February 19, 2017

Pros and cons

Pros of staying:
  • Potential good leadership
  • Rather relaxed work environment (to a certain extent?)
  • Less change, less adapting
  • Great exposure, working on something that was previously done by a lead consultant
Cons of staying:
  • Misery
  • Not enjoying what I'm doing
  • Not exactly where I see myself growing towards in the future
  • Lack the perspective 

Pros of leaving:
  • Exciting new opportunity
  • Testing out the waters of something I would potentially enjoy doing
  • Experiencing a different work environment
Cons of leaving:
  • Might be too much for me
  • Could also be a step down from what I'm doing
  • Rather 'on-my-own' at the end of the day
  • Growth uncertainty
... work in progress 

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