July 31, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Ideas

Short note

WHY ... WHY? T_T
My hopes and dreams of getting at least 1 prize is washed away with cold water ._.

Just when I thought no one knows about it,
And the contest is going to end,
Suddenly publicity strikes and the date extends.


No hope of winning now,
Just posting what I've prepared ._.

Hello there (:

Before I start, let me explain to you readers what freak show am I doing here. By now, frequent readers should know about Nuffnang. It's not just a blog advertisement company, it's more of a community for bloggers to hang out, to know what's going on in the blogsphere. Other than that, our beloved Nuffnang often gives out prizes through blogging competitions.

Like this one.

Nuffnang Gift Ideas

No point repeating what's already said or mentioned in detail. Click and read.

Here goes ... *crosses fingers*

I would like to give a present to a girl called Fiona Chan (:
She's a girl, which laughs a lot. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. She's a klutz (no offence yeah?) and she can get childish sometimes :O

But fact is, she's good at stuff that no one will ever think of!! Such as HTML-ing and a lot of other stuff that I can't remember right now.

Anyway, here's a few of her pictures :

If you're interested in her you can contact her yourself, I don't do middle man stuff (:

After giving much thought, and banging my head against the wall several times, I've finally come out with something so cheesy, it might either catch your attention or make a whole flock of crows flying across your head.

But still, it originated from the little unimaginative brain of mine, which means I actually came out with something cheesy with those ounces of brain juice.

I just really want to win ._.

Without further ado, here’s the lovely little (no pun intended … or maybe …) gift.

Courtesy of RealMart, it's the SKI Knife ( 7 Functions)!!
Nice? Don't need to tell me, I know it is!

It’s not just a Swiss army knife, it is a MOLEST-ME-NOT™! You know … like pepper spray? You’ll see why.

  1. The sharp blade - It may seem like a knife to cut stuff directly, but people don’t know. It is actually a little knife for you to stab the molester! You can even take it out to cut ropes when you’re all tied up. Self defence is very important.

  2. The scissors - No, it’s not for cutting nostril hair … well, you can, but it’s actually for cutting strings! You can even cut stuff, like, you know, when a molester, er, you should understand.

  3. The hook - Just hook it into his eye sockets and dig that friggin’ eye ball out, *evil laughs* … *cough* I didn’t just laugh like a maniac, that wasn’t me, I swear!

  4. Bottle opener - Ha! With this, you can screw that molester up, LITERALLY! Imagine the blood oozing out. Dark, crimson, bloody, red, blood! *grins*

  5. Nail … something. - Well, defending yourself is hard work, and girls need to keep their nails tidy (= Careful! Don’t break a nail!

  6. I seriously don’t know what that is for. - Just … stab.

  7. Keychain - Sorry, I can’t find the 7th function, I think that should be it.

There you go. I got this present, because, ... it's the cheapest gift in the whole RealMart site. *runs*

Don't stab meeee~

I gave Fiona Chan a knife so she can stab me instead of me stabbing myself *stabsself* every time.

July 30, 2008

Australian Mathematics Competition

Today :

This week :

Last week :

Last month :



Either you buy the books,
Or you just don't care.

*there might be one website related but not really that suitable*

Wasted RM30,
To get a cert for taking part.

How I wish I'd get a higher cert ._.

July 28, 2008

Students SMing In class!

SM is more commonly know as sex maniac,
But after some googling,
I think it us abbreviated from the word sadomasochism.



The combination of sadism and masochism, in particular the deriving of pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting or submitting to physical or emotional abuse.

More info at answer.com

In layman terms,
I means hitting for the sake of pleasure,
With some sexual stuff.

I think.

These guys in my class hit each other with a rotan for the sake of pleasure!

They run around hitting each other,
When one gets tired of running,
He sits down and hits himself.


I eavesdropped and heard a conversation which goes like this.

B : Big dude, the SM guy.
CKW : Some small dude who always gets bullied.

CKW : Why hit yourself, crazy ar?
B : You know or not, this one can train one, once you hit more, next time you get beat up won't feel pain.

