January 30, 2009

Watch this!

My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson.

*change to HQ*

Someone tell me why do I love this video so much ;_;


Been really absent-minded these days.

For example,
I wished one of my friends happy birthday,
But days later,
I suddenly realised it was her birthday!

I was like,

Then when I was almost going to wish her,
I suddenly remembered that I already did that.


What is wrong with me >.>
My brain is degrading,
Like a piece pie in a lion's tummy.

They eat pie?

*crow flies by*

Okay what was I suppose to blog about again ... ...

January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Went back on the 1st day (初一)of Chinese New Year,
With new clothes and everything.

Scrape that,
I'll just randomly mention things that happened since my memory fails me oh so often.

I remember playing the lovely PS3,
With a gun,
Owning Time Crisis 4.
In 2 days,
Finished the whole mission mode,
Over 15-20 missions,
Includes traditional shooting (arcade type),
And that counter-strike-ish shooting,

I remember eating steamboat,
Twice I think,

I remember receiving ang paos,
Those lovely pieces of paper stuffed into red packets.
Collecting them,
Waiting patiently till I find a room to hide,
Tearing the red packet into pieces,
Piling up the cash and sniffing it like a drug.

Exaggerated $_$

I remember playing mahjong!
Before you start accusing me of sinning,
Let me think of an excuse!
Fact is,
I didn't use money,
So it's considered just a game.

Kept losing till the last 4 games where I won consecutively,
But everyone was sleepy and my luck ended there >.>

I crave for more mahjong :(

Collected my reference books from my cousin sis,
Finally have no excuse for not studying =.=

What else ...
Never mind.

January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese 'Niu' Year!

I'm getting sick of that 'niu' year phrase, LOL.

But I have no brain juice to think of something nicer to say xD

Reunion dinner ... was okay.
Was ... kinda less hyped up,
Compared to the usual,
Which doesn't exist,
Because I don't know what the 'usual' is like.

Father's cooking was as amazing as always,
Mother's chicken curry was as like her chicken curry as always,
Father made fried prawns with mushroom bits,
And abalone!
And ... some veggies.

Uncle Allen made .. curry puffs and popiah.
Uncle Edward brought KFC,
Uncle Richard didn't come,
As expected.

The whole thing was okay,
Talked with Min Chen and Michelle,
Cousins by the way.

Still sat in front of my comp xD

Collected ang paos!

Tomorrow balik kampung!

January 23, 2009


Holiday mood already kicking in.
Don't feel like doing homework ~_~

Let me see,
I have BM,
3 BM Essays for tuition,
4 Komsas Latihan for tuition,
Some Chemistry thing for tuition too,

Tomorrow's the last day!
To be honest,
I don't really look forward to reunion dinner,
But ...
I hope it will turn out well.

Every year I'll have to control a whole bunch of kids before they tear my stuff into shreds,
I don't like having to 'take care' of them >.>

It's getting late and I haven't finish my stuff.

Never mind,
I guess I'll have to leave it for tomorrow!!


January 21, 2009

Short random post about how bad life is.

I'm so messed up right now,
Homework all mixed up,
Not sure which, when, how to do them.

Till now,
I like additional mathematics, modern mathematics, English only.


I'm so not used to so little free time at home,
Ending up doing homework till late at night.


Probably need more time to cope with this.
And I really have to study myself,
Like seriously,
I don't wish to fail any subjects during my 1st exam.


Study study study.


Stop sighing, lah.


I'm really enjoying my new DIY cube!!

Nothing much to blog about I guess.

January 19, 2009

How to assemble a DIY Rubik's cube.

Received my DIY kit last Sunday.
Fixed it today,
Couldn't wait!!

Type - C blue Rubik's (including stickers, core, screws, washers and springs)
Cubesmith's vinyl stickers :D

Everything laid out!
Those are Cubesmith's stickers by the way.


Edge pieces in the top right,
Centre pieces + caps in the left,
Corner pieces + caps in the bottom.

Black screws,
Silver springs,
Blue washers and the core.

Fixing it.

Put all centre pieces in this sequence,
Screw the screw with the centre piece into the core.
(Couldn't take a clearer picture =.=)

Put them all,
And ...

... Ta dah!

Put in bottom edges,

Bottom corner pieces,


Top corners,

And the remaining edges!

Do not close the centre pieces yet!
You can always loosen / tighten the cube's tension to suit yourself,
Don't leave it too loose as it pops out easily.

When that's done,
Put on the stickers.

I used the stickers that came with the cube to replace those stickers on my Rubik's one.

Here comes ...

... the Rubik's camwhore session!

New DIY Cube!

Storebought Rubik's cube!

