May 31, 2008


Hmmm... what is this picture trying to tell us eh?

Add a sign there.

Carl's Jr. :D

Sorry, blur picture ._.

Ma big cup :D

Went Mid Valley after that PMR seminar.
Ate at the renown Carl's Jr.!
To be honest,
It wasn't THE MOST ZOMGWTFBBQ food I ate,
But it wasn't that bad :D

Beef was filling,
So bloated.
Oh, that meal was for 3 people,
Lucky I didn't force my father to buy another set >.>
Or else I would have puked.

Large fries and large cup for refilling,
With that oh so yummy Chicken Fingers :D
My plan to make my parents eat expensive food is starting to kick off!

Walked around Mid Valley,
Father bought a pair of shoes,
Tired >.>

Later at night,
Went Wong Kok Char Chan Teng at IOI Mall,
Sorry no pictures =x
Too hungry I guess =/
I've succeeded to make parents eat expensive food muahahahahahaha, no more food courts >:D

Yay :D
Bought more stuff,
Walked till,
11 something.
I'm so bloated today ._.
And I think I'm falling sick ._.
I was kinda retarded,
Walking like a limp,
My legs still hurt after yesterday's trip.


May 30, 2008

Berjaya Times Square's Theme Park, Cosmo World.

Summary :
Went Sri Petaling's LRT,
Reached destination,
Went Pavilion,
Went Time Square,
Went Cosmo Land,
Went to ate at Kenny Rogers',
Went back to Cosmo World,
Went back home.

To start off,
Maybe some pictures I took of Cosmo World.

Oh yea,
The entrance was RM35.

To be honest,
I didn't exactly enjoy this trip,
And I complained like mad to my parents when I reached home,
But anyway,
I'll try to make it sound good.

Supersonic Odyssey roller coaster.

The name of their indoor roller coaster,
And I think Wikipedia says it's the biggest indoor roller coaster?
Wow, unbelievable.

It wasn't that bad,
But after sitting it for 5 times,
I don't think it's that amazing any more.

Article :
Roller coaster rail bar falls on woman
Read it if you're interested.

DNA Mixer

Excruciating pain.
Maybe it is because I'm fat or something,
But it was freaking pain,
For my shoulder,
I have scars on my shoulder now.

Dizzy Izzy

Not available.

Ooort's Express's-Express.jpg

I think they should make dividers in the seats,
It is no fun when SOMEONE else is friggin' crushing you.

Spinning Orbit

Thrill ride?

Space Attack

Not available too.
*rolls eyes*

Robo Crash

Didn't enjoy it,
I'm too old,
I feel pain when someone bangs me,
And I hit the seat.
While others enjoy it till they sat it for like 5 rounds.

Other rides aren't really worth mentioning,
They are kiddie rides.

I still feel the pain.
Cosmo World is full of Indians operating the machines,
I'm not giving a racist remark,
I'm just saying.
And they even play Indian and Malay music,
What about English and Chinese huh?
Who is racist now?

One thing's for sure,
I'll be going back to that place in another 10, no, make it 20 years.

Kenny Rogers',
There wasn't much choice in Berjaya Times Square.
Should have ate in Pavilion,
They have Carl's Jr.

I don't really enjoy it.

May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Went IOI Mall this afternoon to watch it,
It didn't really caught my attention at first,
But I rather watch this than Narnia.

At first when I saw a part of the trailer,
Where he was jumping around crates and everything,
First thought was,
But the movie is anything but just a cheh!

This movie is really really really nice!!
Especially when watched in cinemas.

I won't give any spoilers,
Because its really worth watching!

There was one part,
Where they were on waterfalls,
When they fell,
Everyone in the cinema kinda like shouted together!
It was just like a roller coaster ride :D

Harrison Ford - Indiana Jones

He is 66 years old if I'm not mistaken,
But still active and everything.
My father told me he used to be everyone's Idol,
Even other races use to know his name and catch his films.

Shia LaBeouf - Mutt Williams

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I remember watching him on Even Stevens,
And then blew up on Transformers,
And now he acts in Indiana Jones!

There are other people,
But there are not important =x

Controlling myself to not give out spoilers.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

May 24, 2008

Holidays ... but ...

... wait,
Should I be happy instead?
*forces a smile*

I'm so bored,
I keep lying on bed,
Wasting life.

