July 1, 2015

Now what?

I'm back from my Krakow-Rome-Naples-Istanbul trip. I'll have to admit that I was a little apprehensive at first, worried that travelling alone might not be suited for me and that I'd regret my decision halfway through the trip. Now that I'm back, it felt as if I only had a weekend away when it was more than 2 weeks. Met quite a few interesting people along the way. Of course there were times where things didn't go as well, but I can honestly say that those minor setbacks weren't that significant.

Anyway, results are out.
Don't know why part of me still has that little hope of getting a first class for my degree, when in reality it's very, very unlikely. Hoping some miracle would happen and I would somehow, miraculously achieve the bare minimum for a first, hah.
I posted that on the 23rd of May, and guess what? A miracle happened. It was pretty much "bare minimum" too.

I guess I would say that I'm happy, but not as happy that I'd expected. Looking back, I really did screw up my first two years and I could've easily scored better. Then again, I hated the modules then with a passion.

Relatives have been congratulating me, and this makes my getting a first more of a relief than an unexpected surprise. Makes me wonder what sort of a response I'll be getting if I got a second upper instead.

It's nice to end my tertiary education on a high note. Now on to the next stage.