August 30, 2007

Drilling Competition

As you all noticed,
My blog entries has been shorter and shorter.
But today,
I will take me sweet time,
Sit back,
Relax and take my time to type this entry.

Starting from yesterday.
Well there was drilling practice too.
I am so freaking tired,
After going back,
Still need to finish my Geography Folio.
And worse still,
I have tuition.

The next day,
Means today,
Went to school.
Our group continued to practice for the competition.
3 days,
And my leg hurts!
I still have a little bit more to finish up my Geography Folio,
And I tried my best to find every small breaks to finish it.
I borrowed black socks and black shoes from my drill friends.

So we practiced,
And after awhile,
It was our turn!

We marched,
Our squad leader said his last words,
Then we went out.
We knew we couldn't get top 3,
But our seniors said,
At least not the last.

So after the Brigade's drill,
We went into the drilling ground.
Wow, amazingly it rained quite heavily went we went out.
It was kinda cool,
But kinda irritating too,
Heck, think on the bright side,
There isn't a strong sunlight to burn us.

A lot of other students clapped especially when we still continued to drill even though it was raining.
Well, a lot of people did small mistakes,
Including me.
We marched 2 rounds,
Did 3 formations,
And left.

I was so relieved,
It is over!!

So and gang of us sat down and rest,
I still had to finish up my folio.
After finishing it,
I gave to the teacher,
To my surprise,
She sad I could pass up on Monday.
She said she is lazy to go to the office and some other stuff.
Silly me, I thought she was going to chop me up.

But thinking the other side,
If I never show her the folio,
She wouldn't let me pass up on Monday,
Because she said that I have her permission to pass up later.

So I drank 5 cans, 2 packets of drinks!
Then I also spent a lot of money buying food for my friends,
The don't feel shy at all,
Just joking!

Nothing much I can remember now,
The competition ended up like this,
1st place was KRS,
2nd was Scouts,
3rd was Pandu Puteri,
4th was Brigade,
This was unexpected because the Brigades were very good.
5th was PBSM,
and 6th was Police Cadet.

Well, at least not the last!
Thanks for reading,
I really appreciate it.

August 27, 2007


Yesterday, I prayed to God hoping that the Geography teacher never come,
Or maybe I just don't need to pass up the folio.
Guess what?
She really didn't come!

But after school,
I planned to finish the remaining pages of my folio.
The sad thing is I still need to go for the PBSM drill.
The commanders just sat there and rest while we drill.
Then suddenly Navindran wanted us to drill 1 by 1.
Well, that crazy Law Jieh gave commands non-stop,
Turn left, right, back, front...
And wanted me to march.
Lucky I didn't screw up,
Maybe a little.

Then he asked other people to drill.
Jia Yu screwed up big time,
Pity her.
To punish her,
She had to do squad jump and all kinds of weird stuff.
Then Chan Wai Lun,
He screwed up a little...
But I didn't feel that happiness that I was suppose to have.
Maybe I was too tired.

Now, I took my bath,
Ate my dinner, and ready to go tuition.
So tired,
Maybe I need to bring some sweets to stay awake.
I don't know how to finish my folio,
Worst thing is my father is at home,
Means that I can't stay up until wee hours.

Prays again.

-Kritz, always lack of time.

August 26, 2007

School's Back!

Yea, as horrible as it seems,
I still must face the fact that ...
Tomorrow is a SCHOOL DAY!

The 1 week holiday went by,
Too fast,
In a split second,
And reality is back.
So sad.

Well, my homework,
Out of 10 of them,
I've finished...
Around 1 or 2 I guess,
Don't talk about it anymore,
I hate it.

Hope to see this blog again tomorrow,
Don't think I can survive though.


August 25, 2007

Boys' Brigade Musical

Well, haven't been writing my blog past few days,
Lazy and addicted to Maple Story,
Haven't even touched my homework.

The new Giant opened few days ago,
Hated that place.

Today was fun!
Me and a bunch of church friends went to a musical,
There were me, Luke, Jeyshaan, Addison, James, Mel, Angel, Esther, Daphne, Michele and Cherrie.
The musical was at Dewan Sivik , Petaling Jaya.
When we reached there, we saw Faith,
Well something happened,
But that wasn't important.

The musical was, amazing.
I will type they summary from some booklet.