Holidays kicked off,
Considering this to be officially the 1st day of the mid year holidays.

Went for some PMR thing today,
Suppose to go to somewhere tomorrow but I'm not sure whether can I go or not ._.


Can anyone introduce something to help me kill time?
Like an on-line game,
Or something to learn,
Like learning to photoshop like a pro or read html codes.

Boring lah

May 23, 2008

Condolences to my dear friend's Dog.

Bella crawls up in her beloved master's arm,
Just hoping to spend her last minutes with him.
Cuddling in his arms,
Hoping to find comfort and safety.
But time was short,
It had to happen.

Without a warning,
Bella breathes her last breath.
Her last breath.

Heart-broken master cries pitifully over his loyal friend,
His pet,
His beloved member of the family,
His Bella.

But all this had to happen,
Nothing could prevent this.
Signs were shown before this,
Lack of appetite,
Losing weight.

Even doctors couldn't help.

Very sad indeed.

Now everything is gone astray,
Every memory will stay as a memory.
Bella's probably having a great time up in heaven.
Leaving this cruel world could be a good thing.

~In memories of Bella, Blake's beloved pet dog~

I'm not good in consoling anyone,

May 22, 2008

Exams OVER.

Exams officially ended,
At last.

*breathes FRESH AIR*

I have a bad feeling for my History though,
I think this time I really HISTORY.

By the way,
David Cook won by 12 million votes!
My prediction ain't bad.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Got to go finish up History folio,
No exam after party ._.

*ignores stupid people around me*

May 21, 2008

Weird People

Look at the chat box >>
2 people there are like talking to themselves,
I seriously don't know who the hell are them.

Exams, exams, exams.
Tomorrow is the last day,
And it's my worst nightmare,

To add on the burden,
I have to memorise MORAL DEFINITIONS,
Which is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen.
Stupid system -.-

Have to finish up my folios,
All I can blame is myself,
Procrastinate la,
See what happens.

By the time I can finish up my folio,
I think I wouldn't have time to study.
Maybe if I cut down my sleeping time by... 6 hours to 3 hours.

My friend says that I've got 57/60 for my Science paper two,
Seems good but I don't really trust that person,
So I better not get too happy before I REALLY get the results.

Last day of exam...
Then Teacher's Day,
I'll be a good boy and not 'ponteng' (skip school) this time!
Oh wait,
I think I never skip any Teacher's Day before :D
Okay I skipped last year ... And I'm going because I need to hand up my History folio -.-

ps. American Idols!! Go David Cooooooook!

May 19, 2008


In my previous post,
I did mention that my parents had gatherings of their own.

Picture this.

30 years later,
Meeting up with friends,
Playing around just like 30 years ago.

Every one will have their own jobs, own family, own life.
Maybe even a new look, new face, new lifestyle.

Imagine ...
Those smokers,
Those gangsters,
Will they become a millionaire,
Or never even show up because they passed away or got themselves in jail!

Imagine ...
Some one,
Driving his/her Mercedes or BMW,
"Hey! Isn't that who I think it is?"

Imagine on your way to the gathering ...
You reminisce about the good old times.

Organisers of my father's gathering was amazing,
They even managed to contact teachers and almost half the students.

Even though I don't like my secondary life that much,
But it would be sweet to meet up after so many years.

I'll be telling my children names of my schoolmates,
Just like my father telling me his school life.

And by then,
I'll arrive at the gathering place with my limousine,
With my driver,
Like duh,
If I have a limo,
Of course I'll have a driver.

I'm dreaming to big >.>
Maybe a private jet would be better.

May 18, 2008

Tears. pfft.

Things happened,
And I went to bathe,
Tears started to roll,
I couldn't help myself.
As the shower showers away my tears,
I try as hard as I could to control myself.
Who was I anyway,
I'm just a kid.

---------------------------Flash back---------------------------

Went back to my mother's home town on Saturday,
I never liked going back,
I rather stay at home,
Even though people there are nice and everything,
I just don't like it.
I'm turning into a cold-blooded animal,
With feelings,
That no one knows.

Reached there,
Waste time in the shop,
Went to house,
Waste time,
Wait for dinner,
Waste more time,
Parents left me alone,
Went to gatherings of their own.

I was left alone.

Later on,
Cousin brother took me out,
With his VAIO and BMW,
To a cafe the only cafe in the village.

