April 16, 2010


  1. Surat pelantikan. [DONE!]
  2. Tag pengawas percubaan. [DONE!]
  3. Set of 1119 objective questions. [DONE!]
  4. Physics exercise. [DONE!]
  5. Moral Powerpoint - Keamanan dan keharmonian.
  6. Touch up powerpoint for Bahasa Cina. (been saying that since forever)
  7. Something about Kelab Memanah? Oh yes, passing the carta organisasi to some kid ...
  8. Prepare for Sejarah tuition exam. (doubt I'll actually do that ...) [OVER!]
  9. Prepare for Chemistry tuition exam. [OVER!]
  10. Prepare for Physics tuition exam. [OVER!]
  11. English Literature homework, 'crimes' of Sheila and Gerald. [DONE!]
  12. BC - completely lost. Loads of essays to copy and workbook exercises to finish up.
  13. Some PBSM demo thing next week.
  14. Calligraphy competition next week? Have to inform people ... [OVER!]
  15. Sivik folio. Not that I need to do much :P
  16. NIE. But that can wait :O
  17. Prepare for BM oral test. D:
  18. Sejarah BBM conpetition D:
  19. 5 Komsas questions!
  20. More Chemistry practicals to copy.
  21. Complete Chemistry exercise book. (one of the things that never seems to be done)
  22. Complete Sejarah exercise book. (same case with Chemistry)
  23. Complete Physics practical book. (same case with Chemistry and Sejarah)

Last (actually I think I might have left out some) but not least,





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