April 30, 2008

Taken For Granted =/

I'm so not going to lend anything to you guys in my class,
I'm going to be that selfish moron sitting there and ignoring all your pleas.
What's the point of sharing when people think it's SUPPOSE to be that way huh?

The story goes like this.
This *new-comer* in class borrows a glue stick from me in class.
He uses my glue stick till it was finished.
Yes, finished.
There goes that thing that I can use for months,
And it goes bye bye in less than a month.

I don't mind if you forget it and need to use it for emergencies,
But noooooooooooooooooooooooo,
You guys use and pass,
Like I owe the whole class or something.
I'm just trying to be kind here,
And what do you do?
You finished it.
Bloody people,
Get it yourself la.
If you're poor or something,
Don't use it then,
Or just starve for a day and buy it yourself.

Teacher : "Okay, I'm going to give out these notes, paste it in your exercise books"
Student A : "Kritz, pinjam gam"
Student B : "Kritz, borrow glue"
Student C : "Kritz, 借浆糊"
Student D : "Kritz, pinjam gam"
Student E : "Kritz, borrow glue"
Student F : "Kritz, 借浆糊"
Student G : "Kritz, pinjam gam"
Student H : "Kritz, borrow glue"
Student I : "Kritz, 借浆糊"


And those who borrow correction tape,
The same person,
For like,
Few hundred times.

Eh, not cheap leh,
You think I print cash ar,
Borrow borrow borrow,
Your grandfather's one ar?

I'm just so pissed off over this type of attitudes.
In fact I don't mind anyway,
They should put stuff like those in a corner of the class and everyone who needs it will go and take it,

Worse still,
Some will use your thing like it's free.
*Takes correction tape, use use use, pull pull pull*
*Takes glue stick, dab dab dab, make circles on the paper, put some on the table*
*Takes scissors, cut paper, cut table, cut other peoples hair, dig your nose*

What the hell right?

So please,
Buy some it for Pete's sake,
It's not like you're from Africa or something,
Finding it hard to buy due to the lack of money.
Got money to buy cigarettes la,
Not money to buy a stupid RM2.50 glue stick la.

Oh ya,
Then the story continues,
When he finished the glue stick,
He went and threw around.
The teacher asked whose glue stick was it ...
... Me "*raises hand*, itu Brandon habiskan la"
*sits down and do whatever I'm doing*
I'm really sick of those shit,
I wanted to stuff that glue stick up his nose.

Next time,
When I have something,
I need to hide it in my pocket,
And use it secretly without anyone noticing,
So when people ask me for it,
I will say I don't have it.
Or I shall buy some special glue that will stain the whole paper or something,
Maybe a glue that will not stick,
So that no one will ask me for it :D

I'm a selfish moron,
Deal with it.

April 28, 2008

Tagged for the who-knows-how-many-times.

Okay it's the 7th time la ._.

Instructions: Remove ONE question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1. What have you realized recently?
- That I love stuff that will act like anaesthetics towards my life and all. In other words, stuff that will make me forget about reality for a short time.

2. Have you touched a female (Human) breast before?
- I think I might have touched my mother's when I was a baby :D

*Changed Question*
3. How long do you go online a day?
- I lost count :D maybe when I get home... around 3... and off around 11...

4. Where is the place that you want to go to the most?
- Heaven ._.

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
- Er... that everything will be good :D

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after a rain?
- I believe, but I don't see it all the time ._.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
- Everything I have, including my life-sucking-box, my parents, anything that makes me what I am now la.

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
- Hmmm... *evil grins*

9. If you meet someone you love, would you confess to him/her?
- Depends.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you
- Long time never made any contact with her... maybe cheerful, smiley type and happy-go-lucky? (Seems the same only =/)

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half
- Presentable look, caring, doesn't want everything to be her way, etc etc..

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
- I'm trying hard not to hate someone, so please don't remind me about it.

13. Have you ever cursed in public?
- Yes ... I think so ...

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
- Er...

15. Are you a shop-a-holic or not?
- If I have the money, I'll definitely change into one.

16. If your house burned down, what is the one thing you'd save from your room?
- My room ... there isn't much stuff in my room ...

17. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
- The part where I hate doing stuff I don't like but must do.

18. Do you have a most memorable experience?
- *thinks* *thinks* *thinks* No idea...

19. What do you love doing most when you are free?
- Doing stuff that has nothing to do with school.

20. Do you think it's good to be a girl?
- Some parts of it, but since I'm a boy, I think being a boy is better? =x

Tagging 8 random people -.-
I feel bad for tagging those people again and again ._.

What If...

... my grandmother forget to off the stove, and my whole house exploded?

I came back from school today,
And my grandmother was boiling something.
Then after,
I smelt a strong scent of leaking gas.


Minutes later,
I woke up,
And found myself standing outside my house.
"Hey, what's all the fuss happening?"
I saw trucks,
Fire trucks,

Spraying water all over my house.
I approached the nearest person I could see :
"Hey, mind telling what happened here?"
He didn't react at all,
I guess he was too stunned by the incident.

Out of the house in flames,
I saw them carrying a boy out of it.
Everything flashed in front of my eyes :
Walking back home, leaking gas, explosion...

It all happen just too fast.
But wait,
If that was me...


What bullshit was that eh?
I suck at making up stories >.>
The leaking gas part was true,
The fire went off and gas was coming out.
Thank God I could pick up that smell,
And went to turn if off instantly.

