July 31, 2007

PKNS Book Fair

Our school cooperation had a trip to a book fair,
Entitled for those who are the members of the school cooperative,

But before taking off,
We had Geography class.
The results for the monthly examination wasn't nice,
64%, sad.
But all I can do is to blame myself for not studying.
Later was History,
76% for the 1st paper,
So scared of the 2nd paper.

After that we waited for the bus and we took off!
On the bus was a bunch of us :
Me, Chai Yin, Cui Ting (LCT), Shu Qiong, Isabel, Ju Lynn.
We walked together throughout the whole trip.

After around a 1 hour bus ride,
We officially went into the PKNS building.
So called book fair,
All Malays there with all the Malay-Islamic stuff.
We went to look for readable book,
But it wasn't fruitful.

So went spend our time eating,
Ha ha ha.

1st they bought sundae cones from McDonalds and I got myself a Oreo McFlurry.
Then after walking and walking and walking in circles,
Which made me dizzy and all,
We went to KFC!

We ate, well, chicken, what else?
After walking after that,
Oh gosh I'm really getting dizzy.

We walked with Joshua Lucas for awhile before eating.
He told us that he converted to an Islam at Primary 6,
Because his father divorced with his mother and married a Malay women.
Wonder what will I do if i suddenly become an Islam,
No pork forever,

Then we eat and spend the remaining time at KFC again,
I bought Cheesy Wedges and Meltz,
Out whole gang finished them less than 5 minutes,

Then we played around with phones,
And stuff we had.

After that we gathered around the entrance around 1.00 p.m.
The sky was cloudy,
Looked like it was going to rain.
While waiting for the bus,
The sky poured rain suddenly,
In a split second.

Then when the bus arrived,
We went on it,
All the back to school.

That is all for today, kinda boring.
Tomorrow : Seminar at UM.
Again, in my language, NO SCHOOL!

July 30, 2007

Mundane Monday

This morning,
No assembly and Physical Education class,

But the sad thing was all the classes had a spot check.
They caught a lot students with long hair, no socks and long finger nails,
And gave them a long and boring lecture,
Lucky I wasn't caught.

Another sad thing is there was History monthly examination.
Didn't do well.

And after that was the physical education class,
Due to the rain,
We had to do theory class.
Before that Blake vented his anger on me,
Cause he was caught with messy hair.
Actually it wasn't really messy to me,
But the teachers are weird,
I can't do anything.

So he exploded on me,
Ended up i scolded him,
But that was boring so let's skip it.

Blah blah,
Teacher told us that we are going to get a practical teacher from some University.
Blah blah,
Time went on...

Nothing much happened today,
But tomorrow is going to be fun!
Our school Cooperation organised a trip to some book fair,
In my language it means NO SCHOOL!


July 28, 2007

School on a Saturday

Today was fun!
Morning, woke up 6.00 a.m.
Wanted to go out earlier to get my hands on some junk food.
But once I reached the sundry shop, it was closed.

So I stepped in the school,
I saw Chin Kok Seong,
And talked to him for awhile.
Turns out that he was absent for the pass 2 days because his grandfather passed away,
His gang also left him alone, and play truant.

OK, a lot of students were not in school today,
Half of them went to some activity,
Most of them truant.

So the teachers had to combine classes,
Yea! Dream come true!!
So in class,
The gang of Chinese :-
Boys : Me!, Blake and Josh.
Girls : Fiona Chan, Lee Kar Mern, Tan Vivian, Teoh Shu Qiong, Ng Chai Yin, Ng Jia Yu

Then we chatted and chatted,
Ng Jia Yu supplied us with a bag of junk food.
Then a teacher came in,
Gave stupid homework,
Which no one cared to finish it except Me, Chai Yin and Shu Qiong.
Stupid teacher.

Then we eat, talk, eat, talk, eat ,talk.
We kept disturbing Chan Wai Lun but he still doesn't get that we are insulting him,
He seems happy.
Jia Yu also tried to took a photo of him,
His picture was beyond explicit.

I bought a little bit more junk food from the school canteen.
Then went back to class.
This was the 'climax' of the whole day.
Before it, Vivian, Fiona, Jia Yu and Kar Mern went out to help a teacher.
Then we do our stuff.
They came back then we chatted more than ever.
We ate lollipops, supplied from Jia Yu again.
The Pn. Ng Poh Kian a.k.a. party-pooper.
She came in and scold a gang of Malay boys,
Because they were playing poker cards,
Which is considered gambling.
We also had a hard time eating the lollipop thanks to her.
We chatted so loud till Pn. Ng scold us too,
They say 3 boys vs. 3 girls talking,
(Jia Yu went out, Chai Yin and Shu Qiong helping teacher, left Vivian, Fiona, Kar Mern, Me, Blake and Josh.)
So she said if we talk to much she will marry us.
Me with Kar Mern,
Josh with Fiona,
Blake with Vivian.

Then Chan Wai Lun kept telling us that Pn. Ng kept staring at him.
Fiona was so mean! She said Pn. Ng stared at him cause he is UGLY.
Fiona inherited his father's (Blake) insulting skills.
So mean...
Then I tried to put the whole lollipop in my mouth,
Ha ha, they say I look as if I am not eating the lollipop.

After school,
Went to the same old place, coffee shop,
For lunch.
Me, Blake, Jia Yu, Kar Mern, Fiona, Kentz, Ka Fui (not sure about the spelling, let's call him YKF) were there.
We ate, then Blake kept tickling me, telling me something.
Let this conversation be a secret between me and Blake.
Then I showed Blake a piece of weird ice in my drink,
And Kentz the crazy photo snapper wanted to take a picture of it.
Blake used a straw to take that piece of ice,
And when Kentz wanted to take the picture,
The ice fell on his lunch,
He shouted to loud that everyone in the coffee shop was staring at us,
So embarrassed.

