July 13, 2009

Random pictures, random updates.

When was the last time I blogged?

*refers to my previous post*

Hari Berinteraksi?
When was that,
A year ago?

Anyway ...
Us probationary prefects was given a task,
To collect signatures from every other prefect.

Every other prefect.

You can see students with green tags on their chests swarming another student in green uniform.
Very often.

The task was given on Thursday,
Suppose to pass it up on Monday,
But somehow ... it was extended,
To when? I don't know,
Hopefully next week or something.

Other than that ...
Joined tug-of-war last Friday,
Lost because it was an unfair fight,
7 of us against what, 10 or 12?
Winning the first round was probably just luck.
Losing the next two rounds was expected.

Been playing with my cousin's digital camera,
I just love playing with macro,
Taking pictures close up.

Our canteen officially closed down,
What I meant was the person in charge was changed,
Since our canteen was dirty or something.
Hopefully the new authorities would sell better food at better prices,
And make the canteen a much more hygienic place D:

Went out with my mom's friend and her daughter on Saturday,
They were blasting Michael Jackson's songs all the way to Sunway Pyramid,
Not that I mind at all.
Ended up walking by myself most of the time,
Somehow I have an extensive history of walking alone in Sunway Pyramid.

Went to Popular,
Took what seemed like forever to pick the stationary of my choice,
And proceed to scout for Rubik's cubes :D
My 4th one cracked,
I can't believe both my DIYs cracked,

Met up with the women/girls,
Ate at Wendy's.
One thing's for sure,
I won't be eating there any time soon!

On the way back,
Spotted a stall selling Rubik's cubes,
Somehow, my radar senses were tingling,
Bought a Dian Sheng mini 3x3x3 cube for RM25.
Thanks mom for paying RM20.

Had MYF Sunday the next day,
I couldn't attend the past 4 weeks of practice,
Where they had this performance planned,
So I just sat there and watched.
The preacher that day was nice!
I still remember this sentence:
"Thank goodness that the bible has a lot of ANDs and BUTs,
Not ENDs and BUTTs,
ANDs and BUTs!"
The performance was amazing!
They had this ... what do you call it?
Drum thing?
All well choreographed and everything,

Happy birthday Blake!
Went to his last-minute-planned party later that afternoon.

I have so much of unfinished homework and stuff to do,
It's stacking up like mad,
Like tetris without a player to fill the blocks in.

Oh yeah,
Our education minister decided to scrape

Oh, and YAY!
Daughtry's sophomore album, Leave This Town,

Can't wait for OneRepublic's this early fall,
Whenever that is :O

* * *

Erm ... some random picture about some food my dad and I had to eat after the funeral.

Josh drew this. (He loves drawing these =x)

Messy table - Angeline's (left), Fiona's (right)


More tug-of-war!

Rugbi Sentuh - Tag Rugby maybe?

My first 3 signatures. 68 more to go!

More signatures! Currently have 61/71 D:
Even the paper has grown old.

Random macro picture.
It normally isn't that ugly D:
(By the way, all the stationary are mine)

The earth is tearing apart! NOOO!
Actually it's the table in my Chemistry lab, lol.

The path that leads to who-knows-where ...

Random lame picture.

New Rubik's cube :D

The tiny one on the left! <3

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