I wonder what would happen to my own parents when they get old,
I don't mind them being forgetful,
But just don't nag like my grandmother ._.
I can't handle too much nags,
Don't make me send you to the OLD FOLKS HOME!
Okay I won't la,
For now,
I don't know what kind of a devil I will turn into when I grow up :D

I should start studying now ....
Exams start on 14 of May,
For once, Kritz, STUDY LAR.

April 27, 2008

What happen to my old readers eh?

Maybe 'cause it's the lack of quality posts ._.
Last time I have like a few of my friends clogging up the chat box,
But now, it's collecting dust.
I don't expect like Kenny Sia's blog traffic of course,
It's not like I have the least bit quality of posts.
Then again,
I'm not complaining about the daily 20+ unique visitors,
But I guess most of them just stumble here instead of being loyal readers >.>
Yea, what do I think I am?

For myself.
Keep that in mind.

Been forgetting to do homework,
Spent whole day in church,
Then came back and sat in front of this life-sucking-box,
Going crazy over OneRepublic >.>

Homework homework homework,
Why do they exist.
I feel so bored and boring,
And yea I meant boring people.
If only I have some interest that will bring me away from this life-sucking-box.
Going to bed soon,
Got to catch with a whole day of studies tomorrow.
I guess now I understand why I like OneRepublic so much,
It's because when I listen to them,
I feel like I'm in another place,
Instead of reality,
Which is kinda wrong.
Then again,
I used to play Maple Story for the same reason.
I just have to escape from all these >.>

UPDATE : I almost went to bed 8.45pm,
I thought it was 10pm already,
But when I went in the room,
I saw the clock,
8.45 pm -.-
Went to switch on the computer again ._.

6th tag =/

What Kritz Means

You are a seeker of knowledge, and you have learned many things in your life.

You are also a keeper of knowledge - meaning you don't spill secrets or spread gossip.

People sometimes think you're snobby or aloof, but you're just too deep in thought to pay attention to them.

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something.

You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.

You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.

You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.

You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are a seeker. You often find yourself restless - and you have a lot of questions about life.

You tend to travel often, to fairly random locations. You're most comfortable when you're far away from home.

You are quite passionate and easily tempted. Your impulses sometimes get you into trouble.

You are incredibly wise and perceptive. You have a lot of life experience.

You are a natural peacemaker, and you are especially good at helping others get along.

But keeping the peace in your own life is not easy. You see things very differently, and it's hard to get you to budge.

April 26, 2008

My 200th post ._.

Whoa, time passes by so fast.
Been so 'dead' these days,
Like a walking zombie.
'Cause I'm bored.
My case of boredom is special,
I don't feel like going out,
I don't feel like playing Maple Story,
I don't feel like play sports,
I don't feel like playing my PSP,
I don't feel like doing homework,
I don't feel like reading books.
I just want to listen to my favourite songs,
And hopefully some one to chat with me.
But too bad,
Thanks to my terrible social skills and lack of friendliness,
I didn't actually have much friends to chat with.

Walking zombie ._.

It's my 200th post for heaven's sake!
I should do something grand!!!!
Hype everything up!!
But... I'm bored.
Maybe I'll wait for the 300th post,
300 not nice,
Maybe 1000.

I wish I had more people to chat with,
Now all I have is those little children bugging me on my msn ._.
My homework,
What should I do with you >.>
*dump into the sea?*

Cool eh?

That's not all the homework I have.
I just wanted to stack them up :D
You probably wouldn't believe if I told you I have so much homework anyway.

I'm still feeling dead,
Tomorrow's morning service I need to handle AV,
Better not screw this up.
*Cross-fingers and pray*


Apologise - OneRepublic feat. Timbaland ... or Timbaland feat. OneRepublic?

Yea, the song when people start to know One Republic.
Just so you know, I liked the song before it topped charts.

After that,
Better songs came out :D

Stop and Stare

It wasn't as successful as Apologise,
But I still love the songs @_@
The video is quite confusing,
But from what I've heard,
The grave represents death,
And the pregnant woman signifies life.
It's somehow related to Christianity I guess,
Since they singer, Ryan Tedder is a Christian.


I don't know about this,
Yes, it's a song in the album,
But I didn't know where is came from,
It wasn't a single... I think.

Say (All I Need)

The current single :D

All the songs are amazing IMO,
My favourite band/singer so far for me.

Oh ya,
There won't be any free downloads on this site,
This isn't a music blog,
I'm just sharing :D

ps. I want their album ._.

April 25, 2008

Bleeping 5th tag -.-

游戏规则:被点到名字的要在自己的博客裏写下自己的答案,然后去掉一个你最不喜欢的问题再补上一个你的问题,仍然组成20个问题,傳给其他8个人,列出其 他8個需要回答问题的人的名字,还要到这8個人的博客裏留言通知对方----你被点名了,被点名者不得拒绝回答问题,完成游戏的人将会永远得到大家的祝福。这8个人要在自己的博客裏注明是从哪里接到的,並且再傳给其他8个人,让游戏继续下去,不得囘傳。被点到名字的人将会得到大家的祝福,并且所有美好的愿望都会在不久的将来实现。

1. 如果你有特异功能, 你会干什么?
答: 成为救星!才没那么伟大呢,有特异功能当然是多做些有利于自己的是啊,哈哈!