Like whattheheck.

CKW : Yes ar?
B : Yeah, and every time stop saying I bully you lah, I'm just playing with you.
CKW : ...
B : Follow me lah, you'll learn more.

*rolls eyes*

Someone save me from this class before I die >.>

July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday stuffaboutme =)

One year just passed by.

And kritz-stuffaboutme.blogspot is one year old!!

I guess blogging is the only thing I did on my own for one whole year!!
For once,
I didn't stop after 5 minutes of doing something.

But ... basically it's because it doesn't really need much effort.

I think ...
My English has improved after blogging.
And maybe the way I type.

I don't really feel this as an achievement.

1 year.

July 24, 2008

Things going in my mind @_@

I don't know why are these things swirling around and around,
It's like an messy desktop.
How I wish I could just right click with my mouse,
Open a new folder,
And just drag everything into it,
And check them out later,
Whether is there a need to save them or just delete it.

That type of image happens when I use the computer too much >.>

By the way,
I'll be using a lot of asterisks that come in three to show that I'm talking about something else,
And to prevent you from being lost.


Why is it so hard for people to get it,
How I wish I could just spit everything out and be the true person that I am,
It's so hard to keep everything to myself.

And when I express something out,
People tend to get it in the wrong way,
Maybe because they are not mind readers.

When I try to say something polite,
No one gets it;
When I say something without any other intentions,
People will read between the lines when they shouldn't.

I hope I'm making sense here.

Oh yeah,
And there are those people who just don't friggin' get it.
I don't wish to talk to you,
So please shut up when I start giving hints that I'm not interested,
Before I do something that you and I will regret.


I should be more organised,
These days I keep finding myself in a mess,
Losing and misplacing stuff,
At home and in school,
And forgetting stuff that I'm supposed to remember.

I don't need an organiser,
Or a book to write down stuff,
Because it probably will not last long.

Maybe it's because I'm a guy ...
And normally guys tend to get all messy.


My major exams are getting nearer,
And I'm still not putting any effort into it.

Not saying that I will leave my computer alone for the next few months,
Just maybe spend a little time reading.



And time never seems to be enough,
I shouldn't say that,
I don't even have heavy burdens,
I just waste time and grumble about not having enough time.


These days,
I keep wondering,
Who am I?
I seriously don't understand myself,
Even to the extents of writing down something I found out ...

I don't even have interests,
And things that seem interesting never seem to budge me.
It's almost impossible to excite me,
I'll always have doubts.
Except movies.


I feel so sleepy these days,
How I wish I could just slack around they whole day,
But I'd probably start saying I'm bored.

I should like,
Or restart,
Maybe during the coming holidays.


At times like this,
I just love to blast music into my ears,
Loud music seem to clam my thoughts,
But then again,
Loud music will hurt my hearing.

Why are good stuff harmful ...

And people at home will start talking to me,
Nagging about the volume.

Not that I'm blaming you or something,
But I just wish to have my own sweet time.


Oh yeah,
There's marching practises going on,
How I wish to escape it,
But ... can't.

And great,
They expect us to learn 4 formations in one day,
Which is next Monday,
Oh the agony...


I might seem like I don't care on the outside,
But fact is,
I try not to care so much,
So much things to care about.

And I'll foresee adults saying :
"You small kid, you have what to worry about? You don't have to earn a living, you don't have to pay, don't have to worry this and that, just concentrate on studies"

Save it to yourself,
I've heard enough.


What else,
The seriousness of me not understanding myself reaches to the point that I don't even know what I like.
I don't know how people be so sure about what they like,
I say that it's because they think it's what they like,
And they totally shut themselves from other selections.

Stuff like food, colour, drinks, numbers, books, movies and all can change,
But for general ones like music and book genres are so tough to decide.


Continues to blast music.


I need interests.
So far the most continuous thing I've done is blogging,
And it lasted for a year till now.

ps. Few more days to my blog's 1st anniversary.


I need more MSN chatting partners,
It seems like every time I thirst for someone to chat with,
No one will be there for me;
But when I'm away,
I'll see a bunch of people saying 'Hi', 'You there?',
And they'll be offline already.