Comparison of storebought Rubik's and DIY Rubik's,
DIY is way lighter,
And easier to spin.
Rubik's is more sturdy,
I'm going to miss that sturdiness :(

(I don't like these pictures =.=)

January 18, 2009

New Template!

After so many years!
Finally did what I should have done years ago.

Not entirely done with this new template,
Still have minor stuff to add.

Give comments please!

p.s. Oh crap,
Some things are not in place :(

p.p.s Oh crap,
Why is it scrollable to the right!?!?

p.p.p.s Should have changed the template in conjunction of my 400th post instead = =

p.p.p.p.s Does anyone know how do I make archives on a post itself?

p.p.p.p.p.s Wait till I reach rm50, I'm so gonna get rid of nuffnang because it looks bad.

p.p.p.p.p.p.s The more I look at it, the more dull this template seems like. And it's not even 1 day yet!

January 17, 2009


I feel so shitty after 2 hours of napping.
Hate naps.

On Friday,
Went Chinese Calligraphy Competition at Klang Parade.
So far.
Bus was so quiet,
All nerd girls =x
Except for a bunch of us talking,
Having fun like normal humans.

Reached there,
Signed up,
Morale got struck down.
All hope of winning is lost,
I guess it's just for fun!

This is what I wrote :

Passed up the one on the right.
Sure lose, lah =.=

This is Josh's!

Don't ask why is there a bull there, LOL.

Went to ate at Secret Recipe,
Then listened to the results,
Then went back.

Had school,
Love maths :D

Had a ... lunch ... thing,
With all other students with straight A's,
And their parents.
Awkward ...

Last but not least,

Thank you Joshua~!
I really appreciate it!

Tired nao =.=

January 15, 2009

It's that time of year again ....

Chinese New Year!
And before that,
Chinese calligraphy!
One of my hobbies!
Hobbies that I enjoy but almost never do because I'm lazy and it's troublesome.

Been practising the whole day,

I wrote the wrong words on the wrong side,
But that's not important!
I need comments on the words,
Like size, portions, thickness or anything!

Have a competition tomorrow,
Even though chances of winning are near zero,
I still hope that I will win :(

Second one,
Even worse =.=

And I don't think this is winning material.

January 14, 2009

Yay for Add. Maths!

I love doing Add. Maths homework :D ...

... compared to stuff like BM Essays.

I love doing homework like :
English essays,
Additional Mathematics,
Mainly because I don't have to think much ...
Don't get me wrong,
For maths,
It's just like replacing numbers and calculating,
Nothing super brain damaging,
In my opinion, lah.
English essay is fun!
For me :D
I wrote like ...
A foolscap paper full,
Both sides,
In like ... around 40 mins?
*I feel like I'm bragging,
Yeah I probably am =x*
I feel like posting my recently written essay,
But ... nah,
Never mind.

Other neutral homework are like,
Those 3 Science subjects.

I hate doing notes for any subjects,
It's not like I actually use that to revise =.=
I hate history.
Both Chinese and Malay essays are harder,
Compared to English.

Nothing much already I guess.

p.s. Oh yea,
I'll be sick tomorrow,
So I wouldn't be able to go to school,
By 1.10pm,
My sickness should be gone.


p.p.s Goodbye Vivian :(
Solid just sublimated.
I still don't understand why Batu 8 though.
Cheer up LYS!

January 11, 2009



Event passed already.

The concert was amazing,
The part I remember the most was when Juwita Suwito sang What About Now - Daughtry.

Loads of amazing Praise and Worship songs,
Worship leaders sung amazingly,
MC / Organisers did a great work too.

Thanks to those who wished me _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to Vivian too!
Long lost friend xD

January 9, 2009

Random gay spottings.

I'm not really sure whether those people I've seen are gay or not,
But they were .. doing something .. weird.

Will not mention where,
But I saw these 2 guys,
One grabbing the other's ass,
And the other one putting his arm over his shoulders.

It was in public.

Hand holding,
Not just any hand holding,
Those ... erm ...
How am I suppose to say this,
One is like when you shake hands,
You just grab the other person's hand,
But this is like,
Couples holding hands,
Crossing fingers,
Finger between finger or whatever,
Probably 十指紧扣 in Mandarin.

Kinda ...
Disturbing to see these things on streets,

In my opinion,
I don't really approve of gays,
But I don't think hating and staying away from them is a good thing either.

End of random post.

January 7, 2009

Updating again!

Finally got our Text books.
Nothing much I guess.

After school,
After my mom's work,
She brought me to Subang Parade to hunt shoes.

Size 12s to be exact.

I wasn't very fond of going out on a school day,
But ... since I have nothing better to do.

