April 5, 2010

short update ...

Got myself involved in the school's debate team.

Debate on Friday was kinda fun,
But too bad it was really counted as one.

Totally inexperienced in debating,
But have to join a competition near the end of the month.

Went back to school on Saturday to have some crash course with 2 experienced ... speakers.
Members of the Toastmasters' Club,
Mr. Christie and Mr. Stevens.
They are planning to start up some interact club in my school,
I think.
Not like it would be a big impact on me,
Since it's my last year :(

Oh wait, :)

Then immediately after that I had driving lessons.
Gosh, somehow I know I'm not exactly a born-talent at driving,
And somehow that's hindering me ...
I don't know,
It's encouraging me to take things slower.
Learned parking and 3-point-turn.
Right arm sunburned D:

Then there was Sports Day on Sunday,
On Easter Sunday.

Been absent from church for God-knows-how-long (pun? not exactly using God's name in vain so ...)
When I go back,
I'll be bombarded with "long-time-no-see's".
Save me :(

Sports Day!
Sunburned, AGAIN.
Didn't do as much as other PBSM-ers did,
But not exactly did nothing.
Congrats to everyone who took part,
Congrats to Kian Siong who was crowned the athlete of the year :D
Congrats to Eirban who was the president of the winning house, Red (a.k.a. Cougar, LOL) :D
Congrats to the PBSM-ers for not screwing up :D

Holidays on Monday!
Which is today!
Suffering from sunburn D:
Played ping pong :D

And that bitch did her thang once again, GET A LIFE DAMMIT.

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