May 30, 2009

Late post

The typical me should have blogged about how freaking happy I am right after Thursday afternoon,
Since exams are over and it's the long-anticipated holidays are already here.

But no.
Some how ...
I don't know.

Skipped school on Friday,
Kinda got bored ...
1st day of holidays and I'm bored already.
Amazing, no?

Had orientasi for pengawas percubaan today.
Damn tiring.
But somehow it was kinda entertaining.

Not in a mood of blogging D:

I swear I'll post something better next time D:

Sigh >.>

May 27, 2009

Sick ...

Had fever yesterday,
Was kinda worried that I couldn't get better because I still had exams,
Exams that I had to perform well in a good condition.

After Hui Teng, Wai Leong, Blake and Boon Hoong went home,
Around 5pm,
I slept soon till 7pm or so.
Woke up then ate dinner straightaway then went back to sleep around 8pm.
Woke up 5.40am and got prepared for school!

Damn nice right?
Didn't even had time to prepare for Chinese and Add Maths paper.

Yesterday had Biology 1, Biology 3 and English 1.
Tiring I guess.
Wrote super long essays with all sorts of rubbish and trash in it.
Oh well.

Never mind.

Add Maths 1,
Easier than 2 I guess.

Tomorrow is the last day!
Can't wait!
So excited!

May 24, 2009

Hi people...

I have so much to blog about now,
But by the time I reach to that part,
I would've probably lost that feel to blog about that particular event in detail.
It happens way too often.

I missed being online,
Streamyx failed me on Friday and Saturday morning,
Went back to my mom's hometown on Saturday afternoon.

Before that ...

Friday ...

Felt so damn happy because I finally get a break after a week of exams.

Speaking about exams ...
I hate it when people make it sound like I'm a hypocrite.
I seriously not a hypocrite ...
What's the point,
No one believes,
The word of hypocrites anyway.

Talked to Blake on the phone like forever.
2 hours plus, maybe?
Was talking about religious stuff,
About how confusing it is,
And stuff like that.
Makes me feel bad,
As if I'm gossiping about someone.

Went to visit my uncle the next day (Saturday),
He became so skinny,
Because he refuses to eat rice.

There was this Indian dude there,
Quite friendly I suppose,
An amputee.
He was talking to my dad,
And I listened,
Then he mentioned something about God.
He said something like,
It doesn't matter what God you believe in,
As long as you hold on to one belief,
With no doubts.

I was like,
It was as if God send an angel to pass a message or something.

Just believe.

It was kinda sad for him,
Being in those nursing homes when all the other folks don't really talk,
As in already half ... how do I say this ...
Without a clear state of mind?
Unable to think normally or something,
Sort of like Alzheimer-ish.


Went tuition,
Then hometown.

Ate mutton murtabak upon reaching hometown.

At night,
Went to watch those ... Teochew big show? (poorly translated)

I didn't understand one. single. word.
I actually respect this,
But I don't enjoy any bit of it.

Look at the crowd.

Old people.
One day,
They will be replaced with new generations of old people,
Which probably wouldn't enjoy watching these type of shows.
It's a pity,
But I can't do anything because I don't really enjoy it =x

Sorry for the terrible pictures,
Was zooming a lot and my phone was running out of batt.

Here's a short clip:

Enjoy =.=

The saga of exams continue tomorrow.

And there's something I wanted to blog about but I couldn't remember D:

May 20, 2009

99 :O :O :O

If you think I'm boasting,
Then I am.
But really,
I'm just happy.

99/100 for Additional Mathematics Paper 2


Though that 1 mark was because of my carelessness,
Which really sucks.
I would have felt better if my lost marks were because I didn't know how to do than having careless mistakes.
Oh well.


Today, I remembered to put a new correction tape in my pencil case.
But guess what?
I forgot to bring my pencil case =.=
With my calculator in it,
For Mathematics paper.

Had to trouble other people,
Sorry Tiong Hsien D:

BM 2 was ... sad.
Like one of the shittiest essays I've ever written.

Oh well.



May 19, 2009

Blog post 444 :O

Thank God.
Thank the subconscious mind.
Thank everything there is that helped contribute to this amazing experience I've experienced.

Yesterday night,
I started studying Biology around 10pm,
And soon feel asleep.
Had no idea when did I fall asleep.
The next thing I know,
I woke up nicely tucked under my comforter,
Which meant that I wasn't in that position the night before.

Either I turned like a foetus in the mother's womb or my dad some how managed to drag my body 180 degrees.

I managed to wake up 5am in the morning,
Without the alarm clock.

That's like miracle #2!
It was as if someone was telling me:
"Kritz, get up, study Biology, or else you'll fail!"