SMS-ed with TJ,
Thank you so much.

Next morning,
Went out with two cousin brothers,
Ate lunch,
Waited in the shop again.
I was bleeping bored,
I wish I could just go out into the road and let cars hit me.

I don't understand,
Why time must be killed that way.
But anyway,
And waited,
And waited.
How I wish some one would turn out to save me,
Maybe my mum or my dad.
My mother came,
But not to the rescue.

She joined in the babbling,
Or quarrel should I say.
Do you still remember me?

Around 2pm,
They finally noticed my existence.
Guess what,
We were suppose to have lunch on 1pm.
So they all went home,
Get ready and all.

This was when I went I felt like breaking down.
The thought that my mother doesn't seem to care much,
Maybe she does,
But I just don't see it.
It's not that I don't appreciate it,
Or maybe I think too much,
But anyway,
I was really sad at that moment.
My father,
On the other hand,
Understands what I feel,
Knows when I'm feeling down,
Never force me to do something I really don't want to.

After that few drops of tears,
Had to wipe the steam of the mirror to see whether I left any stains of crying.
Put on my mask,
And went out.

I hate this.

The thought of people that care leaving any second is heart-shattering.
I guess I have to start being strong,
Getting used to the world with people who don't care and understand.

May 17, 2008

In Kampung again...

I'm literally live blogging for once!
But battery low, got to go soon T_T
So much to blog about ...

May 15, 2008

I don't understand...

*Changed topic for the 3rd time -.-*

Why some people just don't want to be satisfied.
I know this girl,
She keeps on complaining about how terrible her results are.
But in fact,
She is like the top student in our whole class.

I don't know,
I wonder what's going on in her mind.

Some people are hard to understand,
Especially girls.
But there are boys who are hard to understand,
I don't know what shit I'm crapping here.

I think I should be the one to complain instead.
I mean,
Worry or not worry,
It's the same,
It will happen in the end.
But worrying is just burdening,
And a waste of emotions and effort.

So don't fret,
No worries,
Die die :D

May 14, 2008

This is absurd.

Plain absurdity.
Totally absurdness.

I don't really care about political stuff in this country,
But education is directly related to me,
Well after all,
I'm still a student.

The thing that I find absurdly absurd is that they,
Actually plan on changing Mathematics and Science back to Malay.
I heard that chances are quite high.

Okay fine,
Do something that you think is smart,
As long it doesn't affect me.
But if you want to change it to Malay for me all of a sudden,
I'm so going to do something.

Come to think of it,
If they change it back to Malay,
Those batch who started Science and Maths in English for Primary 1 will have to change BACK to Malay when they reach Form 1 next year.
Isn't that totally ironic?

Print Malay books,
Change to English books,
Throw Malay books,
Make new English books,
Make all books free for all,
But change back to Malay,
So need to throw English books,
And make NEW Malay books.

*I have to constantly remind myself of how should I not use foul words in the post, since politicians have something against bloggers*

What's their excuse of all this?
That Malays can't cope?
Can't handle English?
Or is it the teachers who can't handle it?

And so what if they can't,
You decide to change it back!
So when you can't walk,
You IMMEDIATELY give up without trying?

Come on,
Changing to English was a step forward,
And changing back is a step back.
Is that what you want?

If some people can't handle English Maths and Science,
They wouldn't be any much better when it's in Malay anyway.
Oh yea,
Teachers use Malay to teach English Science,
Isn't that enough already?

Imagine one day,
They abolish exams,
Because some people can't handle them.

If rural areas really can't cope with English,
Find ways to help them!

What's the use of knowing scientific words in Malay anyway,
It's not like we are going to overseas to study those subjects in Malay.
This country's main language is Malay,
Doesn't mean that everything has to be in Malay.

Did I mention about the clip I saw that day?
It was a documentary about why Singapore separated with Malaysia.
Why don't you guys put those interesting stuff in the History text book?
Why not?
Let the people know the truth,
Instead of pathetically hiding them from us.

Oh yea,
I still remember that I saw a Malay speaking in fluent English,
That proves that Malay peoples aren't naturally bad in English,
It's just a matter of themselves,
Willing to study or not.

Stop this absurdity!

May 13, 2008

Mosquitoes -.-

I hate them,
I just wish I had more aerosol sprays,
Heck care about CFCs.
I can't just sit here and let them feed on my blood,
Becoming too fat and can't even fly.

