March 28, 2010

Random stuff + Driving + Starbucks

Random Stuff
Should I submit this to FAIL Blog?
Or Engrish Funny?

A picture of the tree in front of my house,
More flowers than leaves @_@

Will take a better picture of it ... hopefully ... before everything is gone.
Dad said there was more flowers earlier.

This random plant I saw while I was in the cemetery,

* * *

The whole experience was surreal, dream-like.
And now it's as if I've never attended that lesson before.

Basic stuff, really.

Better than I expected, in fact.
I sort of predicted spend the first half hour stalling,
(I actually looked up for the accurate phrase for the Cantonese phrase 'sei for', ‘死火’, it's when your engine stalls, i.e. when you release your clutch pedal too fast)
But in the end ... good? I guess.

Looking forward to my next lesson :O

* * *

Went to Starbucks in IOI yesterday,
In conjunction of Earth Hour.

Drank 2 cups of dark mocha,
One venti (large) and one grande (medium).

Mom bought this special tumbler :D

Now I can get RM2 off for every purchase if I use the bottle ....


March 26, 2010


The freshly coated walls reeks of paint,
But people with peculiar senses,
Like me for instance,
Have this equally peculiar acquired affection for the smell of paint <3


Okay, that was random.

Read ANOTHER 2 books :D :D :D :D

The Giver, a novel that gradually revealed it's dysfunctional dystopian society, disguised as a perfect and ideal one, a utopia.

Grabbed it from Kinokuniya because it was a Newberry winner. Other Newberry winners on my shelf include The Westing Game, which I thought was quite epic, and Holes, required in my English Literature subject.

Other dystopian fiction I own include Fahrenheit 451, Supernaturalist, a short story - Harrison Bergeron, Hunger Games - which I haven't read.

Not that I'm a big fan of them ... but I thought it was quite interesting to have quite a few stuff all somewhat related @_@

Nice book, well duh, Newberry winner. About Jonas (damn, Disney killed that name), a perfectly ordinary boy in a seemingly perfect society. While he turned 12, like everyone else, he would be assigned an Assignment, based on observations by the Elders, I think. But apparently, he wasn't ordinary. Being assigned to be the Giver, he is slowly exposed to the truths that have been hidden from the citizens of the Community ...

Next book, classic, To Kill A Mockingbird.
Literary fiction, hmmm, my favourite. I think.
I don't know whether does the fact that it's a critically and generally acclaimed book affects my judgement (judgment? screw spellings) on it, and due to my lack of intelligence and experience and distinct taste for books, all I could say is I LOVE THIS BOOK, and I don't even know whether does it come from me.

I wish I had the time to reread the book, albeit the storyline of it wouldn't be of a surprise anymore, I would really like to read it in detail this time round. There's so much I've missed out, the little details such as the historical events happening in that era, phrases that are of a different generation compared to mine (not that I'm an expert on phrases in my time...). So much more to look into. Wonder how does people around my age relate to historical events that happen half a decade ago. Or maybe they don't.

The characters in this book sort of stuck with me. Atticus, Scout, Jem - especially Atticus. He's ... well ... cool. His speaks with wisdom, does not conceal truth, does not allow his children to live in lies, has a flare for the finer things in life, a man that lives up to himself, able to see that discrimination is bad even though it was part and parcel of life at that point of time, understanding, doesn't just stand aside with crossed arms, has something up his sleeves that could impress anyone but prefers not to be boastful ...

Even downloaded the movie, 1962, black and white, can't wait to see how the actor portrays Atticus Finch!!

* * *

American Idol ... sucked.
Bye Paige and why-the-hell-is-Tim-still-around.
And no one seemed to notice Aaron sang "I can see the weak" instead of "I can stay awake"?
Okay maybe the 't' sound in 'stay' wasn't emphasised enough, which made it sound like "I can say awake".
Not that it's important anyway.
Don't know what to expect next week.

* * *

Have to go back to school on Saturday? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!


March 23, 2010

Update :D

Short post before I start with my homework >.>

* * *

Top 12's, woo hoo!

Been listening to the studio versions,
Have to say, I really like Andrew Garcia's Gimme Shelter,
Although for the moment,
Chances of him winning Idols are really slim,
But I like his song the best.

Others were great as well,
My other favourite, Lee Dewyze's Beast of Burden was nice too.
It was ... generally 'nice', yeah. Nothing epic.

Then David Cook performed during the results show!
One of the best Idols so far :D

Jumpin' Jack Flash,
Not a big fan of the song,
But his performance rocked.

Managed to get the song,
From iTunes,
Through DCO iTunes JJF Gifting Project :D
His fans are just so good D:
My very first song from iTunes store :D

* * *

Holidays are over and it's back to school.
Managed to do quite a lot of homework during the holidays,
Although not everything,
But probably the most since ... forever o.o

And till now,
I have no idea when am I going to start my driving lessons =.=

March 6, 2010


Gosh. I'm just so confused.

*takes a deep breath*

It's not that I think it's stupid or anything,
But I just hate the fact that every question against it could be answered in 3 simple answers.
And everything seems so contradicting.

Every visit is just so painful for me.
It starts with mixed feelings;
Progresses with delight;
But end feeling empty.

The consequences of both paths are not pleasant as well.
One would result in myself being socially (well, partially) rejected,
Or maybe frowned upon and constantly being called back.
Or maybe worse, not cared for at all.
The other path would result in ... well ... the state of confusion I'm currently in.

BUT then again,
I can't personally make a decision,
Because I'm probably already biased against one of it,
And asking for advice would be ... pointless.
Well, probably because I'm just looking for one who would agree with me,
But that's just as equally screwed up as being biased.

