February 26, 2010

American Idol Season 9 rant ...

Sorta rewatched and wanted to add some stuff. Added stuff will be in bold.
Woots, top 24~

Top 12 girls episode sucked.
Top 12 guys were better IMO.

Don't really remember the girls,
All I know is the judges seem to think everyone is trying to be someone,
And they all lack of originality.
I'm rooting for Katie Stevens for now.

Top 12 guys ...
I sorta spammed my plurk while watching,
So I could remember each contestant better.

Guys seem to do the exact opposite of the girls,
They had TOO MUCH originality,
That it wasn't nice.

Didn't like Todrick Hall's "Since U Been Gone",
Because I love the original song too much? Perhaps?

Aaron Kelly was okay voice was not bad...

Did not like Jermaine Sellers,
Kinda painful to listen.
Indeed, when he's trying to hit those notes. Painful.

Tim Urban sang Apologize,
Previously, runner-up David Archuleta and winner Kris Allen sang Apologize before ...
Tough luck.
But he was technically the 'worst' contestant,
Being the replacement for another contestant that was disqualified.
That ... Thaddeus dude should be the replacement.
I thought it was a huge mistake when Randy (I think) said he did NOTHING WRONG.
Yeah, leave him in a state of confusion while he walks off. Great.

Joe Munoz was okay ...

Tyler Grady ... erm ...
I don't really like him.
Okay he didn't suck, but he got eliminated. So yeah.

Lee Dewyze was NICE.
Sorta shocked when Kara and Randy didn't like it,
But amazingly Simon agreed with me o_o
I'll be rooting for him.

John Park's wasn't really nice.

Never liked Michael Lynch,
a.k.a. Big Mike,
Seems like he's singing the exact same thing for first solo performance on Hollywood Week,
2nd solo on Hollywood Week,
And top 12.

The introduction for Alex Lambert was funny xD
Reference to Mary Powers!
Didn't liked him performance?
Hmm. Sorta liked his voice.

Casey James' performance was good,
But I don't really like him, lol.
Kara likes him though.
That cougar =x
Yeah his performance was really good /=

Last but not least,
Andrew Garcia~
Was okay,
I guess o_o
His voice is amazing, haha~

Seems like the last singer for both guys and girls were spotlights,
Since it was kinda obvious that AI likes Katie and Andrew,
But too bad this time they didn't blow the judges away.

Ellen basically likes EVERYONE.
And hopes that people would vote for EVERYONE.
She's repeating the same thing over and over again for every single contestant ...
She did gave some advice,
But she ends with "I like you, and I want people to vote for you" or something like that.

Results coming out soon~
Results came out.
Janell shouldn't have been eliminated,
Her American Boy during Hollywood Week should have been enough to keep her for a few more weeks ...
Even though I don't see Joe being the winner,
I don't think he should be eliminated so fast.
Ashley ... well, she was on the verge of swearing,
And ironically she had to sing Happy again.
Bye Tyler.

February 23, 2010


Read William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
And Anita Desai's Fasting, Feasting.

First off,
Julius Caesar.
It was a play about the famous assassination of Julius Caesar.
It was in some olden form of English,
So there was some difficulty reading it.

Here's an tongue-in-cheek 'abridged' version of it. source
*forgive me for a little cuss words, I want to keep it original*

BRUTUS: I love Caesar!
CASSIUS: He's a power-hungry bastard. I think we should kill him.
BRUTUS: Dude, we totally should.
DECIUS: Happy Ides of March, Caesar. Ready to go to the Senate?
CAESAR: I dunno. My wife just had a dream about you and the rest of the senators washing their hands in my blood, so I think I'm going to call in sick today.
DECIUS: Okay, I'll just tell the guys that you're a pussy who lets his wife tell him what to do. They'll understand.
CAESAR: I'll get my coat.
*Caesar skips off to the Senate, confident in the knowledge that he's in a Shakespeare play, where dreams don't predict anything and main characters never get offed*
CAESAR: Hey, why didn't anyone tell me it was Bring A Dagger To Work Day?
CASSIUS: Good, he's dead. Now to hold a huge funeral and let his best friend deliver the eulogy to the large, violence-prone mob.
BRUTUS: Cool. Take it away, Antony!
ANTONY: So the guys who killed Caesar aren't bad guys, really...
ANTONY: ...but Caesar was generous and humble and basically god on earth, and they totally killed him in cold blood.
CROWD: RAAAAAAA! KILL THEM ALL!!! *grabs torches and pitchforks and kills fucking everyone, including a random poet who has the same name as one of the conspirators. I'm not even joking.*
BRUTUS: Man, ruling Rome was a lot more fun when we weren't being invaded by Octavius.
BRUTUS: Oh, hey Caesar.
CAESAR'S GHOST: Uh...that's it? Not even an "eek?" Fine, whatever. I'm going to see you a second time, by the way. BOOGEDY!
BRUTUS: Huh. That was weird.
CASSIUS: GOD DAMMIT WE'RE LOSING THE WAR! I AM OVER THIS SHIT. Hey you, hold my sword while I impale myself.
SERVANT: Sure thing.
CASSIUS: *dies*
BRUTUS: Let's see: Rome is being destroyed, all my friends have either been killed or committed suicide, my wife just poisoned herself, and I'm about to be captured by enemy soldiers. *turns to audience* HEY, DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?