2. 最满意你身体的哪一部分?
答: 不知道。。。

3. 认为自己哪一个优点最讨人欢喜?
答: 没有优点吧 ._.

4. 希望有个怎样的恋爱?
答: 充满乐趣的恋爱

5. 你最想去哪个地方?
答: 离开这里就好了。。。

6. 最受不了自己哪个缺点?
答: 贪吃?心软?

7. 如果有不开心的事情,你会怎么办?
答: 找朋友聊天。

8. 最害怕失去的东西?
答: 父母,我拥有的一切。

9. 现在最想做的事?
答: 想找朋友喝茶 ._.

10. 若遇见喜欢的人,你会怎样做?
答: 会尽力忘掉她 -.-

11. 说出点你名的人的3个优点。
答: 她... 漂亮, 好谈, 聪明

12. 你满意你的生活吗?
答: 还好吧,不能要求太多。

13. 遇到不喜欢的人﹐你会怎样拒绝?
答: 遇到不喜欢的人就当作没看到 =P

14. 你最讨厌怎样的人?
答: 自恋,自以为是,自作聪明,没礼貌,高傲,无聊,太过幼稚。

15. 你最难过的事情。
答: 被人利用

16. 你觉得最美的事物是什么?
答: 一个幸福的家庭?

17. 你认为遇到什么样的事情才会令你觉得人性很黑暗?
答: 不知道。

18. 如果能让你实现一个愿望,会是什么?
答: 算了吧,不可能的。

19. 你的心愿是。。。
答: 长大后赚大钱,活着谁看到也妒忌,钦佩,向往的生活

20. 友情和爱情, 你会选择哪个?

我点俏丽姐姐吧 o.o


April 24, 2008

The 4th tag this month -.-

1. How many months are there until your birthday?
- Next year, 8 - 9 months?

2. Have you gotten gum stuck on your hair?
- Don't think so...

3. When was the last time you got straight A's?

4. Where is your brother right now?
- Have no brothers, not even a sibling.

5. Is your handwriting large, tiny or normal..nice..ugly..tidy or untidy?
- Depends, but mostly is damn ugly and big 'cause I scribble a lot ._. But it's nice when I do exercises.

6. Are you currently listening to a song?
- Yup

7. Do you have a cellphone?
- Yea

8. Do you own any kind of yellow clothing?
- Yes -.-

9. What do you hate about the opposite sex?
- I hate it when they hit my arm ._. Like a hammer ._.

10. How many piercings do you have?
- None :D

11. What time is it?
- 23:00

12. What colour are your eyes?
- Brown, light brownish, hazelish, okay going too far.

13. How are you today?
- Emo, depressed, sad, sleepy, tired, bored.

14. How long does it take you to take a shower?
- Depends, maybe around 10 minutes.

15. Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?
- When I sit in front, yes. When back, no.

16. What jewellery do you wear all the time?
- Nothing

17. What would you say if your doctor told you were pregnant?
- ... *slaps doctor* not funny okay?

18. Do you believe in aliens?
- Maybe?

19. Any siblings?
- As mentioned, NO.

20. What are you doing tomorrow?
- Going to school and let my soul rot.

21. Who are you meeting tomorrow?
- My friends, teachers and strangers.

22. What colour are your socks?
- White, school socks.

23. How long is your hair?
- Earlobe length?

24. What school do you go to?
- Secondary.

25. What are you allergic to?
- Durian, a little, but I don't hate them.

26. Can others make you cry easily?
- I'm not quite sure.

27. Whose house did you last go to?
- My own.

28. Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
- Father bought it for me?

29. Who dresses up the best among your friends?
- ... not sure.

30. Tag?
- Don't want tag those people again, burdening them only ._.

Life's hard ._.

"What is this small childish boy talking about?
He doesn't know how harsh life can be,
His so called hard situation must be a small one,
He must be overreacting."

Please leave if you want to tell me how worse can my life get,
I just want to release some stress,
Leave me alone ._.

Love 'em, hate 'em.
Hardly find anyone to talk to,
I mean,
People don't get me sometimes,
Good things can be mistaken as a bad thing.
My friends,
So hard to cope with.
Won't they just stare in the mirror and see what's wrong with them?
I'm afraid that I might explode someday,
I don't want history to repeat itself.

I as bad as a pile of turd in time management,
I'm close to hopeless.
Trying to cover up the things that I missed takes time too,
And sometimes the environment makes it hard to me to make a change.
I hate friends who think I'm trying to show off,
I just want to express my happiness,
But they don't let me.
Keeping the happiness inside my little self is just so ... sad.
Show off show off,

I wish God would help me out here.
Besides that,
I'll need to do what I'm suppose to do,
But... ... I just want to use the computer ._.
I'm so lost ._.

April 23, 2008

New Nuffnang Thing : Poll

Look at that....

My 1st poll o.o
I wonder how does it work :D

Nuffnang is getting better and better!


To allow poll to show on blog.

Change 'no' to 'yes'

Appears on my Safari browser, but not on mozilla ._.

Tags AGAIN ._.


Do it like this :

Dear (the person who last texted/smsed you).
I don't really know how to tell you this, but __1__. I think I realized it __2__ __3__ and I saw you __4__ __5__. I'm sure you're enough to understand __7__. I'm returning __8__ to you, but I'll keep __9__ as a memory. You should also know that I __10__ __11__.

