July 17, 2009

Seminar ... AGAIN.

During the previous Wednesday,
4 Alfa, 4 Beta and 2 Lambda went to SEGi University College in Damansara to attend the 'Secrets of Super Students' seminar,

For the 3rd time.

On the way there,
Since Damansara was quite far,
We enjoyed ourselves in the bus!

And even took random pictures!
Since it was raining,
Everything was quite okay.

The seminar started off with students from an Islamic school leading in the National Anthem,

Being the organizers of this seminar,
Their crew had some war cry,

Even thought I couldn't really hear what were they shouting about.

There was even some guy,
Some big shot of Dominoes,
With a killer British accent D:

Soon after,
Out came the motivational speaker,
Mr. Adam Khoo!

The whole seminar was basically the same with the previous years,

So it was ... a little boring.

Enthusiastic Eirban managed to answer a question by Adam,
Scoring himself a voucher.

Around ... I can't remember when,
We went back!

Random picture of She-Reen's spectacles when she was emo-ing in the bus.
(She just didn't feel well ... )

Since the seminar was organized by Dominoes,
We get free pizzas!

Now I (or Eirban) will have to write the report on the above seminar as our class newsletter,
More work D:

* * *

The next day,
We had a Chemistry quiz!

Credits to Kar Mern for using my camera to take this picture.

It was .... just hard and cruel.

* * *

During Mandarin class after school,
Towards the end,
We had some Mandarin related activity,
Like always.

Here's a video about it:

To end this post,
Here's a random picture,
A marker pen I bought at Popular the last time I went to Sunway Pyramid.

I'll be returning the camera today.
Bye camera!

Bye random-posts-with-random-pictures!

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