"This is a story about two childhood friends, Jian and Sheng. They grew up together living in the same neighbourhood, going to the same school and both enjoyed being in the same Boys' Brigade Company. Even though they were both different in character yet they complemented each other. Jian was carefree while Sheng was the conscientious one.

During their secondary school years, they were separated into different classes because of their grades. Along the way, Jian began to change. he became rebellious and started hanging out with the wrong crowd, skipped school, picked up some bad habits like smoking, gambling, getting into fights and lying to his parents and friends. Sheng, on the other hand, remained firm in his beliefs. Sheng knew what was happening to Jian. He tried to help him and made sure they remain firm friends.

One evening while playing basketball with Sheng and some friends, Jian was confronted by a group of gangsters who demanded money which Jian owed. When Jian could not produce the money, they beat him and a fight broke out. It was during that fight that Jian's like was about to take a complete turn.

'Can't Stop the music' reminds us that no matter how far we run away from God, no matter how much we try to ignore Him, he is still our Maker. He will always be there - loving us. His faithfulness is like a river that does not stop flowing and His love is the music that cannot stop playing."

Well, the whole musical was meaningful,
The only thing was Luke that sat beside me,
Kept laughing and laughing.
I am not going to elaborate too much about the musical,
I'll let the story stay put in my mind.


August 20, 2007


This morning,
Woke up, got ready,
Went to the bus stop to wait for Josh's father to send us to 1 Utama.
So we reached there around 10 p.m.
We were earliest because Josh's father needs to work.
So we walked around,
A lot of rounds.

Me and Josh also ate a light breakfast which is A&W.
I also ate another McDonald Sundae Cone.
I eat a lot.
I also bought a Galaxie magazine in the MPH Bookstore.

After that met up with Kentz, Fiona the birthday girl, Angeline and Vivian.
We walked and went to find Why J, Kentz's friend.
They were like ... I don't know how to say.
We kept talking in Chinese and both of them didn't understand.
Later on, we went to Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) to take the tickets.
We were lining up at the "Gold Class".
People thought we were super rich, ha ha.
Some of us had to take out our Student Pass,
Which makes the ticket RM6 only.

So we walked, and split up.
Me, Josh, Vivian, Angeline and Fiona,
While Kentz walk with Why J.

We ate Esquire Kitchen,
The set lunch, not those expensive type.
Later on we went to the cinemas to buy popcorn and drinks.
The line was long,
So I asked them to go in and see if they sell popcorn inside,
Turned out the counters inside were closed so left me and Josh to collect orders.
The line was long,
But still managed to watch the show without missing anything.

We watched Rush Hour 3,
It was funny, but somehow I feel something is missing.
So after the show,
We went to MPH Bookstore.
I bought True Singapore Ghost Stories #15,
The newest one!!

Later on we went to Baskin' Robins,
So we ate a small cup but sat there a long time.
We kept taking pictures non-stop.
I hate taking pictures,
Because I look stupid,
Maybe I'm too fat.

Why J went home 1st,
Never talked even 1 word throughout the whole day.
So Fiona walked with Kentz,
While others walked another way.
We chatted and even called Blake,
Sad that he didn't go there,
I think he missed most of us.

So me, Vivian and Angeline went home with Josh,
His father seems scary somehow.
After that we talked more,
And Josh's father sent me and Angeline to the bus stop.
Vivian followed Josh because her house is near Josh's house.

My mom sent Angeline home,
And I went back.
No tuition for me today,
Kinda tired.

But, Jia Yu asked me to go IOI Mall tomorrow,
Help~!! Going broke!


August 18, 2007

I Miss My Home Sweet Home

Had to go back to my mother's home town today.
Now I am using my cousin sister's Dell Laptop.

Well, I can go blogs, Friendster and MSN on this laptop,
But I can't play Maple Story!!
She says that her laptop got some problem so she doesn't let me play.
She is also doing some assignments so she doesn't want her laptop to corrupt.
So sad...

Well tomorrow is my mother's birthday,
And we are going to celebrate it tonight.
Happy Birthday Mom!
And maybe I might miss church tomorrow...
I already missed church so many weeks...

Today, I saw my cousin brother's son (yes, he is married).
Keep making noise and stuff.
I can't imagine how would it be like to be a father...

I want to go back home...

-Kritz, I miss home.

