June 25, 2010

Of sucky results and an inevitable farewell.


Let me see ...
A+ for Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and English.
A for Moral, History and Physics.
A- for Mandarin and Malay.
B+ for Chemistry and Biology.

Was REALLY happy to score 97 for Additional Mathematics,
Like seriously,
Happier than winning 2 rounds of zone-level debates!
Especially when paper 2 was set by Pn. Tan herself.

REALLY happy to score 72 for Mandarin too!
My very first A- for Mandarin for SPM level!
The teacher even thought I had the essay question before the exam,
Because it seemed too good to be true.
Kinda insulting but, nevertheless, :D
Then again, my traditional Chinese part sucked.

Chemistry and Biology sucked,
Especially the essay parts.
Guess I'll have to ... ... you know ...
Lost quite a lot of marks for the Novel and writing section for BM, :(

Doesn't seem that bad,
But kinda bad when compared to other classmates.
Not that I'm being competitive,
But their results are used as a reference.
Especially when people are getting 10~20 marks more than yours for a single paper >.<

Oh well,
What's done is done.

* * *

Pn. Tan left our school,
Our (5 Alfa) Mathematics and Additional Mathematics teacher.
One of the best teacher I've ever had in my schooling life,
Not just her effective teaching method,
Her way of explaining things,
But also the personal advice she gives,
The times where she joked with us students.

It was such an emotional scene when the girls started crying,
And all the hugging,
Even I was sniffing,
On the brink of tearing.

I believe it's as hard for her as it is for us,
Probably even worse.
We've only been under her teaching for ... a year and a half?
Whereas she's been in this school for over 10 years ...

But one's capability shouldn't be limited,
For a person that could teach so much more ...

If there was an article written about what a teacher should be,
Or an essay about their most respected teacher,
Or an inspiration to be a teacher to educate the future generations,
I believe she'd be one used as reference,
Pn. Tan Kim Leng,
Our beloved teacher :D

All the best in her endeavours,
As a matriculation lecturer :)

June 22, 2010

The thing I loathe.

I really, really hate debating.
The mere flashback of it makes me sick.
I mean REALLY sick.
I feel so mentally and psychologically tortured, lol.

I'm currently trying to find out why do I loathe thee so excessively,
Is it the immense amount of tension?
Is it the fact that I'm not good at public speaking?
Is it the fact that I'm not prepared for it?
Is it the fact that I don't have much experience?
Would having more competitions in school help?

This is the very first time I joined an actual debate competition,
No, an actual debate in fact.
I previously had 2,
One was without preparation,
While the second one was ... sort of debating with myself.

I think I'm sick, lol.

Went to SMK Seksyen 4 today for a zone level debate competition,
Up against SMK Puchong (had no idea that existed, sorry, but then again, what are the odds of a student from that school reading my blog? lol) for the first round,
Public shame is an appropriate means of punishing criminals as the motion of the debate.
We were the opposition team for this motion.

I was the first speaker, and the person to give the reply speech.


Somehow, we won.

The best part of the day was meeting a bunch of my old friends,
Those from 6H and those from Success Score,
Ah, miss them, sort of.

Had no appetite.
Did not feel well.

2nd round,
Up against Seksyen 3.
They went straight to Round 2,
Because their opponent in Round 1 withdrew.

So basically, they had the whole morning to prepare,
While we had like ... 1 hour?
The motion was young people should be subjected to night-time curfews as a way to reduce crime.
We were the governing team this time.

They were so bitchy mean,
Greeting us as the 'wise yet confused governing team',
Boasting about their impenetrable 'skyscraper',
Saying our points were 'feeble'.

I have to say,
That strategy had a great role in relinquishing our morale,
But somehow we won.
Both teams were equally shocked.

Can't believe we're in the finals.
I loathe thee, debate.

June 20, 2010

Maybe I should just ... stop

Bye holidays,
Had ... fun?
Probably not called fun ...
Just a few stress-free days.

Watched Toy Story 3, yay~
Thanks to nuffnang.

Did nothing, at all, almost.
I wonder what would happen to me tomorrow?

Time to ... get myself back together?

June 12, 2010

Holidays are ...

