May 21, 2010

Like ... who cares?

So yeah. Hello :D

Had my driving exam on Monday~
Gosh, I was so worried that it would screw my midterms up.
While the whole world was studying over the weekends,
I had to balik kampung and after coming back,
Attend my last driving lesson.

Other than that,
I was freaking out, lol.
So that was my excuse for not having the mood to study >.>

While everyone attended school,
I had to wake up 5 in the morning and go to the exam place.

Thank goodness I had a friend there to accompany me.
Or else it would be worse @_@

My greatest fear was the slope.
Oh the agony when you're accelerating for your life,
Lifting the clutch with extreme caution,
Waiting for the sign to release the handbrake,
And therein lies your fate,
Will the car go forward? Stall? Roll down the slope?

I was lucky number 11,
While my friend was number 4.
1-10 all went over the slope,
None of them failed!

Then it was MY TURN.

So I stumbled into the car,
And everything was so surreal.

Next thing I new.


Passed ._.

Everything else didn't matter,
Parking and 3 point turns were not a problem.

ALL DOWN IN 6 MINUTES. (well, according to the slip)


Then it was the on-the-road test.
Everything went well,

And 2 days later,
Obtained my P license.

Now that's a part of history.
I milestone in my life has been conquered.

* * *

In the school hall,
Heat, tension and excessive carbon dioxide all in one room.

Didn't really study for Bahasa Melayu, English, Sivik and Maths.
Studied seriously for Sejarah.
Had to.

Whatever with the exams.

Oh yeah,
Had a stand fan woot.
Thanks to Pn Lau :D

* * *

Gosh, I wish Lee DeWyze wins :(

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