March 31, 2008


Don't feel like doing anything,
Maybe 'cause it's the scorching weather.

Today's school was...
That you-know-who blatantly joined my NIE group without, and I repeat WITHOUT, telling all of us,
He just happily wrote his name in the 5th column of our group.
Thick-faced fiend.
Dude, you're over doing it!
1st the parachute thing,
Now the NIE thing,

So anyway,
I joined the Australian maths competition thing,
I don't feel like doing anything,
I just deliberately K.O.ed on the bed,
I want more holidays~~

Oh yea,
I wonder which iPod to get eh?
Vote please?




wow o.o

sexy ._. but kinda common?

no way I'm getting this -.-

UPDATE : Apparently, there's no red in Malaysia, and only 8GB has many colours, 4GB is like so dull ._.
4GB RM619
8GB RM829


March 30, 2008

Sunburn ._.

*ouch ouch*
Sports day on Saturday,
Got mild sunburn I think,
Pain when there is more sunlight,
Pain when it touches water,
Pain when my hands have a lot of friction.
Pain ._.

Went back to Sekincan,
Wanted to take some pictures but the pictures just didn't came out nice.
Dinner was nice,
Don't understand why they must eat so late,
Almost 10pm I think,
And so far away.

Came back today,
Went straight to cottage meeting at Kevin and Martin's house.
I'm tired now ._.

March 28, 2008

Self Tag o.o

I found this interesting thing at Cherrie's blog.
Well basically is just playing your songs on shuffle and answering the following questions.
Hopefully it will turn out funny o.o

1. Describe yourself.
Misery Business - Paramore
I'm so not miserable, at least for now.

2. How has the past 17 years been for you?
Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera
I don't have a past 17 years so I this is NOT a question for me!!

3. What's going on in your mind lately?
Thank You For The Cross - Tim Hudges
Hmmm... God, yes.

4. What has been a great influence to you?
Suddenly - Ashley Tisdale
Suddenness influences me? Makes no sense to me ._.

5. I am currently….
Little Wonders - Rob Tomas
I'm a little wonder, woo~ xP

6. I want someone who is…
Let Me Love You - Mario
o.o? err?

7. I can’t stand people who are…
We Got The Party - Hannah Montana
I can't stand people who party?

8. What is better to do than to blog now?
Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
No -.-

9. My blog is all about…
Guilty Pleasure - Cobra Starship

10. 10 years from now, I might be…
Haunted - Rihanna
Hahaha, I'm going to get haunted, woo~~ spooky =/

11. Shuffling is…
Beauty And The Beast - Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson
Don't get it.

12. Foosball is
You Raise Me Up - Westlife
What's foosball anyway ._.

13. I love..
Feedback - Janet Jackson
What the heck?

14. Whats your best pickup line?
Let's Get It Started - Black Eye Peas
Not bad, but, *yawn*

15. Where did you put my wallet?
Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson
Don't go dig that eye out -.-

16. What do you do when you see your ex pass by?
Outta My Head - Ashlee Simpson
Yea, you better get out of my head.

17. If I could turn back time, I would..
Running Out Of Time - Simple Plan
Run out again ._.

18. When you’re at the movies, and the couple behind you is making obscene noises, you would turn around and say…
Victims Of Love - Good Charlotte
Indeed *shakes head*

19. What are your preference on girls?
In My Arms - Kylie Minogue
I'm not that kind of a person -.-

20. Your favourite food at 12 midnight.
It's Not Over - Daughtry
Yes, the eating has just begun =D

21. For the people out there who read this, I’d like to say…
Say (All I need) - One Republic
Say lah...

22. Describe your college life.
Innocence - Avril Lavinge
It's not kindergarten -.-

23. If you could say one last word to your loved one, what would it be?
Stop And Stare - One Republic
Stare what? o.o

24. What would you want for your next birthday present?
Be Good To Me - Ashley Tisdale
Be good to me is enough I guess, which means buying anything I want =x

25. I totally dislike…
When You Look Me In The Eyes - Jonas Brothers
LOL, stop looking at my eyes!

26. Favourite slogan…
Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
Hmmm... makes me wonder... LOL

27. I am going to…
Shake It Off - Mariah Carey
Ew, bug! *Shakes it off*

28. After you’ve played a game of football in the mud, you yell to your opponents..
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy
I seriously can't think of anything to comment on this.

29. If your life was was written in a book, the title of the book would be..
Light Up The Sky - Yellowcard
Wow, I lighted up the sky *blinks*

30. Describe your iTunes library.
Say It Right - Nelly Furtado
Can't make sense out of it.

31. Diet Coke is bad for health because..
Tear Drops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift
No link, boo.

