February 29, 2008

A special day~

Today is the 29th of February.
Hello? 29~~ *waves my hands in front of your blur face*
*snaps* OH

The leap year,
Leap day.

On this wonderful day,
I broke my record,
Which is the most posts in a month.
There are 25 posts this month,
26 including this.
But I don't see an increment in readers -.-

It's the weekends,
Best is to sit back,
And get ready for another new week.
But wait,
The oh-so innocent and lovely homework.

*wonders whose birthday so happen to fall on this day?*

February 28, 2008


Yea, you're probably saying,
I'm just a small kid,
What do I know about politics?
I don't know much about politics,
All I know is to be a politician,
You must be cunning.

My mother received an e-mail,
About the elections and stuff.
I'm not sure whether the stuff inside are true or false,
But it seems convincing.
If all of those stated are real,
I really have no idea how am I going to survive.

They also say bloggers are monkeys and stuff,
It's because there are many bloggers,
For example to famous Jeff Ooi,
Who got sued for posting some thing which I don't know of.
Many many blogs out there about our Malaysian politics,
And also Malaysia Kini,
Inside news.

So much stuff,
I'm so not interested in politics,
Too innocent =)

February 27, 2008

My Ambition?

I attended a church service.
The sermon some how made me feel like being a teacher.
Yes, a teacher.

Looking at how the teachers are in our school,
I can just imagine how is it,
Being one of those cool and fun teachers,
Instead of those.
I also seems fun to teach,
I meant as in to give others the knowledge,
Sharing them with the students,
But repeating the same topic for a whole day seems boring.

More importantly,
I want to be RICH,
I don't see SUPER RICH teachers,
So I should just strike off that thought in my list of ambitions.
Unless... unless I can be a RICH teacher.

Back to reality,
Had to practise for the demonstration today again,
Had like, 4 exams without being properly informed.
Weird eh?
Skipped the maths,
I really wanted to take the maths exam, *sobs*

Went home,
Slacked around,
Didn't touch my homework.

p.s. Comments have been appearing these days,
I don't know why,
But I know some of them are viruses.
No worries,
I've deleted those stupid links.

February 26, 2008

Argh, that feeling again.

That feeling of I-have-some-time-but-not-actually-much-time with my whole lot of unfinished-need-to-pass-up-tomorrow-homework.

Finish tuition homework,
Finish school work,
Get ready for tomorrow's presentation.

Tomorrow have to skip all the classes before recess,
Need to practise for the demonstration again.

*Goes crazy*
*Freezes time*

Yea, right.
If only I can do that.

A list of homework I have.

English - Literature, been leaving it along for so long, don't even know when the teacher needs it.

Malay - Presentation tomorrow* and my essay*.

Chinese - Weekly diary thing*, calligraphy and the exercise book*.

Maths - Some exercises from the text book.

Science - Some homework long ago, didn't bother to touch it.

Geography - Exercise* and notes*.

History - Finish up my notes*.

Living Skills - Check my notes* and do exercises*.

Civics - Folio.

Moral - Quite some old exercises, notes and the scrap book thing. Oh yea, the art competition -.-

Arts - Some drawing.

The ones with * are due tomorrow,
Oh great, 9 8 7 6 5*s.


February 25, 2008

The Freaking Weather.

Had to stay back after school today,
Practise some emergency rescue methods for a demonstration next Monday.
I just can't wait -.-

Stupid weather,
Sucking out ounces of my life.
I hate sleeping in the afternoons,
Especially when I never switch on the air-conditioner.
I will wake up with a whole back of sweat.
I literally slept on the sofa in a sitting posture.
Saliva came out thanks to my wide open mouth -.-

Still sweating now,
How I wish Malaysia's weather wasn't like this.
I should transfer my computer to my room,
Then I can camp inside there.

So sad,
No friends to talk to,
I mean on MSN.
So sad.

I so want to go Planet Shakers' concert!!

I should start ranting about my emoness now.
Here it goes.