__12__, -Your name-

1. What's the colour of your shirt?
Blue - Our romance is over
Red - Our affair is over
White - I'll join the monestary
Black - I dislike you
Green - Our horoscope doesn't match
Grey - You're a pervert
Yellow - I'm selling myself
Pink - Your nostrils are insulting
Brown - The mafia wants you No shirt - You're a loserOther - I'm inlove with your sister

2. Which is your birth month?
January - That night
February - Last year
March - When your dwarf bit me
April - When I tripped on sesame seeds
May - First of May
June - When you put cuffs on me
July - When I threw up
August - When I saw the shrunken head
September - When we skinny dipped
October - When I quoted Santa
November - When your dog ran amok
December - When I changed tennis shoes

3. Which food do you prefer?
Tacos - In your apartment
Pizza - In your camping car
Pasta - Outside of Chicago
Hamburgers - Under the bus
Salad - As you ate enchilada
Chicken - In your closet
Kebab - With Paris Hilton
Fish - In women's clothing
Sandwiches - At the Hare Krishna graduation
Lasagna - At the mental hospital
Hot dog - Under a state of trance
Annat - With George Bush and his wife

4. What's the color of your socks?
Yellow - Hit on
Red - Insult
Black - Ignore
Blue - Knock out
Purple - Pour syrup on
White - Carve your initials into
Grey - Pull the clothes off
Brown - Put leeches on
Orange - Castrate
Pink - Pull the toupee off
Barefoot - Sit at
Other - Drive out

5. What's the colour of your underwear?
Black - My best freind
White - My father
Grey - Bill Clinton
Brown - My fart balloon
Purple - My mustard soufflé
Red - Donald Duck
Blue - My avocado plant
Yellow - My penpal in Ghana
Orange - My Kid-Rock collection
Pink - Manchester United's goalkeeper
None - My John F. Kennedy-statue
Other - The crazy monk

6. What do you prefer to watch on TV?
Scrubs - Man
O.C. - Emotional
One Tree Hill - Open
Heroes - Frostbitten
Lost - High
House - Scarred
Simpsons - Cowardly
The News - Mongolic
Idol - Masochistic
Family Guy - Senile
Top Model - Middle-Class
Annat - Ashamed

7. Your mood right now?
Happy - How awful I've felt
Sad - How boring you are
Bored - That Santa doesn't exist
Angry - That your pimples are at the last stage
Depressed - That we're cousins
Excited - That there is no solution to this
Nervous - The middle-east
Worried - That your Honda sucks
Apathetic - That I did a sex-change
Ashamed - That I'm allergic to your hamster
Cuddly - That I get turned on by garbage men
Overjoyous - That I'm open
Other - That Extreme Home Makeover sucks

8. What's the colour of your walls in your bedroom?
White - Your ring
Yellow - Your love letters
Red - Your Darth Vader-poster
Black - Your tame stone
Blue - The couch cushions
Green - The pictures from LA
Orange - Your false teeth
Brown - Your contact book
Grey - Our matching-snoopy bibs
Purple - Your old lottery coupons
Pink - The cut toenails
Other - Your memories from the military service

9. The first letter of your first name?
A/B - Your photo
C/D - The oil stocks
E/F - Your neighbour Martin
G/H - My virginity
I/J - The results of blood-sample
K/L - Your left ear
M/N - Your suicide note
O/P - My common sense
Q/R - Your mom
S/T - Your collections of butterflies
U/V - Your criminal record
W/X - David's tricot outfits
Y/Z - Your grades from college

10. The last letter in your last name?
A/B - Always will remember
C/D - Never will forget
E/F - Always wanted to break
G/H - Never openly mocked
I/J - Always have felt dirty before
K/L - Will tell the authorities about
M/N - Told in my confession today about
O/P - Was interviewed by the Times about
Q/R - Told my psychiatrist about
S/T - Get sick when I think of
U/V - Always will try to forget
W/X - Am better off without
Y/Z - Never liked

11. What do you prefer to drink?
Water - Our friendship
Beer - Senility
Soft drink - A new life as a clone
Soda - The incarnation life as an eskimo
Milk - The apartment building
Wine - Cocaine abuse
Cider - A passionate interest for mice
Juice - Oprah Winfrey imitations
Mineral water - Embarrassing rash
Hot chocolate - Eggplant-fetishism
Whisky - To ruin the second world war
Other - To hate the Boston Celtics

12. To which country would you prefer to go on a vacation?
Thailand - Warm regards
USA - Best regards
England - Good luck on your short-term leave from jail
Spain - Go on drown yourself
China - Disgusting regards
Germany - With ease
Japan - Go burn
Greece - Your everlasting enemy
Australia - Greetings to your frog Leonard
Egypt - Fuck off now
France - In pain
Other - Greetings to your freaky family

Dear DiGi
I don't really know how to tell you this, but I'm selling myself. I think I realized it That night At the mental hospital and I saw you Sit at My avocado plant. I'm sure you're enough to understand That Extreme Home Makeover sucks . I'm returning Your ring to you, but I'll keep Your left ear as a memory. You should also know that I Told in my confession today about Oprah Winfrey imitations.

Greetings to your frog Leonard, Kritz

Seems so lame -.-
Tagging Cherrie again, TJ, Michelle, YoYo and Mel.
Others can do if you want to.

April 22, 2008

Sadly Miserable ._.

