April 9, 2010

Life, lives.

*click, scroll, click, scroll ... *

Reading these entries -- well, not exactly reading, just glancing through, allowing words to grab attention of my vision, processing paragraphs of words like a robot, except that I don't actually analyze it like a robot. *coughrubbishcough*

It's hard to comprehend how our lives were once revolving around each other, like the earth and the moon, like a magician with his ring trick. And exactly like the magician's ring trick, they cease to exist as one entity with a sleight of hand, entirely separate beings, like distant parallel lines, without the fate of meeting each other, never intersecting.

Watched Kelly Clarkson's music video this afternoon, 'Behind These Hazel Eyes'. Immediately, my memories in primary school with my best primary school friend came back to me. It's been a long time since primary school memories were so vivid.

To think that soon, my life's bond with my secondary schoolmates will soon be miraculously disconnected from each other, it makes me emo scares me. Sure, we'll meet up, chat online, stuff like that, but it would never, ever, be the same again.

Suddenly, it doesn't feel safe to be complacent.

The engravings that they left on my life seem to gradually fade away, as life moves on, coarsened by time and reality. Not noticeable, but if I look closely, it's there, it will always be there.

Friendship reminds me of the effective collisions of particles. If they knock head-on, overcoming activation energy and whatnot, a reaction occurs. Chemistry. Not that sort of chemistry. =.=
While other encounters, will only result in disoriented collisions, not evoking a reaction, probably resulting as mere acquaintances.

Oh, the wonders of life. Simple, yet complicated.

What lies beyond?

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