April 19, 2009

*inserts foul word here*

Guess what?
I woke up not because I felt like waking up,
I woke up because it was so damn hot and stuffy.

How can my room be so damn hot and stuffy?

My mom HAD to turn off the air-conditioner in my room.

And no,
That isn't the worst part yet.

She didn't even bother to switch on the fan.

She probably felt it was too comfortable for me to sleep that long,
So she thought making me suffer would make me feel better or something.

I woke up feeling hot and uneasy.

Why can't people just leave me alone,
To have my beauty sleep,
While during the weekdays,
I don't even get enough of it.

Even the windows were closely shut.

Maybe I should go turn off my dad's air-conditioner,
And when he wakes up full of rage,
I'll explain to him why.

UPDATE : This isn't the first time.

1 comment:

Jarod said...

hahahah! make u sweat and lose some oil... lol....