August 14, 2010

I try ... so hard ...

And that one thing screws everything up.
Sucks when people judge you on one certain unintentional mistake, eh?

I'm, for what it's worth, absolutely sorry for what I've done wrong,
But believe it or not, I wasn't being a selfish jerk,
Somehow, it just slipped out of my mind.

I'm not the kind that will say,
Heck, screw him, I shall verbally screw him up every time I have the chance to do so.

No, in fact, I do try to make things better, whether you notice it or not.

Even with people that aren't friends of my friends,
i.e. a friend that my other friend dislikes.
I'll try my best NOT to dislike him just because another friend does,
Despite having good reasons to do so.
I guess that's just me.

Sometimes, I don't even know why am I even trying.
Maybe it's because I don't want things to be so awkward all the time,
Maybe it's because it's never okay to make enemies.

And I've mentioned before in previous posts,
That I really take what people say about me to heart,
It makes me very ... frustrated at times.
I guess I can't be a celebrity because celebrities have a lot of haters. HAH.
Unless it's some stranger ... never mind.

Even though sometimes I seem like I genuinely dislike a person,
But that doesn't stop me from trying not to hate.
I'm human too, and I have emotions.

I guess it's just human to say FML when they knock their toes against the foot of the bed before sleeping when they had the greatest day of their lives;
I guess it's just human to label a person based on one single incident despite him being decent most of the time.

Oh well. I guess I'll have to let it be.


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