And I tend to wait for others to start chatting,
Because I'll always worry that I'll be annoying others,
Like how some people annoy me.


I have so much to complain about,
It totally covers my eyes to look at good things,
Or maybe it's just because there isn't much good things to look at?


I'm wondering where's the restart button ... in my soul ... makes the system move faster,
Sleeping is just like a PC on hibernate,
Not restart.


Gotta end now,
Will add if there's something to add.

July 23, 2008

I guess I should update ...

This is an update for the sake of updating post!

Putting much thought into the nuffnang gift ideas contest,
I really want that cash to buy my own iPod nano without having to wait till after getting my straight A's for PMR.
Wait, did I sound like I'll get straight A's for sure?
Sorry then, I HOPE to get straight A's.

Maybe I should study.
Nah, not now.
Procrastinate again,
And again,
Till the day before my trials maybe >.>


Been reading Chinese novels these days,
Apparently there's this book called 'Angel of memories' (directly translated from 记忆天使)
And everyone knows about it,
My class,
The class behind my class,
The class in front of my class,
Students from other schools,
Students from my tuition centre.

I'm so outdated >.>

What else to read?
Any suggestions?
I want English books!

What else ... oh ya,
I gotta get ready for that little quiz tomorrow,
History, urgh.

July 21, 2008

New Headset (:

Yay (:

Precision™ PC Gaming Headset from Logitech (:

Thanks mom (:
Now I can listen to songs any time (:

Before this I couldn't because my PC is in the hall ):
There's other people ):

Now I can listen to songs AND make my grandmother's nagging sound like mosquito flying (:

July 20, 2008

Why so serious?

The Dark Knight




Before I start.
Pictures (:

The main character :
Batman (Christian Bale)





Batman in person,
Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale)






The seemingly look like the other main character of this movie,
The Joker (Heath Ledger)




Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart)





The female character,
Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal)



The movie was every bit worth watching!
Well, at least from my point of view.

Fact is,
I didn't even want to watch,
But due to the reviews I've been reading,
Especially from nuffnangers,
I really felt like watching!

Evil laughs,
Crashing stuff,

Batman was cool,
The joker didn't really took over the role of the main actor,
He still did his stuff.
And I thought Batman was all gadgets,
But noooo,
It was waaayy beyond gadgets,
More like tomorrow's technology.
He's friggin' rich too,
How I wish to be THAT rich!

The Joker,
The well respected late Brokeback Mountain actor,
Such a sad thing for him to pass away,
But still,
At least he left a character that really made an impact,
People will still remember him.
I love the way he talked,
A few words and stick-out-tongue-to-lick-mouth.
And that laugh,

Harvey ...
Couldn't say much,
Probably spoil the movie for you.

Can't say too.


The only girl died,
Awww ...
And that Harvey became two-faced thing who died in the end and Batman had to take up all his crimes because he said that the town needed a hero in their hearts or something like that and he had to run away blah blah blah.

Oh ya, about the dark knight, well, in the end some dude say 'he isn't a hero, he is a guardian angel, called the dark knight' or something like that blah blah blah.

I feel like watching again >.>
The Joker really rocked!
Almost every important scene had him in it.

About the Edison Chen thing,
Didn't even notice him -.-

Thanks to Josh's parents from sending my there,
Thanks to my mom who sent me to the bus stop.

Caught up with Joshua,
1st time going out with someone and being the shortest among the gang.
Bought tickets at RM11 each,
Bought the Dark Knight popcorn set,
Went in,
Came out,
Ate and went home (:

July 19, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D!

Internet's so frigging slow these days. Getting on my nerves =.=

A review by yours truly (:

Overall, this movie wasn't what I expected.
It isn't one of the best movie I've seen too.

A short summary of the whole movie.

Summary + A little spoilers + pictures!*click to see*

Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser) and his nephew, Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) embarks on a trip with help of Hannah Ásgeirsson (Anita Briem). 3 of them goes all the way to the center (or centre, whichever is grammatically correct) of the Earth, encountering things that aren't from this earth, (well, at least not from the Earth's crust).

