February 20, 2015

Ups and downs

Recently, I sat for a mid-term test (refer to previous post). Results came back, and I managed to score a whopping 3 percentage points above the average score. Although that's nothing to be proud of, I was pretty satisfied with it. Was kinda pissed at the same time as well, because there were several marks I could've easily scored if I bothered to actually study for it.

At days, I feel like I could still work towards getting a first class; other days, I just feel like that shit ain't worth it, and settle for a 2:1. 

I have to tell myself that this is the last exam that I'll ever sit for, and if I don't try to achieve something that I'm actually capable of, it might be a regret that I'll have to live with for my whole life. I'm aware that getting a first doesn't mean anything, but it's really something that I want to do for myself. Especially since the fact that I haven't really done anything spectacular throughout my uni life, I really should at least try to get my results right. Then again, it's so hard when the you hate the guts of the stuff you're studying. 

Sigh. Let this be a reminder to myself. I should be able to do this.

February 8, 2015

Pre-test IDGAF Syndrome

I have a test tomorrow but I have yet to start studying, hence the title. I'm halfway through my 2nd term now, which means only 5 more weeks of lectures and I'd have no more lectures -- concluding my life as a university student. Wow.

Okay, I should go study ...