May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I am not a fan of sharing personal things on social media (mainly Facebook), but I do not want my mom to feel left out because she sees all these Mother's Day posts but not receive one of her own. So here's mine.

Happy Mother's Day, mee.

I guess you have always been more like a sister to me than a mom, and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't mind looking like you could be my sister. I guess you could say that our mother-son relationship is unique; although I can be rude at times and 'bo dua bo soi', but it's what makes our relationship special, right? You have to agree that you can be irrational at times too!

I remember you always trying to squeeze into my tiny bed when I'm trying to sleep and end up talking until 2 or 3 in the morning. I still remember that one time we went to Genting Highlands and spent the whole night talking until it was time for breakfast! That conversation always made me wonder what it would be like to know you as a friend than to know you as my mom.

I miss going out for dinners, just the two of us, driving around in circles looking for a nice place to eat. It has been a long time since we could do that together, and I don't know how many more of these dinners we could have in the future because there is no definite way to tell what the future holds, but I do hope that there are many, many more.

Since I came to study in the UK, I realise that I've always taken the work you do at home for granted. I can now see how lazy I was then, since I didn't have to cook or clean or do any house chores for that matter. Despite the fact that it seems like you enjoy cleaning (hahaha), I still have to be thank you for doing the laundry, cleaning the house, cooking meals (sometimes), doing the dishes, changing the bedsheets, cleaning the ceiling fans, sweeping and mopping the floors daily, ironing the clothes ... I hope you can rest assured now that I can do all these things by myself! But don't worry, I will not interfere with all these things when I go back!

I love you, mee. I wish I could give you a hug right now. I'm sorry for all the times that I've hurt your feelings. and I hope there are many more years ahead of us so we could go out for more dinners and spend more sleepless nights talking till dawn. (and you can do my laundry and clean my dishes)

Your one and only son/monkey/baby/pig,

ps. do whatever you want to do with this lah, you can show it to whoever you want to. Happy Mother's Day :)


Tracy Chan said...

ur mom share it with me dy. Im sure she share wth her frens too...haha

Tan Kiang said...

Darling Kritz,

Thanks for the wonderful mother's day gift.

Am proud of you SON-Kritz, you write well and good.

Feeling great! i can lend both my ears if you do have things to share about.. Well I'm your Sis first your Mum second.

Am touch you relate the past we had in Genting. Treat me like your sis than (for/or in a relationship) as mum in due respect.

I read it couple of times,feelings & emotion runs high..

Takecare and study smart - future liase in your own hands.

Thank God!to have you 'Kritz Yeoh' as my forever ever loving son.

ur loving mum:hktan/Sharen