November 11, 2014

Father-son Relationships

I'm really grateful of how supportive my dad is. In the midst of my quarter-life crisis, my dad has not once reprimanded me for being so whiny. While I'm half excited and half afraid to be part of the workforce, he's always there reassuring me that it's just the norm of things and to take it one step at a time. It's really daunting for me as I'm pretty much clueless right now in terms of a career path. I'm also give the choice to further my studies, but that doesn't make my decisions any easier to make.

Okay, let me break it down.

Working in the UK? Big companies are way too competitive, but smaller ones might not sponsor non-EU workers. But if I don't try, then I wouldn't be able to reap the benefit of getting some work experience here before heading back, which seems like a waste of opportunity.

Well, everything's moot if I can't get employed in the first place ...

Further studies. Awesome, no need to work yet. But it ain't cheap, and it will definitely be a burden on my parents. And what if I end up not enjoying that extra year of studies, wouldn't that be a waste of money? Also, if it doesn't contribute at all to my employability, then what the hell is it for?

That aside, I have to talk about the main thing I wanted to say, which is I really enjoy talking to my dad. I really enjoy Skyping him and WhatsApping him! It's not so much me complaining about my problems, but he talks to me about his life too, which makes it special. I really like that.

At this point in time, I really just want to spend more time with my parents. I want to bring them around, experience new things with them before it's too late and all. Hope some entity out there that controls the universe would consider granting me the opportunity, or at least not rob it from me.

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