Speaking about CFC,
Air-conditionals release them too,
But I can't possibly live without it.

Tomorrow is the 1st day of my exams,
Kinda unbelievable,

Got to study,
Finish up my folio.
Oh wait,
I don't have THAT much time -.-
I still have tuition today,
I want to skip tuition ._.
It's frigging 4 hours!!
3 hours and 55 minutes to be exact.

2 Malay papers and 1 civics paper tomorrow,
Both also need to study ._.

*tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock*

May 12, 2008

*yawn* *sigh*

The title kinda sums up my whole Monday.
I think it's taking a toll on me.
Goodbye cruel world ._.

How I wish I could go home everyday and just forget about school,
Just enjoy my life sitting in front of the computer and rot.
But no,
I have HOMEWORK to do.

Then again,
I'll have to study,
Guarantee a bright future,
Then I won't have to suffer~

But wait,
There's a catch!
Adult life is far much pressuring and stressful.
Okay... so ... when am I suppose to enjoy my life?

Adults say I have to enjoy life during schooling age.
I don't see how.
Maybe till I grow up,
Suffer being an adult,
THEN I'll appreciate school life.

I'm having a headache.
I can't even go nap,
'Cause I'll probably sleep till 8 or 9,
And totally ignore my homework.
On the other hand,
I might just sit in front of the monitor and waste time till 8 or 9.

Out of a sudden,
Things start to provoke my thoughts.
Like that cyclone that swept Myanmar,
Lives taken away just like that.
Come to think of it,
Many disasters appeared after the Tsunami.
I wonder what would be next?

Too bad I don't really read newspapers,
I can't really list them down in a chronological order.

On a smaller scale,
For example,
My friend's brother who recently got some infection and had to go to the hospital.
Even people around me are getting sick these days.

So many things going on,
And all of a sudden my worries seem to be utterly small and tiny.
How I wish to just step out of all these and do something!
(that was a lame excuse to runaway from homework -.-)

I guess I should get going,
And finish up my homework.
Those leaving-reality-and-save-the-world type of films are really getting to me.

I wonder which 15 year old actually think like me.
I'm abnormal ._.

Doing stupid Geography folio,
Went on the PC to get this :

Peta Bandar Kinrara 2
Bandar Kinrara 2 Map

Guess how I did it?

May 10, 2008

The new... dang-er

*a short note for those who have totally no idea what I'm talking about.
Nuffnang, the advertisement thing has a place called innit,
Nuffnang-ers will innit their blog posts,
It's a thing to help nuffnang-ers get more traffic*

By dang-er,
I think fellow innit-ers should know who I'm mentioning about.
I don't wish to mention his name 'cause it's a foul word itself.

I've noticed this new dang-er,
Who goes by the name of I-shall-not-mention.
Just check every top innit posts and you'll know who I'm talking about.

Weird thing is,
His blog has some religious stuff,
And I thought it was good,
But looking at the way he posts stuff,
And those phrases he use,
I thought otherwise.

Well, I should not judge anyone,
But it just irks me.

I wonder how many more dang-ers will pop up.
I'm not being kiasu or what,
But you dang either you mis-nang,
Or you just don't like that particular post.
But dang-ing everything seems pointless to me.

I've already stop or avoid visiting blogs that aren't ... that nice.
Well, at least I'm not doing anything wrong =/

Early Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers out there :D

May 9, 2008

wHy PeOpLe LyK tUh TyPe LyK tHiSh DeR nEh?

There's those cApS aNd SmAlL lEtTeRs,
And there are those wh0 lykk tuhh taiip lykk thiish.
When you put them together,
EuU wIlL gEt s0mEtHinG lYk tHiSh lOr.

I understand people use normal 'Mang-lish/Sing-lish',
Or maybe a little broken English,
But isn't s0m3tHiNg LyKk tHisHh aie wE3 lIl' tuhh mUchh?

On the internet,
It's known as 'twit speak',
Or 'lala shpeak'.
Whatever you call it,
They are the same.

I use to see girls on Friendster using them,
Later on I saw boys using them.
In my opinion,
It seems WRONG.

"haiyoorr... why liddat der nehs? i want to die liao la, so sien sia"
Imagine that dude SPEAKING it out.