Coming to school late for once in my whole secondary life,
Foiled my perfect record,
Fell on the floor,
Don't even know why,
Don't even have a single hand to pull me up.
Worst thing is,
No one to care about it ._.
Ahh, I feel so emo.

Look on the bright side,
At least I'm not dead yet eh?
*my knee still hurts -.-*
I hate all of this,
I just want to ...
I should stop thinking that way,
I'm a Christian,
Loving God,
Being a good person.
Seems so hard,
Seems impossible.

I'm just in a terrible mood these days,
Can't even have time to breathe,
All this stupid stuff piling up,
All those stupid stuff to do,
All those stupid things to put pressure on me,
More teachers to make my miserable life even more miserable.
Just close one eye and let me breathe,
Go take care of others laaaa,
Let me sit in a corner crying my heart out,

Tagged by Cherrie.

About YOU!

-YeYe, grandfather in Chinese/Cantonese.
Name you wish you had:
-Kritz is good enough. Maybe Seth will do too.
What do People normally Mistake your Name as:
-Christopher, or Kritz-stopher in his case. And also Chris...
-January 12th
-Erm... University Hospital?
Time of Birth:
-Secret, later you do black charm on me how?
Zodiac Sign:
-Capricorn :D
How Tall are You:
Wish You were Taller:
-Yes, maybe 180 and above ....
Eye Colour:
-Not sure, a little bit of hazel?
Eye Colour You want:
-Blue? LOL
Natural Hair Colour:
-Black... but not 100% I think
Current Hair Colour:
Short or Long Hair:
Ever Dye your Hair a Bizarre Colour:
Last Time you did something Dramatic with your Hair:
-Nothing much I guess.
Glasses or Contacts:
-I prefer no specs :D
Do you wear Make-up:
Ever had Hair Extensions:
Paint your Nails:
-For fun ... once


What Colour Eyes:
-Brownish, Greenish, Blueish, Yellowish..
What Colour Hair:
-Normal, not exotic type.
Shy or Outgoing:
-Outgoing, I need more fun ._.
Looks or Personality:
-Looks, presentable. Personality, a MUST.
Sexy or Cute:
-Sexy, cute seems to get annoying sometimes... depends on the amount of cuteness
Serious or Fun:
-Serious when needed, fun when allowed.
Older or Younger than You:
-Younger, or around my age.
A Turn On:
Turn Off:
-Playgirl, rude, thinks she is everything
Flowers or Chocolates:
Pepsi or Coke:
-Ice lemon tea? Pepsi will do ...
Rap or Rock:
Relationship or One Night Stand:
School or Work:
-For now, work
Love or Money:
Movies or Music:
Country or City:
-Har? City I guess.
Sunny or Rainy Days:
-Rainy, without thunder please.
Friends or Family:


Stole Something:
-I guess >.>
Hurt Someone Close to You:
-Think so.
Broke Someone’s heart:
-Guess so.
Had your Heart Broken:
-Kinda, but not in a lovey-dovey type of hurt.
Wondered What was Wrong with You:
Wish you were a Prince/Princess:
-I want to be a Hero :D Unattainable dreams are the best kind =x
Liked Someone who was Taken:
Shaved your head:
-Not yet.
Been in Love:
-Don't know.
Used Chopsticks:
Sang in the Mirror to Yourself:
-Got bah, when no one's around -.-


-Don't know
-Don't know either
-Changes time to time
-Black, red, green, blue, white, yellow...
-Not sure.
-Changes time to time too.
-? ? ?
Junk Food:
-Roller Coasters, Cheezels, etc etc
-Blogs, nuffnang, PPF forums, Friendster
-Don't know
Ever cried over someone:
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself:
-A lot.
Do you think you’re attractive:
-On msn, maybe. As a friend, maybe. As a boyfriend? Nope.
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose:
-I don't like any of them :D

Tagging Mel, Yoyo and others who want to do it :D

April 21, 2008


这着还是 [www.kritz-stuffaboutme.blogspot.com]。

很愚蠢的接受了郭俏丽 (Cherrie) 的挑战。
就尝试些新东西 :D













ps. 够长吗?

April 20, 2008

How Many Uniques Do You Get Without Innit?

Few days ago, innit something,
Had like 109 unique visitors,
Which was the history of kritz-stuffaboutme.
(Yalah, got more people more than me outside -.-)

After that,
It was 24, 34, 32, 21, 28,
So ... blah.

Spent these 2 days playing Crisis Core,
The utmost amazing game you can get on your PSP!
I really have NO ideas on what to blog these days.
Good night :D

April 18, 2008

Tagged by Mel.

Rules :
The answers of the following questions must have the same 1st letter as your name.
If you don't understand,
Just read and you'll know.

(For question 8/9, don't use your own name)

K, for Kritz.

1. Famous Singer:
Kylie Minogue

2. Four Letter Word:
King :D

3. Street:
Don't know... Kinrara counted?

4. Colour:
Khaki (I actually went to wiki a list of colours for this -.-)

5. Gifts/Present:
Kettle? LOL! Do you want a kettle as a present? :D

6. Vehicle:
Kar. Anything wrong?

7. Things in Souvenir Shop:
Kite? Well, maybe... those traditional shop thing.

8. Boy Name:
Kenny... Kenny Sia o.o

9. Girl Name:
Kelly... Kelly Clarkson :D

10. Movie title:
King Arthur?

11. Drink:
Kamikaze... some alcoholic drink. I don't drink.

12. Occupation:
King... considered? Or a knight?

13. Celebrity:
Keira Knightley, from Pirates of the Caribbean.

14. Magazine:
K Zone, some magazine ... for kids -.-

15. U.S. City:
Knew York can? LOL! Er... don't know lah ._.

16. Pro Sports:
Kite flying? Pro enough?

17. Fruit:
Kiwi :D

18. Reason for Being Late to work:
Kindly helping some old grandmother crossing the road?

19. Something you throw away:

20. Something you shout:
Kick your ass BUTT!

I'm tagging Cherrie, Yoyo, Michelle, TJiuns and Melody :D
Have fun!