32. Whats your opinion on PDA (public display of affection)?
True Friend - Hannah Montana

33. If someone you’ve been longing to talk to, brushes you off when you call him/her, what goes through your mind?
Toxic - Britney Spears
What? Poison his food and murder him?

34. Why are you not studying now?
Rumours - Lindsay Lohan
LOL, that's a rumour la, hahaha.

35. If a girl kisses you, how would you feel?
Clumsy - Fergie
*slips on the floor* whoops ._.

Nothing much, try it if you want.
I admit I skipped some far too off songs,
And all those Chinese songs.

March 27, 2008

Competitors and competitions

Gah, so many competitions,
And I so want to take part in all of them!!
Firstly, there's this...
Oh wait,
Before I start,
I shall state that : I AM NOT SHOWING OFF.

Okay back to firstly,
Firstly, there's this Geography Quiz outside of the school.
Teacher chose me because I scored the highest in the recent Geography exam *I think*.
I don't even like Geography ._.
Now I have to stuff 3 years of geographical stuff into my brain.
Then there is this photography competition,
Power point competition.
For maths,
There is sudoku *I think*, maths G *whatever that is*, snap *again whatever that is*
And this Australian Maths competition where I have to pay RM30 just to take part in it.
I wonder what's the standard for that competition.
I'm not sure about other competitions,
Hopefully I can win some ._.

Oh ya,
There is also this parachute competition,
Need to make something so that it will stay in the air for the longest.
And guess what,
I'm forced into you-know-who's group!
He was very smart this time,
He knew that no one in the right mind would wanna join him so he quickly went and signed up without me and my friend's approvals.
Great eh?
I have a very bad feeling about this.

Blake and Kentz came over today,
And my grandmother is getting on my nerves.
Nights ^^

March 25, 2008

Tagged by Cherrie.

001. Real name: Kritz Yeoh Thien Sean (keep that in mind =x)
002. Nickname : hmmm... 爷爷 yě yé (grandfather in Chinese, don't ask why ._.)
003. Married : Nope o.o
005. Male or female : Male
007. High school : SMK Seksyen 1, Bandar Kinrara
008. College : Stuck in high school, or secondary school

010. Short or long hair : Short
015. Are you a healthy freak : Of course not -.-
016. Height : 171cm
017. Do you have a crush on someone : Hmmm.. :O
018. Do you like yourself : Yes, not in a crazy way.
019. Piercings : Nope.
021. Righty or lefty: The common righty.


022. Surgery : Er, I don't think I had one yet.
023. Piercing : Never, I hope.
024. Person you see in the morning : Myself in the mirror, parents all asleep.
025. Award: Kindergarten, 3rd place I think.
026. Sport you join : 1st I joined... 头顶豆袋. (which means putting a small bean sack on your head, and walk of course -.-
027. Pet : Don't have any, the fish are my father's.
028. Vacation : I think I went somewhere when I was still a small boy which I totally can't recall.
029. Concert : Never went to one... stop looking at me like that o.o
030. First crush : Kindergarten, can't even remember her name -.-


049. Eating : Nothing.
050. Drinking : Saliva =D
052. I’m about to : Go tuition, no wait, do tuition homework, no wait, play maple story, no wait, blog, yea, blog.

Your future*

058. Want kids : A good kid like me LOL
059. Want to get married : Maybe...
060. Careers in mind : A rich teacher, or some computer genius...

Which is better*

068. Lips or eyes : Eyes.
069. Hugs or kisses : Hugs.
070. Shorter or taller : Taller!
072. Romantic or spontaneous : For what? o.o
074. Sensitive or loud : Sensitive.
075. Trouble maker or hesitant : Hesitant, whatever that means.

Have you ever*

078. Kissed a stranger : No
079. Drank bubbles : *thinks* I blew bubbles into the drink and drank it, is that counted?
080. Lost glasses/contacts : No specs =D
081. Ran away from home : Nope.
082. Liked someone younger : Don't Know.
083. Liked someone older : Don't Know.
084. Broken someone’s heart: Don't think so.
085. Been arrested : Nope, I'm a good boy =)
087. Cried when someone died : Few days later, long story.
088. Liked a friend : Like as a friend, yes of course, or else we won't be friends -.-

Do you believe in*

089. Yourself : Seldom.
090. Miracles : Believe, yes, happened, no.
092. Heaven : YES!
093. Santa Claus : Fake dressed up Santas, of course.
095. Magic : What type?
096. Angels : Yes.

Answer Truthfully*

097. Is there one person you want to be right now : Not really.
099. Do you believe in God : Yes of course.
100. Tag 5 people : How am I going to put this, er, I tag yoyo =P tag Mel and others who want to do this.

p.s. don't ask why are there so many missing questions.