I'm so lonely,
No one to talk to,
No one understands me,
No one cares,
People who care don't understand.
I just hope that He was right here beside me,
Talking to me just like my best friend or something.
Send some one to talk to me please,
And help to change my bad habits,
As in finishing my homework earlier.
I want to just breakaway from all these terrible things,
Live freely without the hand choking my neck,
Making it hard to breathe.
I just wish,
I continue to wish,
Life is more livable.
Some one come relief my pain.
I got so much more to complain about,
Pessimistic me.
I guess I should look on the bright side,
If there is one.

February 23, 2008

Kwik Cut

Went to a hair salon in Giant,
Called Kwik Cut.
RM 12, 1 haircut, 1 free.
My hair is so short now ._.

Oh yea,
I'm looking for a student,
Form 4 or form 5,
Speaks broken English,
Is not rich,
Preferable less than RM4000 income per month.

'They' need people for a survey,
Last time I went,
They gave me RM50.
He asked me to join,
Does it mean I have broken English?
Oh no,
Those evil people are going to make me go emo again.
Kentz, stop laughing.

February 21, 2008

To Be or Not To Be?

To go for the prefect interview or not to go to the prefect interview,
That is the question.

School today,
Only 3 classes had to come,
While the other 3, Epsilon, Gamma and Kappa had a day off.
Talk about unfairness.
Most of the teachers didn't come,
Had moral class,
Maths class,
2 History class and
Geography class.
The History teacher came in to substitute one maths class,
Making it 2 classes.

Went home,
Half dead,
The walking zombie.
I almost fell asleep using the computer,
I was like dozing off and on,
Lucky thing I didn't went face flat on the keyboard.
My father came out from his room and asked me to go rest,
He heard me snoring outside,
What the...

Didn't sleep at all,
But was feeling better.
I miss my beauty sleep ._.

February 20, 2008


This post includes 3 sections, maybe 4.

First thing I would like to say is about my Science teacher,
Pn. Aishah.
She gave a great lecture during class today.
I have to agree that I've been putting less effort into studying compared to my primary years.
I still remember that last time,
Every single decimal of our average marks count.
Now, since there is less competition,
I started to slack.

During primary,
In my class,
Only 1 student got 5As for his UPSR,
Whereas others got 6As and 7As.
This year I'm going to take PMR,
And I need to start brushing up,
My aim : 8As.
What's an aim for when you don't do anything?
I need to remind myself to concentrate,
And stop comparing,
Aim for perfection.

Pn. Aishah also mentioned that in other schools,
The whole studying environment is really about studying,
And nothing else.
Study time, study ;
Play time, play.
But the situation in my class is chatting,
Some playing,
Some dreaming away.

Conclusion is,
I need to put more effort into studying,
To be frank,
I never studied my best since primary 1,
If I actually put more effort,
No one knows what will happen.
Same goes to everyone reading this.
Remember that word.

Second part of this post,
Is about Chinese classes in school.
I don't understand why I our school only includes 2 classes in schooling times,
And 1 extra class on Wednesday, 1.50 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.
Can some one enlighten me on this?
Why other schools have 3 and we have 2?
Does it means that Chinese classes aren't important?
Are they going to just cancel Chinese class after a few years?
Or just make it a totally out of school subject?
Can't really blame me for asking things that I care about can you?
Not blaming anyone here,
Just wondering.

Third part,
About Malay class.
If only I can speak Malay fluently.
Never ever I did well in talking to many people,
As in public speaking,
Either I'm not that kind of person,
Or I'm just lack of training.
Didn't receive such comments before,
No wonder I don't improve.

Went home,
Woke up,
I have a feeling that I left out something,
Never mind.

February 19, 2008

I Don't Get It

Why must these people keep attacking this person,
I mean,
Why can they just give that person a chance?
Must they try to force that person to go crazy?
Going overboard?

I don't understand.

When you do something wrong,
We always (well, depends) apologise and hope that others will forgive us.
Of course, no matter they forgive or not,
People who actually apologise are people who will change.
Well, maybe that person might not change,
But if you don't give chance,
How can a person change?
No chance.
It's like,
Making a person's life miserable is a fun thing to do.

I just don't get it.