April 17, 2008

Love your parents?

Today's moral lesson really struck me,
I mean,
We all know that we are supposed to take care of our parents when they get old,
But teacher's lecturing gave me a whole new perspectives.

I'm not really sure why,
But it goes like this.
Think about your parents taking care of you,
But when it's our turn to take care of our parents,
We think it's troublesome.

Sending them to old folks home?
If it's those irresponsible ones who just dump them there,
Is like dumping you in an orphanage.
If you say you will pick them up,
It's like sending you to those babysitters,
Which none of us would like.

There's a lot more to talk about on this topic,
But I just can't remember it all.
Just one more thing,
Even though I know all this,
I still can't find a way to stand my grandmother.

Trying to put myself into her shoes,
Understanding her,
Controlling my anger,
Being patient,
Doesn't help at all.

She's just like a small girl,
Trying to get attention and love,
But small girls don't complain and scold that much.
So hard to control myself,
She's is just so bleeping annoying @_@
"She old already, must give and take"
Easier said than done ._.

All I can do now,
Is to pray that my own parents won't become like my grandmother when they grow old.
Please Lord ._.

April 16, 2008

Dead Tired.

I'm so freaking tired now,
In no mood to do anything at all,
But wait,
I still have to do my stupid homework no matter what.

Thanks to the PBSM thing,
I was half dead.
Maybe it's just that I'm weak or something,
But I just collapsed on my bed,
Around 6pm.

Guess what time I woke up?
Guess guess?
I woke up 10.30pm.
Freaking crazy eh?
Slept like a pig.

By the time I woke up,
I thought it was morning already.
Feel like sleeping again,
But I still have to finish my homework @_@
Homework makes my life miserable.

Sad thing is,
I don't even feel energised after the long beauty sleep.
Got to go do my homework,
I hate them ._.

April 15, 2008

You've changed.

I can't help but to agree with all your friends,
You changed.

You weren't the friendly guy who I used to know,
You weren't the talkative guy who I used to know,
You weren't the good listener I used to know,
You weren't the caring person I used to know.
I don't know you any more.

When you see me at that place,
You decided to just gave me a sharp look and walk away.
It was just like yesterday you smiled,
That you would gladly say a little 'Hi'.

Did I do anything wrong?
Did I hurt your feelings?
Did I do something that make you treat me this way?

I appreciated every friend I get,
And I don't wish to lose any of my friends.
I really hope that you would understand.

It's not so much of me being desperate to talk to you again,
It's just that I don't wish to lose a friend,
One who used to be a close friend.

Now all you do is ask me for help,
And dump me on the other times.
I feel sad whenever people take me for granted,
I guess everyone feels the same.

Now you need my help,
You seemed like a friend to me.
Now you don't,
Don't even know me.
A friend in need is a friend indeed?

The way you talk,
The way you act,
You totally changed,
And I don't mean for the better.

You might probably say one word after reading all this,

April 14, 2008

Looking for Life.

Been so lost in nuffnang these days @_@
So much new readers,
But they won't stay anymore.
I should stop innit-ing so much now.
Money will come sooner or later >_>

Today is the day my unique hits peaked.
Currently it's 82.

Back to ranting about SCHOOL!
SCHOOL was so ... blah.
So much homework,
So many stupid competitions to take part in,
So many ugly posters to draw,
So many random stuff to do,
So much studies to study,
So much complaints to complain.

On second thought,
I might just innit this post for the sake of innit-ing.
This is kritz-stuffaboutme.blogspot.com,

I'm going crazy~~ Weee~~
My time management skills are so terrible -.-
I'm practically lost.
I need to stop using so much computer,
Wasting strands of my life away,
Bit by bit,
Till I become a walking zombie,
To haunt you,
To grab your legs from my grave.


April 13, 2008

It's all NUFFNANG's fault!

I need more hits ._.
It's all nuffnang's fault for making me desperate for more unique visitors.
Making me innit my posts,
Making me think of stuff to innit,
Making me cry over every dang I get,
Making me plea for nangs.

Being too dramatic here.
I should be like this instead,
I blog, because I like it.
I blog, because I want people to know.
I blog, because it is my hobby.
Pfft, it's just an add-on to my blog,
Just an extra income.

But nuffnang offers MONEY $_$
Cold, hard, cash!
With cash,
I can buy whatever I want,
Depending on how much cash I have of course.
I can get my dreamy little black iPod nano.

But then again,
Money is the root of EVIL.
Stealing to get money,
Beating up small innocent kids to get money,
Cheating people to get money,
Gambling to get money.

But gambling will get me into trouble!
Gambling will make me poor,
Maybe I will get in trouble with those ah longs! (loan sharks)

If I die ... I just want to say ...
It's all your fault nuffnang.

