July 27, 2009

Time to rant about my school life again.

I really hate the system.

The current thing I hate is the stupid moral Tugasan Harian.
The subject itself is a waste of time.
Making us learn moral doesn't necessarily means that we will have moral values implanted into our brains.
In fact ... there isn't any use for it,
Probably training our minds to memorise so called 'definitions' for values,
Word by word,
And puke everything out during the exams.

What else to rant about ...

The changing of the language used for Science and Maths?
The limitation of subjects for SPM?

You know, seriously,
If they really want to make a change,
They should really look into the content and the practicality of those subjects.

With all those political acts to gain support and whatnot,
It really disgusts me.

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