... kinda boring. But I'm not complaining. Heh.

So far, watched 2 movies,
Robin Hood in the cinemas

And To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) at home.

Yay, big pictures.

Went out with a bunch of friends on Friday,
They watched other movies while I watched Robin Hood alone.
Finally get to watch movies separately, was so fun, LOL.

Robin Hood was not bad, I guess.
I don't know what to say about it.
Enjoyed it? But the ratings weren't so good ... so whatever.

To Kill a Mockingbird, wanted to watch that for quite some time,
Finally had the time, and mood, of course.
Very first black and white movie for me :D

Went to my driving instructor's funeral.
So sudden.
But we arrived late /=

Became a outing instead.
Went bowling and snookering.

Went out on Friday again,
Ping pong and bowling this time.
Then night market ... well, at night.

Time's a wastin'~

June 5, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

No, seriously. I really want to watch Toy Story 3!

It's been 11 years since Toy Story 2,
Who would've thought the 3rd installment would eventually be created?

Yeah, you guys know the drill,
I grew up watching Toy Story,
Part of my childhood,
Yadda, yadda, yadda.

But it's somewhat true, I guess.
I won't be exaggerating about how Woody or Buzz made me who I am today,
But damn, that duo left a big impression in my head.

Truth be told,
The storyline is kinda vague for me right now,
It's sort of the same for every other Disney cartoon I've watched when I was young,
Despite having watched them over and over and over again ...

What better way to relive a part of my childhood than by watching Toy Story 3?
The magic of Disney is that when you watch it from different perspectives, i.e. at different stages of life, you'll gain different things.
When you're a child, you'll probably get hours and hours fun and enjoyment; but for me, I'd enjoy not only the comedic scenes, but also the values behind it that I failed to take notice when I was younger.

Back to the topic,
Toy Story 3 :D

New toys,
A favourite toy... hmmm.
I guess my favourite toy would be Peas-in-a-Pod!

I wish I had these when I was young,
Even now in fact,
They are SO CUTE.

Judging from their expressions,
The middle one would be outspoken, the one on the right would be soft spoken, whereas the left one would be a little mischievous.

Warmth, security, tightly-knit (not ... fabric wise), blushing, awww...

Then there's this teddy bear,
Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear :D

Looks like some reliable person toy one would seek comfort from,
Full of wisdom? Maybe it's the walking stick?

Would be very much huggable if it was life-size, whoa.

But then again,
Looks might be deceiving.

Despite the new toys,
We should also learn from Andy:
He never threw his old toys away when he had new ones,
He treasured all of them as if they were his family.

So here's a small tribute to the gang that made Toy Story the legendary animation that it currently is.

You've got a friend in me~

The thought of watching Toy Story 3 exhilarating,
Since the anticipation and hype has been building up since last year!
Besides, I've somehow or rather became a fan of Tom Hanks,
Amazing actor :x
Adds to the desire to watch Toy Story 3 :D

So there's my "I wanna watch Toy Story 3" post,
Organised by Nuffnang.
Check it out!

*credits to Nuffnang for all the pictures*

June 3, 2010


woot yay, end of exams.
*note the lack of exclamation marks and capital letters*

Gosh, it's finally over.
3 weeks of ... not being able to study properly has finally over.
I think I'd be missing the days where there's no homework,
No duties,
No pointless extra co-curricular activities,
No staying back ...

I wish there would somehow be a balance between the normal study days and the exam period.

I feel so ... not-as-happy-as-I-should-be right now.

Before that,
Internet's been down since last Friday or Saturday,
Can't really remember,
Finally got it back yesterday.
Lovin' the download speed,
Love being able to plurk before I fall asleep,
Guess I'm very much grateful right now.

I have no idea why I take what people say so seriously.
Even though it's not entirely accurate,
But it shows what people think of you,
What impressions they have,
And it sucks /=

On the bright side,
Spending time with friends act as an anesthetic for that pointless thought that drags my mood down.
But other than that, it bugs me a lot.
I probably shouldn't give a damn,
But it's harder to not give a damn about giving a damn than to just not give a damn.


Shouldn't let that spoil my holidays.
But it has already done some damage ...

Gah, why do I even care?