This is so random.
No offence to nuffnang,
Fact is,

April 12, 2008

On the road to PC fair~

1st thing I have to say,
My phone's camera needs BRIGHT EYE HURTING light to take a clear picture,
When dark the pictures become greenish,
And I cannot move for 3 seconds after taking the picture,
Or else it will get retarded distorted.

Of course,
I'm not complaining,
Just saying there is room to improve =x

"Moving car"

Yea, I was stuck in a jam somewhere,
That explains why my pictures weren't distorted.

Some photographer carrying his big camera walking around under the hot sun taking pictures.
I want to be like him :D

Bright enough?
This explains why my pictures weren't greenish.

One of Malaysia's well know icons,
The Petronas Twin Towers.
(Looks like heaven up there -.-)

I went with my mom,
And Eusof and Lina.
Lina is my mother's boss's daughter,
And Eusof is her boyfriend.
That dude is 183cm tall!!
I want to be taller than that ._.

My mom ain't a good driver,
She gets lost easily,
Kuala Lumpur is so complicated,
She dare not drive there,
So Eusof was the driver for the day.

*Too many people in the PC fair, didn't want to hold my phone snapping everywhere*
Went there,
Saw many people,
Spend almost 8 hours in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).
8 loooong hours.
Went one round 1st,
Took a lot of flyers and brochures,
One whole stack.
They wanted to get a laptop,
So they compared the speculations of each promotion.

Saw many names like Toshiba, Dell, BenQ, Acer, Vaio, Mac, Panasonic.
Speaking about Mac, which is Apple,
It was like sitting there,
Waiting for me to go collect it,
Awww, poor iPod,
I shall free you from this terrible place!
*mom pulls my T-Shirt*
"Noooooo~ Don't separate us~~~*

After the 1st round,
Went for late lunch at Kenny Rodgers,
So packed -.-
Went back,
Bought some stuff.
They bought speakers, headsets, laptops etc.
My mom bought some wrist resting thing,
I bought a 2GB pendrive.

*Using webcam to snap pictures now*

Eh, how to open?

You turn it around.

It was a 2GB Kingston pendrive, RM 28 only.

So later on,
We went back.

"On the way back~"

Told you it becomes greenish -.-
I call them... TearRaindrops on my GuitarCar Window

I prefer these 2

Well, that's the best I can make out of my phone.

ps. I'm missing Kenny Rodger's potato salad ._.

April 10, 2008

Another Nuffnang related Post, with Safari :D

Wee~ my 3rd innit post managed to climb to the top 10 spot :D
I don't know why I'm so happy anyway,
Thanks to everyone who nanged and commented.

I wanted to post something about school but I just wanted to post about Innit again :D

The peek : 10 nangs, including mine =X accident okay?

Thank you people :D

Comments, 1st time having more than 1 commenting on a post.

Thank you :D

Next topic,
Safari Browser!

When I was updating my iTunes,
I didn't notice they helped me download Safari too.
It looks quite cool I guess.

Better still,
I can see Nuffnang advertisements now :D

I couldn't see anything when I was using Mozilla Firefox.

So this is how an advertisement look like ...

I can even copy all the bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox :O
But Safari gets a little laggy when I open to many tabs.

I have a feeling I will get sick of Safari soon.

ps. been Photoshopping a lot these days -.-

Oh ya,
Safari helps you nang even if you open in a new tab!
Try it!

April 9, 2008

My 1st Blog Entry That Is Related to Nuffnang :D

I can't remember when,
Lazy to check also,
Found about Nuffnang from my fellow bloggers.

"Weee, Nuffnang :D"
"WAH, you also got Nuffnang liao!!!"
"Money $_$"
"Eh, cute advertisement, I want 1 too ._."

Well, I didn't expect to get paid in a near future or something,
I know that this is just another blog out there out of millions of blogs trying to seek attention from the millions of blog readers out there.
What makes mine so special till I'll get as famous as Kenny?

But a little small money is better than nothing right?

Worth the wait I guess,
Since I don't really have to do anything,
Just need to blog like I usually do.

My little main page.


Eh, what's with the ultimate increase out of a sudden? O.o


Waaait a minute!

Wow, that's a lot ._.

I guess I'm really lack of traffic ._.

April 8, 2008

Turning Over A New Leaf

Guess what?
I manage to sit down and finish all most of my homework :D
I can't remember when was the last time I did that.

So I sat down,
In my room,
At the dusty study table,
Doing my work.

If only I can be that way for the next few years of my life.

My phone was there to accompany me,
With some of my recent favourite songs.
Call me homework man like TJ does,
I don't care :P

Speaking about my dusty old study table,
It is really dusty :D
A lot of interesting stuff stuffed inside,

Remember this thing?
They are called negatives, when digital cameras don't exist,
People use these.

So I kinda finished the homework that I'm suppose to finish,
Ended up sleeping at 12 am ._.
(I just remembered my father will be reading this, nothing will happen I hope)

Thank God I could wake up this morning,
Had a chocolate bar hoping that it would give me an energy boost.

*yum yum*

I wonder what's wrong with my internet connection,
Maybe because it's streamyx.

Took class pictures in school today,
I don't think it will come out as good as last year's,

It's impossible to spot me :P

Oh ya, hope you don't mind my low quality pictures,
Apparently it turns greenish when there isn't much lightings.
(Not lightning, lightings)

Tuition :O
Bye! *checks for tuition homework*

April 7, 2008

Homework? HOMEWORK?!?!?

