April 13, 2009

I hate this part right here ...


I hate this feeling -.-

When will it go away ._.

How I wish life would be like something from a novel,
A predictable one,
Knowing how would everything end,
Knowing how things would just get better.

How I wish life would be simpler,
Even though I admit mine isn't complicated as compared to others,
Just complicated for me.
I just don't like it.

This is not a suicide note.

I hate it when things change,
Why is it so hard for me to adapt.

Why do I have to bother so much.

How I wish things were just ... better.


I feel .. so uneasy ...
So .. longing for something ...
Something that .. I'm not even sure of ...

To think that idiots actually read my blog,
Makes it seem stupid to be writing stuff like this.

If it weren't that hard to adapt,
I might have changed to a new environment,
Starting all over again.

And decisions somehow is always related with money,
And I really hate it when I make the wrong decision,
But how would I know what lies behind each decision?
Where's the guidebook to making all sorts of decisions?

Wait till SPM's over,
And I'll have to make bigger decisions,
Decisions that will directly affect my whole life.

I sorta,
Can't wait,
To leave school,
To enter another new environment,
But I know it would be hard.

Everything's hard.

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