I don't mean that only the way I write English is correct,
A little broken or slang-ish is okay,
But please...
D0Nt tAiP lyyK tHisH l3R laRx.
There's even Leet speak (1337 speak)
+Ry +0 r3@d +|-|15 +yp3 0f \/\/r1+1|\|G 101.

If you want to start flaming or scolding me,
Just breathe in,
And remember that I'm asking WHY people like that.
Just answer that is enough,
Keep the flames.

May 8, 2008

Leaving Nuffnang... In a different way.

I found out that recently I blog just to get traffic,
Innit-ing everything that I post,
Squeezing brain juice to think of something nice to post,
Crossing fingers that people will come and read.
This shouldn't be the reason for me to blog.

Leaving Nuffnang doesn't mean deleting everything,
Is just that I want to stop thinking of stuff to post.
I just want to post stuff when I have stuff to post.
No more fuss on I-don't-know-what-to-post today.

I feel so pathetic ._.

Exams are coming,
And I have so much folios to do.
I think I should really spend less time in front of the life-sucking-box.
*note, I said spend less time.

Feel so boring these days,
At home,
No friends to talk to,
No nothing to do.
*besides homework of course*

I actually feel that my friends are decreasing,
Drifting far far away,
I guess I should start talking to people on MSN instead of waiting people to talk to me,
But then again,
80% of the people in my MSN list are annoying.

I need to find a new interest,
Or a new hobby,
Please help me ._.

May 7, 2008

What is my cup of tea Ribena?

I bet most of you,
Probably ALL of you know what's Ribena.
Well, if you don't,
Then you have a problem.

There's my monitor, my phone and my cup of Ribena on my computer desk.

I wanted to use another cup but my grandmother is hogging my favourite cup ._.
I miss my tall, see-through cup ._.

Back to topic,
For those who don't get my title,
Normally people use 'cup of tea' to say their taste or likings,
For example,
A girl would say,
"That boy just isn't my cup of tea."

And guess what?
I'm so lame I went and change to sentence to my cup of Ribena,
Which means something I like -.-

* * *

As the title says,
What is my cup of Ribena.
Recently I found out that I really don't know what I actually like,
Even the simplest things like my favourite colour,
I probably list out more than 3 or 4.

I always had that feeling that I'll need way more thought before I state something,
Unlike other people same age as me,
They seem quite clear of what they want,
And what they don't want.

As for me,
I'm still lost,
Taking more time,
More than normal people,
To actually know what I want.

When my friends start to talk,
About having big dreams and hopes,
Ambitious type of conversation,
I'll be the one wondering what the hell I'm going to be.
I'll be thinking what I'm good in,
What is easier to take,
What can get me more income $_$,
What will guarantee a bright future.
In the end,
I'll still be lost.

Even now,
I don't even know what subjects I'm going to take when I finish my PMR.
My friends seem so clear about what they want,
But I'll be thinking,
Wondering what would be suitable for me,
Wondering actually how many subjects are there.

I wonder when will I stop wondering and make a decision.

May 5, 2008

Tagged ._.

The rules are:

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player than tags 4 people and posts their names, than goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago (year 1998)?
-I was 5 that time ... probably studying in KFC! (Kids' Fun Castle)

2. 5 things on my to-do list today.
-Go to school
-Come back from school
-Use computer till I forget about my homework
-Finish up my maths
-Cut my fingernails -.-

3. 5 Snacks I enjoy.
-Roller Coasters
-Ferrero Rocher
-Dark Chocolate *drools*
-Malaysian type of junk food sold in my school :D

4. 5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire.
-Donate some
-Buy clothes I'll order clothes, special, one-and-only type =x
-Fulfil my wish list *over there on the right*
-Buy anything that my parents want.
-Have a great time with my friends.

5. 5 of my bad habits.
-Disobedient, both to my parents and God.
-Love to eat @_@
-Raising my voice
-Not doing homework on time
-Using the computer too much

6. 5 place I have lived
-Section 17, when I was still a baby.
-Bandar Kinrara 2, current place.
-Sekincan, my mother's home town.
-Teluk Intan, my father's home town.
-In my mother's womb LOL

7. 5 jobs I've had
-Prefect during primary 3.
-Monitor during primary 5 (failure ._.)
-Ahli Koperasi
-Teacher's 'helper'

Tagging no one because most are busy with exams :D

Reading ≠ Good English

*≠ means 'not equal to' ... I think*

Adults always say things like
"Must read more, then your English will be better!"
Or in an ironic way
"Boy ar, read more then English only will good mar."
Yea, I don't see you guys reading =/

Before I start,
I just want to say that I never said my English was very very good,
Even though some say that.
My English, in my humble and honest opinion,
Is just good,
I can't be a hypocrite and say it's terrible -.-
But it definitely has a lot of space to improve.