March 24, 2008


So sleepy these days,
Need to sleep more,
Kept standing still this afternoon,
Didn't want to sleep.

Blake came over,
Did what he always does ;D
I don't know what homework I'm suppose to do,
Put it this way,
I don't want to know what homework to do,
I just finished 1 and decided to sit back and relax.
Have to face the reality sooner of later.

March 23, 2008

*huh* What Was That?

*Note, this post might be quite long, so bare with me =)

These nights,
I've been sleeping very late,
And being alone in the living room is just, lonely.
No one there,
Or maybe there is...
I've been seeing some shadowy thing pass by at the corner of my eye,
I guess a lot of people experience that.
I always thought it might be a cat or something.
To my horror,
I read this in my True Singapore Ghost Stories #1 :

Russell Lee : it is quite common to hear people say they see a shadowy figure out of the corner of their eye that darts away everytime you turn suddenly to see it. There is a short story written in the West by a horror writer where a man keeps trying to catch this figure for just one proper look. One day he does manage to turn just in time to see it face to face.
He dies of shock.

Nah, it can't be that.

Sleeping early won't hurt ._.

Had Easter Sunrise Service,
Got baptised =D
Praise the Lord!
Had a lot of Easter games,
My group didn't win though.
Went out to watch Horton Hears a Who after that,
With Jayshaan, Mel, Lisa, Sarah and Cherrie (another Cherrie),

Not bad,
Not that amazing either,
But worth watching =D

Oh ya,

Kar Mern !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What else did I left out,
Oh ya,
My father is totally crazy over his new fruit blender,
Thanks to him,
I now have all kind of juices,
Apple juice, orange juice,
Not forgetting to mention carrot juice, star fruit juice, tomato juice,

March 18, 2008

Stop that!

I just can't stand people sitting beside me shaking their legs,
Like those massage machines that vibrate vigorously,
Like a solid particle that can't move.

Stop shaking,
I keep trying to avoid my legs making contact with yours,
But you open your legs like a wide V shape,
Sit properly would you?

I have to thank my grandparents and my parents,
Whichever of them who was strict about me shaking my legs,
Now I totally have control over my legs.

Imagine some day you keep shaking your legs till the table moves with it,
How terrible it would be.

March 17, 2008


As you can see, this post is going to be related to Christianity,
You can read if you want,
Leave if you don't want to read,
But please don't try to make fun of it.

Baptism is a ceremony for Christians,
Where they officially become Christians.
Of course,
We don't just get baptised like that,
We have to take some foundation classes to know the basics of the whole Christian thing.

Thanks to Michele Lau, (I inserted the surname to prevent some misunderstandings)
I went back to church since Form 1,
I was lost before that,
Backtrack till kindergarten stage when I attended FGA.
Now, being a proud member of LMC church.

No one forced me to be baptised,
No one even suggested the thought of getting baptised,
I myself took the opportunity.
My father, who used to be a strong Christian (I think),
And my mother, who says she is a Christian (even though not baptised),
So I thought no objections would occur.

Oh no,
My mother suddenly called,
And asked whether can I postpone my baptism.
Oh ya,
For your information,
I'm getting baptised this coming Sunday,
Which is also Easter Sunday.
It just struck me like,
A train hitting me at a speed of 100 mph?
"Can't you wait till your Form 5? When you're more matured and know how to think"
Oh, so I don't know how to think at all,
At least I go to church,
You don't even go,
And now look at what you're doing,
1st you encourage me to go,
Now you sound as if you don't like me to be a Christian.

I know I shouldn't blame my mother,
But I just can't help it.
I don't understand her sometimes,
Her thinking is all wrong,
And she calls me immature when she's the one with the weird thinking.
God, help me.

March 16, 2008

Can't wait ... ...

... ... for school?
You must be out of your mind!

Try to fill in the sentence :

... ... to see my friends?

... ... to see the teachers?
Hahaha, guess again.

... ... to study?

... ... to see your girlfriend?
I don't have one.

Gave up already?

The answer is ...

Can't ...

Wait ...

For ...

The ...

Next ...


So lame ._.
School's starting,
Got my homework to pass up,
Got my exams to sit,
Got those friends to see,
Got those teachers to face.

It's getting harder and harder to see how my parents enjoy school that much,
Face it, almost every parent on the face of this earth agrees and mind washes their children saying school is so much better that work.

I came up with some theories,
Or you can say they are just plain explanations.

School problem :
1. During those (and I mean long long ago) time, schools are better, in every way.
2. They totally forgotten about the sad times.
3. They have really really close friends.
4. They all live in the same area, thus able to meet up very often and do a lot of fun activities.
5. They don't have a computer. Okay I'm not saying computer is everything, but it is to me, 'cause I have nothing else to do in my mundane and repititive life.