* * *

Next up: Fasting, Feasting.

Book about India,
Woman discrimination,
Treading foreign lands,
Traditional marriage,
The dysfunctional society we live in,
Conservative upbringing,
The longing to break free,
Superficially skin-deep views of the norm,
... etc. etc.

Doesn't have any EPIC events that leads to drastic character changes,
Probably a more ... subtle ... gradual ... change ... for one of the characters.
Stereotypical views on traditional Indian families.

... etc. etc.

Started on Friday; finished Tuesday. (my reading, not the story)

Hmm. Okay book I guess. Nothing too serious or deep, but definitely has a lot of literature elements in it.

p.s. both books are in the SPM English Literature syllabus.
Not that I'm studying them or anything,
Just for casual reading.

February 21, 2010

Happy Chinese New YEAR~!

Started off with reunion dinner...
Before that,
Happy super belated birthday from my blog to Tiong Hsien~
Went to his birthday party,
Didn't blog about it...

So yeah :D

Back to where I started.

* * *

Started off with reunion dinner,
Saturday, I think.
Yes Saturday.

Aunt ... Anny?
Used to calling her the Teochew way,
But I call my uncles by English.

Anyway, she came earlier that day.

Went to Uncle Edward's house at night,
Ate food that he bought,
Not too bad,
Beyond my expectations.

But then again,
I didn't have high expectations :D
Just in case :D

Listened to adults talk,
Interesting stuff.
Took random pictures of his house deco.

BIG ... fruits.HUGE plant.

Moved on to Uncle Allan's house.
Drank some wine,
Sat around.

Did I mention receiving angpaus?
Yeah, what's CNY without angpaus? :D

Angpau? Angpao?
Oh, I don't know.
I somehow prefer angpau.

Or I could further extents of referring to it as a red packet.
But that doesn't sound as catchy as angpau.

Okay enough with stupid rants.

* * *

On the first day of new year my true love gave to me
First day,
Balik kampung!

Lightened the load by stopping at Sekinchan,
Which is where the relatives of my mother's side are,
And moved on to Teluk Intan.

Me no likey.

Took loads of random pictures of the sky,
Was kinda bored anyway.

Argh, reflection.
Nothing better to do, really.

Collected a few angpaus,
Sent my aunt back home,
Saw some random uncle holding a big DSLR in the village area.

Not that I'm obsessed with DSLRs,
But they ARE kinda fun to play with.

Went back to Sekinchan.
Collected angpaus~
Mingled around,
Played with my cousin sister's DSLR.
The bag holding it was VERY, VERY, very dusty.

Here's a random picture of my cousin sister's (another one, not the one with the DSLR) daughter.

Went home on the second day of CNY.

* * *

Pretty much did nothing for the next few days,
Till Friday,
When I went to Blake's house.

Prepared food ... a little.
Watched Paranormal Activity,
Door broke,
Parents came back.

It was as if the police raided a house with drug addicts hiding in it.
But everything turned out okay :D

A lot of people were there,
Sorta enjoyed ... most of the time.

* * *

Went to She-Reen's house.
Ate homemade nasi lemak,
Played AuditionSEA,
Watched a little of Marley and Me,
But had to go to Kai Wen's house.

Went to Kai Wen's house,
Had a tour,
Sat around,

Everything was ... just fine. :D

* * *

Last day.
Went to church in the morning.
Came back.

CNY this year wasn't epic or anything,
But I guess I have no complaints.
Angpau money reached 4 digits anyway,
Woo hoo~!

February 10, 2010

3 trips - 1 post

Trip #1 : Chinese Calligraphy Competition at Summit USJ

Practiced a little on the day before ...

Sucks. I know.

Believe or not,
I sucked even worse on the actual day, lol.

That morning,
Was Road Run day.

While we were waiting for our transport ...
Syn Jie with my iPod :O

Little kids preparing to RUNNN~!