If we don't listen to safety rules,
For example crossing the train tracks,
And your feet gets stuck,
And the train comes.
Break free,
And swear never to do that again.
Now these people are like the tracks,
But instead,
They are moving tracks,
Going to haunt the person.

I'm not pointing any fingers here,
But is there a need to be that way?

February 18, 2008

White Lighter

Okay, I'm not some white lighter for the TV series, "Charmed".
It some how came to my mind 'cause I wore full white to school today.
Had to wear that PBSM uniform and do something during assembly.

Went in class after recess,
Brought my school bag everywhere.
Didn't finish up most of the homework that I was suppose to.
Didn't got into much trouble, luckily.

Went to Jia Yu's house for the group work again.
Kar Mern, Cui Ting and Jia Yu were cooking some noodle-ish food,
While I ate chicken rice that I bought before going there.
Spent like,
20 minutes?
Doing the group work,
Mostly went to use the computer,
And of course,
We played mah-jong,
It was fun =)
Didn't gamble though,
We were good, innocent kids, teenagers.

I want to sleep ._.

February 17, 2008

Tired. Very Tired. Damn Tired.

Went to Jia Yu's house after school,
Had to do the Malay literature group work.

Went for a course for PBSM,
It was about the injuries in sports.
8.00 a.m. - 12.oo p.m.+
After that,
Went Sunway Pyramid.
Quite some number of us,
Me, Josh, Kar Mern, Angeline, Fiona, Hui Teng and her *ahem*, Xiang Min and her *ahem* too.
Thanks to Fiona's father and his Alfa Romeo.

Watched Jumper

Not a bad movie,
It was nice,
Very nice,
Not that nice.
Er, 4 out of 5 for me.
Angeline was like so crazy over the actors,
Especially the main actor, Hayden Christensen.

Went Sushi Groove, again,
For lunch.
A lot of pictures,
But I'm lazy to post them.
Only 6 of us ate there,
Me, Fiona, Angeline, Josh, Hui Teng and Kar Mern.
Total of...
*Oh crap where is the receipt*
Never mind,
It was around RM112.

Went J.CO after that,
3 of us,
Fiona, Josh and me.
Ate 2 donuts / doughnuts each.
Went back after that.

Josh went to my house 'cause he had to wait for his parents,
Around 10 p.m.
So he joined me for dinner / supper that day.

Did you know how tired was I?
I didn't want to sleep that early so I went to try out new themes on my phone,
I download quite a lot of them earlier,
After trying 3 or 4 of them,
I slept.
I slept.
Just like that.
I woke up to find out that my phone was still at the themes folder.

This morning,
Went church,
Took down sermon notes for the 1st time,
I'm saying the point of the whole sermon in a general way,
It says that we must think positively,
For example,
You're sick,
And you say that you're sick,
And 10 other people will think that you're sick.
In fact,
We should say we are okay,
Then other people will say we're okay,
And then we will feel better.
It's like the amazing powers of positiveness.

Youth was great,
But I'm tired.
Went home,
Lied on the sofa and slept.
I hate sleeping without air-conditioners,
Makes my back sweaty.
Still got homework to do,
But I'm so tired ._.

February 15, 2008

Invited to a Villa

Well, as a *cough* famous *cough* blogger,
I was invited to this amazing place,
Which I am not allowed to tell of,
But I have some pictures.

It's like a heaven on earth,
And everything was free!

1st stop, the bar counter.

Eh, white light no mood.

Yeah, that's it!
Too bad I don't fancy alcohol.

It consists... okay I was gonna crap some liquor names but I had no idea.

Next stop,
The living room.

Good for blasting music =D
Kinda average but still not bad.

The kitchen.

Looks nice,
But not much stuff available since there is room service ... or in this case house service.

The fridge,
Packet drinks are suitable for me,
There is more alcohol on the top deck,
It's vodka.


The bedroom.

The collection shelf beside the bed,
What boys like to play,
I guess.

... I so wanna jump on that!

Guess what's behind the curtains?
Seaside view?
Not gonna tell you anything xP

Another bed room.

The basin.

Different toilet.

