November 26, 2011

Hi blog!

Nope, I'm not 'back on track' about blogging as of yet.
I just need a place to blurt about the uncertainties about pursuing a career of being an actuary,
For future reference.

So this representative from Kent called me today, inputting loads of stuff about actuarial science in my brain, leaving me with a whole lot of questions in my head.
Being a representative from Kent, I expected her to sell her uni the best way she could ...
But there are not many neutral parties which I can seek advice from ...

Programming language, is it important?
Apparently, according to her (the representative), she said that Kent uses PROPHET, which is widely used in the industry. She said that Kent bought the rights to use that programming language (or something like that) with millions of dollars/pounds/*inserts currency*.
No idea how accurate is that claim ... but after some googling ... I don't see where it states explicitly that PROPHET is the only important programming language out there ... suspicious.

Makes me doubt the importance of programming language used at degree level ... but then again I can't be too sure about that. Heriot-Watt uses R or something >_> ...

My top 4 choices are now Warwick, Heriot-Watt, Southampton and Kent ... don't ask me why I don't like East Anglia ... gut feeling, maybe?

Warwick, well, for it's MMORSE. Since every uni that tried to sell themselves to me (i.e. Southampton and that rep from Kent) did mention that MORSE is a really good course. But course is course ... question is, how useful is it when I graduate? I don't know. I probably won't be doing actuarial science any more if I were to score an offer from them.

Heriot-Watt ... the very first uni in the UK to actually offer actuarial science. Feels like the pioneer in actuarial studies to me ... but that's just an impression. I was kinda attracted to the masters programme in Heriot-Watt, leaving me with only 3 papers after an extra year of studies, but I was told by the Kent rep that apparently, Kent's postgrad course for actuarial leaves only 1 paper after an extra year for masters (technically ... two, but I wasn't sure what she said. She emphasised on how it was better than HW's MSc. lulz)

She also mentioned that how a second year entry is actually harder to fit in ... and that one might miss out on certain stuff. I personally thought about that before, but I just thought it wasn't that significant. I might be wrong ...

Southampton ... love the thought of studying a degree that's called 'Mathematics and Actuarial Science' and not just the plain 'Actuarial Science'. May seem more challenging in terms of studies, but is it really necessary or practical during my work? That's ... another question. The guy from Southampton did say that it helps for ST papers and their graduates tend to finish those actuarial papers faster than others. Well duh, he is from Southampton =_=

Kent ... didn't really considered this as one of my options before getting a call from their rep, despite knowing that they are quite reputable in this course. Made me wanna change my UEA to City though ... Oh and about their 'year in industrial placement' ... she made it sound important, but then again she kept emphasising on how competitive it was ... probably wouldn't get it anyway.

Then my friend said that one of our mutual friends said that a guy from Bank Negara (yes, I know) said that (heh) this actuarial science thingy is a 'sunset business' and that new econs professions are emerging ... hmmm ... have to do more research about that.

TL;DR version:-
Importance of programming language
Future job prospects
Practicality of course in working field ...

Mafan =_=

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