August 17, 2007


There was assembly about our National Day.
It was okay...
Best thing about it is that I don't have to study that time.

Geography time passed,
And Science too.
The Arts class we went back to class,
No teacher!
Some quiz about our country's history.

History class,

Me, Blake, Fiona, Kentz and Josh went to IOI Mall.
We ate Pizza Hut's and watched Ratatouille (rat-a-too-ee).
I didn't know that is was from Disney.

Talking about Disney,
I really missed those old shows,
Like Tarzan, Lion King, Brother Bear type of movies.
Those movies have nice songs and touching stories.
Nowadays Disney movies are all 3D,
Unlike the traditional movies.
The story line is also lack of a twist,
Or a really bad villain.
All the movies now seems,
This doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy the movie,
Yes it is not as good as last time,
But not that bad either.

The worse part of the whole movie was that babies were crying and shouting.
I think that they should not allow small children in unless they are controllable.
Besides, its not like they understand the movie or something,
They wouldn't remember it too.
On top of all that,
When babies cry,
PLEASE carry he/she OUT!
That stupid mother in the cinema just sat there and waited for the baby to stop crying,
Oh Please~! GET OUT.

Before I left school,
Daniel (some English-type Indian) said something to me,
He said he was happy and asked me to ask him why.
So I just said, WHY?
He said that he didn't have to look at Chan Wai Lun's face for 1 week~!
Ha ha, I can't agree more!

Thanks for reading!

August 16, 2007

Too Late To Regret?

Let me list them out :
1. Geography Project
2. Arts
3. History stuff
4. English stuff
I just HATE them.
This time,
As a normal student,
I am suppose to have my beauty sleep.
But I have all these homework to finish.

I have been rushing my Geography folio for the whole day,
Thinking that why didn't I finish long ago?
I still remember the time teacher gave us the assignment,
That time I told myself I could finish it easily.
But now ... I feel stupid.
I keep making and breaking promises to myself.
I feel like a useless person sometimes.

I don't know how to face tomorrow.
Imagine all teachers going crazy and punishing me,
Or all absent.
Oh I hope that suddenly I will fall sick or maybe the school will collapse.
And when I get a second chance,
I always don't use it properly.
Thinking that in life,
Chances does not knock twice.

My mother kept asking me to skip school and follow her to some doctor thing.
As much as I want to do that,
I still feel that the right thing to do is to go to school.
But it seems WRONG.

Frustrated here...
After long thought,
I decided not to pass up the homework tomorrow.
At least I can come out with something better,
But maybe I will suffer the consequences.


Typical Student Problems

This morning,
1st class,
Quite boring,
We had to do some group work about some trip itinerary.

Later on was Science,
We had to do some presentation with MS PowerPoint,
Ha ha!!
I love that!
Because it is about COMPUTER.

Living skills,
Nothing must also.

Sadly she is still in the hospital.
Ended up we all went to the school hall to watch some competition about patriotism.
(Malaysia's National Day is 31st August).

After school,
PBSM marching thing.
So tiring.

A lot of people say my picture so ugly...
Never mind,
It ain't nice anyways.
Will be throwing the picture away.
Maybe I care too much about what people think.

By the way,
People who say the picture is ugly normally are guys only,
Maybe girls to kind hearted.

A lot of homework!

Thanks for reading!

-Kritz, need more time.

August 15, 2007


Yesterday forgot to write blog,
Partly 'cause I am lazy too.

Let me talk about today.
After a week or so,
Pn. Haizan finally gave us back the results for the monthly test.
Guess what? I got 95%!!
At 1st the results was 98%,
But as you all know,
I am such an honest boy,
So I told teacher.
Everyone start saying,
Enough enough!
98% still not enough?
'Cause last time,
My marks added from 93% - 100%,
Ha ha ha.

So this time,
I told them I was going out to lower my marks,
They said GOOD GOOD,
Then I said,

So I went to ask Chan Wai Lun for his marks.
He covered the marks and kept quiet.
Daniel told me that he only got 50%,
This shows that he only know how to memorise,
And not using his brain.

So after that was living skills class.
We were doing cooking this time.
When Wai Leong was cooking,
He accidentally hurt Kai Wen,
Kai Wen's head was bleeding,
And I thought it was chili sauce...