Then I just woke up,
Stepped down from my bed,
Stepped on my Biology reference book.

Took it up,
Turned on the lights,
Started reading.

I think that was the second time I woke up early without alarm clocks this exam season.
But I can't seem to recall when was it ...

Had Additional Mathematics 2 and Biology 2.
I don't know why,
But it was quite torturous having to sit for that 2 papers continuously.

Miracle #3.
Was done with Additional Mathematics with 40 minutes left,
Started checking,
Checked halfway,
Had 5 minutes left,
Quite tired since I've been doing Add. Maths for 2 hours 25 minutes non-stop.
Had a feeling that my last question was wrong,
Since the answer seemed weird,
So I decided to skip to the last question.

I immediately changed my answers even though the teacher told us to stop writing =x
Managed to change it.
So close.

Thank God D:

Biology was just torturing.
I doubt randomly filling in the blanks would do any good to my results.

Oh well.
History day after tomorrow D:
I bet the subconscious me wouldn't even bother waking me up,
"What's the point, he's gonna fail his history ANYWAY. Let him sleep..."

May 17, 2009

Update! *lazy to think of a better title*

Church outing wasn't as bad as I thought.
Apparently Grace Methodist Church, Sentul,
Was right beside Wesley Methodist School.

The church looks cozy,
Because the surroundings were kinda greenish.
It's like a different dimension because the outside place was like a highway,
But on the road to the church,
It seemed village-ish.

Kinda nice :D

Kudos to those MYFers of GMC.
I enjoyed the morning service there :)


Tomorrow exams!
Besides slacking around,
Playing AuditionSEA for a long time,
Studying didn't really work out.

Excuses that I can come up with :
1. The living room is too hot.
2. My room NEVER fails to lull me to sleep.
3. There isn't any other place to study.
4. No mood.
5. History just isn't my thing.


Tomorrow Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2.


Oh yea,
Tomorrow got the "prefects under-trial installation",
Poorly translated from "pelantikan pengawas percubaan".

I wonder what's waiting for me as a prefect?
If I really get it after 5 months of hard labour trial.

Sigh D:

Something's missing ...

May 16, 2009

I'm not a hypocrite D:

Oh well. Should be studying. History especially. But what the heck. I'm so lazy. I even feel lazy to go to church tomorrow, visitation D: I'm anti-social. I bet I'll come back feeling bad. Sigh. Oh yeah, AuditionSEA is fun. I'm not a hypocrite dammit.

May 14, 2009

Exams exams exams exams

1st day of the exams just went by.
Not looking good.

And Danny Gokey just got eliminated D:


Here's a tag D:

001. Real name: Kritz
002. Nickname(s): Hmmm ... Don't want to say =x
003. Age: sweet 16
004. Horoscope: Capricorn
005. Male or Female: Male
006. Elementary: Assuming it's kindergarten ... Kid's Fun Castle?
007 Middle School: Yak Chee?
008. High School: Seksyen 1, Bandar Kinrara?
009. College school: Not yet
010. Hair colour: Black?
011. Long or short: Referring to hair? Short
012. Loud or Quiet: Depends :D
013. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans?
014. Phone or Camera: Er ... don't know
015. Health freak: The opposite
016. Drink or Smoke: Drinks ...
017. Do you have a crush on someone: Nope
018. Eat or Drink: Both :D
019. Piercings: None
020. Tattoos: None
021. Social or Anti-Social: Er ... a little anti with strangers?
022. Righty or Lefty: Right
023. First piercing: I said none =.=
024. First relationship: With my computer?
025. First Best Friend: Hmmm ...
026. First Award: Kindergarten ... 3rd place in class?
027. First Kiss: Not yet :O
028. First Pet: Nothing that really counts ...
029. First Big Vacation: Thailand or Singapore ar ...
030. First Love at First Sight: Nothing ..........................
031. First Big Birthday: Never had D:
032. First Surgery: Nope D:
033. First sport you joined: Wah, how to remember
034. Orange or Apple Juice: Both! Not mixed lah, just both.
035. Rock or Rap: Rock!!!
036. Country or Screamo: Country xD
037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys: What's the diff?
038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera: Christina's old slow ballads/emotional songs.
039. Night or Day: Night!
040. Sun or Moon: Moon.
041. TV or Internet: Internet :D
042. Playstation or xbox: Playstation!
043. Kiss or hug: Hug (>'.')>
044. Iguana or turtle: Turtle
045. Spider or bee: Spider? Darren Shan xD
046. Fall or spring: Fall ...
047. Limewire or iTunes: 2 different things =.=
048. Soccer or baseball: Neither.
049. Eating: Air
050. Drinking: Saliva
051. Excitement level: -100%
052. I'm about to: Play some game =X
053. Listening to: Saving Abel
054. Plan for today: Study? Maybe?
055. Waiting for: The exams to be over D;
056. Energy level: Er ... somewhere between 40% - 60%
057. Thinking of someone: Wasn't until this question struck me
058. Want kids: Er ...
059. Want to get married: Er ...
060. When: Er ...
061. How many kids do you want: Er ...
062. Any name in mind: Seth? LOL
063. What did you want to be when you were little: Doctor :O
064. Careers in mind: Psychologist slash novelist as hobby LOL
065. Mellow future or wild: Mellow ... whatever that means.
066. Something you would never try: Cigarettes
067. When do you want to die: When it is time for me to die.
068. Lips or Eyes: Eyes
069. Romantic or Funny: Funny and romantic
070. Shorter or Taller: Taller D:, myself I mean
071. Protective or Caring: Both?
072. Romantic or Spontaneous: What kind of questions are these =.=
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Gosh this tag is more suitable for girls.
074. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive.
075. Hooked-up or Relationship: Blah
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant: Somewhere in between.
077. Muscular or Normal: O.o
078. Kissed a stranger: Nope
079. Broken a bone: Nope
080. Lost glasses or contacts: Never had one
081. Ran away from home: Nope
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense: Nope
083. Killed somebody: ....
084. Broken someone's heart: Er ... ?
085. Had your heart broken: Yeah, but not that way
086. Been arrested: Nope
087. Cried when someone died: Yes
088. Liked a friend more than a friend: What =.=?
089. Yourself: Yes, myself. What was the question again?
091. Love at first sight: Dejavu lah
092. Heaven: Yay!
093. Santa Claus: Pedo in disguise HAHAHA
094. Tooth fairy: Tried, didn't work. What? I'm serious
095. Kiss in the first date: Er?
096. Angels: :3
097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?: Don't know.
098. Happy with where you're in life now?: Er .. okay I guess
099. Do you believe in God?: Yeah
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 6 people.


