randomly listened to songs I had.
Ate assam fish for dinner,
With chicken eggs fried with fish eggs.

Wondering why am I blogging like this.

Will be using a new school bag tomorrow,
Not really the stylish type,
But quite good I guess.

I realised that I will only be in the mood of doing homework at night.
And I wonder why.
Is it possible to sleep during the day and wake up to do my homework?
I don't think so ...

How I wish I could drop Sejarah.

How I wish I could do stuff that I like to do even more :(
But who's to blame for wasting so much time on other stuff but me :(

I should just end this post.