Work problem :
1. They don't want us to be jealous of them.
2. They didn't really get the job of their dreams.
3. They complain about work like we complain about school.
4. They don't have any friends at work.

I'm a bit biased I guess,
But what can you do,
I'm like that =D

ps. I'm not saying school is totally terrible,
I'm just saying it isn't THAT amazing!
I wrote this 'cause I thought that a teacher might be reading this...

The End of the Holidays

I missed church today 'cause Michele came to fetch me when I was changing.

An analysis on this week.

10 days,
Starting from Friday,
"Should start to study, everyday maybe 1 hour."

Saturday & Sunday
"Monday start, let me enjoy 2 days."

"Tomorrow, since I have tuition tomorrow."

"*rushing tuition homework*, tomorrow, can cuddle up in my room and study."



"Study at night. (Friday night) Study tomorrow."

"Study at night, but didn't happen."


Mapling throughout the whole week,
Got my zakum helm and all.
Didn't touch a single book.
Didn't even blog much.
Lazy to blog also.
End of blog post.

March 13, 2008


Stupid Malaysian cinemas,

18PL, pfft,
Big deal,

By the way Kar Mern,
MBO also rated it as 18PL,
Thank you cinemas,
You destroyed my day.

Then was the Popular shopping part,
Got my 0.38 G2s,
Queued for a long time,
Can't they move any faster?

Grrr, I'm so angry now.

March 12, 2008

Holidays in progress

Nothing to post,
Have all these amazing ideas to post about,
But just, oh, so lazy.

Lazy, lazy me.
Mother went to China,
Me mapling everyday.
Well, still, it beats going to school =D

One Republic rocks!!

March 8, 2008

Elections, elections -.-

Big fuss,
All the adults talking about it,
So many phone calls,
The BNs, the PKMs, the DAPs, the PASes,
Whatever -.-

I want to spend this holiday wisely.
And I mean it.
But not today,

Nothing to post,
Boring life.

March 6, 2008


10 days,
10 wonderful days,
10 lovely days,
10 stress-free days,
10 days of beauty sleep,
10 days of recharging,
10 days of freedom,
10 days of studying for the coming exams -.-

Teachers organised some competitions.
So far, there is NIE,
That's from the newspapers.
Then for Geography,
Photography (which rhymes with Geography)
And Power Point Presentation.

Got to pray about these,
I really want to join this time.

For the NIE,
I guess Kar Mern will be in the same group with me if she wants to join,
I still need 2 more people though.
Since it's Geography,
I'll need to snap some greeneries,
And the presentation is titled : "perlombongan"
Need 2 more people for that.

Speaking about holidays ...



These are like those amazing getaways,
I so want to be there ._.

March 5, 2008


Yes, ._.
So not in a mood to write whatever happened in school today.

After school,
Wai Leong and Kar Mern were eating with me,
Wai Leong never fails to make me laugh,
Fun times.

My grandmother is bleeping annoying,
I hate this.

Better do good in the coming exam.
Lord help me!

March 4, 2008

<3 <3 <3


Call me childish or anything else,
I grew up watching Disney cartoons, movies, anything!
I still remember I could watch one CD over and over and over again,
Never getting sick of it.
The songs @_@
The beautiful songs @_@
Okay, I might be overacting,
I should forget about this tomorrow,

Tuition starts at 6.20pm - 10.15pm,
Better get ready.

Blogging Craze.

Suddenly more and more people start to have blogs.
The competition has become stronger,
What competition?

Kar Mern was so crazy over the SEAWEED biscuits today,
She could be faking it though,
But anyway,
This is how it looks like :

Not bad,
Not bad at all.

Today's school wasn't much special,
5 classes with no teachers,
I love it =)
Lazy me.
Ha ha.

March 3, 2008


Okay, I'm not mocking the sadness of AIDS,
Wait, that didn't make sense at all.
Never mind,
I had to draw this poster regarding AIDS,
For this Moral drawing competition.
And as you know,
Simple minded people like me have null creativity on these stuff,
Only on wild fantasies. -.-

Had this PBSM demonstration in school,
It was okay,
I mean,
It was quite a success,
Even those straight and honest people said so,
(By straight and honest I mean those who don't know how to say something bad in a good way, hurting some one and don't know it)
I assume it is good.

By the way,
Me LOVE dark chocolate,
So random,

Here's what I came up with.



Pure retardism ._.


March 2, 2008

I need help.

I'm so f...ed, screwed, messed up.
Didn't do homework these days,
Of course,
As always.
Came back home today,
From church,
So tired,
Till 10 pm,
In the living room,
On the floor.

So much homework.
I'm not even sure what homework I have.
Kill me ._.