August 12, 2010

Epiphany ... ? Destiny ... ?

So I was looking for a book to read,
(Yeah, I know, I should be concentrating on my studies ... whatever)
Going through my cupboard of books,
I saw Dracula ... Hunger Games ...
Didn't feel like reading those,
So I continued staring ...

Then I saw this book,
103 Mathematical Theorems, Axioms, Paradoxes and Stuff.
Yeah, I know, crazy.
But the crazier thing is I actually bought a book about DNA Fingerprinting and Letters from a Nut last year,
All three of them together from Scholastic.
What a waste of money =.=

So I grabbed that book about math,
Flipped open and saw this:

Shayan Sen (the author) studied at Trinity College, Dublin before completing his PhD in mathematics at Cornell University. He currently lives in Toronto and works as an actuary.

My reaction was like,

Okay, I guess this is a sign.
Actuary is what I will be studying! I guess ...

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