Back to the topic,
As I've mentioned,
Reading doesn't necessarily improve your English,
It all depends on HOW you read it.

I have this friend,
Let's call him Ian.
I'm not being mean or anything,
But it is true.
He almost read the whole library in my school,
Almost all the English books.
(Yes, it is possible, judging by the size of our library =/)
But the strange thing is,
His English doesn't seem to be good at all.
Of course I'm not saying his English is utmost terrible or what,
But he does a lot of mistakes that an avid reader should not make.

Then again,
I'm not saying I don't make any mistakes at all,
I'm trying so hard to show that my point here is not to show off =.=

Just now,
A thought just struck me,
It was the way he reads.
He reads very very fast,
And I mean very fast.
He can finish a whole Harry Potter book in 3 days while I'll take a few months,
Yes I'm a slow reader.
I noticed that he just reads through everything,
But for me,
I noticed the reason I read slow is because I read it out in my mind,
And I read back sentences that seem confusing to me.

Okay let me list it out,
1. When I read, I read slowly. Well, it's a story book to be digested slowly, not something that I need to rush through.

2. I read it out in my mind, not those speed reading that people are teaching these days. I think that this helps me in my grammar, for example when to use what articles (an, a, the) or plural and singular forms. It helps in a sense that after reading a sentence, it either sounds right or wrong, not really following the grammar rules accordingly.

3. I read some sentences again and again, either because it was the way of the sentence that confused me OR it was because I saw some word that I seldom see. Of course, I'm not THAT hard working to look up that word in the dictionary, but reading the sentence a few times help me to make a guess about what it's talking about.

I guess that sums it all.
Improving writing skills,
Well I do take tuition classes for English,
But the main point of it is like a place for me to test out new things.
I can also do that when I'm blogging,
But the down side of it is that there isn't anyone here to correct my mistakes.
In tuition,
I can write anything that I think it's correct and see what my teacher says about it.
Of course,
A good teacher is important too.
I'll try to write my best instead of experimenting new ways or writing.

I still remember taking a loooooooooooooong time to finish a book,
One thing is that I don't read continuously for a long time,
Because I'll get sleepy =/

Even the girls in my class mock me for reading a Chinese novel for so long.
The same thing goes for that,
But my Chinese isn't as good as my English of course,
Because it doesn't really apply over there and I don't really read Chinese books.
Oh ya, a lot of girls are TERRIBLE,
They had to come by every 5 minutes just to laugh at how slow I read,
They even complain about my pencil colouring when it was obviously not THAT bad.
Sheesh, girls.
Well, most of them, not all :D

Thanks for reading till here,
I know not many people actually like reading long and boring posts,
But I just had to post.

May 4, 2008


When I was checked my nuffnang,
I saw something utterly peculiar,
Under the 'Came From' section in my 'Analytics',
I saw people from other countries coming to my blog *cough* of course.
But it wasn't that common,
I saw a country called 'undefined'.
Oh wait, there is such a country?
No, I'm not stupid,
Of course it means that they don't know what country was it from.

O.O *eyes open wide*

Oh my gosh,
Who could it be?
After narrowing down the possibilities,
I've came out with a few,
Just a few.

1. Santa Clause.

What? What are you laughing at?

He might be at the North Pole! Or was it South?
I didn't know that they had internet service over there.

"Dear Santa,
If you're reading this, I just want to tell you I've been a good boy this year. No, I don't want a pony, I just want an iPod nano 8GB in red. I hope that won't trouble you.

p.s. If you need a chimney, I'll ask me father to make one, but please confirm that you're coming first.

Yours truly,
Kritz. (A good boy)"

2. Atlantis

*click to have a better view of the location of Atlantis*

How could it be not real?
I mean seriously,
They even had a cartoon film about it.

It's Walt Disney, better believe it.