Well, I didn't feel comfortable 'cause the cooking place is weird.
But in the end my group still manage to make a delicious Pita Bread sandwich thing.
So after that was recess,
And then Chinese!!
No teacher 'cause Pn. Liew was still in hospital.
So we chatted and chatted,
Mainly about Fiona's birthday.
Venue : 1 Utama.
Date : 20th August, Monday.
Time : 8.00 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Movie : Rush Hour 3 !!! (Yea!)

After that...
Nothing much.

Well today's PBSM was stupid,
'Cause Chan Wai Lun became the temporary commander.
He kept giving wrong commands and still he doesn't admit it,
And he kept making weird postures,
Maybe he is posing?

Lucky it ended,
But tomorrow still have marching practice,
'Cause the competition is getting near.
And 1 more thing,
Tomorrow's marching is commanded by experienced Form 3 students,
Thank God!

Thanks for reading.


August 13, 2007

Being A Parent Ain't Easy

This morning,
Physical education.
I changed into my T-shirt and track bottom,
And played badminton with Blake.
He was insulting Chan Wai Lun the whole time.
And around 9.50 p.m.,
We wanted to change back to our school uniform.
We smell something familiar,
It was the smell of cigarette smoke!!

Some Form 4 or 5 student was smoking in the toilet!!
We called teachers and prefects but he still manage to run away.

I was eating on a bench and that stupid Kentz came and chase me away,
Then he sit there and talk to Blake.
Never mind,
So I went into the cooperation,
My daughter, Kar Mern asked me to buy her a drink,
Okay, fine.
So I just payed for it.

Later was Mathematics class,
I just sat there and day dream.
After that during Moral class,
2 prefects came in and asked me to find Pn. Vinothani.
So I took the pass from Pn. Rafizah and went straight to the teacher's office.
I claimed my 1st pay cheque,
RM 30, for the PBSM thing,
Ha ha.
I wanted to go to the national library trip,
She promised me that if the trip still have empty space,
She will inform me.
But instead,
All the empty spots were filled up by 4 Beta class,
Her class!!
No fair, stupid teacher.

Then after I helped another teacher,
And went back to class.
That time Pn. Rafizah wanted us to say out the definitions of the Moral thing.
I thought I was saved from that but still I had to face it.
Just after I went in,
She called my name and asked me to say it out,
Lucky it was the easiest,
Thank God!

After that, Malay class,

And after was Geography,
The Geography teacher,
Pn. Noreyah, the teacher in charge of the school magazine club,
Wanted me to type some articles in Chinese.
Then I pulled Kar Mern in,
Then she asked both of us.
Ha ha, Kar Mern almost killed me.
So time passed by,
Me and Eirban were passing notes,
As everyone in my class knows,
This Geography teacher is BORING.

After that went to eat at the coffee shop,
Stupid daughter asked money from me again.

Well, nothing much to say.
Thanks for reading.


August 12, 2007

I can't stand it.

This morning,
Never go to church,
Had to go to my father's office for a family day thing.
Boring, every thing there is free,
Especially food.
But the food there was terrible,
And the only edible food was A&W.
Wow, the queue was long,
Very long.

So we ate and went home.
2 hours later,
I had to go to the Taman Mawar padang to be the PBSM guy again.
So around 5.20 p.m.,
Everything ended,

The results of my school is,
Netball - Lost.
Soccer - 3rd and 2nd place.

At least they won in 1 competition.
And these two days,
James and Jia Yu were so lovely,
They keep holding hands and telling everyone their relationship,
Ha ha ha.

But today,
Ju Lynn told Pn. Vinothani about their relationship,
James was so angry,
If there were no people there,
I think he will kill her.

Anyways I came back.
I found out that I have a whole 6-feet-stack of homework.
I can't stand it anymore~!
So much homework,
I feel like running away from all this.
Some one help me,
Oh Lord,
I need your guidance.

-Kritz, need more time.

August 11, 2007


This morning,
I woke up at 7.20 a.m.

So I rushed and still managed to get to school in time.
So I saw Wan Hou Yin, Jia Yu and James Tan.
We waiting until for Pn. Vinothani to take off to some place.
Well, today is a Saturday,
And other students are studying because this day is a replacement.
The uncle of the canteen said :
"Only 1 person from 4 Delta is present (in Malay)"
Hou Yin said this is normal.