I kept saying Kar Mern and YKF,
Can see that YKF kept defensing Kar Mern,
So I kept bugging her,
She looked SO angry,
From my years of experience,
I can see that Kar Mern didn't like what I said,
Cause she either like YKF,
Or just likes some one else,
Heck, I was crapping.

So we left, didn't want to disturb them.
This is the end of this entry, thanks for reading.


July 27, 2007

Another Day In School

Well... Another examination in school,
This time is History.
Great, stories about dead people and dead things.
But before that,
It was Geography,
Turned out teacher was absent (a boring teacher).
After that was science...
OK now it's getting boring I will skip all these boring stuff.

During recess, Chan Wai Lun sat on a bench,
Legs crossed like a girl,
Holding a book (like always),
Drinking soya bean...

After that was lunch in the coffee shop opposite of my school,
Me, Kar Mern and Jia Yu were eating,
Then Blake joined in.
We saw Chan Wai Lun,
With his sister (another ... weird person),
And his mother (no comment).

Then we talked and laughed...
They also saw a young primary girl,
Flashed her panties,
Cause she didn't sit in a proper way...
They were laughing like hell...

That's all for today, will add if anythings happens at home.
Thanks for reading this boring entry.


July 26, 2007

1st Entry

Yea, 1st entry.
The one before this is just a small intro.

OK, let's start.
Well, things are getting worse,
My time handling technique is getting WORSE.

Every time, I need to study and do my homework.
Guess what?
It normally ends up not done,
And what happens to the time?
It's wasted on Internet stuff.
Sad thing isn't it?
I want to change,
But I just can't.
Some of my friends give suggestion like :-
1. Starting slow, then I will slowly find to mood to finish it all.
2. Closing my computer and the TV.
Stuff like that.
Hopefully something snaps and I can be a better student,
But not to the extend of reading more than I am supposed to.
Like Chan Wai Lun (a "friend" of mine in school, which is going crazy).

Hope all who are reading this can give suggestions or comments.
Thanks for reading~!


New Blog, New Things

Hey all~!
I finally left Window Live Spaces.
Well, everything you see is temporary.
I will change the templates and all the other stuff next time.
So be patient~!
You can visit http://kritzseth.spaces.live.com/ for my old entries.
Thanks for reading.

Add-on :-
My blog entries will be divided into 2 categories,
1. What's Happened
-This is about what happened in my daily life.
2. Thoughts and Feelings
-About what's going on in my mind

Besides that,
Always help to correct me if you see and grammatical mistakes.
I will try my best to use English in the more proper way I can.

July 1, 2007


Just leave a message at my Chatbox.

You expect me to leave my email here for you to spam?
No way.


Thanks to :-

  • Mozilla Firefox for being my favourite browser.
  • Friends who helped out with codes and stuff.
  • Photobucket for uploading pictures.
  • Nuffnang for giving me a few cents every now and then.
  • Plurk for the fun they provided and being a cute addition to my lame blog.

About Me

My name's written all over the place,
In case you still need me to point it out to you,
It's Kritz.

Christian - Methodist.


16 as of 12 January 2009.
2 more years!

Growing up in Puchong, Bandar Kinrara 2,
Graduating from SJK (C) Yak Chee,
Currently Form 4 in SMK Seksyen 1, Bandar Kinrara.

It doesn't matter if you have no idea where that is.

Interests :

1. Music
Favourites include OneRepublic, Daughtry and David Cook. I still listen to others, but for some reason I select these 3 to be on the top of my list. Prefer alternative rock I guess and I do not hate pop.

2. Books
Used to read only fantasy fiction, but found it troublesome to imagine. Moved to fiction for now.
Favourite books are : Darren Shan Vampire Saga series #1-#12, Kite Runner, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, PS I Love You (the only chick lit I've read so far).

4. Movies and TV shows.
Movies, nice movies I guess, nothing in particuar. So far, Heroes is the only TV Show I watch and it is nice!

5. Random hobbies
Rubik's cube. PSP and internet if you consider those as hobbies.

6. Random facts about myself (and anything related)
*copied this from a recent Facebook tag, will be adding to the list if anything comes to my mind.*

  1. I had GBColour, GBA SP, PS2, some sold some gave away.
  2. I can't scream on thrill rides, never even tried screaming, but I laugh on thrill rides ...
  3. Even though I try to stop my self from swearing, in my mind, swear words still run around like cockroaches.
  4. I always dreamt to be rich, in a tuxedo, stepping out from my limo, somewhere in US ...
  5. I love it when people mistaken me for a banana (a Chinese who doesn't speak Mandarin), fact is, I speak Chinese quite often. =P
  6. I often find myself not so sure about my likes and dislikes.
  7. I sing when no one's around LOL. At home.
  8. I hate veggies, they make me puke, seriously.
  9. I like to listen to loud music, but my parents often nag about it :(
  10. I find that I can be a hypocrite at times. Probably way too often.
  11. I love mathematics!
  12. I got 7A's for my UPSR and 8A's for my PMR (straight A's for both). Yes I'm showing off. LOL.
  13. Despite scoring top grades for my English, I still think my English isn't as good as it should be.
  14. If I had a better digital camera, oh wait, I don't even have one, only my father's one .... or a DSLR, I think I would like photography.
  15. It's sad that a few of my Islam friends are Islam because I'll never get to eat meals with them at a non-halal restaurant :(
  16. I don't watch horror flicks, or thrillers, since ... I don't know when. I just don't see why do I have to waste time scaring myself.
  17. I actually like and hate reading at the same time. I don't know how to explain that >.>

That's all for now.


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