May 11, 2009

Exams D:

Form 4 students are decreasing D:
A lot of Malay students shifted off to better schools,
Better futures.

Only 1 Chinese shifted out ... for who knows what reason o.o

Anyways, She-Reen's house warming was nice :D
Her house is so. damn. big.
And everyone has a big room,
With their own computers and stuff.

So nice right?

The food was nice too,
Roasted lamb D:
Beef rendang D:

I think I behaved myself :O

It was kinda fun when we kept making jokes about Fiona and eLmo,

All this happened on Saturday.
Went home on Sunday,
I meant around 12am.
So yeah, it was already Sunday.

Didn't go to church the next day,
Celebrated mother's day instead :D

Went Sakae Sushi :D

Really have to study for my exams D:
Or else I might just fail or something D:
But I still have stupid homework to do.
How am I suppose to make time to study?

May 7, 2009

Short post~

1. 75% for tuition Physics exam


3. Yay! Gokey's in top 3 :D :D :D

4. Exams next week D: D: Oh crap.

5. Procrastinating is damn fun xD xD

6. Sorry Kentze I lost your choker/locket strap thing D:

7. Planning to drop BM tuition and change English Lit back to Wednesday :D

8. Exams exams exams exams exams D: D: D:

9. My History is so history D:

10. Have to start studying D:

11. End of short post =/

May 4, 2009

Sigh~ It's that time of year again

That time where I'll have to start worrying,
That time where I finally realise I need to do something,
That time where I wish I had more time,
That time where I wish I had studied earlier.

I can't believe I'm going to do the same thing I did for the past few years.

Cram studies during the last minute!

Now I have to decide whether to stay at my current BM tuition or not.
Sigh >.>

Tell me again why do I hate making decisions.

Have to do homework.
A lot!

May 3, 2009


I wonder what happened this morning.

When was the last time I blogged o.O

I can't remember ...
*lol, when I typed can't remember, suddenly the song sang the same sentence o.O*

Monday didn't go to school.
Tuesday late for school,
Wednesday went for Prefect interview,
Thursday tuition results, Chemistry 94% :D
Friday went Kar Mern's house to do project,
Saturday balik kampung to attend wedding dinner,
Sunday came back.

7.30am is late and they will close the gates on 7.40am.
Who knew?

Prefect interview was ... okay I guess.
I don't know lah :(

Quite happy with Chemistry results,
But 6 marks lost because I was careless not because I didn't know how to do.

NIE took forever,
15 hours in someone else's house o.O
Quite fun!
Food was nice!
Kar Mern's brother was ... =/

Don't feel like blogging about anything right now.
Have to do homework~
Sorry yeah D: