May 29, 2010

Last American Idol post ...

I present thee, the winner of American Idol Season 9

Lee DeWyze!

So happy that he won :D
43 episodes later, the American Idol has finally been crowned.

He deserved it :)

And goodbye to Simon as well.
Can't imagine what Idol would be like next year without him.
But I guess we'll see.

Oh and congratulations to Crystal Bowersox as well.
She'd probably have a successful career as well, despite not winning Idol.
Not that she's bad, I'm just not a fan.

* * *

Back to school.
2 weeks of examinations down, 1 more week to go.
Gosh, I don't know what to say about the mid-terms.
I really didn't put the effort exams required in terms of studying and revision.

Can't wait for the holidays.
lol, heh :D

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