See, I forget what to post about now ._.
*thinks hard*
*squeezes brain juice*

*sigh* can't remember,
Just have to think of something else I guess ._.

I just found out that I'm more likely to post blog posts on weekdays.
Let me analyse that.

Why weekdays?
1. I'm bored till I have nothing to do.
2. Things happen on weekdays, school stuff.

Why not weekends?
1. Too into doing stuff that I don't do on weekdays.
2. No, I don't do homework on weekends.
3. Nothing to provoke me to post something meaningful.

In the end, I'll end up doing as much homework as I can last minute.
Because I want to enjoy my 2 days of freedom,
And I repeat,
By freedom,
I don't mean doing homework in a carefree way, damn,
I meant doing anything that has NOTHING TO SCHOOL.
Like enjoying my life sinking in Maple goodness or going out with friends without worrying about the homework that I need to pass up.
I even have to worry about homework when I go to church.
This sucks ._.

Yea, I know it's my fault that I never finish homework earlier,
But I just ... can't ... sit down ... and finish up my homework.
Yea, off the computer,
I might go crazy and dig for food around the house,
Making myself fatter as if I'm not fat enough.

Maybe I'm just lack of determination,
I rather they make give us time to finish up our homework in school,
I don't mind going home later.
But then again,
The school environment is just so ... you know.
Hot, dirty, not comfortable, noisy.

*imagine one of these days, teachers will start telling us that we hate homework, and start saying that some people complain they have too much homework, thus they won't be giving homework any more.
I'm joking, please don't do that*

Just let me express some feelings I have,
You don't have to use it and point back at me,
Poking me in class,
Like a pin cushion,
Poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke.
It's not fun at all,
Being poked.
I hate being poked.
Stop poking me.
Let me BREATHE ._.

Did I mention what happens when I really try to just sit down,
And do my homework?
Since there's so much distractions in my living room, (computer and TV)
I've tried doing homework in the room,
Isolated and cut off from all forms of civilisation.
But in the end,
I'll most likely end up snoring on my comfy bed ._.

I have to ask those hard-working friends about 'consistency in doing homework'.

Before I end this sermon, crap talk, rubbish talk, rant, mumblings, complains, post,
My left hand's skin is starting to come off,
Like a snake shedding its skin.
Still remember the Sports Day a few weeks ago?

April 6, 2008

Oops :D

Forgot to blog these days,
Busy... doing stuff that I normally do.

A short summary,
Friday - Skipped the whole day of school LEGALLY, went to clean and decorate the PBSM room.
Saturday - Spent whole day doing stuff that I wasn't suppose to do, as always.
Today - Went to pray to my ancestors, rushed back to church after that.

Is anything wrong with my blog?
Is it boring you or something?
Do I need to improve in the way I write?
Find more interesting topics to blog about?

Back to the topic that I'm suppose to blog about.

When you have something to tell a friend,
And your friend isn't really understanding at all,
But you JUST need to tell him/her what's wrong about him/her,
How do you do that?
I find it so hard to be honest with my friends these days,
As I'm afraid that I might offend people,
Why must it be so hard ._.
Honesty is the best policy,
What happen to that.
How am I suppose to be honest when people are not willing to accept critics.
Argh, I hate this ._.

Consequences of being honest to my friends :
1. He/she might get angry.
2. He/she might start to get defensive.
3. He/she might not be friends with me any more.
4. He/she might start to hate me, thus making up bad stuff about me even though it might not be true.
5. He/she might oppose to every single thing I do.

I've already tried my best to speak in the least offensive and obvious way,
Yet YOU start to get offensive and all.
Why can't you just accept the fact that you have to change.
Why must you be so stubborn.

Damn, I hate blogging without a sense of direction.

And yes, I am pointing to some one, don't ask who, and don't get all offensive if you think it's you.

April 3, 2008

Zap zap zap~

Cool lights :D

Evening these days come together with lightnings,
It's like a package or something.

Thanks to that,
It struck (not strucked, as struck is already the past tense of strike) Block A of my school,
All the Form 4s were excluded from school today,
They were all chased home once they reached the school,
Why didn't they strike Block B too ._.
I honestly think they should let us home too,
'Cause they didn't let us switch on the fan,
Okay, not that serious,
But I just want to go home ._.

School ended at 1.50pm,
Thanks to some PMR class,
Which was the cause of all the Form 3 students getting wet.
If only they would let us home at 1.10pm,
Things wouldn't be that bad ._.


April 2, 2008

*tick tock tick tock*

*the clock starts ticking*
Went for this Geography competition at SMK Puchong Perdana,
So so so far away from my school.
Thanks to Pn. Lau for sending a few of us there,
Did the paper,
Ate the food,
Heard the results,
Saw the finals,
Went back.

Right back in time for Malay class,
Great =/

I'm going to blog about my dinner!

Salmon fish

With all those spices, this and thats,
It tasted nice for a fishy fish o.o

Okay the picture isn't very clear ._.

That's the fish with mayonnaise,


Vegetables, EWWW *pukes*

Oh ya, my father prepared that salmon,
He is one amazing chef,
Well, my mother ain't that bad,
But my father is better at cooking =D

Oh ya,
When I was watching some drama series,
They were talking about this cute little pig,
(translated to English)
The pig word was censored!
Either it was just a small mistake,
Or they really censored it o.o