April 24, 2017


Bumped into an acquaintance after watching Get Out (great movie btw), but I don't think he could recognise me, unless he diligently follows my not-so-active Facebook. Didn't bother going up to say hi to him too, since we weren't that close anyway. Going through all the 'oh you look so different' gets old pretty quick too.

Back home, I looked him up on Facebook (we were already friends). To my surprise, he seems to have removed his religious belief from his profile. We used to attend church together and he was one of the more gung-ho ones. I don't think any fairly religious Christians that are active on Facebook will miss the opportunity to declare their faith. 

Interesting how much you can gather from social media profiles. Feels kinda invasive, but then again they decided to post everything and no one has to know how much I can dig ... 

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