The whole place was kinda big,
I only had pictures of the house,
Didn't took pictures outside.

Big place,
It would be better if I had a car ._.
Oh wait,
We actually HAVE a car!

The inside of the car.
You might be thinking,
"Hey, I thought rich people sit in the back seat?"
Well, I wanted to take pictures.

Has a lot of functions o.o

Can you see the logo?

You should be able now =)

One thing I don't really like is the fan,

5 blades,
Looks like something that jumped out of Transformers.

It was my cousin's house,
You probably recognise the car from some previous post.
Nothing else to blog about.

February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day to those who are and who are not celebrating =)

Can't seem to recall what I wanted to blog.
Doing last minute homework,

I don't get that person sitting to the right side in front of me,
Keeps asking stupid stuff,
And keep seeing other people's stuff,
What's the problem with him?

Blake came to my class,
And he called me out like he wanted to fight me outside class,
Turns out that Pn. Chong wanted to see me,
She said that I was the representative of PBSM to do something during the appointing of prefects.
Er... Okay...
And I'm in charge taking photos this Saturday.
Did I mention about this Saturday?
There is the course regarding emergency rescue,
And after that a bunch of us are going to Xiang Min's house,
And Sunway Pyramid after that, hopefully.

Pn. Chong also asked me to help out with the presentation or some report,
Saying that I'm so good in these things,
Mentioning my blog too -.-
Hope every single thing will turn out okay,
Or better than that.

Have to start on the Malay literature group work tomorrow.

February 13, 2008

Tomorrow's Valentine's

I keep pressing enter by just write that two words,
In the title.

The teachers of Chinese and Living Skills were absent,
Went for some meeting.

My finger hurts -.-
I didn't even know how I cut my own finger,
It looks like a piece of skin fell off.
Me and Kar Mern talked about quite some stuff during Malay period,
Since the teacher went out to do something,
And we kinda finished the stuff we had to do.
I keep talking about 'bloody' stuff,
Kar Mern was like : EWWWWWWWWWWWW.
Talked about food too,

Ate lunch with Kentz today,
Lucky he was there,
Or else I'll be alone.
Bored again,
If only homework would finish up themselves.

Oh ya,
Happy Valentine's to those who are celebrating =D

February 11, 2008

It's 10p.m.

I woke up,
Started doing homework till now.
Done most of them,
Took quite some time.
I didn't want to do till midnight so I did as much as I could.

Oh wait,
That didn't happen.
I should stop regretting and start doing,
But that is so not me.
Imagine tomorrow teachers in class will start scolding us for not doing homework and stop us from using Chinese New Year as a excuse.
Well, I can imagine all that.

Last day ._.

Went IOI to watch Kung Fu Dunk today,
With my mother.

I saw Sherwin and gang,
And Yi Shen and gang,
And also Daniel from my tuition center.
A lot of people there today.

I actually planned to finish up my homework today,
Stupids plans.

Okay, about the movie,
I won't give and spoilers,
Unless you ask for it.
The movie was okay,
It was jaw dropping or whatsoever.
I'll give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

February 10, 2008

It's starting.

Chinese New Year is starting to get boring.
My father had a dinner tonight,
With all his friends,
He told me to invite some friends over.
So I managed to get Blake and Kentz.

Nothing much,
Kar Mern didn't come though,
I wanna go out tomorrow,

So boring,
I might as well start with my homework,
Wait, that sounded so wrong.
Totally wrong.
Homework is bad for health =D
It's the Chinese New Year season for Pete's sake,
I don't want some person barging into the class saying,
"So I shall not give you all homework since you all don't like homework"
Like what the hell,
No one likes homework,
We just have to do it.
And in this kind of mood,
Doing homework will be the last thing on my mind.

February 8, 2008

This is too much!!

1st a BMW,
Then a Sony Vaio,
And now a Nokia N95 8GB.
This is overrated!!

Exhibit A : The BMW

A simple shot with my phone,
Will include more details when I get my father's camera.