Reached Summit ...
Went into this ... place we never thought existed.
It was basically an empty ground in the Summit building,
Like a construction site,
Dusty and everything.

Girls in skirt and floors just don't match.

Snacks that Hui Teng's uncle prepare

Kinda accidentally tore my first paper,
So I just practiced on that,
And screwed up my second paper because I wrote the wrong words,
And they ran out of paper,
And the Malay girl beside us has an extra paper,
Which was a little torn,
So I asked for it,
But what I wrote was WORSE than my very first one ...

Oh well /=
Never meant to be.

Went Sushi King!
I bought Subway ... so I ate less at Sushi King.
Just ... had ... to ... buy ... Subway.
But a seafood sandwich is just ... shouldn't exist.

Karmern's Scallops

Syn Jie's ... chicken?

Hui Teng's ... ?

And presenting ...

The main dish of the day ...

Yee Sang!

Woots :D
After much lou-ing,
And me snapping pictures with Karmern's DSLR,

This was the end product :

The Yee Sang's not bad,
But I don't really know ... cause I haven't really ate an actual Yee Sang before.

OH, and Hui Teng was obsessed with saying the word 'LOL' out loud,
So we made this :D

We finished it anyway,
So it wasn't considered wasting food ;D

Walked around,
Watched performances,
Walked more,

Well, congratulations to Karmern!
Finally winning after so many years.
Wasn't jealous or anything,
Just a little sad,
A lil bit.
Didn't blame the torn paper,
Or the floor or anything like that.
Just ... well ... kinda sad that I couldn't write nice calligraphy :(
But then again ... I've never really practiced ...

Oh well :D

* * *

Trip 2 : Subang Parade

Went with mom,
To buy Chinese New Year clothes.
Bought 3 of them ...

Ate at Dave's Deli.

They should consider renaming it to Dave's GRAVY.

Since ...

My lasagna had gravy.

Even the sausage had gravy.

Nothing ... amazing.
Decent ... I guess.

* * *

Trip 3 : IOI Mall.

Went with Kian Siong, Karmern and Hui Teng.

I saw 6 people I knew!
Probably the highest record?

Oh, for your information,
99% of my visits to IOI,
I'll definitely meet someone I know.

Oh, and this was my first time taking the Metro Bus.

The 6 lucky ones are :
  1. Daniel Siow (on the bus, made me O.O)
  2. Jeyshaan (he was walking out)
  3. Michelle Low
  4. Justin Low (I don't know, somehow it was VERY awkward when I saw these 2)
  5. Darren Wee (was working in Seoul Garden)
  6. Jeremiah (senior ... graduated ... 3 years ago?)

Bought a mechanical pencil for RM10.
Crazy, I know.
The crazier thing was Kiang Siong and Hui Teng each bought one as well. xD
The craziest thing was Hui Teng offered an extra RM5 to me because she wanted the white/transparent one ...
I current own that, and she has a yellow one :D

Bought stuff,
Went home,
Thanks to Karmern's mom :D

February 1, 2010


Not really in an FML mood ... but ... never mind.

Attended the 10 hour long seminar yesterday.
Before that, 2 random pictures.


In a stripper :O
*okay, ignore my immaturity*


Random sandwich.
Consists of tuna, cucumbers and onions.

Officially sick of tuna once again.

Didn't finish that stack in one go =.=
Thought I could but ... was already full when I finished the first set.

* * *

Back to the seminar.

I shall conclude before starting,
That it definitely wasn't worth 10 hours and RM108.

Not saying it was bad ... but it really wasn't worth,
For me at least.

The hall was kinda warm,
Shouldn't have brought the sweater,
Made my bag swollen.
Only till the end,
It got a little chiller,
But not till the point where I needed a sweater.

Pictures. Blurry pictures.

During teatime ... Dexter was doing something suspicious...

Angeline was trying to grab my iPod Touch from the clutches of Yi Shen.

Random speaker (not one of the main speakers),
Climbed on the table and gave us a fired-up motivation ...

... that didn't last long.

What annoyed me the most was probably the lack of brightness in the hall.

For goodness' sake,
It's UM,
The most prestigious university in Malaysia,
Yet you can't make sure that half the lights are working?

The ceiling is lined with fluorescent lamps,
10 for each lining,
Yet the most that were lit was 5 out of 10,
And in the picture,
There's one line with only 1 lamp lit.

I was actually waiting for an evaluation form at the end ...
But I guess when it comes to seminars with professional speakers,
You don't get to evaluate them and rant. D:

I preferred the male speaker over the female one,
Can't remember their names =x

Oh well,
No more seminars for me :D
Hopefully ...