Diamond walls, walls with magnesium, never ending holes, glowing hummingbirds, gigantic fossilised mushrooms, magnetic floating rocks, giant carnivorous plants, even a dinosaur, freakish things that resemble a piranha, some even prehistoric aquatic animal that eats those piranha, lava core. Kinda sums everything up.

The "roller coaster" part of the mines was one of the most interesting part. The whole scenery of the center of the Earth was astounding too.

*finally get to use the spoiler code for a spoiler >.>

A ticket for RM17.
They gave the special 3D glasses at the entrance of the room.

The glasses had spaces for people who wear spectacles,
So don't worry.
But still,
It isn't quite fitting for both non-specs and spec-ed.

For me,
The whole movie wasn't bright enough,
Maybe it was because the specs seem to be tinted of some sort.
Thus, causing some scenes in the movie that make you go,
"Wha..? What was that?"

On the plus side,
It is 3D. (What crap is this -.- of course it is, or else why pay extra)

It wasn't really real or something,
It just seemed like it popped up,
Or some sort of optical illusion,
Kinda blurry too,
That's 3D.

Storyline was slightly above average,
But it seemed to end quite fast,
And it wasn't exciting enough,
Compared to the movie that I watched previously,
Indiana Jones in The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

No villains too,
Which means less things to show.

Oh ya,
There isn't any subtitles for the 3D version,
Not sure about the normal one.
Just a note for those who can't live with it.

I'm still wondering did I miss anything important.

Father brought me out (:
Thanks (:

I was very hungry before the movie started.
I was drooling when I was passing the food court,
Yes the food court,
Shows how desperate I was.

Bought 1901 in and gobbled it down before the movie started,
Made me feel good~

Our seats were special,
Let me present it in this sketch that I hope you would understand.

Not a bad place,
No one blocked us,
And we didn't have to sit beside any stranger,
But the only thing is that people keep passing by right in front of us.

After the movie,
I wasn't that hungry,
Didn't even drool looking at those food.

Bought bread,
Went home.

Next stop,
Dark Knight!

Why are books so friggin' expensive?

I'm talking about those books written in UK,
Especially fictional novels.
One book is around RM40.
If it was a trilogy,
It would be RM120.

How am I suppose to love reading if books are that expensive?

Buying cheaper books doesn't work,
Because cheap books are normally boring,
Bad quality.
Book written in Malaysia are probably politics and complaints about what us Malaysians do.

My school library doesn't really have the books that I would read,
Scholastic books in cheaper rates doesn't seem nice,
As in they are BORING.

Borrowing from friends,
Doesn't work too,
Almost none of my friend read English.

Even Chinese books are expensive,
But not as expensive as English ones,
They are around RM20.
But I can get some Chinese books from my friends.

I thought of buying Darren Shan,
The 12 book Vampire Saga,
But ... where to get $$ ...

And recently,
I've done reading my Triskellion,
Which turned out to be another trilogy.

Anyone know any competitions to get book vouchers?

Oh ya,
Books that I like never seem to be cheap,
Or sold in book fairs.
Book fairs consists of 99% Chinese books,
1% English.

This is why you don't see many people reading =.=

July 18, 2008



Guess what,
Never ever do that.

It will cause that person to be addicted to it.

I don't mind teaching a thing or two,
But having to teach everything from scratch is sickening.

Let me rant a little.


A tip,
Start googling,
Or just don't do anything.
Stop being spoon-fed,
Try picking up the spoon and eat yourself.

And worse still,
Some don't even care to know what I'm telling them,
They just do accordingly and ask you again the next time.


July 17, 2008

Of The Language Called English.

The political scene is getting more and more interesting =x
It's like a drama series or something!

Back to what I felt like blogging.


In school,
My English is always considered one of the best,
Same goes for tuition classes.

I'm not blowing my own trumpet.

Fact is,
I never thought highly of my English standards.

Not trying to be modest either.


It's because I can't write what I read.

Reading books, blogs, articles, forums,
Comparing their English and mine,
I feel inferior.

