July 18, 2014

Breaking Bad

*crosses out watching Breaking Bad off my list of things to do during my summer break*

You know that void or empty feeling you get when you finish a good movie, TV show or a book? I have that right now, and I've been reading discussions about the show and watching interviews to fill that void. It's now hard for me to describe why I love Breaking Bad without parroting what I've been reading or watching.

I initially thought it was just a very intense show about dealing drugs and stuff, but it's a lot more than that. Everything is so complex yet not complicated. This soft-spoken high school teacher become a ruthless drug lord, and this deadbeat junkie that's always screwing things up will eventually make you root for him. It's amazing. I can't even hate on the people that go against the protagonist because they are just doing what's right ... and at some points I wish the protagonist would just die ... but then again I want to see him fulfil what he set out to achieve in the first place ... It's just this really thrilling journey you get to go on with Walter White.

I wish I have someone to talk to about it ... Should've watched it when it was on air. I can only imagine how that experience would be like, the discussions and predictions ... sigh.

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