If only something would make me change my mind.

* * *

It's so nerve-wrecking to wait for the first term exam results!
Okay I exaggerated a little.

But I was quite nervous while waiting for my maths results.

I hate it whenever I say that I'm worried for my results,
And people will say stuff like,
"Aiya, you worry for what, lah."
That's actually better than some that keep it to themselves, even with a sense of hatred.

I don't go around saying that I failed my exams,
For subjects that I have no confidence or didn't study well,
It's NATURAL to feel a little worried.

For subjects that I'm quite confident about,
I'll just not make any comments.


If you don't want to congratulate me for getting good results,
I don't mind.
It's not necessary, at all.
But don't bother trying to share your good results with me,
Cause then I'll be wondering why should I care when you put on that face when I share my joy?

This post is so full of negativity /=

* * *

Caught American Idol on TV today,
Re-watched a little.
Lee Dewyze is good, lol.


March 4, 2010

AI stuff again. [updated with top 10 girls]

I never understood why the girls were better than the guys,
But after the top 20 performances,
I could see why.

The girls are REALLY good.
Well, singing wise.
Probably not the performance,
Due to the song choice.

Unlike the guys,
It was hard to pick just one or two girls to root for.

Crystal was good. Liked Katie. Siobhan was a good end to the show. Kinda liked Katelyn. Still clinging on to Didi's Terrified. Lilly had her swagger.

The remaining would be Haeley, Paige, Lacey and Michelle.
I liked Paige's Walk Away, though, because everything else seemed just a little too dull.

Well, the only one I truly dislike would be Haeley.

RESULTS are out!
Better than last weeks.

* * *

Yeah, bear with me. Heh.

Top 10 guys first~
I must say ... it's so ... not ... amazing ...
The whole episode is just so ... meh.

First up, Michale Lynch.
Soulful, bluesy kinda thing.
Well, preferred him without his guitar,
But still not a fan of him.

Next, John Park.
I don't even remember what he sang.
Ah, never mind.

Casey ...
What's his full name?
What's wrong with my memory these days,
Oh yes, Casey James.
With his electric guitar.
It was amazing, how he made a great pop-rockish song so dull even with an electric guitar.

Alex Lambert's voice is quite nice :O
Kinda liked his performance.

Todrick Hall.
It's funny how the judges contradict themselves.
Maybe it's because he's just bad and anything doesn't suit him after all.
And when the music was becoming more intense,
You know, like the climaxing part,
His tone of voice remains the same ... oh well.

Jermaine Sellers,
Dislike him the most among the top 10 guys.
His introduction video included a small part about him bitching about the judges,
But finishing the sentence by contradicting his point.
Facing the same dilemma as Todrick,
The judges gave contradicting comments as well,
And he was on the verge of killing the judges.
And he was playing the 'I'm a Christian' card,
Which kinda contradicts the whole point of Christianity.
And people like him for his personality?
I dislike him because of his personality.

Ahh, Andrew Garcia.
Another weak performance,
Says everyone.
I actually enjoyed last week's,
This week's, not so much.
I really hope he's not one of them that starts off amazing and ends up getting no where near the top of the competition.
That would be sad :(
I really like his singing ...
Oh and he could break dance as well?
Well, there's still hope.

Aaron Kelly, hmmm?
I don't know what to say about him.
It's not like he can't sing ...

Tim Urban, Mr. VFTW's pick.
Better than last week,
Well, it would suck REAL bad if he actually sucked even worse.
But still, meh.

Another favourite of mine, Lee Dewyze.
His singing wasn't epic,
Or amazing,
But I liked his performance,
Probably because of the genre of music he picks?
Hope his singing improves.

Since I'm not a producer or anything,
I guess I'm allowed to be biased :P

Downloading top 10 girls' performance~

March 2, 2010

Deprived of human rights.

I slept 3 and a half hours last night?
Was it worth it?
Unfortunately, no.

Emphasised on something that DIDN'T EVEN CAME OUT.
They have great reputations for messing with our heads.
I bet their are laughing like a crazy maniac in their underground lairs.

First 2 papers were killers,
Moral and Mandarin,
Spent a full hour on each of them,
Writing non-stop.

Next 2 papers were killers as well,
Chemistry and History,
Although requiring less time,
But unfortunately ... requires more skills.

The given scope was form 4 chapters 1 and 2,
Form 5 chapters 1 and 2 ...
And the study momentum sorta went DOWNHILL,
Lack of time anyway.

Didn't even study much Chemistry.
Dead :D

The excessive last minute studies shouldn't bring me so much false hope,
Gotta tell myself that last minute studying will not guarantee good grades,
But only helping me prevent getting ugly results.


Oh, and to those people who think that I'm a hypocrite for saying such stuff,
Go away.
Just because I worry about different grades DOESN'T mean I'm trying to boast or show of.
It's a matter of being content with different grades.

Last day tomorrow,
End of nightmares.
So much to study ...

March 1, 2010

The pleasure of studying.

As the bead of sweat rolls down,
Gathering others that lie idly,
Halfway from it's pore,
Lacking of substance to break the tension,
To break free,
But conveniently being invited to join the stream.

Like a stone that gather the moss?

Like the raindrops that race across the window;

Leaving a trail that gathers itself,
And disappears;
As it rolls itself into the green fabric,
Rolling itself into oblivion;
Tickling the senses along the way,
And crashes head-on,
Into the countless strands of adeptly woven cotton;
And it's no where to be seen.
No where to be found;
No way to be retrieved;
Spreads out,
Exam week~
More like, 3-out-of-5-days exam week!
Yeah, it's a small exam,
Nothing major,
But it doesn't mean I can just waltz through it.