How others express their feelings,
How others describe a single little detail with such exquisite style of writing.
How they make it sound so profound yet so understandable.
How they use words to make something that you couldn't say in words.
How they make one sentence filled with points to ponder upon.

That makes what I write look shallow and meaningless.

I think my English is just for scoring in exams
And nothing more ._.

To sound the least bit like a good author,
I think I'd need a few more light years to improve,
Considering the space for me to improve on.

Don't get me wrong,
My ambition is not being an author,
I just really want to really master English.

I think I should read more,
I don't really read much books.
And also not to neglect Chinese books.

July 16, 2008

The newcomer.

There's this new boy in class,
Actually not really new,
But considered the newest.

His name is Big-B. (Name changed of course -.-)

Big-B seemed decent at first,
But he was anything but decent.

He is annoying,
Annoys the teacher,

But recently,
I saw things that really annoy me.

He asked my friend to pay for his food in the canteen.
I was wondering why my friends were so willing to just pay for it.

One of my friends told me that if he didn't do according to his liking ...
Well ...
He didn't actually gave me an exact answer.

This reminds me,
He actually told my friend to hold the paper higher during the exams.
Kinda like instructing him to show the answers to Big-B.

At first I thought it was a joke or something,
But it didn't seem that way.

Big-B will always remind my friend of showing the answers,
And when I asked my friend,
He didn't admit it.

I'm wondering what's going on here,
I smell something fishy,
And its definitely not fish.

ps. Did I mention how I really dislike him?
He is annoying and he thinks he is funny.

July 15, 2008

For the love of pain.

Few days ago,
I was walking,
Without noticing a tile popping out from a small slope,
My foot just crashed into it.

The excruciating pain.

Thinking that it wasn't anything serious,
I continued limping back home.
As I sat down and observed my foot,
The horror struck.

A quarter of my nail was broke,
And it was black,
Probably due to the blood stuck there,
And blood was oozing from the tip of my nail,

As if something was finding its way out.


The pain,
Was actually quite ...
I never felt pain from this perspective before.

The nerve impulses,
Coming from that particular big toe,
Going all the way up my brain every millisecond.

The toe seemed to have a heartbeat of its own,
Beating every single moment,
Sending pain to my brain.


What a pathetic attempt to sound suicidal and sadistic.
But that accident really happened,
Except for the part where pain was pleasurable.

*ahhh* pain.


July 14, 2008

Deepest Darkest Secrets?


Do you have one?

I know most of us has a dirty little secret that we wouldn't want anyone else on this earth to know.

But what if,
What if someday,
Someone finds out?

Imagine finding out that my friend is gay or lesbian out of a sudden,
Or someone has a fetish for feet or legs.

Or someone you look up to turns out to be a ...

I don't wish this to happen.
Like some Hong Kong serial drama,
A close friend turns out to be a serial rapist or murderer.

I don't think it is all fictional,
It could happen,
But of course,
I don't wish for it.

One word of advice,
Stop doing it if you don't want things to happen.

Imagine everything we are in now changes,
That wouldn't be something happy wouldn't it?

Instead of fulfilling weird needs or pleasure,
Why not just find ways to get out of it.
I'm sure that doing something secretly is no fun at all,
Might as well break free from it and live without worrying.

I wonder why are these little thoughts hitting me these days @_@

July 13, 2008

Procrastinate yet again

Why is there so many things that I'm 'supposed' to do?

I'm supposed to do homework,
I'm supposed to do revision,
I'm supposed to pack my school bag,
I'm supposed to tidy up my stuff.

But problem is,
I can't care less,
I just hate doing all these stuff,
But still,
I have to do,
But I'm so lazy,
I'd probably leave it till what I'm supposed to do becomes something I have to do.

And one more thing,
I really have nothing do to,
I should learn something,
Like reading html codes or photoshopping.

Everyone has something of their own,
TJ has his photoshopping,
Josh has his picture finding,
Fiona has her I don't know what-ing,
Blake has his music thing,
Kar Mern has her piano thing,
I have nothing,
Except mapling and rotting.