Exhibit B : The Vaio

My dream laptop ._.
Even the mouse uses bluetooth (wireless)
I'm using it right this second,
So close,
So near,
So not mine.
Oh ya,
If you're wondering why are these two images clearer,
Here comes exhibit C.

Exhibit C : The N95

Note : ignore the ugly hand holding it.

All of the above belongs to my cousin brother,
He is still single by the way,
No, serious!

Still at hometown,
Going back tomorrow.

February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year~

I'm in sekincan now,
Went to Teluk Intan earlier to collect some ang pao =x
Tired, in the car for hours.

Using my cousin sister's new Toshiba laptop,
Not bad ... =D
And my cousin brother bought a new VAIO,
And guess what?
I'll post the picture of the car as soon as I reach home.
Nothing much now,
Bye =)

Happy Chinese New Year my fellow readers =D

If I actually have that much readers -.-
Dinner was... okay.
Kids were... kids.
Others were... others.
Nothing out of the ordinary.

Tomorrow I'll be going back to my mother and my father's hometown.
I hope it won't be too boring ._.


February 6, 2008

Reunion Dinners.

Did you all know what does a reunion dinner represent?
It is to remind you that how horrible is being together with all your brothers and sisters,
Thus, helping you to appreciate the part where we live separately.

It wasn't true,
I just don't like my uncles,
Don't wish to elaborate further.

Me : Happy new year uncle!
Uncle : Hi Kritz. Hey, do you write blogs?
Me : Yea.. why? o.o
Uncle : I recently read a blog, the URL has your name in it, but I don't think it is yours anyway.
Me : kritz stuff about me?
Uncle : Oh yea, how did you know? You read that too?
Me : Nah, I don't. I write that.
Me : Er.. =D

Yea, I like to daydream =D

February 5, 2008

It's getting nearer!!

You know it!
Not yet.

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year Eve,
Where every family gathers for the reunion dinner.
My family,
Oh please,
I don't want to mention it.
Bad past with them.

It isn't even Chinese New Year yet,
And I already got RM60 red packet money,

I hope this celebration will turn out nice,
And help to forget about those that happened in school,
I can't wait!

February 4, 2008

Can't wait!

Spend the whole day doing something else,
And not homework.
But then again,
It has nothing to do with Maple Story,
So I'm quite okay with it.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner,
Let's just forget about the terrible past and enjoy this amazing 6 days of holidays,
Okay, Chinese New Year ain't that fun anyway.

My recent wallpaper,
credits to deviantART

Oh ya,

February 2, 2008

Trip to Sunway Pyramid

A last minute Chinese New Year shopping spree.
Went to Sunway Pyramid this time.
I myself bought :
2 stripe T-shirts
1 plain white T-shirt for PE lessons
1 pair of slacks
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of shorts
And my mother bought 3 or 4 blouses,
One of them was called Harajuku,

Had Sushi Groove for lunch.

The Menu

The Place

Japanese green tea, called ocha I think.

Hot (mom's) and cold (mine)
It's refillable =D

My rice with beef, forgotten the name.

Mom's rice with unagi

It was really nice!
Better than Sushi King and Sakae Sushi in my opinion.
Too bad I didn't try the sushi there.
The environment there is really special,
Dim and seemed high class.
The menu is special too,
They don't serve normal sushi,
They have their own originality.
I hope to go there again soon ._.

Mine was okay,
Too many capsicums,
Green, red and yellow -.-

My mom's unagi was delicious!
I wanna go there again!!

And walked,
And walked,
Till our feet were pain and tired.
I heard conversations like,
"I don't want this, it's too lala"
I even see small boys holding NDS,
And our conversation was like this,
Mom : Green, or red?
Me : Green.
Mom : Red nicer lah.
Me : Then why are you asking me -.-

Wanted to buy J.co,
But didn't.
My little toe a.k.a. pinkie is hurting now,
I think my shoes are too small.

February 1, 2008

Tiring Day.

Today was the official 'field' run day,
Ran here and there,
Carried a few people with the stretcher,
And ran around.
Really tired.
Plus my cough is getting worse,
Must I fall sick every Chinese New Year?
I'll post something more later,
Resting now ._.