3. The Bermuda Triangle.

Cases have been reported,
Maybe it's heaven inside,
Or maybe it's a door to another dimension,
Or there are gigantic beasts in there,
Or there's some crazy magnetic force over there,
Or there are paranormal activities going on,
Or ...

4. Another Dimension

Something ... something outside time and space,
Wait, that would be God!

Next is the best theory I could come out with,
5. Outer Space Life Forms.

Sorry if I've offended any Michael Jackson fans out there,
But other pictures and quite disturbing.

Area 51 and all,
I find it hard to not believe the existence of other life forms out there,
The universe is so big,
And when I say big,
I mean big.
But that doesn't mean I believe in the Big Bang theory,
I'm still a creationist.

Sorry I didn't manage to snap the undefined part,
But I swear it was there yesterday.
Things just gets more creepy.

May 2, 2008

Watch What You Say

I'm bored, just wanted to blog something random. Bleh.

word bubble.
Watch what you say,
Because it might be a great impact on someone.

Some people just don't think before saying,
Just a few words might change the course of history!

When you say something that hurts someone,
It may seem that the person would forget about everything and move on with life.
But it may not be that way.
A person like me,
Will think over something that happened over and over again,
Telling myself that 'I'm not going to let that get to me' doesn't work,
Believe me,
On the outside you might seem that way,
But deep down you might be questioning yourself,
Asking a whole bunch of why-s and how-s.

On the other side,
Praising someone is good too.
You might think that a small praise makes no difference,
But you're wrong.
Everyone loves to get praises,
Be it small or big,
It still gives that warm-happy feeling inside.
Unless you're those big, arrogant celebrities who don't give a damn about what their fans say.
Johnny Arrogant
Even if it doesn't hit that person,
It wouldn't trouble if you say it out right?

I have this problem,
I'll start thinking about what I've did,
What people did,
What happened,
Especially when I quiet and alone,
All thoughts will come and haunt me.

That's why I blast music into my ears most of the times,
It helps me to calm my soul.

So start praising people more often,
Of course don't over-praise them,
Some people like *ahem ahem* will start to lift up their noses and walk.
Might as well don't praise them at all.
Giving critiques should be done in a good way as well,
Then again there are those people like *ahem ahem* who can't handle them,
Even the slightest one of them,
Thinking he/she is superior than others,
And others have no rights to say they aren't that good.

Okay I've to mumble some stuff that has nothing to do with this topic.
I just hate those who thinks everything they do is right,
And whenever others say something,
He/she will go ballistic and start saying that others aren't as good as well.
What kind of rubbish is that,
If you don't want to listen to any form of comments,
Might as well shut yourself in the basement for the whole life,
With all your imaginary friends that won't oppose to anything you say.
Oh yea,
You think you're everything eh?
Go bang a wall or something,
No one wants people like that,
You hypocrite,
Two-faced fiend,
Little pain in the ass neck,
I might explode some day ._.

book of heart
Have an open heart to listen to comments,
No matter how harsh they can be,
Since they don't know how to phrase or express their words in a better way.
Don't wait till they can't stand it and blast everything on you,
Then you'll regret.

This is going off-topic =/
How I wish I could come out with a full post about that fiend :D
pon and zi

I feel so lame finding pictures to go along with the post -.-

May 1, 2008

Welcome the new Month :D

It's a brand new month!
But I still have the same old homework -.-
I hate homework,
Especially this poster thing.
It's not really a homework,
It's actually a poster competition.
Why am I joining you ask,
I sent one poster poster before this,
A lot others sent their posters too.
Amazingly ... unfortunate,
My ugly poster was selected ._.
4 of those who sent them had to draw again,
With the same title,
"Rumahku Syurgaku"
Which means "My home is my heaven"

What am I suppose to draw ._.
I've came out with 3 ideas,
Try to picture it yourself..

1. Words, on the top left. Picture of 4 heads on the bottom right, as in 4 members of the family.
2. Words on top, father hugging child, mother look at child, child looking back at mother.
3. Words on top, father threw child up in the air, mother looks up, sunset sky, black silhouettes.

Went to Kar Mern's house today,
Thanks to Mr. Lee,
Did the NIE stuff,
Ate pizza,
Thanks whoever paid for it,
Watched movie,
Continue poster,
Played with Kar Mern's brother,
Went back,
Thanks to Mrs. Lee,
The end.

Now spending the last few hours of my 1 day holiday doing my poster,
How sad ._.