Oh gosh,
I need a life.

July 11, 2008

Being the middle person

Why me?

It's always me being in between to sides at war.

Maybe it is because I don't wish to side anyone.
Maybe it is because I'm such a good person and I don't offend anyone *cough*

From all the wars I've seen,
There is this similar thing,
Which is each side has a story to tell.

Side A would say this,
Side B would say otherwise,
Or a totally opposite of what A would say.

But point is,
None of them is willing to step down.
Why should I be the one to do that?
Why should I?

Doesn't mean that if you are the 1st to say something about it,
That makes you the wrong one.

You don't need to be wrong to actually apologise,
What's important in the friendship between them.
Unless of course,
You don't treasure it.

Can only be solved by discussion.

If you continue to refuse to give in,
You aren't being a good person too.

Then again,
Time will eventually make things fade and disappear,
And things might go back to what it used to be.

But if you never handle the problem in a good way,
It will leave a scar,
And that will add on,
Till it explodes someday later.

Friendship often breaks apart because of small things like this,
Just like that,
Becoming enemies,
Cursing each other behind their backs.

Troublesome stuff.

July 10, 2008

My mail was replied with a phone call

Few years, months, weeks ago,
There was this Jackson Ng seminar in my school,
But due to the lack of students taking part,
It was postponed again and again.

Along with my RM60,
It just started to drift away.

When I was checking my mail,
I saw a mail from the mastermind trainers,
Which is about the Jackson Ng seminar.
(They came for a one hour introduction and took everyone's email)
It was sent to a lot of my other friends too,
Which I managed to identify immediately in the CC section.

There was another 2 day seminar in another place.

Does this mean that there isn't going to be a seminar in my school?

I replied that mail,
Never thought that anyone would actually reply,
Or maybe it'd take a few more days.

But shortly after,
Like after a few minutes,
Someone called up.
(They took my phone number too -.-)

It was some person from the seminar thing o.o
Kinda freaked me out.
My school's one should be cancelled and I should collect my RM60 back from my teacher.
Whether I want to join the seminar at Summit Hotel in Subang,
That's another thing.
She told me a lot more details which I totally couldn't understand or even cared to,
But I just want my cash back (:
Troublesome stuff.

Seminars in my school never seem to work out.

July 9, 2008

I'm afraid that I'm changing into a racist.

Can't help it,
People in my school are totally terrible.

Of course there are some good ones,
Smart ones too,
But there's this gang of idiots walking around making a lot of fuss.

Just so you know,
I work in the school koperasi during recess sometimes,
And these gang of people will just barge in and make a whole lot of noise,
Pushing here and there.

What's worse,
Sometimes they even steal stuff,
I seriously don't know what to do ._.
Teachers probably won't help,
And I don't wish to get myself into trouble.
(call me a coward if you must -.-)

I don't know what is the school doing,
I mean,
They've already kicked out some,
Quite a lot in fact,
But why are these still here.
I hate those people.

Oh ya,
Then there's a few Malay boys,
They act like a big shot thinking with their loud and rough voice they can order others to do anything,
So sick of it.

I think the Malays in my class are the best,
At least they're decent,
Even the worst ones.
Or maybe its just because they know me and I know them.

I shouldn't hate them,

-This is not a racist thing, I'm just saying a few idiots I hate, doesn't mean I hate the whole race-
-I'm not blaming the school or anything, I'm just saying-

July 7, 2008

My friends are dead.


Most of my friends are tied down by the word,
Everyone else's parents are restraining them from their beloved computers,
Less people to chat with,
Less traffic >.>

I'm the idiot left who goes online every single day I guess.

Must be really really sad if my parents cut my Internet access,
I might become suicidal sad.

But then again,
I should study too ._.

On the flip side,
(wonders if that phrase was used correctly)
I download my 1st PSP game myself,
My teacher said something very wrong but hilarious in class,
I'm still using the computer,
My mother came back from Bali,
My friends are mostly M.I.A.

July 5, 2008

My Nuffnang!

If you are wondering why is the nuffnang ads on my sidebar a little higher?


