April 17, 2009


*flails hands in the air and runs around*

*breathes in*

*breathes out*

Today is one of the most eventful school day in this year.

Started off with PJ (Pendidikan Jasmani - Physical Education)
Got to throw softballs and fake javelins.

I was sick,
But I just played anyway.

Quite fun.
Catching softballs was painful.

Had Chinese after that,
Went in class late because ...
Wait, I can't remember why ._.
Busy with something, lah.
Then Kentze called me out,
Wanted me to join some quiz thing,
In the end kicked me aside because he had enough contestants.

Typical thing that Kentze would do.

Went back to class, tired.

Fire drill.

RunsWalks to the field.

Burns under scorching sun.

Those people (by 'people', you should know who I'm referring too) are evil I tell you,

Spent Godwho-knows-how-long standing there,
Covering my neck with a straightened collar,
My face with a handkerchief,
While many others squatted in a shade that I created.

Those people,
They probably wished that someone would faint,
Deep down inside,
Inside that empty hollow dark area,
A sorry excuse for a heart.

PJ was full of sweat,
Running around for that Quiz thing was sweaty too,
And standing back out in the vast desolated field was even worse.

After finding their conscience,
They decided to let us go back to our respective classes.

Was maths time,
Nothing much,
Except that teacher was in a bad mood.

Received a letter for the Hari Anugerah (Awards Day? lol) thing during recess.

Biology after recess,
Spent quite some time in class doing nothing before going to the lab,
Had to help Tiong Hsien to go up to the 2nd floor,
Poor guy =/

I pity him,
He's like constantly bombarded with pointing fingers every now and then.
Get well soon man!

It was experiment day.

It was sorta fun,
But I cracked a test tube =/
Luckily teacher didn't made me pay or anything.

Waited for 2 boys to finish up their PEKA,
Rushed to the teacher's office to pass up a whole stack of PEKA,
Rushed back to Chinese class.

Guess what,
They decide to change the format for SPM,
And both Form 4 and Form 5 were in the same class.


Here's the list of crisis-es I have to put up with,

#1 Broken test tube - happened already. Crisis resolved.

#2 Biology presentation - PowerPoint, comparison of Meiosis I and Meiosis II, due Monday.

#3 Moral PowerPoint presentation - Don't even know what do I have to do, due Monday.

#4 Chinese scrap book - Argh. Due Thursday.

#5 & #6 Tuition examination for Physics and Chemistry on Thursday.

#7 Sidang Redaksi (school magazine club thing) cover, due end of this month.

#8 Bible Knowledge Competition - date? I don't even know ...

So dead. Dead dead dead.

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