I have one big question,


They are either black or brown,
So ... *yawn*

Went through almost every place that sold shoes in Subang Parade,
Decided to buy and went to eat dinner 1st.

Manhattan Fish Market!

I still find it weird to take pictures with my phone in public,
Seem so ... weird.

But anyway,
Tried taking with different angles.
I still suck at angles.
And my phone is very ... not quite suitable for taking pictures.

Drinks angle #1

Drinks angle #2

Drinks angle #3

That will do I guess.

Both drinks,
Tropical Breeze,
Were free,
Because we ordered Twin Happiness Salmon Meal.

Sorry I actually forgotten to take pictures 1st.

Food angle #1

Food angle #2

Will do,
Got holes because my mom and I already started eating xD

Calamari on the top left (squid/sotong/cuttlefish),
Fries bottom left (duh!),
Some rice at the bottom,
Salmon in the middle,
Fried mushrooms top right (I think),
Fried Fish Fillets bottom right.

But after eating,
Since everything was deep fried,
You'll kinda ... wouldn't want to eat.

Big serving >.>
I think we could share with 1 more that ate less like my mom.

Random sauce picture,


Argh =.=
Anyway RM56 and taxed till RM64.40.

So full.

My shoe,
Size 12 :D

*picture taken with webcam*

Didn't really bother about the angle. lol.


ps. The drink was very sour/sweet,
Sight went blur a little for a second and a little headache at the back of my head for a second.

pps. Did I mention that the spoon/knife thing at MFM was so special?
Part knife part spoon.

ppps. What's the diff between cuttlefish and squid anyway?

January 6, 2009

This might be my happiest day~!

To be exact,
This might be the most happy school-day-on-Tuesday!

You know why?

Because our Physics teacher,
Which teaches during the last period,
Had to attend a meeting,
So we went back earlier!

While other Form 4s are studying till 2.30pm,
I'm already eating lunch in the restaurant opposite of the school during 2pm!

=P =P

Today was ... okay I guess.
I need to remind myself to bring something to kill time in case some of the teachers are absent.

Even had to play Bingo because I was bored.

Bingo =.=

Oh well,
End of second day,
And the end of the 2.30pm days for this week.
Another ... ... a lot of weeks more?

January 5, 2009

First day of school.

"Nooooo, mummy, don't leave meeeeee"

*wails and wails and wails and wails*

That wasn't me.

Happy birthday to Syn Jie!


Happy belated birthday to Cherrie!

First day of school.
I can assume that this year wouldn't be as good as the previous years,
Meaning that this year would be bad since the past few years are already not that good,
So in conclusion this year will be bad, worse, maybe the worst,
But I'll leave the worst for Form 5.


Already got some homework,
Still not done yet,
Already bed time soon,
Do not want to sleep to late tonight,
No yawning in class please.

During History the teacher was absent,
And everyone was chatting like mad!
Kar Mern and I had to like shout at each other to actually hear each other,

My mom bought Devil May Cry 4 for me :D
Thanks mom!

Been playing GTA : LCS,
Keep failing and failing and failing,
But yet I force myself to keep trying again,
Because like my cousin,
I used to have a tendency to stop playing a certain game after too much failure.

I guess that is all.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day,
For me,
For us,
For mankind.

/random again.

January 4, 2009

A few random pictures.

School's starting tomorrow :(

A few random pictures I wanted to post quite some time ago.

Remember that trip of my father and I going to KL?
(You probably wouldn't remember =.=)

We went to find food,
Not just any food,
Food that were shown in food programmes.

The Yong Tau Foo stall,

I'm hungry already :(

I was sitting there,
Right beside the Yong Tau Fu stall,
There is the famous Chee Cheong Fun stall.

Shouldn't have mixed them up before taking the picture,
But even though it looks gross,
I'm feeling VERY hungry right now.

End of KL food trip.
The Luo Hon Guo drink was amazing too :(
But very sweet.

Next random picture was taken in Jusco, IOI Mall, Puchong.

Maybe I should post this in failblog.org =.=

January 2, 2009

School. Form 4.

Today was kinda like the first day of school,
Suppose we were there to see which class we got into,
But the whole scene looked like an actual school day.

And I even brought my phone =.=

Got into 4 Alfa.

My goodness the competition has just increased a whole notch,
Imagine all brilliant students being stuffed into one class,
I guess I should work harder than how I did for the past 3 years.

Slightly cleaned up the class,
Talked to a few of my friends,
Went back around 10am +
(Went 8am+)

I can't believe school is going to officially start soon,
I just ...

Never mind.

Tomorrow balik kampung!

And .. er ..

I desperately want to play Devil May Cry 4,

And .. er ..

I'm currently playing Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories on my PSP.

That's all for now.

(I told you it wouldn't be a good post)