Normally there's these ads that will be there and won't exceed RM1,
But now I have an official ad that comes with a mail!!
(please tell me what they actually are if you know)

I was so excited!!
And I still am!!

Now, fellow readers,
You should know what to do (;

A big thanks to Nuffnang (:
Thank you for giving me an ad even though my daily unique visitors are that low.
*I fore see a band 1*

Picture's up.
Is there suppose to be that many dates?

July 4, 2008

Home Alone

*yeah peeps, shout all you want*

I'm home alone now.

My mother went to Bali,
My father is out working,
My grandmother was sent back to kampung because my mother isn't here to take care of her.


Lonely ~~ I am so lonelyyy ...




I plan to stay awake,
In the dark,
And when my father comes back from work,
I'll turn off everything and act as if I'm sleeping.

I'm joking =x
I'm a good boy,
I'll kill hit those baddies who try to kidnap me!!

I wonder what should I do ...
Hmmm ...
Call a bunch of my friends,
Or call McD,
Or .. or ..
*evil grin*

July 2, 2008


"If you don't like what you're seeing, please click the red 'X' on the top right of your screen"

Heard that phrase before?
Must be familiar to those frequent Internet users eh?

Introduction :
For those who don't know what I'm talking about,
The phrase mentioned above is used quite often.

For example,
In a forum,
Someone would post something he/she drew,
And when some other people give a negative comment,
In a harsh or a polite way,
That phrase will pop up.

In another example,
You would normally see it listed in some part of their sidebar.
It's kinda equivalent to saying,
"This is my blog and I can do whatever I want to do with it"

What I think.
Last time,
When someone uses that phrase,
It kinda gave others a slight feel of character,
Or in other sense,
Style of that person.

But now,
It has became so cliché,
Everyone's using it,
Some even put it in a way that sounds shallow and lame.


This phrase is already wrong in the 1st place.

We should,
Listen to constructive criticism,
Or polite negative comments,
Maybe even some harsh ones.
If you were to do something to provoke someone else to give harsh comments,
There must be something wrong.

Ever thought of that?

Doesn't mean that you must change according to what others like,
Doesn't mean that you're a weakling.
Doesn't mean you're not a man,
Foul language doesn't make a man.
Think over it.

Saying that it's your blog and you can do anything with it,
It's other's own free will whether he wants to leave a comment or not.

Feel free to moderate or delete the comment if you wish too,
Some people are just to hard-headed to listen to comments.

Then again,
Try thinking up something new,
Or just use the basic, classic ones.

And also,
There isn't a need to sound profound if you can't.
Keep it short & simple.

Slow Internet -.-

Streamyx hates me.
Or maybe there's virus in my computer -.-

Every thing's slow SLOW...
Like some Tmnet Dial-Up.

My MSN has problems,
Even meebo has problems,
Everything is giving me problems.

I think my brain is slowing down too.

School today was okay,
Out of a sudden the counselling teacher calls 3 classes to the hall for some scolding,
Nothing to comment on that.

Extra classes in school,
Hate that the place is too small to fit 3 classes,
It's not that the hall can't fit,
But there is seriously not enough tables,
I hate sharing tables >.>

July 1, 2008


I have no idea what to blog about,
But out of a sudden,
My mother mentioned about ambitions.

I put quite some thought into it before,
It's contradicting that as a Christian I'm suppose to follow his will and do according to his plan,
But still,
I still can dream right?

I plan to study abroad,
Some where Irish or British,
Where I'll pick up some sexy nice accent,
I really dig accents,
But I don't know what accent is that.
As long as it isn't Australian >.>

Plan to be rich,
Or maybe those professional type.
I still don't know what I'm good at though,
All I know is I picture myself looking charming in a tuxedo walking out from some limousine.

I dream BIG.

And probably,
With a luxurious lifestyle,
Gold Class cinemas,
Private jet,
Fine dining,
Best PDA,
With originals hanging all over me,
Some apple laptop,
Living in a villa ....

You know what?
I think I watch too much movies >.>
But I really hope to be somewhere near there someday (: