March 7, 2017

A Year in Review

Well, not exactly a year, but since today was sort of a ... turning point, I guess there's no better time to do this.

So I've been working for almost a year now. Today, my bosses came over and announced our bonuses, among other stuff. It wasn't a huge amount or anything, but it was definitely on the positive side. People like me (read: low self-esteem) thrive on positive feedback.

Despite feeling inadequate, I guess it's reassuring to know that I've performed well in the eyes of my bosses. I have to keep reminding myself that no one's out there telling me lies to boost my self-esteem, especially since money is involved. It's probably good too since I know that there's a tonne of room to improve.

Did I also mention I leveraged on something to increase my current ... circumstance? That's good news too. Then again, more pressure to prove that I'm worth my compensation.

Well, all in all, not too bad. Let's hope things are better in the next review.