September 20, 2010

Post 555

I'm getting this close to totally abandon this blog ...

Let me see what I can ... write ...

Bubba Gump is nice, but expensive. Totally miss the greyish mash potatoes.
Tried both The Ship and Victoria Station. Expensive food woo~
Watched The Expendables. Cannot imagine have Ryan Seacrest on it, LOL.
2 weeks of holidays well spent ... playing Maple Story.
Aran level 81 woo~
iPod + bed = amazing combination.
Portable YouTube FTW.
Sejarah = barbiturate without physical side effect ... a little mental though.
Gonna regret this some day.
Want to see Daughtry performing live, so bad.
Won some notebook from AuditionSEA o.o
Won premiere passes from nuffnang the second time (meaning 100% streak) BUT THEY CHANGED THE DATE FROM the school holidays TO THE DAY BEFORE MY TRIALS.

End of post LOL.