Okay, so we waited and took off.
Once we reached there,
It was boring.
Hou Yin was sick,
But he still came,
Because only he is experienced.
So we sat at the tent whole day,
Ate some food Jia Yu bought.
She bought around 5 packets of rice at a shop nearby,
A total of RM 40 +.
Wow, she is RICH.

Near the end,
Suddenly a lot of people fall while playing football.
I didn't know what to do so I just followed Hou Yin most of the times.

Well, nothing much to type,
Lazy too.


August 10, 2007


This morning,
Went to school.
Kentz greeted me with a name he invented,
"Kritzy Writzy".
He says that name suits my chubby look?!

Then all the normal stuff.
Near the end of the school,
Navindran asked me to join a PBSM thing.
According to Navin,
I am suppose to stand at a football competition and be something like a paramedic.
I really want to join but I don't have any experience in saving people.

In the end I still have to join,
Let's pray that I don't mess up.

Then around 5 p.m.
This person came in front of my house.
He said that the water system thing added to much chemicals in the water,
And he needs a sample of the water in my house to be tested.
So I went into the kitchen to take a cup of water.
After that that "stranger" wanted to plug something to test the water,
He needs to come into my house~!

I didn't let him in of course.
I hesitated a lot but he still insisted that he needs to make a report.
So I kept saying no, no, no.
Then he keep saying,
If i don't check later parents use water got problem is all my fault blah blah.

In the end he said,
Call your parents and ask them to talk to me.
So I used my cordless phone to call my father,
Lucky thing the phone still can be used outside of my house,
Or else I will need to use my hand phone,
And maybe he will just run away with to phone!?
Back to the topic.
So he talk to my father,
Lucky thing he never kill me or something.
So he went off,
And I continued my Maple Story,
Ha ha~!

I remembered he used his "machine" to put into the cup of the water,
After that when I took back the water,
It became yellowish,

End of today's entry,
Thanks for reading.
Hope that I don't mess up tomorrow.


August 8, 2007

HELP~! I got a daughter!

Well, today was quite OK.
1st period is Mathematics.
The stupid teacher still haven't tell us the results for the monthly test,
Can't wait anymore!
When we were doing rotations chapter,
Chan Wai Lun asked me stuff,
This and that.
Later he said that he has a talent for this chapter.
Ha ha, since when he has talent anyways?
I think he is the only person born with no talent.

Then was Living Skills class,
This new teacher is fierce,
After that he became nice,
And again exploded.
His mood swing is even worse than a girl's one (no offense!).

Then was Chinese class,
Since our Chinese teacher is still in hospital,
So we spend our time in the library.
Me, Blake, Josh, Vivian, Fiona, Angeline and Kar Mern were chatting.
For your information, I am now the uncle of Blake,
And Kar Mern is my daughter?!
Then Angeline was writing rubbish on the newspaper,
Don't know who wrote something about Fiona,
After Fiona read it she looked like she was going to cry.
Poor little grand niece,
Then her father, Blake had to cheer her up with some weird edited song.
So when we were insulting Blake about his singing skills,
Fiona said that if other people insult us we won't be happy,
She seemed very sad because of that newspaper thing.
Cheer up Fiona!

So then was Malay class,
The teacher showed us a clip of our ex-Prime Minister.
I actually enjoyed watching it,
While majority of the other people was snoring away.

Last 2 classes were English,
Nothing much.

Well, that's all people!
Thanks for reading.


August 7, 2007

Telephone + Chicken = ?

Nothing much happened today,
Geography teacher absent,
Science teacher taking course,
And the typical stuff.

Then during the 3rd and 4th class,
The teacher told us to walk around the school,
And write down anything you see.
Later on we went to the canteen and Kar Mern was 1st to talk about what she saw.
She said something so funny,
Everyone laughed, (something to do with the title of this entry)
After that nothing much.

Afternoon, I bathed and went to school for badminton.
Turned out only 7 people were there,
So we help Pn. Hn'g to organise some stuff.

After, came back.
My blog is getting boring.


August 6, 2007

Stupid Feeling

This morning,
Nothing much happened.
That Kar Mern kept pestering me about something I wrote on my MSN.
Stupid Kar Mern,
I really can't remember it.
She just can't stop disturbing me.

Today, Form 3s at my school are sitting for the trial PMR,
Good luck!

Today I was so lucky!
Teacher wanted to check our Geography Folio.
I haven't finish!!
She called names alphabetically.
After she called Kiew Wei Yong,
It was suppose to be my turn.
I kept staring at my watch as if it will go faster (that was the last period).
Then she explained about the map and stuff,
Dismiss, YEA!
Wow, so lucky... so close ...
-Kritz, no stupid feelings

August 5, 2007

Sunday, the Sabbath Day

Well, went to church this morning.
After morning service,
Me, Doreen, Vivian and Cherrie went to Cherrie's house to play Maple Story and O2jam.
We played and played,
I showed my professional skills,
Ha ha ha.

Then was the youth service,
We prayed a lot today.

After that I went back home,
We ate at a seafood restaurant,
After that we went to the 100 Yen shop.
A lot of stuff there are MYD/RM 4.90,
I think that is 100 Yen.
But there were also stuff priced at MYD/RM 9.90.
Then I saw a Final Fantasy figurine.
But the price tag was ... MYD/RM 99.90.
So called 100 Yen shop.

Then beside that shop was a "Snow-Ice" shop.
Actually it is a block of flavored ice,
But gridded into something that looks like ice.
So we ate 2 cups,
It was special and nice.

Then we went home,
Heck nothing much happened today.


August 2, 2007

Happy Day

Yup! A happy day!

1st class, English,
Teacher told us something that I want to share with all my dear faithful readers :-
1. The best time to sleep is at 12.00 a.m. to 4 p.m., she says that time our body will have a special reaction.
2. Off the lights, pure darkness.
3. Don't sleep during dusk, means around 6.00 p.m.
Something like that.

After that was Science, nothing much.
Recess, nothing much.

The it was Living Skills class,
The starting of my happiness!
I got 90% for my monthly examination, wow!
Then Chan Wai Lun got 67% only.
*Evil grins*
Serves him right for being so arrogant.
When he asked me about my results,
I said 90%,
Then his face turned black.
He seemed sad,
But who cares?
I am happy, ha ha ha!

After that was Chinese.
Our Chinese teacher Pn. Liew admitted hospital.
Another teacher, Pn Lau, told us that she was robbed by some people,
When she got down from her car,
A helmet just flew and hit her head,
And those ruthless robbers snatch her belongings and ran away.
Sad case.

After that was Mathematics.
Examination, yeah!
After finishing, thought the test was OK,
At least I managed to finish it without guessing,
Not like that the Living Skills examination.
Then Chan Wai Lun asked me how was the test.
I said it was easy!
He turned black again,
Ha ha ha!

So happy today!
Thanks for reading!


August 1, 2007

Seminar at UM

Today, my whole class had a trip to Universiti Melaya for a seminar about super students.
I'm lazy to type out the whole seminar,
I'll just write a short summary of the whole day and the seminar.
At school, waited for bus.
Went there, saw my old friends from SMK Puchong Jaya (a).
So happy!

After we went in,
Some guy asked questions about Dominoes.
Whoever can get them correct gets coupons and typical free stuff.
Then they showed us a presentation with power point, I think.
The edit was nice,
I really hope I can make something like that one day.
Then someone gave us a intro of UM.
After that was another presentation, from Dominoes.

Another guy came in,
He introduced our speaker in a perky, idiotic, crazy, hyperactive way.

Then speaker finally came in,
His name is Adam Khoo.
He is a millionaire by 26 years old, WOW!
He used to be a terrible student when he was young,
Then he changed,
And became successful.
Now he is here to tell us how to be like him.

It was interesting and fun.
I wrote down some notes while he was talking.

Then we went back to school.
We each had a slice of Dominoes' Pizza.
Then I suddenly found out that I left all my notes and other stuff in the bus.
So I immediately told the teacher in charge.
She gave me the phone number of the person in charge of planning the transportation.
So I called,
And he seemed like he doesn't care much.
Sigh, what can I do?

Then unexpectedly, he called me.
He told me that the bus will go to my school next Wednesday, 2.00 p.m.
I don't think I will find my things back,

After that was extra curricular activities.
Went there, got scold by Navindran.
And guess what?
Chan Wai Lun and other people are going to be in charge of the who Red Cross society.
I wasn't happy at all.
But I tell myself,
Why care?

Sad, today started out good,
By now everything seems bad.