January 22, 2017

Feeling like a kid again

Remember how when you were 7, you'd look up to the 12-year-old kids in school, wishing you'd be as cool as them? They seem to know so much more, exuding confidence from having spent years at school. Then you'd get to be them for a short time, and the cycle repeats itself when you arrive at secondary school. 

At least that cycle was 5-6 years. The new one lasts for decades. 

Talking about work with peers and talking about work with older colleagues have been vastly different experiences for me. Can't shake the feeling that I'm extremely infantile when compared to people that have been working for several years. I just need to accept the fact that it's really not a fair comparison and try to steer things for myself towards the right direction.

Time to regain control again.

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